Saturday, December 29, 2007


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baring the false witnesses
Democracy in Pakistan, part 2

Time and again; I have talked about the importance of being able to see the relationships among different things in life.

Both the Koran and the Bible have admonished us against lying, bearing a false witness. Let me state here for those who do not understand, that the false praise of someone is lying also.

The holy books and their prophets also admonish us against worshiping false idols, Paris Hilton, Oprah, Brittany, Ronald Reagan and the princess Di will fall into this category.
My promise to you has been that I will always tell you the truth, and here again I will stick with this promise.

Please try to follow along and see how these pieces all fit into what I am saying. When JFK died no one talked of his need to be on pain killers and his visits to his girl friends. That would have been truth. Martin Luther King was with his girl friend the night before he was killed. And who does not know that take away the title of the princess Di and she was just another slut who could not keep her panties on any time a male walked by her bedroom door, regardless of the fact that she was the mother of the future king of England. Or while still in office, Ronald Reagan suffered from the onset of Alzheimer and slept thru the cabinet meeting, along with his other problems.

So what does all of this have to do with the democracy in Pakistan and/ or the bearing of false witness, worshiping the false idols? You ask. Everything!

Tonight as Pakistan burns, and morns the death of her “beloved” Benazir”, I wonder who is to blame.

First of all let me say that I “AM” saddened by her passing as I would morn the unjust death of any human being, the death of any human being. I wish she had lived, and had been tried in an honest court on charges of corruption and nepotism, on charges of looting the Pakistani treasury, the way she was convicted once in a Swiss court. She did not deserve to die. But is she or was she martyred? In what cause, the cause of democracy?
The stupid mankind is doomed.

The news media in Pakistan are so corrupt that they are hiding the facts of her corruption, the woman never did stand up for the poor she so claimed to champion. Sindh is the most oppressive of the poor farmers among the various regions of Pakistan. Today the same illiterate idiots beat their faces, burn the factories and banks and cars (of course along with the gangs of thugs) that she so long ignored, or provided only lip service to their cause.
Can anyone, “ANYONE” tell me what she did do in the last two terms she had, to improve the lot of the poor, to fight for the human rights of the working poor and peasants, to provide justice for the wronged, to truly give power to the people?

I thought so.

Was Benazir Bhutto for democracy? Did she think of herself as more than a mere mortal? There is no better witness to it than Bhutto herself. We know that Jesus, or the prophet Mohammed did not appoint any successors, that the prophet Mohammed refused to appoint any of his relatives, his daughter, a wife or his nephew and son in law to be the leader of Muslims after the prophet’s passing. Apparently Ms Bhutto did not deem it necessary to follow either of these examples, leaving her nineteen year old son as the heir to her apparent legacy. So much for the democratic ideals of Pakistan People’s Party, and what Bhutto thought of her followers.

She thought of herself as above the common Pakistani; please also notice her usually referring to herself as “US” and “WE” as in royalty. Her appointment of her son as the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party shows her contempt of her followers, the Pakistani public and the democratic principles that she pretended to champion.
Lest we forget, Bhutto the father was not a champion of democracy either, upon losing his election when the East Pakistan (now Bengla Desh) voted against his party, Z.A. Bhutto preferred to separate East and West Pakistan in to two countries instead of relinquishing his power to the majority in the East.

Benazir, like her father, pretended to be a socialist, a person for the working people. Z.A. Bhutto nationalized, factories and industries owned by the Muhajirs and Punjabis, but that is where his socialism stopped, he did not go for land reforms leaving vast amounts of land in the hands of the few landlords who treat their peasants as slaves ( not virtual but in fact).

She was also far from being a socialist, a person of the people. She and her party looted the country and her foreign reserves. As the monies were transferred from the Pakistani ex-patriots working overseas, these monies instead of being used to build the Pakistan’s foreign reserves were instead transferred to overseas accounts controlled by her and her minions. Not during her administrations or over the period of her exile, no corporations or trust were established to help the poor, to improve the justice system. She did not speak out against the abuse of Muslim women in Islamic countries, or against slavery in her home district of Sindh, or marriages of ten year old females. She was an imposter; she kept the money she stole, for her self. Can anyone show me any charitable organization, or a trust that she established for helping the poor of Pakistan, at least Angelina Jolie has adopted poor kids and is an honorary member of the UNHCR, what are the humanitarian credentials of Benazir, the false idol of the Pakistanis.

Benazir was a useful idiot, used by the government of the United States. When the U.S. thought Musharaf to be ineffective in dealing with the terrorists, when the Pakistani Army started to lay down arms instead of fighting the Mujahidin. U.S. suddenly got over their amnesia and started to push for democracy in Pakistan, thus removal of Musharaf. Benazir was a handy idiot, she could be bought of with the promise of becoming the prime minister again, and Musharaf could be sidelined (put in his place). And she, hungry for power always, suddenly “remembered” the poor in Pakistan again. U.S. should have provided her some protection, may be through Special Forces and this could have been accomplished without notice, this is a fault of the United States that it failed to protect their valuable asset and now is left to wonder what shoe will drop next in Pakistan.

Politics is like a dog race where in the winning dog gets the rabbit. Make of it whatever you like.

And who had Benazir killed? Some have tried to insinuate that Musharaf did. There is a problem with this assumption. In the two attacks on Benazir suicide bombers have been used. So are we saying that somehow Musharaf has control of some suicide bombers? The problem is that the suicide bombing is the hallmark of the “Radical Islamic Terrorists” so is Musharaf and thus the Pakistani government are the same Radical Islamic terrorists that we are supposed to be fighting.

On the other hand the one that stood to gain the most and has subsequently made a bid for power, though under handedly, was none other than her husband Zardari. Zardari needs to be investigated, not Musharaf. It also helps to remember that in both instances the bombers were able to get very near Benazir, thus must have been, or were known to her own and People’s Party’s own security. And Zardari is a known thug.

True that Benazir was twice “elected” the prime minister of Pakistan. But those who know the Pakistani politics also know that the People’s Party, has its base in thugs and gangs and mobs the intimidate the opposition and not beyond committing murders, arson, kidnapping and extortion. The city of Karachi is controlled by mobs and gangs and thus the violence there.

When Mr. Bush is praising Bhutto he is only praising one of his own kind, a crooked politician, a useful idiot, a patsy, Bhutto filled the bill. No she is dead and the lying can stop.

I have talked about Bush and his love for democracy before, for years. Let me remind you then again that while we gave Musharaf ten billion to fight the terrorist we have paid Hosni Mubarak one hundred and eighty billion in the past thirty years, so should Egypt be eighteen times as democratic. Right? Egypt has a bad record of censorship, torture, political murder and of locking up homosexuals, so how much democratic should Pakistan be.

And to use another phrase that Mr. Bush loves, let me talk about a “road map”, Taliban and Al-Qaeda also have a road map, of a truly Sharia based regime, and that road map is based on the model of our “New Best Friends” in the middle East.

Thursday, December 06, 2007



I like to see relationships, I have said before that,” life is a game of connect the dots, and if you don’t connect all the dots, and in proper order you fail to see the whole picture“.

So it was a week ago that three cheerleaders, on the way back from practice, were killed in a car wreck and four others were injured, (the girl driving the car lived). Then we have this guy go to a mall and kill eight people before taking his own life. Is there a connection? Sure there is, we live in a society where you are supposed to be able to do what you want, right. So the driver of the car was doing what she wanted, driving and fooling around, it was here right to have fun, it was her right not to be responsible for the three lives she took, she was just doing it. And the shooter too, he failed at life, the life let him down, may be he a had miserable upbringing, a sorry mom, a worthless dad, may be.

May be he did not feel obligated to make a real effort because the world owed him everything and then did not deliver.

May be in both cases these young people were always told you can do what you want, this is the American way. And they did, so why the shock? Why this surprise?

From the day we become aware, we are told, “do it your way“, “just do it”, “have it your way”, and last but not least the one I yelled at a probation officer of a young person about, “when you are eighteen, you can do what you want”. Pardon the fuck out of me!

Are we ever told that with maturity comes responsibility? That the society wants you to behave within some guidelines? That there are limits to your freedoms, “severe limits“. That “what is fun at fourteen, may be a felony at eighteen“.

We expect our young to “have fun“, do whatever they want, the world will always go their way, if not they can always mold the world to their own liking, they have the RIGHT to own the world, ( isn’t it like the republicans and the democrats?), and if not then piss on it all. Life is always a “High School Musical“, only problems in life are the boyfriend, girl friend problems. And the “Little Mermaid” can always tell the daddy the “King Triton” to go pound dirt.

Isn’t it almost like what is going on in Iraq with the Jihadists? The suicide bombers? The world must go my way or may not go at all. The world owes me everything and must be subservient to me. And if I don’t like it then piss on it all.

There is little difference today in the mindset of a mall shooter, a suburban slut and a suicide bomber. Relationships!

And why should there be when we live in a time when a president of the Untied States does not feel guilty about having sex with a twenty year old, but wait, he does know that oral sex is sex after all, is it? And a president of the United States says the he does not have to follow the same constitution he is sworn to uphold. That the prisoners at Guantanamo have no rights, under the constitution or the Geneva Conventions or even human rights and the courts and the AG agree. Why not “have it your way”, “just do it”, Mr. President. Then what is wrong, why are we shocked that a boy of nineteen just wanted to go out in style.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007




Back in 2003, I started to write a book “Death of America”, then I said they will only think of me as anti American so I stopped. What we are up against in this country with the political problems and fiscal problems can not be addressed by a society that is self indulgent and ignorant. We are on a auto pilot flying into a cliff and we have our eyes shut. This is not written for amusement or for people with below average mental acuity and maturity.


Bobby Bowden, not the real one but his real cousin, said “you know you go to hell for lying“, “then I will go to hell for speaking the truth”, I said.

Back in nineteen sixty nine or seventy, I was reading an Italian crime story novel, of the whole thing I remember one sentence only, “The best advice on living is written on the tombstones”, I have used the pseudonym of “tombstone” ever since. I am not a guru or a shaman or an oracle, I am an observer of life and a seeker of “the truth”. I have made it my business to see through the clutter of life and look for the real reality.

Knowledge is pain, it has made my life miserable, for the most parts, I find it hard to forgive myself for my sins. I have not led a pious life, actually just the opposite, so more than likely if I talk about the life at the “lower” end, it is more than likely I have lived there myself.

Pardon me my pessimism, I don’t hold much hope for the human race. Thus the title of “the prophet”, you see the prophets of yore did not hold out much hope for the human race either.

The Bible or Koran are books of stories, they talk to us of the human condition and give us examples of deeds and consequences, so are the writing of Shakespeare and Tolstoy, Margaret Mitchell, one can read either or all and get nothing from them or read any and learn a truth or two about life, it is totally dependent upon the reader and his or her brain power. God does not slap you in the face with a volume every morning to remind you to pay attention, that is your part. This column is written with the hope that someday someone we learn something. Like “The Truth“.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


(CNN) -- A court in Saudi Arabia increased the punishment for a gang-rape victim after her lawyer won an appeal of the sentence for the rapists, the lawyer told CNN.

The 19-year-old victim was sentenced last year to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male, a former friend from whom she was retrieving photographs. The seven rapists, who abducted the pair and raped both, received sentences ranging from 10 months to five years in prison.

The victim's attorney, Abdulrahman al-Lahim, contested the rapists' sentence, contending there is a fatwa, or edict under Islamic law, that considers such crimes Hiraba (sinful violent crime) and the punishment should be death.

"After a year, the preliminary court changed the punishment and made it two to nine years for the defendants," al-Lahim said of the new decision handed down Wednesday. "However, we were shocked that they also changed the victim's sentence to be six months in prison and 200 lashes."

The judges more than doubled the punishment for the victim because of "her attempt to aggravate and influence the judiciary through the media," according to a source quoted by Arab News, an English-language Middle Eastern daily newspaper.

Judge Saad al-Muhanna from the Qatif General Court also barred al-Lahim from defending his client and revoked his law license, al-Lahim said. The attorney has been ordered to attend a disciplinary hearing at the Ministry of Justice next month.

Al-Lahim said he is appealing the decision to bar him from representing the victim and has a meeting with Justice Minister Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh on Monday.

"Currently she doesn't have a lawyer, and I feel they're doing this to isolate her and deprive her from her basic rights," al-Lahim said. "We will not accept this judgment and I'll do my best to continue representing her because justice needs to take place."

Al-Lahim said he wanted the Justice Ministry to take "a very clear standing" on the case, saying the decision is "judicial mutiny against reform that King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz started and against Saudi women who are being victimized because of such decisions."

Women are subject to numerous restrictions in Saudi Arabia, including a strict dress code, a prohibition against driving and the need for a man's permission to travel or have surgery. Women are also not allowed to testify in court unless it is about a private matter that was not observed by a man, and they are not allowed to vote.

The Saudi government recently has taken some steps toward bettering the situation of women in the kingdom, including the establishment earlier this year of special courts to handle domestic abuse cases, adoption of a new labor law that addresses working women's rights, and creation of a human rights commission.

CNN was unable to reach government officials for comment. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

CNN's Saad Abedine and Mohammed Jamjoom contributed to this report.


Write to the White House , we need the president to come out Monday morning and officially demand that the Saudi king himself recognize
IN PUBLIC the stupidity and injustice of this sentence. How can the United States keep pushing the Pakistanis for democracy when his Saudi friends are going along with this the most egregious of injustices, we need a statement from the president, no less

Monday, November 05, 2007



So Musharaf has declared martial law in Pakistan and we are supposed to be upset. It would be funny if it was not already so sad, us pretending to promote or support democracy in the world. First of all who died and left Bush and Cheney in charge of democracy? The clowns in the White House have been the biggest anti democracy and personal freedom and anti free speech since Attila the Hun. What with the unwarranted wire taps, restricting and corralling demonstration, torture and supporting torture, subverting human rights we look like pigs with lipstick talking about promoting democracy.

Mr. Bush and his “ I am “the God” (oh, “the decider“, sorry!)” mentality and his kissing up to Putin, sucking up to Hosni and Vicinte Fox and sundry other petty criminals and thieves ( here in after called world leaders) can not and does not have a leg to stand on when he talks about democracy. In our search for oil, and the hunt for the terrorist we have departed the moral high ground, forgetting that torture does not dehumanize the victim, it dehumanizes the torturer, (something like three out of four detainees have been innocent by our own admission by the way), so then the question becomes, are we even humans ourselves when we support or allow torture in our names first, before lecturing the others about the human rights.

Of course we talk about ( we actually do have), the doctrine of “Immanent Danger“. Someone may have the knowledge of a plot. Now say we come across a fifteen year old girl, she is alone at home, but her father is suspected of having kidnapped and raped a ten yea old child and we think he may murder this child, usually in cases like these the child is killed in a few hours, should this girl be tortured to find out the whereabouts of her father that she may be trying to protect? Think! How about a drug dealer who may have information about ,millions of dollars of drugs being brought into our country, is he a candidate for torture? Of course he is an enemy of our country, or is he? We are willing to and expected to surrender our rights to the higher powers, in Washington, and every police station in the country.

Isn’t democracy relative after all. Is the president of the United states also not the Commander in Chief? While Mr. Bush obsesses about the democracy overseas, he has signed many an executive order (decree) taking the same away from the US citizens, he has taken every opportunity to steal away the freedoms of the American people, from warrant less wire taps to declaring US citizens as enemy combatants. It is even harder to see that the US public is interested in democracy itself, people have sat on their hands while the patriot act was passed taking away many freedoms that we take for granted, school kids are being charged now with making “ terrorist threats”, the police are out of control, one hundred and fifty students sat on their hands while the security on a college campus “tased” a handcuffed man. Corruption and sweat deals are made by the politicians, the law enforcement, and the judiciary members at all levels while the citizens remain asleep at the wheels of democracy. Of course we are being entertained, and so were the Romans, but that is another story.

Now then, we knew all along that Musharaf “presidency” was a farce all along, he is a dictator, albeit a much needed and a handy one. Then we brokered a deal with Benazir, an indicted and known thief of public funds from Pakistan, who took bribes and made nepotism and favoritism a forte of her regime, (as has been the case with every other regime in Pakistan since independence). And then there is Nawaz Sharif, hiding behind the skirts of the mother Islam, hiding in Saudi Arabia and giving his thievery a sense of respectability. Idi Amin also found a refuge in Jeddah mind you.

Pakistan, since her inception has been ruled by thugs and gangsters, some times even the ones wearing a uniform of the army there, but who in public life there is not corrupt? How many? From judges and prosecutors, to teachers , professors and business men, there is not a single official or a person of means that can be trusted to be honest, Iftikhar Choudary is among the same.

Oh yes! And do let us talk of human rights. How about the human rights of little girls as young as eight or nine that are worked in houses of the rich and the middle class, beaten and slapped, expected to wait hand and foot (up to twenty hours a day seven days a week) on the lazy fat asses of their masters. How about the human rights of the girls of the poor that are raped then and paraded around in public to shame their families, where are these damned lawyers when the properties of the poor are stolen regularly, and young boys are worked as slaves in sweat shops and streets. Where is the sense of justice among these clowns, purporting to be justices and lawyers, when they see young men and boys, visibly abused and beaten and sodomised, making confessions in their courts to the crimes they did not commit. And young girls, as young as ten, being “married” to men older than their grandfathers because their family needs the money, or owes money they can not pay back. Where is the justice system when young boys and girls are raped and molested by their Koran teachers, or others.

Freedom is wasted on the illiterate and the fool. Back in nineteen sixty five I lived in the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan, this the area that you may also know as the Waziristan District where Osama may be hiding. At the age of thirteen, I was a college student at the Government College Mardan ,enrolled as a pre-med student. Luckily all of the subjects there were taught in English, which I had started learning at the age of four. This is only to show that even at that time I had a good grasp of the language. What I did not have the grasp of was the local language (Pashto) spoken off campus, did not know much of the local culture, I proceeded to learn both. My local guardian was the school registrar and I lived in the boarding house on the campus thru the week.

As you may have learned over the past years of our excursion into Afghanistan, the Russian invasion and out current hunt for the OBL, this area is the Wild Wild West of the modern world. In my times away from college and studies, I tried to integrate in to the local society, with the advantage of being a “guest” of Mr. Kafoor Khan, my local guardian and mentor. On the weekends and holidays I would travel to his home town which was about fourteen miles from the city of Mardan. We knew the government rule stopped at the edge of the black top, literally it meant that if one had been murdered on the side of the road out side the city limits, and the body was not physically on the black top no one would care, except for the family of the deceased. Away from the black top was the land of the free, the black top stopped six miles out of the city and you were on the dirt road, you were now in the free area. We had to walk the rest of the way to the village.

Life in total freedom is different, The only rules that apply are the ones adhered to by the local customs. If your brother is killed you go look for the murderer and may be kill him your self, or you may take on his clan and have a shoot out, you may have shootouts for years till some elders tell you to stop.
If a girl is raped, (very rare, pre marital sex is punishable by death for both parties) you go to the boys family and they will hand the boy over to you and you do with the boy whatever you please, kill him or make him marry the girl, or just beat him to a pulp whenever you see him again and again. Or the family of the boy may offer one of their girls in marriage to someone in the girls family, it can all be bargained, God Willing. Theft is rare also and was punished by severe beating, or flogging, there was no cutting of the hands till the Taliban invaded these districts. Walking twenty miles to go see a friend and have a meal with and then walk back twenty was not a big deal, so long as you were armed, you were always armed, yes even at thirteen. There were no lights, no street lights, the only radio would be battery operated, usually one per town owned by the towns chief. I learnt to walk long distances, to bathe in the local canal at night fall, even in freezing temperatures, I loved the simplicity, loved the local foods, the hospitality, I learnt to communicate with the locals, they called me half tongued for my lack of fluency in Pashto.

Back in Mardan, I would go to English language movies, most locals went to see the white women and some skin in the movies such as Cleopatra, From Russia with Love, King Solomon’s mines, I learnt to understand spoken English and may be I could learn to speak it also. And I would read English novels, The Tale of two Cities, War and Peace, Gone with the Wind and every Sherlock Holmes I could get my hands on.

In nineteen sixty five, there was short war between India and Pakistan, followed by armistice and the rise to power of the Z. A. Bhutto and his clan and the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). Bhutto (father of Benazir) incited rioting, telling workers to burn down the factories that did not pay fair wages, there were street clashes between the followers of Jamat Islami and PPP.

Looking to America, there were protests against the war in Vietnam, then the murders of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, but America was truly the land of the free and the people were all equal, and they cared about their country, they all had freedom and they loved their freedoms. They knew how to take care of their freedoms. I came to the United states in nineteen seventy three, I am an American.

Last week the government announced that the official deficit had gone over nine trillion dollars, we are broke, no one raised a question to the president or any of the eighteen people who think they can run this country. The government passes laws to suspend habeas corpus, not a whimper, we need to redefine privacy, who needs privacy? Brittany Spears does not wear panties, now there is something we can all spend time wondering about, we have three hundred channels on TV showing nothing but sleaze, who cares, you twelve year old daughter is having sex, get her a HPV shot, she stripping on line, so, it is free country. We have TV to watch young ladies prostitute themselves for a date with a rich guy, we have Disney to watch preteens making out, we have the inter-net to down load free porn and more. Back in the sixties in Pakistan, I saw bare breasts and something akin to a thong on a woman from an African tribe, in the National geographic. To day all I have to do is look down the street, or over the counter in a private/government office.
This is our contribution in the struggle for human rights in the twenty first century.

So why are the lawyers the only ones speaking out for the “human rights”, first you must forget that they are speaking out for the rights of the poor masses they are not. Then you see that the lawyers in general do feel disenfranchised because they are the poorest of the professional classes, as the doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses and other professionals have been able to move out of the country to enrich themselves by working overseas, lawyers only have not been able to go out of country to make extra money, lawyers in Pakistan are not paid to get the laws enforced, they are paid for perverting the justice system, for facilitating the bribery of the judges, for conniving to protect the police from abuse charges, back dating and changing the deeds and similar other services, (WOW).

What would have Benazir done for Pakistan? Her return to power would have divided Pakistan up for all practical purposes, Punjab and the North under the military rule and Sindh and the South under the PPP and their “thievocracy“. The result of this has been he rise in power of the Taliban and Al Qaeda like organizations. It is not that over night the Islamist have taken steroids, ignoring the real poor and the problems of poverty and the poor having no voice and no recourse to the injustices is the root cause of the Islamic extremism. Does Benazir have a solution? I believe not, but neither does Musharaf or anyone else in Pakistan, and definitely not Mr. Bush, who has failed to see how much the democracy in Pakistan just like our own.

But then again , we in the United States have our own “theivocracy“.

It is a shame that the words Islamic and Republic are used in the name of Pakistan.



On the 21st of October 2007, Bob Leslie stopped by to ask about me, wife told him I had gone to Pakistan. As Bob would, he was concerned, what was I doing in Pakistan at a time like this, when will I be back. He asked her to have me call him when I returned. I returned the night of the 26th, I could no longer call Bob.

There is a story that Moses had a speech impediment so his brother, Aaron, had to speak for him. Bob Leslie spoke for many people. As the and a host of “Talk of the Wiregrass” he allowed others to talk, no matter how controversial the topic, how odd the opinion he would let you talk, then he would confront you and make you defend your point of view. He was smart, he was witty, he was aware of the world, and Bob Leslie was all that and more.

Over the past few years I got to know Bob, not just as the host of the talk show I listened to and called in, I had the privilege to get to know him personally, we had a few lunches together, a few laughs and swapped a few stories. He was concerned about the country, about the people of the world, the plight of the poor and the struggle we call life. We did not always agree on everything, but we never had a harsh word either, I personally know that his show was threatened by sponsors because of some controversial subjects discussed but Bob was stead fast in his desire first of speaking out for the poor and secondly to fight the ignorance of the public at all levels.

We had some lively discussions too, he a believer in Christ and me a Bible and Koran quoting non-believer. I knew him to be Christian, and I knew his religion and his faith was not given to him by his political party. He did care about the people as a true Christian would.

I know how it sincerely pained him to see our country going down the road to a disaster, while bad people were doing some very bad things and the good people were standing around dazed and confused and saying everything is ok. Bob took it all personally, he took it too serious, too personal. He took it as a personal failure. A veteran of Vietnam, a traveler of India and South America, he knew what happens when a few take advantage of the ignorance of the masses, and he saw it coming.

Bob Leslie was my Aaron, giving me a voice on his talk show, reading my e-mails and writing back with comments. Discussing my points of view no matter how controversial, no matter how out of the main stream and how radical he would let me talk on his show as he would let me talk to him in person, I could count on him to let me speak my mind as he did with anyone else that called up his show. No doubt tonight thousands across the Wiregrass still miss his voice.

The Final Answer

Just a simple promise
Promise of a new start
When the options are so few
The world is falling apart

Open the windows
To a whole new reality
An altered state of being
A different look at finality

Leave all the sorrows
And the troubles behind
To start a new tomorrow
That tomorrow will not find

When the loneliness and pain
Are the price for existence
You don't ever pay the cost
Just plan the resistance

When the darkness is the darkest
She is the only romancer
She is the sweetest seductress
She is the final answer


Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Hope is the mantle of the lazy and the coward, for hope itself is the sign of hopelessness.

Prayer can not alter fate, neither do alms or wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking is not a real plan of action. (M.N.R.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007



May be you think I am insane, or may be that you will say I am always so negative, but hear me out, please.

As a regular tax paying American, may be I just don't love IRS as I should and may be I also have a horror story or two to tell. But should we do away with the IRS today in favor of this new thing called the Fair Tax? Let's examine the fair tax first, before we throw the baby out with the bath water.

First of all, the fair tax by definition is the most regressive tax ever conceived. You don't know what a regressive tax is? It is a tax where you pay less total tax as a percentage of total income (unless your name is Mike Tyson, and you are predisposed to spending a hundred percent of what you make). If you make forty, fifty or sixty thousand dollars a year, you are likely to spend most of what you make, with scant savings. That means you will pay this fair tax on every dollar you earn. And we hope that you do or the economy will stop and the government will go broke. Now if you are one of those like Mr. Neal Boortz and get paid in millions, obviously you save most of what you make per year, for you fair tax will mean a big savings compared to the current tax system which probably takes away ten fifteen percent of his annual income, if he has good accountants. Lesson one; fair tax is great if you are a millionaire.

Secondly, if we have a recession and consumer spending goes down, so go down the government revenues unless an increase in the base fair tax is approved and made into law.

To be honest, we probably pay more on an item in hidden taxes than just the twenty three percent that is supposed to be the base by the proponents of fair tax. If you start with the supplier, to the manufacturer to wholesaler to the retailer, count in their transportation and handling and sales personnel , the fuel taxes, the property taxes income taxes employment taxes and the list could go on the two dollar loaf of bread is actually worth a mere forty cents. So either I don't know what I am talking about or may be someone else is being dishonest when they say that the fair tax is revenue neutral. The tax revenues will fall and may be cause government to eliminate, suspend or reduce many services.

Now then, we know that we all pay a lot in taxes under this current system, but as I have shown most of these taxes are taken out at different levels and a little bit at a time so the pain is not so great to an individual and the purchaser thinks that what he is paying is what the item is really worth.

A big problem here comes in when a small business may have to charge a higher price for an item compared to a large retailer, if the cost difference in the purchase of a given item today is ten dollars then under the fair tax law the price difference becomes twelve dollar thirty cents, thus indirectly hurting the small business.

Another lie of fair tax proponents is that it will tax the underground economy, now if you are to require the service of a prostitute or a preacher, or say purchase drugs on the street, do you assume they will pay tax on their service or the merchandise transferred? Only way they will be taxed is when they later go to spend that money at a legitimate store.

This fair tax idea is similar to the fantasy idea that reducing tax rates (cutting taxes) increases tax revenues, if it were true we could cut the tax rate to zero and the government could have infinite income.

There are a hundred other problems and more with this fair tax idea, from how it may make the IRS more intrusive instead of being doe away with. How it will cause more corruption, and make more people tax cheats, how it will increase bartering and reduce sales at individual levels.

By the way, people like Neal, or Sean or even Julia Roberts don't pay income taxes as their contracts take the tax consequences already into account and compensate them for it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


one could go to a hajj and still become an atheist afterwards, i know,

scriptures tell us that god worries about and loves all humanity, Jesus died for all humanity,and thus is considered a god, Buddah also emphasizes serving the people, may be by "SERVING" the humanity we can also become god

marriage, history and sociology tell us that this institute is basis for advancement of human society, we can not be a society without the sanctity of a marital relationship and without all that a marriage entails

Friday, September 07, 2007



So you say how do/ dare I accuse the FED ( Federal Reserve Bank) of treason and selling the United States into slavery. Once again let me refer you to the e-mail, and the question I posed to the senator Shelby, “what happens to the money that the federal government spends in deficit. First thing we need to look at the trade deficits. For the past twenty or more years we have a run an ever growing trade deficit with China and Japan. As the federal government keeps borrowing money (instead of collecting taxes from the people) for current expenses, that money is spent in the economy. As more and more goods are imported (since we have off shored our manufacturing) this money ends up in the coffers of the foreign governments and foreign industrialists, rich folks), more money the government spends the more money goes over seas. Is it not stupid then for the government to be reducing taxes and not reducing the spending , knowing that we are enriching the enemy.

By the same token when the FED keeps pumping money in to the economy, to keep the economy afloat, that money also goes to the rich and to the foreign entities, be it the communist or the terrorist. Is it too hard then to understand that the FED activity has actually hurt the United States in the worst possible ways.

While our manufacturing is being off shored, we do have new jobs being created, in what we call a “service economy”. Mind you a service economy is a euphemism for slavery which I had defined previously as thus.

SLAVERY 9-14-2004

It is a basic economic fact that in a market where labor is plentiful, the wages will drop. So it follows that when we live in a global market and this market has a glut of workers, pretend as we may the wages and thus the standard of living of the working class must fall. And what is service economy anyway. Service by definition does not produce anything and does not add value to anything, be it making of a burger or advice from a banker. You could always make a burger your self , go to a fast food restaurant and pay three dollars or go to a fancy bistro and pay eight dollars, it is still a burger, and the same advice you get from a banker could be gleaned from a magazine or researched on the net. As we are finding out that the certain office duties or banking functions can be performed anywhere in the world, thus no chance for one to improve their lot in life by extra hard work or education. As we watch we are being sold into slavery without being aware of it , YET.


Basically the new jobs being created have been in the fast food (hamburger engineering? Pizza decorating?), in car cleaning (now being called detailing), yard mowing (now called lawn maintenance), house cleaning and janitorial services ( now so lovingly referred to as facilities management), baby sitting, real estate sales, in coffee mixing ( baristas) and of course in retail and how can I forget in toe nail clipping, etc, other wise nothing that adds value to anything. So what is next profession choice for the Americans, behind cleaners?
Are these not the jobs that slaves would be doing at some time in the history?

What have we lost for what we have gained, first we have lost our morals, as money has become more and more important in our lives, we are willing to do just about anything for just a little more of it, we have become greedy.

The gap between the poor and the rich keeps increasing, but that s not all, we have lost our sense of security, if you think that someone making eighty thousand a year is rich, then ask some one with the net worth of a million if he can now retire comfortably. In many places a million won’t even buy you a house in a decent neighborhood, and forget about being able to pay for your children’s college.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The only thing scarier than Knowing that you will Die, is to Understand that you are Living

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

chicken or the egg


Once again the argument of creation verses evolution is taking place in the letters to the editor of the Dothan Eagle, letters and opinions both pro and con abound. Since the creationist try to argue citing the Bible (Koran, or Torah), once again I try here to get these to look at the scriptures and see what is being said.

If I am ever to believe that these books are divine, and thus explain God and His design and His will, here is what I think. If I believe that there is such an entity as “GOD”, and that this God has been and will be here for ever and ever, then for this “GOD” time does not and can not exist, as He can not be constrained by “time“. For Him ten million billion years in to the future and the past is as current as “now”. For God, time has no meaning. I hope we all can agree on this.

Then we have the “fact” that this particular “GOD” created heavens and the earth over a period of six days and six nights ( on the seventh he was golfing? Needed rest?). Now Here is a “GOD” who is “All Mighty” and needs a day of rest? Oh, never mind, the real problem with me is this, how was the time counted before the earth was created? Since the time of the day or night could not be told without the earth being there? SO! What came first? The day and night, or the earth? And why did “God Almighty” need the rest? Inquiring minds are getting a real headache.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007



As the Gods on Mount Olympus looked down upon the mere mortals and took care of their own brood, the national bankers of the various industrialized nations are throwing dollars in the market to save their kin from the financial Armageddon. It has only delayed the day of reckoning. (This para added on the 13th of August 2007)


It was over eighteen months ago when I asked Senator Shelby as to when the federal government spends the borrowed money (budget deficits), where does all that money end up at? Well there are many ways you can word this question, many ways to define the deficits, and there are many stories the government tells us about the deficit spending, but the end results are always the same and it seems that the money also ends up in the same pockets, sooner or later.

Our government is more broke than any other government on the face of the earth, in as much as the number of dollars owed and promised to be paid back at some time in the future. There is no money in the social security fund to pay back the working poor and persons from so called lower middle class, who slaved for years for meager wages for a promise that they will be taken care of in their old age. That money has already been spent many times over, our federal government is on the hook for the under funded retirement funds, the FHA loans, the VA loans, the Medicare and the monies owed to the foreign governments and the banks, for the merchandise bought and sold in retail stores, what we call the trade deficit or current accounts deficit.

As our MBA president brags about our booming economy, if he were to be honest he would be crying real tears for how broke we are, and that the house of cards that the Republicans (with help of sell out Democrats) have built could come down any time at the whim of a foreign or domestic banker or currency trader or the Chinese or Japanese Government.

Since Mr. Senile, the President Reagan, declared that the deficits do not matter, that the tax cuts increase the government income, that the global economy is good for every body, that the workers are fools to ask for a decent living wage ( bust the unions) and can be replaced by slaves in other countries, we have been on a non-stop down hill slide, and like the children of the story of the Pied Piper, we have been a nation glee fully running along to our own national demise.

Our leaders are not giants nor geniuses, they are not gods nor angels, and as such Reagan was an old man, albeit with a sense of humor (to make up for his total lack of real knowledge), till he passed into the onset of Alzheimer’s while still in office. If we were to admit the truth ( if could have even understood) that he was not an economic genius who parroted what he was told to believe with a smile on his face. If you believe that cutting taxes actually increases the revenue to the governments coffers then to you Saudi Arabia is nothing but a thousand mile wide beach. What we forget is that under Reagan the government accumulated a trillion dollar deficit. That under Reagan the bank reserve requirements were trimmed, that under Reagan we started to “borrow” money from the social security deposits, without telling the public that it was also a part of deficit spending, that the new banking regulations under Reagan allowed banks to create money on demand, and as such money existed if you wanted it, no need for anyone to save any longer. That under Reagan the stock market truly became a gambling joint, where average person was to put away his life‘s saving.

SO WHO SHOULD PAY FOR THE SUB STANDARD MORTGAGE LOAN LOSSES? There have already been calls for the federal governments to step in bail out the mortgage and banking industry. Does anyone remember we have been here before? Does any one remember the Silverado Savings and Neal Bush, or John McCain and the Keating Five? Michael Milkin anyone? Didn’t the federal government just bail out the fools already? And who gets stuck with the bill? Not the rich mind you because they can not pay taxes, they need tax cuts right? As I explained back in 2002, the rich were given a tax cut to make up for the Fed lowering the interest rates.

Who’s money is it that the Fed is using to bail out the hedge funds and the bankers, who’ money is it that they are talking about using to keep the homeowners from bankruptcy? - Hey Mr. President, where are those seventy percent of the Americans that own their own homes.- Does the Fed grow money? Do the American people have money saved so that it can be loaned? The Fed, and the Federal bankers of the industrialized nations, as usual, can snatch money out of the thin air. (not in the third world countries though, where it is considered inflationary)

As I have discussed before, all money today is imaginary, and yet the major business of the people in business and banking is how to steal the most of it through financial gimmicks, and ripping off of the workers, (who are, by the way stupid enough, to let it happen). In a “free” economy people are free to chose what they want to pay for a product. We have an economy already based on that rule, “ to buy things that we do not need, with the money that we do not have, loaned to us by the people who are hoping we will not pay them back”, because when you do not pay back your loan you are nothing.

When we talk about the monetary policy today, we are not talking about the real world, we are talking about consumption, consumption and consumption, which when extended to the real world only means that a percentage of the people, will be allowed to corner the resources and let the rest suffer. People who become a part of the machine called the corporation. We are no longer living an free world, or a free society, we are consumers who work to earn so we can spend all we make, and more, selling our children into slavery, or worse, setting up the world for a decimation of population groups.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, I state the facts about what I see, so I am not saying that there IS a conspiracy per se, what I AM saying is if the things don’t change, and if we don’t change the way we are doing certain things, this is what the consequences will be.

So here is how the scam is working. But first let me tell you that the consumption causes pollution, it is destroying the environment and depleting the natural resources, it hurts a lot of people for the benefit of a few. The cost of one single apartment in a luxury condominium can provide clean and safe drinking water for thousands in India, or Bangladesh or in some African village.

We live in a world where the average American high school kid can not make change for a dollar, or balance a check book then how is he supposed to know who the global economy is working.

Let me give you an example, the Fed discount rate cut may have helped the banks and hedge funds and other “lending institutions” but how is it going to effect your personal life, right? This actually what is happening, when the interest rates are kept low by federal reserve no one can (is willing to) save any money. How is that? you say. See the first thing is that the government is telling us lies about inflation, since Mr. Reagan had the inflation rate calculations changed. Even though the cost of housing, transportation (price of a car or truck) medical care and college education have been going up by seven to twelve percent a year for the last twenty years, the government keeps stating an inflation rate of two to three percent. Now it used to be that if you put money in the bank the bank paid you four to six percent interest on your money. Then the bank would lend that money to a home buyer, a car buyer or a business man for their needs, and make one or two percent on that money you had in your account.

With the real inflation going up and the interest rate being paid by the bank being so low (because the Fed keeps creating cheap money), how would one save money for a down payment on a car or a house? Well now you need not save any money because they gave us zero down home and car loans, why not borrow money from the fed at two percent and charge you eleven percent for your car and pocket he difference , and in the mean time you stupid idiot (the “consumer”) are working for the bank now.

An idiot(“consumer”) you are when you go and buy things on a credit card, since most people do not pay off the balance at the end of the month, and carry a balance for years on their cards, they end up paying three or four times the cost of the item, be it a three dollar T-shirt or a three thousand dollar plasma TV.

And how does it benefit the nation of ours when the manufacturing is being off shored, and the major industries left in this country are Wal-marts and Burger Kings. The answer Senator Shelby to my question“ when the government spends borrowed money, where does that money end up?” is , it ends up in the hands of the Chinese, it ends up in the hands of the bankers.

Similarly, when the federal reserve steps in to bail out the mortgage companies and the hedge funds, it causes inflation in the housing sector. In a country where the median income is about forty five thousand, and the median house price is about one hundred forty thousand, we could all use a lower house price.

Whatever it is called, the unrestricted increase in money supply has had some strange and unintended consequences. First and foremost has been the myth propagated by our leaders, that the tax cuts increase the tax revenues. As the government spends more and more money outside the legal budget passed by the congress, this money is not included in the deficit, but it is taxed at certain levels and therefore there is a corresponding increase in the tax income. Secondly as the amount of money in circulation is increased every year there is more money to be taxed meaning that more taxes are colleted, all of this has nothing at all to do with the benefit of a tax cut, if the taxes are cut while the money in circulation is kept constant, the taxes revenues will decrease. But the lie and the lying continues.

When there is “free money” is available just for the asking, the people with access to it bid up prices for things, want to build a billion dollar high rise, no problem, and who will pay for it, someone else with a similar “access to capital will be willing to pay whatever rent you want, cost of building material and of land and labor subsequently goes up, so if you are in the market to build or buy a two thousand square foot house, you will be paying a lot more for it now. In other words, if you are poor or just working class you are screwed.

What are we getting for all this cheap money, granted we have CNAs
and McDonalds hamburger flippers now carrying gold Master Card (no kidding), and I am not being an elitist mind you, while we are buying our gasoline and hamburger meals at McDonalds with that gold card, the people in “private equity funds” and the “hedge funds” are buying up whole companies, laying off workers and moving operations overseas. What a bargain.

So who should be blamed for the real estate mess, and who should pay for it? We had a real estate bust under Mr. Reagan, so no one can say it could not be foreseen. This bubble started during the dot com boom, when people were making untold millions just for offering dog food for sale on line, and we know what happened with that boom also. But some people did make a lot of money, a lot of people did ( while many more lost their bottom lines). To these people the price was no object, it was free money, it was easy money, and they could bid up the price of anything they wanted to have, a two bedroom fixer upper in the silicon valley could fetch a million or more, so many idiots jumped in the market, along with their bankers and the brokers. No down payment, no income, no equity, better yet go into a house and draw against the speculated increase in price and live high on the hog with your line of credit. Are you looking to me for the sympathy?

Why is not Mr. Bush bragging about the seventy percent of the Americans who own their own homes now? Because the truth was and still is that a vast majority of the Americans are up to their necks in debt, and have been living beyond their means. If the Fed throws more money into this mess, or lowers the interest rates, it only delays the day of reckoning and it only makes the end worse that it would be today.

A word for Mr. Berneke, hey professor, do not be stupid again. As I have said before, “ life is a game of connect the dots, if you do not connect them all, you fail to see the whole picture. So here is that picture. When the US government borrows money ( deficit spending), or the federal reserve bank prints more money or lowers the interest rate, people have more money in their pockets. When people have more money in their pockets they spend that money, when the spend that money and buy goods, and most goods are made over seas it increases the trade deficit, when the trade deficit increases ( we don’t have anything to sell them cause we don’t make anything anymore that they want to buy) we have to pay the foreigners in American dollars, with these dollars the foreigners buy US government securities, which means that the US government is now in debt to that foreign nation (China, Japan, and the Arab oil states are examples). So Mr. Berneke and Senator Shelby, when the US government spends money in deficit, that money ends up in China, or Japan, or in the hands of the people that support terrorism.

How do we say then that the deficits do not matter? Look at the value of the dollar, or the lack there of. Only an idiot will believe that the economy is doing good because the stock market is up. As the real estate has gone up ( as well as the health care costs, the cost of college education, transportation etc.) Gold is now costing three times as much as it did when Mr. Bush came in the office, the dollar is down against all the major currencies, While the Dow thirty have barely made a gain, (actually we are almost back to where we were before 9-11 in the Dow). Compared to the gold, the foreign currencies or even the over priced real estate, Dow has lost his behind.

May be that what this country really needs is a recession, may be even a depression so we can come back to the ground, and come to our senses. That we need to save some money for bad times, we need to be frugal, our daughters don’t become six hundred million dollar Paris Hiltons, no matter how many boy friends they have, and the don’t become Brittany Spears no matter how many guys they show their private parts to. That spending money is not all it is about, and that keeping up with the Joneses is not a family value we need.

P.S. we could still talk about this cheap money and how it is effecting the morals of our country and destroying the society, I hope it is still a wake up call to all those who still love the United States of America, and think of it as, and want it to be a free country.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Prostitution, Iraq vs United States

to CNN
ref your story

Back in the June of 2005, I wrote an article on prostitution, that was submitted to the Dothan Eagle for publication, obviously the paper in a conservative town in the South would not have anything to do with it. Subsequently the article WAS read on the radio WRJM on their “ talk of the Wiregrass” show. The article is published on my blog at “”.

The reason for me writing the article was a discussion I had, in an ICQ chat room, with an Arab where in I mentioned that the terrorist activity in Iraq will increase prostitution, in other words the so called Islamic terrorist were actually hurting their own cause. The ICQ monitors banned me from the chat room.

Should take a genius to see the cause an effect in this case. The reason and the reasons for prostitution are old as the humanity itself. A need, whether it be perceived or real, has to be met, and a woman (even a man these days can become a gay prostitute) short on cash has to sell her body to fulfill that need. The need for a woman to prostitute herself in Iraq, is being created by those who in the name of “God” are bent on creating chaos and the Iraqi government and her leaders who for the sake of money and power will not come to any reasonable compromise and stop the murders.

Only in Iraq a woman may prostitute her self to feed her kids, over here she may just need the money for a new color TV, or just an MP3 playeror a cell phone.

Monday, August 06, 2007



Even after the loss of almost thirty seven hundred American lives, Mr. Bush true to his form keeps advising us that peace in Iraq is possible, any day now the Iraqis will get their act together and we will be able to leave, at least he has one person fooled, him self.

What I wrote back in 2004 is still true, we can not leave Iraq now because what is happening now ( it is not civil war yet, RIGHT!), the peace in Iraq is not possible and also not desired by her Sheia (Iran) and the Sunni (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria and Turkey) neighbors, no matter the lies that we are being told.

It is no secret that right now as the Sheia are being helped and supported by Iran, the Sunni are being helped by the Saudis the Syrians and everyone else, The Turks are biding time for the United States to leave so they can impose their own final solution on the Kurd, making Kurdistan into a province of Turkey herself and get rid of their insurgency. A mess in Iraq is not as bad a threat to the local regimes in the area as an independent and functioning democracy in Iraq would be, giving rise to the democratic expectations of their own populaces.

The dead lock in the Iraqi parliament here is not because of religious fault lines, it is about who has the power and the control over the oil monies and government jobs etc. As you can see the corruption is already rampant and the US government has turned a blind eye to the mess that is the Mallaki government, there are no honest brokers.

Having peace talks with Iran, or regional talks with the other interested parties is an exercise in futility. To look at what the word of a “Muslim Leader” is worth we need not look any further than the mess in Palestine, then can any oath or an agreement of a Muslim leader be trusted? Why we keep fooling ourselves and the rest of the world??

It is time to cut our losses and pack up an leave, I feel sorry for the innocents that are being killed, but right now it is hard to believe that there might be any innocent left since every one belongs to some clan, some group that is willing to go on murdering in the name of the God of peace.

And what will happen to the United States? Right now the war is directly boosting the economy here and creating jobs for the defense industry. Then also there is about a thirty percent premium on oil prices, making multi billions in profits for the oil industry - it also gives the money to the Saudis and others to keep up the insurgency-. The war is also responsible for the boost in the alternative fuel industry, there by creating new jobs and also boosting the farm prices and profits for the big corporations involved in the “ethanol scam” ( read “A Fool’s Gold” below. Do we want to stop this war indeed?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

70's to life

70's to Life

Are you ever onto me now
am I ever into your mind

Picking up all of those broken pieces
all the others have left behind

Once there, and it was a sometimes
we were willing to take those chances

Sharing a bottle of strawberry hills
and some overnight romances

Have those sometimes, all gone forever
or if you and me, that's all been changed

We were ready to change this world forever
how this world is now rearranged

We fight our wars, and we search for peace
what we hope for, or are we blind

If you ever have yourself a change of heart
you know, I never had a change of mind


Monday, July 30, 2007



Recently, I was listening to the talk radio show of Jim Bohanen.

The guest , an executive of the great, Waste Management was talking about using the waste to produce energy. The problem with this theory is that his assumption, and the assumption of the powers that be, Presidential, the congressional and the corporate is that we are and we must and that we can afford to be a wasteful society. Talk to us about anything, but please don’t talk to us about saving energy, conversation that is.

Must I respect and listen to the great idiots of Washington and the Washington state? And the Hollywood crowd? No wonder the morons on the conservative talk shows have a field day laughing at and making fun of the idiotic exercises such as the “Live Earth” concert.

Even George Bush once, for once, spoke the truth, “our nation is addicted to oil” but that too is only half true. Our economy is designed for a $2.00 gasoline, not a $7.00 gas. We have a whole country designed for cheap gas and not the expensive gas.

Like I have said before, raising the taxes on gasoline (oil) would be the only way for us to succeed against terrorism, to free us from the trade deficits with China, and help get us out of Iraq even, but we have no intention to, because that will defeat the “one world order“.

Once again, you must be able to see these connections. Of all the excuses given for the Iraq war, one thing is certain, mainly because this the only thing the administration has denied vehemently and repeatedly, it WAS the oil. Our economy would come to a stand still in a day if we did not have access to cheap and plentiful supply of oil. After that fact is known, every other point is moot. Yet we deny, and we keep saying that we did not go to war for oil. We wanted Iraqi oil, and we wanted a place near Iran to keep an eye on it, we wanted to be able to protect Israel and to keep an eye on the rest of the Muslim world and their oil inventories.

And why not, we do not have any known viable alternative to the oil, not wind power, not solar power, may be nuclear and damn sure not the so called “alternative” or “bio” fuels. What we are not being told is the real cost of these alternative fuels, what with the energy consumed, water shed destruction, cost to replace the food crops it would be insane even to consider these as alternatives. Neither is the Hydrogen with its inherent dangers (explosiveness) and need to use up the water, the energy required purify then to break the water down into Hydrogen and Oxygen, does not makes it a great alternative.

So what are the real choices we are left with? We could be honest and say we could start by conservation, but there are no honest brokers here. Not the President, or the oil companies. Here is the sick part for the fans of the “Live Earth” by conservation it does not mean that we change the type of light bulbs we use in our homes, by conservation it means a total and complete change of our life style is required here, anything less is just lip service.

By change in lifestyle I mean to do without things like air conditioning or at least to set the thermostat above eighty, to take your kids out of the soccer league and to stop going to the football games, to use only one TV in the house, and to do away with drive thru’s and that is just for starters.

Next we would need to consider not just giving up of the SUV, we would have to talk about smaller houses, not the subdivisions and suburbs, but apartment buildings and town houses and the subways, and not the lawns and back yards and front yards, but rock gardens and bike paths. Now how many of you would join the band wagon of the global warming.

Of course we went to war for the ultra rich, the oil companies and the other corporations. What I don’t understand is the reasoning and the logic of these rich parasites. To save the earth we not only need to save on fuel, we need to reduce consumption of all the other materials also, since energy is required to produce and to ship goods. Is there anyone out their talking about any such sacrifice? The answer is a big fat NO.

We live in a so called consumer society, hell we have degrees in “Marketing” meaning we have people that specialize in “creating” needs, that are then filled with goods and services.

We no longer eat at home, we buy canned vegetables, we ice everything we drink (which by the way requires huge amounts of energy to make). We take trips to go on vacations, and take trips to get away from our families. We need the latest gadgets, and more of them each day, bigger houses and bigger cars, newest fashions, and more exotic foods, and each of these uses energy so how much are we willing to “sacrifice“. Mind you I am only talking about the twenty to thirty percent of the world population that can afford these things, we already don’t give a damn about the rest of the humanity.

But first, we might as well admit that we are not going to change and no matter, all this bullshit about global warming, we could care less if the mankind became extinct by its own devices.

Monday, July 23, 2007

FUNNY money


So it is, the rich are getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, but who cares? Who’s money is it anyway? No one’s I assume, because there is no money.

It used to be that if you wanted to borrow a thousand dollars from the bank, then the bank will lend you a thousand dollars, if that is that some one ( or many others) else had a thousand dollars saved up at the bank to loan it to you. But now in these modern times that is no longer the truth. Now if you happen to be Donald trump and want to borrow a billion dollars the banks will fight each other to loan it to you, and you no longer even have to be Donald, you could as well be Donald Duck, the bank will loan you the money, even if it did not have the money! So where does the money come from? The money we have today literally comes from the money tree in the back yard, and the bank does not even have to have some one print it, it just appears , that is if you want it. And if the money comes from a money tree then you and me and uncle Harry all can have what we need. You want to have surgery ? Money is there, buy a house, big as you want? Money is there, want to invade Iraq? We have the money, the fact is, there is no shortage of these “Harry Potter” dollars. We have a “Harry Potter” economy. It is all so magical, it is booming.

On Monday , 23 July 2007, J.K. Rowling received a check for about thirty million dollars from “Scholastics”, her royalty from the sale of 8 million copies of her last book in the “Harry Potter” series, in one day, that is about 200 million dollars. Of course since most of these books were paid for by credit card, on revolving credit account, the parents of these wanna be Harry’ will be paying for the book for the next ten or fifteen years. But who cares.

And really, who does care, we are a nation of stupid people and are proud of it, we are used to listening to our president tell us that the economy is booming and we don’t need to worry about our future, or the end of our future, as long as the bank will loan us the money that does not exist we are happy.

We have already spent the money that was promised us as our social security benefits, we have already spent the money we are supposed to be saving for health care in our golden years. To borrow a phrase from Mr. Rumsfeld, we would really be “shocked and awed” when we realize that we really should have put some money back for the rainy days.

But why bother saving? We work for the benefit of the company store, that is called the consumer economy. Meaning that you spend everything you make and still at the end of the month you are deeper in debt overall than you were at the start of the month. But there are bigger houses, newer cars and deodorants that make you sexy and desirable, shampoos that promise to get you laid, newer games, and gadgets, you make a hundred grand a year and still the spouse leaves you for a younger chick, or for a man with more money or a bigger dick and in the end you are fucked still you are playing with your self. Welcome to the “Harry Potter” economy.


Well , well, well, did I not write to you and tell you that the meeting in Mecca was meaningless, that the agreement was not worth the paper it was written on? Did I not write to tell you that in Iraq, it was the Iraqis killing the Iraqis, that the problem was the desire to control the oil money and thus the power. Did I not tell you that Pakistan was a powder keg, that it needed the reform to help educate the poor and to take care of the human rights of the poor? So here we are, Pakistanis are killing their own, are the Palestinians and the Iraqis. The Islamic contingent from Morocco is accused of runing prostution rings and sexual abuse of little girls. Where is the Islam? where are the real Muslims? Why the whore mongers that claim to be Islamic leaders in all of this? Is Islam today only the religion for the fornicators and murders? If the Arab news, being published out of a Christian country yet can not speak the thruth to power then the there is no future for Isalm

Thursday, July 12, 2007

the land of the saudi

Ahmad Atallah
Jun 7, 2007
You did not tell us how many day you stayed there!
Part of what you said is true, but most of it are not,or you did not understand it, or many the people you contact are not the ideal face of Saudi Arabia.
Simply, we are Saudis cannot accept to treat our women in the same way that you treat your, because we love and value them. We don't want our women to be misused by anyone. We are so keen to protect them from anything, because we believe they are valuable. We don't want them to be sexually used by many men during the teen’s period, then get divorce at the age of 25, then finally, get worked as stripper. I am living and studying now in the USA, and I can tell most of the women in this country fail in one of the above condition.
We have and enjoy the freedom of being clean, pure and respectful.
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Jun 8, 2007
yes ahmad

and you also forget to mention that the women in saudi are also treated as third class citizens with no rights, they can not travel alone and without the permission of a mahrem, even to the school,or a job, even if she were a physician! herself.
a father can force his daughter to marry whomsoever he wishes, and for money, you forget to mention that many girls were , atleast for a while given to the princes and the king as a "present" so that her family would be related and recieve money and or specail treatments by the royals, king saud bin abdulaziz waas married to atleast 115 girls, and the whole area of al nassariya was developed in riyadh to contain his wif=ves and children.
you forget to mention that inmost families at a dinner with guests, the men eat first and then the women eat from the left overs.

surely they are not expected to perform oral sex on dozens of men, like they do here in the usa, before marrying , they do get to taste a lot of mens ejaculations, may be it makes them better persons , as per paris hilton, or monika lewenski, surely as of yet the doctors don't tell the father of girl at her birth that sir you have created a great sex server in the cause of humanity
of humanity
, may be they should, as it appears that in the westren civilisation we are only days away from fatheers getting t shirts saying "screw my daughter please, but we are really close,

the bottom line is that both cultures, the westren and the islamic need a lot of grwoing up and maturing, unashamed and immoral behaviors of the west are not an improvement on the islamic tradition, i don't believe that honor killings are a solution as islam forbade people from killing daughters at birth for the fear that may bring shame to family, but raising little girls as future sex holes is not acceptable either


you can read more about islam and about westren socity at my blog,



Let me make this one easy even for Mike Savage, Neal Boortz and even Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to understand. If you have a barrel of water, and you insulate it really good so that not much heat can escape, then you warm it really really slow, after a period of time the water inside will come to a boil, we can agree on that, right?

Now then we have evidence that before the advent of industry, and a long long time ago, even thousands of years, the earth warmed up due to nothing more than activity of the sun, the sun flares had caused the earth temperatures to rise, no problem? (Yes, there is a problem if you believe that earth and the heavens were only created less than seven thousand years ago, then for you I have no cure.) What this shows us that the earth ahs warmed and cooled over the millennia without the interference by the man, due to the solar activity, it also shows that under normal circumstances the earth retains the heat it can not radiate back into space, meaning that earth can radiate into space only a limited amount of energy, after which point the excess energy (heat) will be retained by the globe.

Even if their were no industry, no fossil fuel burning, we must realize that an increase in the earth population from less than a billion to over six billion in the last two hundred years; of itself will give rise to the earth’s temperatures. But then we realize once again that as the population of humans has increased, we have also needed to increase the number of animals that we raise for our consumption and all this increase in the number of animals being produced is also contributing to the excess heat being produced on the earth, and we are only talking about just the body heat of the massive numbers of humans and animals.

We have no need to talk about the esoteric, as fossil fuels being burned and the increases in the levels of carbon dioxide and methane gases and the carbon dioxide foot prints we can leave that to Al Gore, we just talking about the body heat( boy doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun, people!!!!) The question is can the earth easily dissipate this heat, can this heat be radiated out to the space? What will happen if it is not being radiated enough, will it cook us all in the long run?

Now then we can add this twist, we burn stuff to generate electricity, right? It could be coal, it could be oil, methane, it could even be garbage, but one thing this all does it that creates more heat, with some of this heat being retained in the atmosphere or being absorbed by the trees and the ocean waters.

Now you can add to this body heat and the heat generated by the power plants, not the car engines mind you just the power plants, not the people burning fuel to cook food either. there is still one other way we generate heat on this globe, and only I will tell you this one. Driving cars generates heat through friction with the air, that’s all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Since many people do not like to think that there is no God, if so, if there is a God, I believe that He does not care a whit about anything, He does not make things happen or stop anything from happening

I believe that there are too many people on this earth, soon the man will kill the earth

I believe that within next ten to twenty years man will hunt another man for food

I believe that eighty percent of a population are worthless and a net burden on resources

I believe that technology will be a major cause of man’s demise

I believe that a fourteen year old boy sitting next to a fourteen year old girl in a tube top and cutoffs is incapable of learning anything of value

I believe that if you hydrate, instead of drinking water, you are a moron

I believe that a society without morals, limitations and standards of behavior is doomed to failure

I believe that consumerism and morality can not co-exist

I believe that telling children that they can do anything they want when they are eighteen (without warning them of the severe consequences of such) is setting them up for failure

I believe that parents that their children to leave when they are eighteen should not be parents

I believe we should license people for having children, we should also pay girls for not having any children

I believe, If you are not old enough to have an unrestricted drivers license, you are not old enough to have sex

I believe if you want to have sex, you should get a job and get your own place

I believe if you are a fan of football, “Desperate housewives”, “Alley McBeal”,
“Friends”, Paris Hilton”, “Brittney Spears”, Base ball, NASCAR, etc, et all, you are brain dead
I believe that children’s programming on Disney, Nickelodeon is damaging to children and more akin to child pornography, children need to learn to behave not act out, need to have manners and not be smart alecs, they go to school to learn not to find dates

I believe, If you think it is more important for you child to have a bf/gf, and to get laid, you should have got an animal to breed not a human child to raise

I believe, there is no Messiah/ Buddha or a God coming to save mankind, it is up to us, the humans to save our own selves and to save the world

Tuesday, July 03, 2007



So is it news that six Muslim physicians are busted for a terror plot in the UK. The problem with Islam today is that many of its followers believe that the murder of innocents in the name of God is no problem. Since Muslims make up only a fifth of the worlds population, (a vast majority of whom are destitute and illiterates and living in squalor and under oppression by their rulers and corruption of the upper classes) there seems to be a grave miscalculation on their part.

Be it the tough talking president of Iran, or the agitators of various colors from Tripoli to Dhaka, the Muslim populace does not amount to anymore of a threat to the West than a gnat is to an elephant. The unruly Muslim terror mongers are only encouraged by the mild and small reaction to their agitations from the West. Where as in Islamic countries every inappropriate action by people is met by a heavy hand, (Muslim children are regularly abused by their parents and their Imams and teachers, and as grown up they are used to being abused by their police and their courts, ordinary officials including government clerks and their governments,). These Muslims are bound to mistake the simple arrest of a known terrorist as a sign of weakness and fear. What are they looking for? Should the Western governments start immediately arresting and deporting the families of the terror suspects? Or may be even start rounding up all Muslims and intern them in camps like they did with the Japanese during the second word war? Should all Mosques in the West be locked up?

What else? Muslims do not have the military power to confront the West, period! Understand this! What is to stop the Western powers from bombing Islamic capitals? But their patience and mercy and kindness, they could bomb the desert kingdoms into stone age in one night and go over and take the oil fields anyway, get real folks! Be it the doctors or be it the bums who do not know how to wipe their butts yet terrorism will not win, killing the innocents that come to help you will not win, no God will ever approve these stupid actions. Murder is not the way to heavens or seventy two virgins. The true jihad for the Muslims today is to stand up for the truth of Islam, to stand up to the bastards that rule them in their own countries and take care of the poor in their lands, to feed and to educate the poor Muslims with the money they get from oil exports or from working in the foreign lands. That would be the real Jihad!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Global Poverty

I have read your editorial (28 May 2007) and the comments by Mr. Douglas Hubbard (letters 4 Jun 2007). On my blog, “” I have discussed the poverty, the globalization and the new world order at length for the past few years, here are a few other items to consider in the light of the so called “The New World Order”.

(Please also read “ Death for America, the economy” and the “New World Order, 2003” else where in this blog for more discussion of this topic)

Give or take a few hundred million, today the earth is inhabited by about six and a half billion people. That is estimated to be as many people as have ever inhabited this planet over the millennia since its existence. With the technology, and medicine people are living healthier and longer lives, there are probably more millionaires, per capita than ever, we have bigger houses, more cars, more airplanes, etc, etc. In sheer numbers though we also have more poor, more starvation and more people who are sicker than ever at any one time in our history.

Whether you are a fan of global warming or not, that is a totally different issue, there are other consequences of this population boom that do not bode well for our future, that is the future of the mankind as a whole. I wish that the global warming was the only threat to our future. And any way there are arguments on both sides of the issue. But we have a bigger problem, a problem that no one seems to want to confront, in the United States or the world wide, the problem is population. Left unchecked we can not be certain as to what the future of humanity will be, there are no guarantees. As the globalist plan for a future where the world is being controlled by a chosen few, we seem to forget the admonition of the scriptures that, “ the meek shall inherit the earth”, so then what do we do if the meek do end up inheriting the earth?

Even as we claim that we need more people to take care of the elderly, we need more people to pay taxes, we claim that more people today live in freedom than ever, the only true truth is that we don’t give a damn about the poor and their miserable lives, we don’t give a damn about poverty, the humanity. We are the verge of having to make the euthanasia a matter of policy, as well as genetic selections and population controls because in truth the “money” does not matter any more, there is no “real money”!

If your are reading this, then you are on a computer, meaning that you are probably in the top twenty percent of population of the world in availability of the resources. Be you a liberal or a conservative, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or an atheist, you don’t have a genuine feeling about the poor and their misery. We believe in our own lies, and pretend to be sympathetic, we talk about adopting the poor children, we talk about the sanctity of life, we pretend that abortion is sinful, we proclaim that we have programs for the poor, and I say we are all full of --it. Generally speaking, there are not too many people in this world who even have a clue about the problems faced by the humanity, let alone the enormity of these problems that will not be resolved. And if you say that “GOD” will take care of everything. Then let me tell you that “HE” is not going to.

The truth of the matter is, and we know, that poor kids are more likely to grow up poor, poor are more apt to commit crimes, get involved in drugs and prostitution, more likely to make babies that ill forever live in poverty.

Our hypocrisy is self evident, or why else do we rush our plants and our factories and other jobs to the poor lands? Is it to bring up the lot of these poor up in life, heck no, we just want to pay less and less to the poor to do the things that we need to get done. We need a cheaper car, a cheaper TV etc, then why not have a poorer sob make it in a far away land so that we don’t have to pay a poor sob here a living wage, and still feel good about it, while we destroy his environment, his traditions and his family. Oh yes we do pay them a wage marginally above the prevailing wage in his country so he can buy more and make the rest poorer by raising the price of goods.

The religious will argue that it is God’s will that they should be poor. And some liberal will argue that at least we do help some of them out of poverty, but the negative effects of our moving jobs overseas out weigh any benefits to the people over there and the people that make a living in this country.

Is it not a fact that as the poverty increases so does the crime and the sickness and all the other ills of society? Such as child abuse, domestic violence, theft, prostitution, assault, and of course class distinction, and yes civil wars, you name it. A society where people live in moderately equal status and where the greed has not yet taken over the minds of the elite does not fall into chaos, regardless of their religious and political beliefs. This is also something that the upper classes in India and China and Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and yes in the United States must keep in mind.

But, for long we have used the poor to generate “jobs” right. As the poverty increases, there is more need for social workers, jailers, police officers, and the courts and the lawyers and the judges, the doctors and we could go on. Even the programs created to help the poor actually spend more money on people in “ helping professions” than is spent on the needy.

The first salvo in our new class wars was not lobbed by John Edwards, our esteemed President Reagan was the first one to try to dehumanize the poor and pan the working classes. Reagan was a sell out, starting from modest beginnings he became anti poor and anti working class when he came in to the Hollywood money a forgot his roots.

We as humans are programmed to forget about the things we don’t see, when we see an eighty year old when we are forty, we tell ourselves oh, I have another forty years to live, always forgetting the ones that we bury each day, the ones that die in their teens and twenties. We all are always thinking about seeing our grand children, forgetting about those next door that just buried their own child. When Reagan gave the example of the welfare ladies in their Cadillac’s buying steaks, he did not mention the more than ninety percent of the food stamp recipients that really need the help to feed their children.

In our new found wealth, we forget the needs of others, we think that poor are stupid, lazy and a burden on society, and this mind set is becoming pervasive among the upper classes from India and China, the Islamic Countries, to the United States and Mexico.

The United States used to be held up as a model of the “NEW SOCIETY“, where the success was rewarded handsomely, any one could make it, and you got to keep more of your money because of lower taxes. But today that is no longer true. As it has become easier for a few to become millionaires and multi multi-millionaires, it must be acknowledged that it makes the others only poorer. We have arrived at a time when being “average” has become being less than adequate, where it takes to be arriving in the top tenth percentile to be able to make ends meet.

Let’s look at something, Ok so we are all for a free market, right, and the poor and the working should be able to meet their own needs. I agree. If you listen to the mouth pieces of the right say Neil Boortz, Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh etc ( the three stooges of the Republican Party), they will tell you that the poor are poor because they are stupid, now tell me this, let’s say that a person has just graduated from a high school and went to trade school to learn to be a mechanic, he is punctual and a hard worker and he goes to work for an auto motive dealership in say New York city. The dealer pays him by the schedule hours for maintenance and he must pay for his own life insurance, health insurance, health care savings account, save for his retirement, contribute to his 401k, and pay for his mortgage on a house ( can he really buy a house?), make a car payment and save for his children’s college, now tell me what he should be paid. But we live in a service economy right, say he becomes and assistant manager at a Burger King , now how much will you pay him? Sadly the stupid people that run these shows are themselves not capable of thinking.

If this is the situation in the United States, and the number of workers keeps increasing as it does elsewhere in the world, ( and what to make of the immigrants coming in from Mexico) the down ward pressure on the wages will keep increasing. Or we must admit that we need these poor to keep the jails filled, to run the drug trade, to keep the prostitution going, to employ the social workers, and the lawyers and the police in their own jobs, and of course we need the volunteers for the military.

And I also agree that there is too much spending on welfare programs, and we pay too much in taxes to support the poor who are stupid and that they are poor because they chose to be poor so what is the solution?

Under our current system we pay the poor for being stupid, actually, if a girl gets pregnant we offer her “free” medical care , “free” child care, “free” education, and “free” meals. We can then just go ahead and admit that we are using her to keep the people in the “ helping Professions” employed, that we are helping unscrupulous land lords in money, we are making millionaires out of developers of the subsidized housing, we need our criminals and the gangsters and the prostitutes, and so on.

Or we can start paying every young girl from the age of , say thirteen a stipend, of say three hundred dollars a month for as long as she does not get pregnant, if she gets pregnant the money goes away, immediately. This will also be an incentive to her guardians to either watch over her or get her on contraceptives to keep the money (help) coming. Also if she stays in school all her education will be paid for even thru college, she can keep her stipend even after the college until she has a child at what ever age that might be. Only thing is that a, the stipend should be large enough to mean something and b, that all help must cease once she gets pregnant, this will also keep the boys from knocking her up for the stamps.

This idea could even be implemented world wide.