Monday, July 30, 2007



Recently, I was listening to the talk radio show of Jim Bohanen.

The guest , an executive of the great, Waste Management was talking about using the waste to produce energy. The problem with this theory is that his assumption, and the assumption of the powers that be, Presidential, the congressional and the corporate is that we are and we must and that we can afford to be a wasteful society. Talk to us about anything, but please don’t talk to us about saving energy, conversation that is.

Must I respect and listen to the great idiots of Washington and the Washington state? And the Hollywood crowd? No wonder the morons on the conservative talk shows have a field day laughing at and making fun of the idiotic exercises such as the “Live Earth” concert.

Even George Bush once, for once, spoke the truth, “our nation is addicted to oil” but that too is only half true. Our economy is designed for a $2.00 gasoline, not a $7.00 gas. We have a whole country designed for cheap gas and not the expensive gas.

Like I have said before, raising the taxes on gasoline (oil) would be the only way for us to succeed against terrorism, to free us from the trade deficits with China, and help get us out of Iraq even, but we have no intention to, because that will defeat the “one world order“.

Once again, you must be able to see these connections. Of all the excuses given for the Iraq war, one thing is certain, mainly because this the only thing the administration has denied vehemently and repeatedly, it WAS the oil. Our economy would come to a stand still in a day if we did not have access to cheap and plentiful supply of oil. After that fact is known, every other point is moot. Yet we deny, and we keep saying that we did not go to war for oil. We wanted Iraqi oil, and we wanted a place near Iran to keep an eye on it, we wanted to be able to protect Israel and to keep an eye on the rest of the Muslim world and their oil inventories.

And why not, we do not have any known viable alternative to the oil, not wind power, not solar power, may be nuclear and damn sure not the so called “alternative” or “bio” fuels. What we are not being told is the real cost of these alternative fuels, what with the energy consumed, water shed destruction, cost to replace the food crops it would be insane even to consider these as alternatives. Neither is the Hydrogen with its inherent dangers (explosiveness) and need to use up the water, the energy required purify then to break the water down into Hydrogen and Oxygen, does not makes it a great alternative.

So what are the real choices we are left with? We could be honest and say we could start by conservation, but there are no honest brokers here. Not the President, or the oil companies. Here is the sick part for the fans of the “Live Earth” by conservation it does not mean that we change the type of light bulbs we use in our homes, by conservation it means a total and complete change of our life style is required here, anything less is just lip service.

By change in lifestyle I mean to do without things like air conditioning or at least to set the thermostat above eighty, to take your kids out of the soccer league and to stop going to the football games, to use only one TV in the house, and to do away with drive thru’s and that is just for starters.

Next we would need to consider not just giving up of the SUV, we would have to talk about smaller houses, not the subdivisions and suburbs, but apartment buildings and town houses and the subways, and not the lawns and back yards and front yards, but rock gardens and bike paths. Now how many of you would join the band wagon of the global warming.

Of course we went to war for the ultra rich, the oil companies and the other corporations. What I don’t understand is the reasoning and the logic of these rich parasites. To save the earth we not only need to save on fuel, we need to reduce consumption of all the other materials also, since energy is required to produce and to ship goods. Is there anyone out their talking about any such sacrifice? The answer is a big fat NO.

We live in a so called consumer society, hell we have degrees in “Marketing” meaning we have people that specialize in “creating” needs, that are then filled with goods and services.

We no longer eat at home, we buy canned vegetables, we ice everything we drink (which by the way requires huge amounts of energy to make). We take trips to go on vacations, and take trips to get away from our families. We need the latest gadgets, and more of them each day, bigger houses and bigger cars, newest fashions, and more exotic foods, and each of these uses energy so how much are we willing to “sacrifice“. Mind you I am only talking about the twenty to thirty percent of the world population that can afford these things, we already don’t give a damn about the rest of the humanity.

But first, we might as well admit that we are not going to change and no matter, all this bullshit about global warming, we could care less if the mankind became extinct by its own devices.

Monday, July 23, 2007

FUNNY money


So it is, the rich are getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, but who cares? Who’s money is it anyway? No one’s I assume, because there is no money.

It used to be that if you wanted to borrow a thousand dollars from the bank, then the bank will lend you a thousand dollars, if that is that some one ( or many others) else had a thousand dollars saved up at the bank to loan it to you. But now in these modern times that is no longer the truth. Now if you happen to be Donald trump and want to borrow a billion dollars the banks will fight each other to loan it to you, and you no longer even have to be Donald, you could as well be Donald Duck, the bank will loan you the money, even if it did not have the money! So where does the money come from? The money we have today literally comes from the money tree in the back yard, and the bank does not even have to have some one print it, it just appears , that is if you want it. And if the money comes from a money tree then you and me and uncle Harry all can have what we need. You want to have surgery ? Money is there, buy a house, big as you want? Money is there, want to invade Iraq? We have the money, the fact is, there is no shortage of these “Harry Potter” dollars. We have a “Harry Potter” economy. It is all so magical, it is booming.

On Monday , 23 July 2007, J.K. Rowling received a check for about thirty million dollars from “Scholastics”, her royalty from the sale of 8 million copies of her last book in the “Harry Potter” series, in one day, that is about 200 million dollars. Of course since most of these books were paid for by credit card, on revolving credit account, the parents of these wanna be Harry’ will be paying for the book for the next ten or fifteen years. But who cares.

And really, who does care, we are a nation of stupid people and are proud of it, we are used to listening to our president tell us that the economy is booming and we don’t need to worry about our future, or the end of our future, as long as the bank will loan us the money that does not exist we are happy.

We have already spent the money that was promised us as our social security benefits, we have already spent the money we are supposed to be saving for health care in our golden years. To borrow a phrase from Mr. Rumsfeld, we would really be “shocked and awed” when we realize that we really should have put some money back for the rainy days.

But why bother saving? We work for the benefit of the company store, that is called the consumer economy. Meaning that you spend everything you make and still at the end of the month you are deeper in debt overall than you were at the start of the month. But there are bigger houses, newer cars and deodorants that make you sexy and desirable, shampoos that promise to get you laid, newer games, and gadgets, you make a hundred grand a year and still the spouse leaves you for a younger chick, or for a man with more money or a bigger dick and in the end you are fucked still you are playing with your self. Welcome to the “Harry Potter” economy.


Well , well, well, did I not write to you and tell you that the meeting in Mecca was meaningless, that the agreement was not worth the paper it was written on? Did I not write to tell you that in Iraq, it was the Iraqis killing the Iraqis, that the problem was the desire to control the oil money and thus the power. Did I not tell you that Pakistan was a powder keg, that it needed the reform to help educate the poor and to take care of the human rights of the poor? So here we are, Pakistanis are killing their own, are the Palestinians and the Iraqis. The Islamic contingent from Morocco is accused of runing prostution rings and sexual abuse of little girls. Where is the Islam? where are the real Muslims? Why the whore mongers that claim to be Islamic leaders in all of this? Is Islam today only the religion for the fornicators and murders? If the Arab news, being published out of a Christian country yet can not speak the thruth to power then the there is no future for Isalm

Thursday, July 12, 2007

the land of the saudi

Ahmad Atallah
Jun 7, 2007
You did not tell us how many day you stayed there!
Part of what you said is true, but most of it are not,or you did not understand it, or many the people you contact are not the ideal face of Saudi Arabia.
Simply, we are Saudis cannot accept to treat our women in the same way that you treat your, because we love and value them. We don't want our women to be misused by anyone. We are so keen to protect them from anything, because we believe they are valuable. We don't want them to be sexually used by many men during the teen’s period, then get divorce at the age of 25, then finally, get worked as stripper. I am living and studying now in the USA, and I can tell most of the women in this country fail in one of the above condition.
We have and enjoy the freedom of being clean, pure and respectful.
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Jun 8, 2007
yes ahmad

and you also forget to mention that the women in saudi are also treated as third class citizens with no rights, they can not travel alone and without the permission of a mahrem, even to the school,or a job, even if she were a physician! herself.
a father can force his daughter to marry whomsoever he wishes, and for money, you forget to mention that many girls were , atleast for a while given to the princes and the king as a "present" so that her family would be related and recieve money and or specail treatments by the royals, king saud bin abdulaziz waas married to atleast 115 girls, and the whole area of al nassariya was developed in riyadh to contain his wif=ves and children.
you forget to mention that inmost families at a dinner with guests, the men eat first and then the women eat from the left overs.

surely they are not expected to perform oral sex on dozens of men, like they do here in the usa, before marrying , they do get to taste a lot of mens ejaculations, may be it makes them better persons , as per paris hilton, or monika lewenski, surely as of yet the doctors don't tell the father of girl at her birth that sir you have created a great sex server in the cause of humanity
of humanity
, may be they should, as it appears that in the westren civilisation we are only days away from fatheers getting t shirts saying "screw my daughter please, but we are really close,

the bottom line is that both cultures, the westren and the islamic need a lot of grwoing up and maturing, unashamed and immoral behaviors of the west are not an improvement on the islamic tradition, i don't believe that honor killings are a solution as islam forbade people from killing daughters at birth for the fear that may bring shame to family, but raising little girls as future sex holes is not acceptable either


you can read more about islam and about westren socity at my blog,



Let me make this one easy even for Mike Savage, Neal Boortz and even Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to understand. If you have a barrel of water, and you insulate it really good so that not much heat can escape, then you warm it really really slow, after a period of time the water inside will come to a boil, we can agree on that, right?

Now then we have evidence that before the advent of industry, and a long long time ago, even thousands of years, the earth warmed up due to nothing more than activity of the sun, the sun flares had caused the earth temperatures to rise, no problem? (Yes, there is a problem if you believe that earth and the heavens were only created less than seven thousand years ago, then for you I have no cure.) What this shows us that the earth ahs warmed and cooled over the millennia without the interference by the man, due to the solar activity, it also shows that under normal circumstances the earth retains the heat it can not radiate back into space, meaning that earth can radiate into space only a limited amount of energy, after which point the excess energy (heat) will be retained by the globe.

Even if their were no industry, no fossil fuel burning, we must realize that an increase in the earth population from less than a billion to over six billion in the last two hundred years; of itself will give rise to the earth’s temperatures. But then we realize once again that as the population of humans has increased, we have also needed to increase the number of animals that we raise for our consumption and all this increase in the number of animals being produced is also contributing to the excess heat being produced on the earth, and we are only talking about just the body heat of the massive numbers of humans and animals.

We have no need to talk about the esoteric, as fossil fuels being burned and the increases in the levels of carbon dioxide and methane gases and the carbon dioxide foot prints we can leave that to Al Gore, we just talking about the body heat( boy doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun, people!!!!) The question is can the earth easily dissipate this heat, can this heat be radiated out to the space? What will happen if it is not being radiated enough, will it cook us all in the long run?

Now then we can add this twist, we burn stuff to generate electricity, right? It could be coal, it could be oil, methane, it could even be garbage, but one thing this all does it that creates more heat, with some of this heat being retained in the atmosphere or being absorbed by the trees and the ocean waters.

Now you can add to this body heat and the heat generated by the power plants, not the car engines mind you just the power plants, not the people burning fuel to cook food either. there is still one other way we generate heat on this globe, and only I will tell you this one. Driving cars generates heat through friction with the air, that’s all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Since many people do not like to think that there is no God, if so, if there is a God, I believe that He does not care a whit about anything, He does not make things happen or stop anything from happening

I believe that there are too many people on this earth, soon the man will kill the earth

I believe that within next ten to twenty years man will hunt another man for food

I believe that eighty percent of a population are worthless and a net burden on resources

I believe that technology will be a major cause of man’s demise

I believe that a fourteen year old boy sitting next to a fourteen year old girl in a tube top and cutoffs is incapable of learning anything of value

I believe that if you hydrate, instead of drinking water, you are a moron

I believe that a society without morals, limitations and standards of behavior is doomed to failure

I believe that consumerism and morality can not co-exist

I believe that telling children that they can do anything they want when they are eighteen (without warning them of the severe consequences of such) is setting them up for failure

I believe that parents that their children to leave when they are eighteen should not be parents

I believe we should license people for having children, we should also pay girls for not having any children

I believe, If you are not old enough to have an unrestricted drivers license, you are not old enough to have sex

I believe if you want to have sex, you should get a job and get your own place

I believe if you are a fan of football, “Desperate housewives”, “Alley McBeal”,
“Friends”, Paris Hilton”, “Brittney Spears”, Base ball, NASCAR, etc, et all, you are brain dead
I believe that children’s programming on Disney, Nickelodeon is damaging to children and more akin to child pornography, children need to learn to behave not act out, need to have manners and not be smart alecs, they go to school to learn not to find dates

I believe, If you think it is more important for you child to have a bf/gf, and to get laid, you should have got an animal to breed not a human child to raise

I believe, there is no Messiah/ Buddha or a God coming to save mankind, it is up to us, the humans to save our own selves and to save the world

Tuesday, July 03, 2007



So is it news that six Muslim physicians are busted for a terror plot in the UK. The problem with Islam today is that many of its followers believe that the murder of innocents in the name of God is no problem. Since Muslims make up only a fifth of the worlds population, (a vast majority of whom are destitute and illiterates and living in squalor and under oppression by their rulers and corruption of the upper classes) there seems to be a grave miscalculation on their part.

Be it the tough talking president of Iran, or the agitators of various colors from Tripoli to Dhaka, the Muslim populace does not amount to anymore of a threat to the West than a gnat is to an elephant. The unruly Muslim terror mongers are only encouraged by the mild and small reaction to their agitations from the West. Where as in Islamic countries every inappropriate action by people is met by a heavy hand, (Muslim children are regularly abused by their parents and their Imams and teachers, and as grown up they are used to being abused by their police and their courts, ordinary officials including government clerks and their governments,). These Muslims are bound to mistake the simple arrest of a known terrorist as a sign of weakness and fear. What are they looking for? Should the Western governments start immediately arresting and deporting the families of the terror suspects? Or may be even start rounding up all Muslims and intern them in camps like they did with the Japanese during the second word war? Should all Mosques in the West be locked up?

What else? Muslims do not have the military power to confront the West, period! Understand this! What is to stop the Western powers from bombing Islamic capitals? But their patience and mercy and kindness, they could bomb the desert kingdoms into stone age in one night and go over and take the oil fields anyway, get real folks! Be it the doctors or be it the bums who do not know how to wipe their butts yet terrorism will not win, killing the innocents that come to help you will not win, no God will ever approve these stupid actions. Murder is not the way to heavens or seventy two virgins. The true jihad for the Muslims today is to stand up for the truth of Islam, to stand up to the bastards that rule them in their own countries and take care of the poor in their lands, to feed and to educate the poor Muslims with the money they get from oil exports or from working in the foreign lands. That would be the real Jihad!