Monday, March 19, 2007

Free Speech



In all decent and free societies, free speech is an acceptable form of expression. But it also implies that free and decent people will speak for the common good of ALL people, passing gas is not a form of free speech or of acceptable behavior, nor is nudity, public sex or public masturbation no matter how much relief it may provide oneself. It is hoped that free and decent people will keep these guidelines in minds before they unzip their fly or their mouth.

It appears then that not all people are capable of decency or a mature discourse to the benefit of the society, nor are they willing to keep a decorum and maintain the boundaries of “decency”. It also appears that the name of free expression and free speech is either misunderstood or abused, and also that we have not set any criterion as to who may use the privileges of free speech or whether there should be any restriction on the use of this privilege.

As is currently our custom, we allow just about anyone to say anything at all. I am, myself, a member of the ACLU and a big supporter of free speech, but it seems that many of the people using the privileges of this free speech thing have no clue as to what is or is not appropriate. Let’s say for example I go by the school to pick up my child and I see a pre teen girl in a tank top with something like this written on, “cheer leader” sounds innocuous enough now does it not? Of course it does, unless you are a pervert “like me” and think that cheerleader is a short way a saying a slut or an easy lay. Then come to think of it, you don’t have to be a pervert to assume this, it is culturally acceptable fact of our society is it not? We, generally think of cheer leaders of being a bit slutty and easy. Now the argument could be made in either direction, the girl has a right to wear the attire, and I have the right to assume she is being, (in this case actually being abused by her parents) innocent and does not mean anything by the saying on her attire. So O.K. What if a lady is wearing shirt saying I am the best fuck in my county, or some such saying, is she advertising for a mate? Expressing an opinion? Could we sue her for enticement to an immoral act? Can she be “raped”?

I was at the mall and walked in to a clothing store, I saw a young female child of about ten with her, what I assumed to be her grandma. The girl was dressed in what I think were extremely short cut shorts, tight to the skin, with the very small impression of what the movie “The Weather Man” called the camel’s foot. I was almost tempted to walk up to the grand ma and ask her what she was charging for the child’s services. You say “what”? Well if it is not child abuse to let a child dress like that, and it is a form of free expression then why I don’t get the right to express myself just as freely with out the fear of rapprochement.

We live in a society today where Mary covered in dung or a cross in piss and sex acts in public are considered art and a form of free expression. Then why not rape be a form of free speech, or child molesting or walking naked in the park or on the street, or how far are we from that point?
And hey, why not murder, of course it is also a form of expressing one’s self is it not?

The point I am trying to make here is, I guess, that no free speech is not unlimited, there have been, there are, and that there should be some restraints on the so called free speech.

Previously, in all societies there have been norms and standards of acceptable behavior. Today many claim that the “Ten Commandments” were given to man by his God to be the foundation of acceptable behavior, whether or not that is true, this much we can not deny that a society can not exist if there is a lot of lying cheating stealing and fornication is going on (some Muslim, Jewish and Christian societies today do not believe that God was right and try to prove Him a liar). In that vane we keep pushing the limits of what is acceptable as free speech.

The Dichotomy. There are things in life that common sense tells us that they must be mutually exclusive, the irony is that there also some people that will argue on both sides of the argument without batting an eye never able to perceive the fallacy of their own beliefs.

The argument goes that there are people who by birth station or color of their skin or place of origin are at a disadvantage in our society, and that the government must step in to help out these people in education and job placement and such. Now the same people that make this kind of an argument will also step in and tell you that ALL people are equal and thereby should be treated equally, now how can you make both of these statements and be right on both counts?

Do we not know that by definition one half of the people are less smarter than the other half (average intelligence), then are these two halves equal? Should they be paid equally, and more so that their work and efforts are equally worthy?
If you say yes, then please get your help form the lower half of the IQ scale and let me have the ones with a bit better knowledge.

No not everyone is created equal, take away her six hundred million dollar estate and Paris Hilton is nothing but white trash, true, but for the time being with all her money she is not treated the same as any other down home worthless slut. We are not all created equal!

We must consider then what the idea of free speech really means, the governments and the societies already are trying to restrict what is acceptable or not,  free speech should not be hurtful or degrading or enticing or inciting. We must respect the feelings of others, peoples, cultures, values etc. Our right to free speech must not impose on others to accept you while you insult and degrade their values and beliefs. I do not have to accept your crap if you do not wish to accept mine, we could both agree on some limits to our behaviors.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Breaking the Bank

It was about fifteen months ago when I asked Senator Shelby as to when the federal government spends the borrowed money (budget deficits), where does all that money end up at? Well there are many ways you can word this question, many ways to define the deficits, and there are many stories the government tells us about the deficit spending, but the end results are always the same and it seems that the money also ends up in the same pockets, sooner or later.

Our government is more broke than any other government on the face of the earth, in as much as the number of dollars owed and promised to be paid back at some time in the future. There is no money in the social security fund, to pay back the working poor and persons from so called lower middle class, who slaved for years for meager wages for a promise that they will be taken care of in their old age. That money has already been spent many times over, our federal government is the hook for the under funded retirement funds, the FHA loans, the VA loans, the Medicare and the monies owed to the foreign governments and banks for the merchandise bought and sold in retail stores, what we call the trade deficit or current accounts deficit.

As our MBA president brags about our booming economy, if he were to be honest he would be crying real tears for how broke we are, and that the house of cards that the Republicans (with help of sell out Democrats) have built could come down any time at the whim of a foreign or domestic banker or currency trader or the Chinese or Japanese Government.

Since Mr. senile, the President Reagan, declared that the deficits do not matter, that the tax cuts increase the government income, that the global economy is good for every body, that the workers are fools to ask for a decent living wage and can be replaced by slaves in other countries, we have been on a non-stop down hill slide, and like the children of the story of the Pied Piper, we have been a nation glee fully running along to our own national demise.

Our leaders are not giants nor geniuses, they are not gods nor angels, and as such Reagan was an old man with a sense of humor (to make up for his total lack of real knowledge), till he passed into the onset of Alzheimer’s while still in office. If we were to admit the truth that he was not an economic genius who parroted what he was told to believe with a smile on his face. If you believe that cutting taxes actually increases the revenue to the governments coffers then to you Saudi Arabia is nothing but a thousand mile wide beach. What we forget is that under Reagan the government accumulated a trillion dollar deficit. That under Reagan the bank reserve requirements were trimmed, that under Reagan we started to “borrow” money from the social security deposits, without telling the public that it was also a part of deficit spending, that the new banking regulations under Reagan allowed banks to create money on demand, and as such money existed if you wanted it, no need for anyone to save any longer. That under Reagan the stock market truly became a gambling joint.

SO WHO SHOULD PAY FOR THE SUB STANDARD MORTGAGE LOAN LOSSES? There have already been calls for the federal governments to step in bail out the mortgage and banking industry. Does anyone remember we have been here before? Does any one remember the Silverado Savings and Neal Bush, or John McCain and the Keating Five? Michael Milkin anyone? Didn’t the federal government just bail out the fools already? And who gets stuck with the bill? Not the rich mind you because they can not pay taxes , they need tax cuts right?

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Once upon a time, we lived in the trees and the caes, all we had to do was to eat, sleep, shit nd screw. Then we became civilized, we developed tools and languages and arts, we studied the stars and made machines and wrote books and read books. Now we jut want to eat , sleep shit and screw.

to leila

dear Leillathanks you, for stopping by and i hope you are well strangely my name is NOT Qais, even though a " the prophet" is always also a "majnoon".my message is the same, the westren culture is not a solution to our problems, nor is it the Islam of today, Sheia and Sunni both are on a path to self destrucion, and the problem isnot with a religion it is with greed (money)and powerpoor are abused in Islam as well as Christianity, Judism, Hinduism capitalism and yes in Communism, whether there be any gods or not, a hell or not, a heaven or not, we must have standards of behavior because we ARE humans, and without a code of ethics, without a standard of morals, and without fairness and equality no society can exist for long, today all of humanity is one societysincerelyyour uncle, the
3/08/2007 9:55 AM