Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Case for a Higher Minimum Wage

Let's talk real money, 3
A Case for a Higher Minimum Wage

I use examples with which most readers may be familiar, movies, ordinary books and sometimes the scriptures. 
In the movie "The Hunger Games" each of the defeated states are made to live in poverty and squalor and also required to offer "tributes" from among their population. Luckily our leaders are not handing us over to our masters to be killed, yet!
While we complain about the government spending and deficits and social spending, we fail to improve the lot of if our ordinary people. One of the bigger scams is called " bringing good paying jobs", this works because most of our people can't do simple math, don't understand money, can't budget, and have no idea that our leaders are really crooks, ( May be they are just ignorant and calling them crooks is giving them way too much credit).
I have lived in Alabama since 1979, that means I have lived here longer than more than half the people of the state. 

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