Tuesday, December 19, 2006



Dear Mr. President
Sir, I have written you before but it seems that you did not get to see my mail, yet I hope that this missive will make it thru the controls or you will at least be briefed on it.
Dear Sir, it is no secret that I was against the war in Iraq before we invaded, in my various postings on Slate.com I argued against the invasion and told of the possible consequences of the incursion, sadly I have been proven right by the circumstances, on each and every single one of my predictions.
For instance, on April 10 of 2004, I posted that to control Iraq , we would have to declare marshal law to control the uprising, we also blew that one of course.
I understand that you are looking for new ideas on how to resolve the situation in Iraq, I have a few ideas myself and I will tell them to you in the following.
First of all we need to get away from the thinking that what’s happening in Iraq has anything, even remotely to do with Islam or for the benefit their country. The violence in Iraq is about the money, and the power.
Secondly, we must realize that these people don’t understand kindness, forgiveness and mercy. Even that itself is a proof that these people are not Islamists, and if I may say they are not even Muslims in the ways that they behave. If you study the history of Iraq, the country has proven time and again that they need someone with an “Iron Fist” or at least a very long stick to keep them on the straight and narrow.
Thus we have only two choices, and neither one of these requires an increase in the number of American soldiers in that country. The first being that as of right now, we arrest anyone that CLAIMS to be, or APPEARS to be any leader of any political faction or of any religious leanings, from any area and any denomination, NO QUESTIONS. And for a week or two close down any Masjids. Don’t worry the bastards that kill during the “holy months” and attack the Masjids they do not need to say prayers except the one before having their heads separated from their shoulders, (trust me Hajaj bin Yousef already showed us how). Then you arrest anyone in possession of any weapons, with road blocks, check points and home searches. After that the US military directly hires contractors and laborers for day to day jobs. Later a new leaderships is “selected“ by us, the current leaders being assumed to be corrupt and trouble makers must be kept incarcerated, the new local Iraqi government (appointed by us)must collect their own taxes if they want something done(of course they also have the oil money for that). Who says that we must look good or be liked by anyone, too late for that any way.
If that not be the choice of a solution for the US government then the other option is that we announce a date on which the US Army will issue an M-16 ( or an AK-47), plus ammo and a few hand grenades to anyone that asks for them. Not only we will issue such arms to anyone in country, we will also give the same to anyone that desires to come into Iraq and take up for either side, we will open border crossing along all borders only to hand them the weapons and may be a few provisions to anyone that wants to come into that country and to join either side. Trust me sir, their murdering each other should be least of our concern or a problem for us, if they want to kill each other let them have at it. If you want someone to run that operation, I will go there and work for you real cheap, and you don’t even have to give me a medal of freedom.

Friday, September 29, 2006


31 July 2003
(To be continued)
Unless you received this in an e -mail from me, you are reading this writing in a web posting. Thank you for taking the time to look this over, and if you do happen to read it through, I will be pleased. You may even be surprised at what I have to say and I may just confirm your worst fears. Your being on the net and looking at this article already means that you are smart, that you are above average in income, and depending on your location you may even be a person of above average means.
But first! This document has no chapters, no break marks, it has no headings and discussion is desultory of necessity, subjects leading one into another into another and another. From economics to religion to politics into philosophy and sociology and even into the military. Rest assured I have more than a fair knowledge of these subjects thru education, assignments, jobs and life experiences. So what does that have to do with the end of the world? Please indulge me a while.
Around my house I joke around that if I were born three thousand years ago or so, they would have called me either a prophet or a heretic, either way I would have been killed. Here we are at the dawn of a new millennium; we are the greatest power on the face of this earth ever. We dare talk of liberating the nations, of bringing democracy and prosperity to the people of the world, we even talk of bringing the peace to the Middle East, the Muslims and the Jews sitting down together, ( remember the lion and the lamb).
I have never been known to keep my thoughts and ideas to myself. Having been on my own and having had to fend for myself since the age of about eleven, I have always been suspicious of the people in authority. And having lived among "foreigners" and "strangers”, I also learnt to speak my mind, without caring if I upset the proverbial apple cart.
In Saudi Arabia, I was beaten up, a few times, by the religious police, for my long hair and tight pants. And in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, I came eyeball to eyeball with a rifle, for hanging out with the wrong crowd, I was thirteen. My trouble started with analyzing the details of every situation came from the only thing I ever learned from my calculus classes, that adding even a single drop of water raises the level of the ocean, and that even if you take out the water a drop at a time over time even an ocean will be emptied.
And so it was, that in 1973, in an economics class at a place then called The University of Palm Beach, ( now Palm Beach School of Business???), that I declared in my Economics class, that having open and free trade with the third world countries, we will lower the standard of living for all the working people everywhere. My professor told me that I was a communist. Then in 1980, in the English literature class of Dr. Mabene, at The Troy State University I mentioned that having women in the work force reduces the wages for men, and reduces the wages in the society over all and actually increases poverty. I was lucky to have gotten out alive. (The class was over fifty percent females).
In 1989, at the height of the crack epidemic, in my class on Community Resources I stated that the Government cannot afford to stop the drugs, or our economy will collapse and the joblessness will sky rocket, my class mates gave me a standing ovation.
Take a look around you, I mean the world around you that we all live in. I here go out on the limb and make a prediction. In a matter of just two and one half years you will not recognize this place at all. No I am not a politician, and it really does not matter if the Democrats win the next election, here in the United States, or the Republicans, it will not change my estimation greatly, the time is up, two and one half years is all we have.
I assume that a few of my readers may not understand my hypothesis, some may disagree vehemently. And a few kind ones may think that I have lost my marbles, totally! Some may call me a racist, and some may just simply call me "Karl", like another one of my friends did. Personally I like the moniker “the Alarmist". And I do hope that you stay awake thru this reading.
Most of what I have here today is already general knowledge and available in books and newspapers. You may already know most of it. What I have done is to pickup the pieces and made a whole pictures, connected the dots. We live in a world that is inter-connected, and the events in anyone part of it have far reaching consequences. Also if we make a mistake in thinking that what does it matter to anyone else, we can do what we want, we may have unforeseen and unintended results for which we are ill prepared to deal with.
Item. The Government of the United States is broke, the people of the United States are broke too, but the individuals are oblivious to all what it means.
Item. All the governments of the world are broke. Every single one is running up a deficit beyond its real capability to pay it back.
Item. Peace in the Middle East is a pipe dream, it is impossible, with the current paradigm of the religions, gods and the prophets, of a hell and a heaven and salvation, the end of the world is still not inevitable. But in the hands of the zealots (idiots) it has become a self fulfilling prophecy.
Item. Africa is dying; it is dying of ignorance, of the arrogance of its tin pan leaders, of starvation and of AIDS. It is dying of neglect and of greed the foreigners. It shall die. It is not salvageable.
The truth is, our planet is over extended, much as we want to sound benevolent, the earth is not capable of handling the population. With six billion plus people already here and the number keeps going up everyday the mother earth is tired, it is exhausted. We are over overtaxing the planet beyond its capacity in the natural resources. I would like to assume that we could feed everyone, clothe every child and educate and medicate each and every new arrival, but the truth remains that we cannot, we do not and we shall not.
In the early part of 1977, in a gasthouse in Erlangen Germany, a friend I would call "Red", an American GI, asked, hey, what do you think of the Americans, " in my estimation", I said, " the Americans are generally narrow minded and hard headed, they think they are always right and do not accept criticism lightly." "What the hell do you mean," said Sgt "Red", standing up over me, I looked up and said, "exactly". Luckily for me Red sat back down.
Right after 9-11, the US, at least the media went on a soul searching mission. "Why do they hate US"/us", the head lines would read. In the news papers, in the panel discussions on TV, every two bit talking head had an opinion. Everyone declared us the victims of the insane Muslim radicals who are jealous of our progress and material riches. And the rag heads were ready to take over the world and destroy the western civilization. We were the victims of our own progress and prosperity. It may be even true, but to a point only. But Mr. Bush declared a crusade (he then backed off of the title), first against the Taliban, then all the numerous other terrorists. Its pity, no on e was listening to Pat Buchanan.
In the animal kingdom, the population of a species never exceeds the available resources. If a given area becomes lacking in food or fresh water the species will stop reproducing at the normal rate and thin their own herd thru attrition or finally migration. The modern man is not as smart, actually we perform in way that is totally the opposite. For our own national or geographic reasons, we restrict migrations. The nations rich in resources often tend to keep away the have nots. Thus poorer nations, if for no other reason, become poorer thru unchecked reproduction.
As Americans, even when we see some of the pictures from the African lands, or Central America or South East Asia, for starving children, for the people dying of AIDS, of the hovels and shanty towns, it is really hard to imagine the TRUE conditions of these "lives". Let me explain.
Even as some of us have seen wars up-close, (I exclude the ones that suffer a direct loss for the 9-11), like those who were in combat in the world wars2, the Korean conflict, the Viet Nam war, and the two gulf wars, these wars had a remote feeling. It was not our towns, our villages, our cities, homes and our families destroyed by the war, and bombed and burnt to ashes. As a soldier, always ready and able to defend ourselves. Those children with burnt torsos and torn limbs were not our kids, not our babies. We never had to live under the occupation forces without rights or privacy, it was not our sisters mothers and daughters harassed and molested. And if you have never been there, any war, with our over whelming power and an assured victory, easily seems just, justifiable proper and easy.
Similarly, a vast majority of us do not understand the abject poverty and hunger and the misery that is the "life" for the billions on this planet. We are quick to blame the peoples of the different countries and cultures. We have never heard the cries of a hungry child, unable to sleep. Never touched the hand of a mother or a daughter, wasting, for no other reason but the cruelty of the man to his own kind. We cannot understand why a starving mass would mob a food aid convoy, instead of standing in a line and waiting their turn. As a matter of fact, some find a "perverse pleasure" in their "stupidity".
If we were to provide everything for everyone on the face of the earth, all the natural resources will be depleted very soon. And the planet will be left too polluted and depleted for it to sustain human life much longer. We must stop reproducing at the rate we are going. We must not only stop the growth in population we must immediately reduce our own numbers.
In the modern society, world wide, almost eighty percent of the population is useless and a net burden on the resources. These people are net consumers of natural wealth and do not contribute to the furtherance of human welfare and continuance of an intelligent species. The society and the governments must find ways to reduce and/ or eliminate these net spenders of our natural wealth. They only take up food and oxygen.
In any case the over all population of our planet is overwhelming our natural resources, from freshwater aquifers, to timber to fossil fuels and the fish of the oceans. I am sure that a number of individuals, organizations, think tanks and the governments are looking over these problems right now. They are designing solutions and strategies. But I am also sure that much more thought and consideration is being given to their own rights and benefits, and furtherance of the agenda of their own peoples, races and nations and their national goals and aspirations at the expense of the humanity and its future as a whole.
One of the greatest mysteries of today is the universal faith that the U.S. economy is too strong, it cannot falter. That our fiscal policies and our trade policies are there to help the lower classes and the poor not only here but also overseas. That free trade is always for the good of all people. Let me tell you a secret, Greenspan or no Greenspan, in the United States here today and world wide there is no MONEY, (at least in the hands of any government). What you have in your wallet, in the bank or in your retirement and social security accounts is "nothing", nada, it is all imaginary.
How are we to create wealth, and under what laws of economics do we keep creating riches "forever"? We used to say, in the nineties, that the old economics laws do not apply to this new economy. My friends laughed when at the start of the year 2000, I said we are going into a recession like none before, when I said that the markets are going to fall. Guess what?
For the past fifty years or so we have been hooked on to deficit spending, with a few exceptions. In 1980, Reagan ran on a platform of promise to balance the budget, only to get us into the largest deficits in the history, of mankind. Then Bush passed his tax cuts to give the economy a boost, when do we ever learn. Now here is the kicker, where as in the other countries, up until now at least, people have real savings; in the United States we are always spending our future income- borrowing. Borrowing to buy our homes, our cars, our education and our pizza and our jeans. A majority of our population is a paycheck away from bankruptcy.
That is, if you miss a paycheck, your house of cards tumbles. Our politicians know this well, and they manage our house accordingly.saw the whole picture and just in time to save his butt became a born again Christian, thus becoming arrogant and suspicious of ones that are not like him. Our national security adviser is a specialist in the Soviet affairs, may be she would have made a good history professor, at a four year college.
We attacked Iraq on apparently fabricated evidence. Wither or not it was it was fabricated still remains to be seen. But I can tell you where our intelligence has already shown to be a total failure. No I am not talking about the intelligence community but the intelligence of our national security team, the state department and the defense departments. How could we imagine the Iraqis of any kind to be our freindlies, we may have forgotten but did they also forget (1) that the most of the Iraqis in those mass graves and the fallen of the Kurdish to the gas attacks were placed there because we asked for the Sheia and the Kurdish uprisings only to fail in helping them achieve their aims. (2) That most Iraqis , for the last 12 years suffered under the trade embargoes orchestrated and implemented by the United States, can you really believe they have forgotten the 12 years of misery, can you really believe that they trust us? Can they really be trusted? (3) No matter how long or how short our stay in Iraq; it will be pure chaos there the day we leave. We have created a new heaven for the al-Quieda types and now we sit there fertilizing it.
Our leaders, Christians, Muslims or Jews or other wise are all actually godless people who are more worried about accumulating wealth and destroying others in the process. No matter their professed ideology. Even the so called religious leaders’ corrupt souls believing that if there is a god they are the only ones that have a claim to him, exclusive of all others. That they are the only ones that know it all and the only ones that are righteous. This is the major fault of the monotheistic religions and their religious followers. They will kill each other and get to heaven.
If there were a god, of the kind they claim that there is, he is one hell of a conniving deceiving, vengeful, destructive god, actually if we look close, he is the devil. Where as the Muslims are justifying killing of the innocent, the Jews have their own version of the concentration camps in the West Bank and Gaza. what they are lacking in death chambers they make up for it with Apache gunship and bombing of the houses, forget the admonition of the bible that from now on fathers shall not pay for the sins of their sons, and the sons shall not be made to pay for the sins of their fathers. All sides actually being led by godless jackasses, thinking they are doing good. Honestly, if I were to blame the Muslims for carrying on with a religious war, then did we not start a religious war by creating the state of Israel itself? Our gods have failed us.
Is there a god? The question it self and the discussion thereof is a total waste of time for thinking minds. In the here and now, there are manifest many more immediate and oppressing problems. But in the affairs of the world today god itself is a major obstacle to a peaceful co-existence. Then there are these religious avenues of thought and the basis of many varied religious philosophies.
We must first admit that no matter how great a philosophy of a particular theological tradition, today we are basing future on traditions that are thousands of year of years old. These philosophies, traditions and theologies, though originating from probably some of the greatest minds ever, were actually only considering a world and a community that was much more primitive and smaller than the world as whole as we know today.
I do not wish to compare today, the great and contemporary philosophies, traditions and theologies (whatever you may call them), that is the Greek, the Chinese (Confucians), the Hindu and the Mid Eastern that is the Monotheistic orthodoxy (from which the Jewish, the Christian and the Islamic traditions originate). Somehow around five to seven thousand years ago the mankind had evolved enough to start contemplating god and the origin of the world/ universe. We must also revisit some of the basic tenants that have permeated some of these, both religious and the philosophical schools of thought.
!. That all men are created equal. As we must admit today that is on its face not a fact. Oh yes! At some level that everyone should have equal rights and equal protections under law, from tyranny, and a freedom of choice. But beyond that, not everyone is created equal, as to in intelligence, availability of resources and opportunity of self- improvement and advancement. Thus some sectors of the world population will always do better overall than the others, barring a catastrophic change in the equation.
2. And it follows also from 1. that we do not have a free will, we do not choose where we are born and in what society. You can not select your country of origin your parents and the religion or the race you are born in. It is all pre determined at your birth. And far as I know you did not do anything special to earn any of it one way or another. The ideas of religious indoctrination and having a free will are incongruous also. We are brain washed from our birth onwards in to believing whatever they want us to learn. A true exercise of the "god given" freewill will always result in a chaos. Religion teaches us only conformity.
3. (Will follow)
I am not a religious person; I do however read the bible as a story book, and to see what lessons we may glean from the history. The bible tells us a story of the Pharaohs; these kings assumed great powers and declared themselves as gods. The stories are similar to the stories of our own more modern history where Hitler or Stalin will have people murdered at will. Then the stories of Spain, Iraq, Argentina and Peru where people just disappeared. They were taken by the government, knowing that it was illegal under their own laws. The people were held prisoners without their being told why, their families had no way to found what happened or what the charges were. They were not allowed to have any legal defense or council. Today in the United States of America, and under John Ashcroft and a bunch of pansies in the congress of the United States, we have it all legalized, we have our own cases of “the disappeared".
There seem to be two different governments in this country, on that are open and visible to the people, and another that makes the real policy and sets the direction of this country. It matters not who is sitting in the White House, and for what he was elected by the people. President Clinton followed 12 years of the Republican administration. No one in these Untied States seems to remember, and I have never seen it explained by the press
That the cuts in the defense department budgets, the force restructuring, the base closings. The NAFTA and the GATT were all the initiatives started by the Reagan administration. The problems with the defense were blamed on Clinton. And Clinton also fought for, and signed up on the most anti American worker and anti labor treaties of NAFTA and GATT.
We really do not have a problem with the immigration, no matter how you slice it. Here is the real deal. As people find cheaper goods on the store shelves, and they turn to these goods, the people here start to loose jobs. As people loose jobs the wage pressures are lessened. People looking for work settle for lower wages. As people settle for lower wages they look for cheaper prices, and so on, you see the pattern. Any wonder that the Wal-Mart no longer has banners proclaiming how many jobs it has created in America? Wal-Mart is the enemy; Wal- Mart controls what you make. (I have only used the name Wal-Mart for it is the biggest and most common, it could be any multi-national company. These companies and their ilk of the mega corporations with mega stores have crushed the back bone of our economy, the individual entrepreneur.)
How is it that the government and the private analyst with their so called real time data failed to see the market crash, failed to see the 2000 recession, failed to predict the unemployment levels in the dot com industry. In 1999 the department of labor projected a need for 225000 year need for the computer engineers and a starting salary of near 70000. Today we are all told to train for the health care professions. Does anyone know with the lay offs nation wide in the major corporations, with people loosing the health benefits and retirement how much growth is possible in the health care.
From the hills of the Himalayas to the flat lands of African sub-Saharan, and from the Philippines to Pakistan and Philadelphia, poverty and ill education, or illiteracy extol a heavy price on human lives. A heavy cost of stupidity. In other places it may not be as simple, it is to the favor of the haves to keep the have nots poor and ill educated. They are thus easier to control. Virtual slaves, only now that they are so called "free", we don't have the responsibility to be taking care of them. These poor worthless souls are ignorant of their own misery. And as they wallow in the refuse of life clueless, the life passes these by. They are thus no threat to the ruling class. And as if there were ever a chance of a revolt, the media, by default or design fill the air with sexual images and messages, ever presenting a younger and younger role model of sexual awareness to where the people have become as if cats and dogs, only bred to procreate and bring forth another generation of the slaves. From "Fox’s married with children to Disney’s promotion of Leanne Rymes crooning of love making, the suggestive dialogue, the revealing attire and what with the moves, it is a wonder anyone in the junior high is even opening the books.
These poor and helpless make for the prime cannon fodder for those who wish to promote slavery in the guise of religion, revolution or even revelry. Where as in Iran and in Saudi Arabia the poor and the ill - educated are used by the governments to secure there bases. In the United States and the other free countries these people are kept in control in their sub-human condition with a promise of so called personal freedom ( you can screw anyone you like, or get your six pack and forget it), watching Leeza and Jerry and Maury, we are not so bad after all.
Technology has failed us too. Technology alone cannot save us, it is killing us. As we sing the praises of the medical advances that have cut down the rate of childhood deaths, we end up with more and more mouths to feed. Children, who would have died off childhood diseases just sixty or seventy years ago, are today the child soldiers and gang members being taught to kill each other. And they are the child prostitutes today in the streets of Hong Kong, Mexico City, Manila and LA. They are the "discarded" children of the streets of the Rio, Karachi and Nashville.
We use lasers to guide our bombs, radios to bring murder and mayhem to our cities. We use cameras and microphones to steal privacy. Our technology joins us not in peace and prosperity for all, but in SARS AIDS and the West Nile virus.
Yes we could feed the whole world today, we have the technology. But to feed everyone and more, we will have to use more of the modern methods, i.e. use more fertilizers, more insecticides and use more of the farm machinery, not to mention the genetic engineering. Just to discuss the fertilizers, we use more oil base products, a majority of the chemicals either washes off in the rivers and streams. And the rest seeps into the ground, thus polluting our underground reservoirs and the aquifers. These chemicals destroy the aquatic life, over a period of time the water table is ruined, the rivers and the streams become so salinated that they cannot support aquatic life. And what about over time period of a hindered years, a couple of hindered years? Will our oceans will become finally to over salted to support life. It is not a stretch, we already have areas near the river deltas that are dying and some are choked with oxygen sucking algae. This is what the future holds. We have a choice, fewer people today or no one living tomorrow.
All this and it is only a part of the world that we are living in, there is much more

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Last update on 10/25/2006
Beyond a Stupid God and the Immortal Man
What if there is no paradise and no life after death, would you still worship your God? Would you still believe in Him? Would you still live a moral life?

It is my contention that the man today has enough knowledge to live in peace, and to continue to exist and even to prosper indefinitely into the future, but for the greed and the God.
Problem here is that most “con“-“temporary” religions believe that the world must end, soon, more specifically the religions that present themselves as mono-theistic. I was, myself, brought up as to be a believer in one God, but as I matured and learned to reason, it became more and more clear that even if there is an entity that could be considered as a “God“, the Creator of all things, we know little of His plan and intentions. The three so called Holy Books and the religions that follow these texts offer little in the way of explaining not just the mysteries of the God, much less of His reasoning and rationale.
Through the ages, mankind has wondered as to why we are here, and where we came from, and if you lived five thousand or two thousand or fourteen hundred years ago, Moses or Jesus or Mohammed would have told you why, and knowing very little for yourself you would have been content to know that a God made you, and only He knows why, and like a good little simple minded child you would have been happy.
Many today can not understand why we have this bunch of radical Muslims that are hell bent on killing everyone, including their own selves.
Because they happen to believe that this is what makes them or will make them closer to their God. If you are surprised, then there is no doubt that you are not a Muslim. If you happen to be a Hindu or a Buddhist then you must question your own beliefs also, and if you happen to be a Christian or a Jew you must also question your own rationality.
Let us for an instant look at the simple bare facts of the conflict going on between Lebanon and Israel, here we have a bunch of Muslims who attacked a bunch of Jews, twice. Then at the behest of, or at least with the acquiescence of a born again Christian, leader of a bunch of other (born again, or may be not) Christians; we had a bunch of Jews start to bomb a country- that is about forty percent or more Christian- in order to teach the Muslims, that may or may not have had any thing to do with the particular two instances, a lesson. All that because the Jews think and some Christians agree that the Jews are the God’s chosen people and that the God (yeah the same God of the Muslims too, the One that spent millennia trying to keep the Jews out of his -this- land) must have, by now, changed His mind and needed the help of the people down here on earth, yes the same people that He threw out of the paradise for being such screw ups.
And why would Hizib-Allah (of the Sheia sect) go and try to help Hamas and the Palestinians (Sunnis), when the Hizib- Allah is functioning out of South Lebanon and not the Sunni lands of Gaza and the West Bank? Most of us remember the bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut in 1983, but how many of us remember that when Israel was controlling South Lebanon in 1982, the Christian militias, working for the Jewish army, had killed at least three thousand five hundred Muslims in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla, setting the grounds for and giving the people a reason to support and promote the radical militias, Hizib-Allah also gained power due to this massacre. It is not to say that the Muslims themselves are not guilty of murders and rapes and pillaging and bombings of the other Muslims and non-Muslims alike, but it is also no excuse for the Christians to support the Jews in their running of the concentration camps of the Gaza and the West Bank for the Palestinians, or to justify for the Jews, their breaking of the limbs of the Muslim youth for throwing rocks at the Jewish tanks.
For the past sixty years, the US and the Europeans have on the one hand supported a Jewish state of Israel in the midst of a bunch of yea-hoo Arabs, while at the same time supporting the so called Islamist governments of Saudi Arabia and the gulf region. Where in the Sharia there are grounds for the establishment of a kingdom? Did Mohammed establish a kingdom? The thieves and the whore mongers that have been running these Arab governments, have constantly agitated their people against the Jews, while stealing the money from their own people to pay for blonde pussy and young white boys (well! among other things), and told their people that they are the keepers of the holy sites, while the United States provided these “Kings“ with their booze (smuggled in the diplomatic pouches) and the hookers (on the pleasure boats in the Red Sea and the Gulf) and the protection from revolts by their own masses (through spying and espionage training). The United States has not only provided these dictators intelligence against the democratic elements, she has also provided the dictators with torture equipment and the taught these the torture techniques.
It is not just the Muslims, and it is not just the first time. History is full of a myriad of examples of the lovers of God doing all of this and worse before. If the Catholic Christians had their inquisitions and the Protestants had Calvin, and then the Salem witch trials and the lynchings, then let’s all get off our high horses and face the Truth, that we are all guilty, but this here is not meant to be a lesson in history anyway, and like the other Calvin once told Hobbs, “we do not want to learn from our mistakes“.
In my previous writings I have discussed, many a time, about the human nature, about God, faith and death and yes, money. And the current turmoil, in the Middle East and the other places in the world involves all of these. Today it is just much more fashionable to blame, variously, the Muslims, the radical Islam and the Islamic terrorists and the Islamo- Fascists.

Do we not have, even today, some Christians who firmly believe that the earth was only created about six thousand years ago? Or that some of the Jews believe that God does not exist after all, since He did not intervene to protect the Jews from the holocaust. While we make light of the faith of some Muslims in whatever the heck it is that the Muslims want to believe, do we ever rationally look at our own beliefs? It matters not really what your religion or your faith; no religion can ever stand the scrutiny of a rational thought. Was Jesus really a God incarnate? Did Mary not really get raped or worse had an illicit affair? If Jesus died on the cross, and that Jesus himself also was God, then did God die? Did Mohammed really travel to the heavens on a horse (shaped like a Pegasus of the Greek mythology)? Why did the parents of Mohammed have Islamic names like Abdullah, and Amina? Why is there no other history of Islam other than the one written by Muslims of the time, Iranian or Christion or a Jewish document..Was Moses not really hallucinating after forty days in the desert? Did God have sex with Mary or send “His Semen” to her with an angel so she could be artificially inseminated? Why would God create such a faulty product as a human being and then send him to hell for being a screw up? Why did God not bar his people from owning slaves or having sex with children? Why did at one time God say you can kill your children till the age of seven? Why would Abraham be allowed to bargain his wife to the king for some food and donkeys? (Does that make prostitution legal and Abraham, also, the pimp in chief? And what is this crap about the seventy- two virgins? How many is just seventy -two when you are going to live for ever? Are there any motels in paradise for you to have sex in? Are you going to have sex while your God is watching? Do you even know what FOREVER means? Is God a joker? Or is God stupid?
Is it not true that the mono-theistic God came from the Greek philosophy and is based on the Greek mythology, who like Zeus used to interfere in the daily affairs of man, till we figured out that God had quit meddling in the daily affairs of man, and that ninety-nine percent of prayers never get a positive result (mostly because by the time a person starts to pray the situation is already hopeless). Do we forget that in the Genesis, sons of gods could marry the daughters of men, and take as many of them as they wished?
The Torah and the Bible and the Koran are good books, great books really, and they teach us a lot about human nature, and the human suffering and contain a lot of good and pertinent advice on how to live and behave in a society, and Moses and Jesus and Mohammed were really good people, probably, who meant to teach their fellow humans as to how to live peacefully. They were also the history’s three great failures.
I suppose many of you are upset by now that I call your God stupid, so I will stop telling you how the scriptures are inconsistent and contradictory. That writers of the scriptures think the earth is flat, that it never snows anywhere and that there are no places on earth where the ground is frozen, that there are places where the sun never goes down for six months of the year, that the land promised the Jews can not be very much since it was only what some one saw standing up on a hill top. And the Ten Commandments on two tablets of stone is just a story as to how they were to be the lasting words of a God, if not, why would a God Himself go through the trouble of “hand chiseling the stones” (according to the Judge Roy Moore) only to have them broken up and lost forever- immediately. (God? Hands? Chiseling?)
If actions speak louder than words then let’s see what these “Believers” think of their own God.
You have seen a child when he hides some thing in one hand and shows you the other empty hand saying see I don’t have it. I have always said that if you lie to me you must think that I am stupid and can’t figure you out. So why is it that the believers keep doing bad stuff? Do they also believe that their God is stupid? Let us start by looking at the example of Iraq, where the Sheia and the Sunni are killing each other (mind you, that “the born again guy” thinks it is not a civil war, but we shall get back to that), there is and aya in Koran that says that when God wants to destroy a people “they become mute and deaf and blind and they do not understand”- AL-Baqra-, do you not think that these people in Iraq today are truly deaf mute and blind, hell bent on self destruction, is murder and death the surest way to get closer to a God?
So much for the Islam’s message of peace, brother hood and equality, or surely they think that their God is stupid and did not know what he was talking about. Or in the other Islamic countries where bribery is rampant at all levels, while every kid in their schools is taught that the bribe giver and the bribe taker will both go to the fires of hell! Surely their God does not see what they are doing, or does He? I am sure by now some illiterate and blind mullah who does not know that the meaning of first word of his holy book is “READ“, and the one who himself can not read, is willing to issue a Fatwa, (a divinely inspired decision and thus the order of God Himself) that I should be killed for my blasphemy -seems like a lot of people are talking directly to the God these days, I don‘t know why the God ever needed any prophets, He should have waited for these, our times, and saved wear and tear on His angels- while he can go back to touching and fondling little girls and boys. And the God is stupid.
Kept illiterate and poor by design of their landlords, masters and their governments for the last thousand years, most Muslims today grow up believing that murder and cruelty are the solution to all the world problems. Muslim fathers in general, having no power or a say so as to what goes on in their daily lives, being abused by the police, the military and government bureaucracies, they take out their frustrations on their own children and these children act violently every chance they get. A Muslim woman spends her life a mere step away from physical abuse and rape, yes, the people who are told by their Koran and their prophet that any extra- marital sex, or fornication condemns them to hell are not too afraid to rape any female they have around or can have control over. The holy men who showed up for “Jihad” in Bosnia were only too happy to “marry” young girls first upon their arrival in the war zone before doing their Jihadi thing. The “Islamic” militia in Algiers “married” little girls, as young as seven and eight, before raping them and then murdering them.
And whatever happened to the message of Islam, of equality, of peace, of brotherhood without regards to the language, of the nation or the color of one’s skin. The oil nations of the gulf pay their workers depending on one’s passport, not the qualifications. People from the Islamic nations are paid less than the Europeans, blacks are referred to as slaves, women are stoned to death for fornication, or murdered in name of honor if raped, while the men go to visit prostitutes, screw young boys, or rape their kin or spend their free times jacking off themselves or each other. Their ignorant uneducated and stupid religious police (when not harassing those that do not go to prayers, or men with long hair or Western attire) the religious police in Saudi Arabia are easily spotted walking around scratching themselves because they shave their balls) do not allow the daughters of the poor to leave a burning buildings without cover while their own daughters run around half-naked on foreign beaches, or as in case of the occupation of Kuwait, prostitute themselves. While on the other hand, the poor women, or women who would go out of the house to work are constantly in danger of being raped by their masters or bosses who know that the woman must keep quiet for her shame or may be killed by her own family for bringing dishonor to her family. Most of the religious police in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan come from uneducated people of the madrasa’ and are not other wise employable, these are actually anti education morons that like to close down any schools for girls and any other school teaching more than Koran. The governments need to find other uses for these asses.
Here are a few examples of what I am talking about directly from the Arab News, the Saudi news paper on line; these stories were published as I was writing this article.
Man Dumps Wife on King Fahd Causeway, Arab News
DAMMAM, 2 August 2006 — An argument between a husband and wife on the King Fahd Causeway to Bahrain ended with the woman being left behind, the Al-Yaum daily reported yesterday. The couple were on their way to the Gulf country, a popular vacation retreat for many Saudis, when the husband, fed up with his wife’s complaining, kicked her out of the car right on the causeway. He also retained her passport so she couldn’t follow him across the international boundary. Furious, the woman went to the cops, saying her husband had stolen her passport. The cops basically told the woman, “sorry lady, but that’s a family affair”, and proceeded to escort her back to her home in Dammam.

Religious Police Separate Sexes as Fire Rages, Arab News
BURAIDAH, 31 July 2006 — When a building goes on fire the first thing that most people would think about is saving the people trapped inside. However, when a fire broke out at a wedding hall in Buraidah on Saturday, officials from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice quickly went into action by separating men and women guests who had escaped the fire and gathered outside the wedding hall, the Al-Watan daily reported. In the mean time, while the Civil Defense arrived, the relatives of the groom rolled up their sleeves and worked hard in extinguishing the fire. On seeing the religious police ignoring the fire and ordering people to separate, many of the guests asked them if they had no drug dealers or bootleggers to catch.

Why Stepparents Hate the Children of Their Spouses, Arab News
MAKKAH, 5 August 2006 — Following the high-profile case of six-year-old Rahaf, a girl from Taif whose stepmother subjected her to months of abuse, the issue of stepparents abusing their partners’ children from previous marriages remains highly potent.
The question remains as to why stepparents commit such acts of brutality. According to a report published recently in the Makkah newspaper Al-Nadwah, many people end up disliking their partners’ children from other marriages, and with the aim of forcing the children out they behave violently toward them. In some situations stepparents have even been known to force children to become household servants.
Anas is a young Saudi whose mother married another man after his father died. He was only seven years old then. Anas says his stepfather, who was above 50 and father of five children, turned his life upside down the moment he came and moved into their home.
“He was taking control of everything, even the decision-making. My mother was paying for him and his children from my late dad’s inheritance,” said Anas. According to Anas, his mother would not listen to him when he used to tell her not to waste money. “In the end there was nothing left for us because my stepfather took control of everything and gave our inheritance to his children,” he said.
Jameela is a teenager whose father died when she was young. Jameela says a man came and asked for her mother’s hand in marriage just to get hold of their inheritance. “At first the man was nice and acted like he wanted to be a good dad to replace our lost father. Soon after the marriage he showed his real intentions,” said Jameela. Jameela and her brothers quickly realized what their stepfather was trying to do. “We told our mother about him and she warned him to be careful but he continued to put pressure on us and try controlling our inheritance. After a while my mother went to court and managed to get a divorce and throw him out of our lives,” said Jameela. Still young, Jameela’s mother refuses to marry again and as a single mother devotes her time in raising her children.
Another sad story is that of Saad whose father died at a young age leaving him and his siblings orphan. Saad says due to economic reasons his mother was forced by his grandfather to marry a violent man who used to beat Saad and his siblings as their mother stood by helpless and in tears. “One day he threw me out of the house and told my mother not to let me in. I had nowhere to go so I went to my grandfather’s house in search of food and a place to stay. When my grandfather saw me, he grabbed me by my hair and threw me out saying he didn’t want to see me because he couldn’t look after me,” said Saad.
Saad says he went back home to plead to his mother to let him in but she said that his stepfather had threatened to throw her out too if she did so. In the end Saad ended up living on the streets for a few weeks surviving on handouts and charity.
“Justice was seen at the end when my stepfather died in car accident. I must say that I was not sorry that he died because of the suffering he brought to my mother and me,” said Saad. He returned home and his mother promised to focus on raising his younger brothers and not marry again.
Um Ahmad is a Saudi woman whose husband of 10 years died of cancer leaving four children. Many men came to ask for her hand in marriage but Um Ahmad refused them all. Finally under pressure from her family she married a man. Prior to marrying the man Um Ahmad made a condition that he would treat her children nicely like his own and never separate them from her. “A few months after the marriage, he began hating my children for no reason at all. He would criticize them for trivial things and hit them over nothing. I threatened him saying that if he continued doing this then I would leave him,” said Um Ahmad.
In the end Um Ahmad left the man. “He was treating my children like servants. I thought that he would show them the fatherhood that they had lost when my husband died. At the end I went to court and won the divorce case against him and he was out of our lives forever,” she said.
10-Year-Old Girl ‘Sold’ in Dowry Scam, Arab News
MADINAH, 5 August 2006 — A fifty-year-old man said he was duped into paying a SR25,000 dowry for marriage to a ten-year-old girl, the daily Al-Watan reported yesterday.
The girl’s mother said the older man had called her and identified himself as the future husband of her daughter. Initially the woman was outraged, thinking it was a prank call or a message from a sicko. After a second attempt to “collect his due”, the man explained that he had paid a dowry to the girl’s father. The woman then asked the man to stop by. With the woman’s brother in the room, she explained to the man that her ex-husband, who had abandoned his wife and daughter shortly after she was born, was responsible for scamming dowry money from the fifty-year-old would-be husband. The woman said her ex-husband was in financial difficulty and had orchestrated this scam.

The man, oblivious to the fact that it is not acceptable to pay a dowry to a father unbeknownst to a daughter, regardless of her age, was still under the impression that the girl was of an acceptable age for marriage until the woman showed him what he had “purchased” unseen. The man then became very angry at being suckered and vowed to sue the father for the dowry money.
The paper, quoting a local judge in Madinah, said such arrangements are illegal. The judge said this isn’t the first time an ex-husband has tried to extract dowry money from other men.
Dowries are the rightful property of brides, but often fathers attempt to hedge control of the money from their daughters — either to protect the funds from the new husband who might try to get the money back or for more selfish reasons.
Penniless Woman Thrown in Street, Arab News
DAMMAM, 31 July 2006 — In a heart rending tale, pedestrians in a city street all too often notice a woman sitting on the sidewalk under the hot sun making loud pleas to her ex-husband to allow her to live in his house from where she was recently evicted.
Umm Muhammad has been leading a life of abuse and humiliation on the streets of Dammam. A mother of five daughters and three boys, she was divorced by her husband of 25 years a few years ago.
She says her husband was extremely cruel and difficult to get along with. Umm Muhammad’s situation worsened as her father died shortly after her divorce leaving her and her children destitute and helpless. With nowhere to go, she began living in a separate part of her husband’s house but the man would frequently drive her out with no regard for her and the children. “It’s for the sake of my children that I have been putting up with all these indignities,” she said.
She added that the social welfare department gives her a monthly allowance of SR700, which does not cover her lodging and food. Umm Muhammad hopes for a better life and says that if the welfare system would include payments for her children then that would considerably help her in improving her life.

While the Muslims are going around bombing and killing each other, thus creating ever larger numbers of widows and orphans, God allows them to have up to four wives so that the widows and orphans may be cared for and provided for. This idea has been totally perverted by the “religious” into taking ever younger girls for “new” wives, the richer a Muslim (or even “holier” for that matter) he will continue to marry younger and younger girls, as young as ten or eleven. Sometimes divorcing one or two so he can marry newer girls. I suppose a stupid God can not discern the perversion of His laws. King Saud bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia was purported to have had over a hundred “wives“, and of course Idi Amin of Uganda had “wives” by the thousands. This perversion has also been carried into the “Jihad” movement where young men kill themselves for a promise of seventy two virgins.
Somewhere in there this message of Islam is lost that a good deed done for the expectation of a reward is not worthy, a good deed must be performed as that of one’s way of life, a way of self sacrifice, to hold another’s need or desire above one’s own. If there is a true God, then these suicidal morons may find themselves sitting there in hell, jacking- off just like they were doing it here on earth. Islam’s message of purity, piety, of control of sexual desires (Mohammed was married eight times) has of itself become a grounds for rape as punishment, rape as a form of dishonor, and abuse and no one is worried about the prohibition on fornication, proving once again that religion has nothing to do with rationale. Anyone killing themselves and others just so they can get laid in the hereafter give stupidity and new definition.
In Islam there is another message that has been totally corrupted; the message is that if you are rich you will be rewarded in the hereafter for spending money for charitable causes. So it is that the whores of Riyadh and Kuwait and Khaleej, as well as thieves of public monies form Cairo to Karachi to Jakarta will spend large amounts of money that they steal from their people for the so called charities. The words of “Hilal” and “Hiram” appear to be meaningless to these idiots, as in Islam there is no benefit for spending money for charity is it is stolen or taken in as a bribe. There is an aya in The Koran that talks about such people, “Allah o yesthasi o beyhim wa ya mudu hum fe tughiani him ya mahoun“....” “That God laughs at such people and allows them to wallow in their darkness, for a period”.
If there is a God, If their is a message, If there is Islam, then the practioners of Islam must also believe that their God is stupid. What God. The creator wants his people to self destruct? Or to destroy others? Is the so called message of such a God not contradictory to His own desire. Of course the whole universe as far as we can see is being destructed and reborn, but we do not see an agent anywhere, except that the man has taken it upon himself to ruin his own world. And then what kind of an understanding of Islam do these thugs have when they ignore the lesson of the Koran that there can not be any coercion in Islam, (la ikrah fe al deen) and they hold gun to the heads of the hostages and make them read foolish statements about conversion? What humanity (insa-niah) when you cut the throat of a woman that spent her life trying to help the poor of your country? The only lesson the Muslim governments and the rich Muslims in the countries like Egypt, and Jordan and Pakistan should be that need to improve and increase the education of their masses, stop corruption, and decrease poverty.
If there is a God, if there is a message, if there is a method, then what is God telling us by placing the three religions in the same small corner of the world, Knowing they will try to kill each other, and that there will be no peace of his earth, then this God is stupid, stupid, stupid and thus not worthy of man‘s worship. Why is it, that only the worshipers of this One God are hell bent on killing others that do not follow their own particular creed? It is not just that the Muslims today want to kill the others who are not Muslims; they are willing to kill all that do not belong to their particular sect. We can either blame it on the religion, but then they claim that Islam is a religion of peace, thus we must blame the violence by the Muslims the world over, on their ignorance and lack of education, funny how even Mohammed knew that if his people are not properly educated there will be troubles, thus the admonition, “IQRA”, READ.
Killing people in the name of “The One” The Almighty” “The God” is not a new phenomenon of the mono-theistic religions. Jews of the ancient times made it a hobby in the old Palestine to kill all others, the Christians have the blood on their hands of the heathen Africans whom they went out to “save“, the populations in the “new world” were decimated by the Christians, millions again paid the ultimate price for not “Knowing God”. Not to mention the Inquisitions of the old Europeans. If any today are shocked at the carnage in the world wrought on by the Muslims, all they need to look at is the history of this God, and human sacrifice has never been out of style.
As the human knowledge and understanding increased over the millennia, the message of God also changed, and “improved“. It can be readily seen that most of the God’s message has been relevant to the age and the area of the prophecy, as the God of Moses addresses the problems of the Jews in their captivity and then Jesus rails against the corruption of the bankers and the clergy, Mohammed tries to address the problems of the Arabia, from the arbitrary killing of female children to theft by the Bedouin, to increase in charity, freeing of the slaves, decreasing racism and declaring, finally, the brother- hood and equality of all the humanity. Mohammed himself an orphan at birth (his father died before he was born) emphasized taking care of the orphans and giving them their rightful portions of the estate of their fathers, also there is an aya of Koran in the Surah “the Sunrise” that states, “did He not find you an orphan and provided protection for you?”. Today in Islamic countries we have cottage industry of murder that keeps creating orphans, just as compassionate conservatism creates more and more poor so we can be more and more compassionate, and the lot of an orphan in a Muslim country is rather poor indeed, of course Mohammed was a failure.
Muslim Nations Most Corrupt: Badawi Reuters
KUALA LUMUR, 29 August 2006 - Islamic nations are ranked as among the world's most-corrupt and the fight to tackle the scourge could be tough due to poverty and poor governance, Malaysia's prime minister said yesterday.
Taking his anti-corruption message to the rest of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) nations, Abdullah Badawi, who chairs the group, said there were no quick fixes to completely eradicate the problem.
"I am deeply saddened to note that Muslim countries, as a group, do not rate very highly when it comes to perceptions of corruption," he said at the opening of the group's first forum on graft.
"I believe that many of the development challenges that the Muslim Ummah (community) faces have their roots in problems of poverty, poor governance and limited education opportunities," he said.
Citing Transparency International's 2005 report, he said the Muslim country with the best record could only rank 29th out of 158 countries surveyed.
"More than half of the bottom 10 places were occupied by Muslim countries," he said. Chad was ranked as the most corrupt.
"The current condition that Muslim countries find themselves is deeply alarming and distressing," he said in a speech.
The 57-member OIC comprises 1.8 billion people, ranging from wealthy Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to poor African states such as Chad and Sudan.
Transparency International said the perception that Muslim nations were among the most corrupt had nothing to do with Islam.
"It's more to do with ... the income level," David Nussbaum, chief executive of the Berlin-based group, told Reuters. "Some of the countries right at the bottom of the list are very poor." Badawi, who came to office in late 2003, convincingly won elections in 2004 after campaigning to clean up corruption and cronyism.
He has charged a minister for land with corruption and dropped another minister from Cabinet and his party for money politics, but critics say he could do more.
OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, in a prepared speech delivered at the forum, put the blame on unethical multinational firms doing business in Muslim countries.
"I also wish to identify the role of MNCs, who are responsible for spreading the curse of corruption," he said.
One of the common stories of the Holy Scriptures is that of the Noah. We are supposed to believe that Noah built a great ship and in it he placed a pair of all the animals in the world, then the great floods came, it rained forty days and forty nights and the entire world was covered with the flood waters. Let me try to keep it real simple here. The Bible implies that the earth (and the universe) was created just six thousand years ago, if so, and that the Adam lived to be a thousand years old, then more than likely the great floods came only about five thousand years ago. As I have said before, the people who wrote these stories thought the earth was flat and existed within the limited boundaries of the Northwest Africa, Southeastern Europe and West Asia, by the time of Mohammed the “earth of the books had expanded some more”. Today we know that the aborigines of Australia have lived there longer than that, The Americas were populated over twelve thousand years ago. The ruins of Moenjadaro and Harapa in the South of Pakistan pre date the great flood. And is it even possible that we have all evolved from the few people on the Noah’s ark into all the different colors and shapes of the humanity today, in just five thousand years of evolution? Noah’s great flood that covered the whole world is a genuine farce.
In the Koran, Mohammed reconfirms the story of Jesus, the virgin birth, the coming of the angel with the good news and visit of the three wise men, all the way up to the crucifixion, (a cruci-fiction), Islam contends that Jesus ascended to heaven before the crucifixion and another was killed in Jesus’ stead. There may have been a rabbi of the Jesus’ likeness in “holy land”, but why is there no record of what happened to this child that spoke to the wise men from his crib in the manger, beyond the day of his birth, his childhood? Why did the Jews of his time ignore him so completely right after his birth? Why did Mary marry Joseph after she gave birth to the “son of God”? How did Joseph dare sleep with a woman that was The Mother of God? If Jesus was truly God incarnate, born of a normal birth to a human mother, was he ever any part of the mother receiving blood from her and living and nourishing on her blood and taking her milk, then does God Himself need food? Did the man create a God in his own image? By all indications Jesus ate, breathed, slept and probably did the number one and did the number two, why would God go through all the trouble when he could have waited a couple of thousand years and showed up on the CNN, with Larry King one day, or on His own channel the FOX news, with Bill O‘Reilly, or even the Sean boy.
Looking at the holy books, only The Koran says that it was delivered to Mohammed, word for word, from God, through the Arch Angel Gabriel. Mohammed also proclaimed the Torah and the “Old Testament” to be “Holy Scriptures“. The Torah as we know is nothing more than a compilation of oral history of the Jews, and the Jewish law, over the millennia, it has been around for a long longtime, but what it has to do with God is seriously questionable. We know that “The Bible” was compiled by humans and re-written by humans, it is also a gathering of some selected stories about “a Man” who presumably lived around two thousand years ago, with a few stories of the ancient text of the Torah mixed in, DOES THIS MAKE THESE BOOKS ALL HOLY? I guess you can believe that to make you feel better. Far as we can tell Mohammed is the only one who had his book (The Koran)written down in his own time, and proclaimed it as the divine word of God, there is no proof that either Jesus or Moses knew a thing about the books that are attributed to them. It is also unclear as to why Koran and Mohammed would call these books holy and call the Christians and the Jews believers and then go on to slight them and not consider them as equals.
As I have written before, to be “Right” a religion must be “perfect”, right in the absolute, and when one thing is right in the absolute, it makes everything else absolutely wrong, there in lies the problem of the three mono-theistic relgions.
From the beginning, the Christianity had a shaky start. The Jews were promised that God will send them a Messiah, but when Jesus came they refuse to recognize him as such, and the God said, “oh well, I guess I tried, and I should try again later, this was of course my own foul up. Yeah, right!
Christ was out there, talking from his crib, then later performing miracles and giving sight to the blind and curing the lepers and walking on water, all of it was not proof enough for God’s chosen people, “the Jews”. Now what would you do if you were God?
During his lifetime on earth, Christ had a hard time getting anyone to follow him. Also with the coming of Jesus, God also changes his view of the mankind, circumcision is no longer required (that alone should have garnered a bunch of converts don’t you think?) you are allowed to have pork roast and open a barbeque restaurants, but the Jews would have none of it and they will sit there still waiting for a Messiah. Don’t you think that God would be royally pissed? But no, He says give me a few thousand years and I will try again. And Jews still remain the God’s chosen few. Far as we know Christ never started a church of anything, did not establish new rituals or practices and dies a Jew and was given a Jewish burial.

According to many of the Christian faith, Christ was also God, or God incarnate, if one were to use his God given brain, one would find himself lost in confusion. Ok so Christ is God, and God dies, but God cannot die, so the whole charade is a farce, how can he die for our sins , but He can not die, so either Christ did not die or he was not God, take your pick. Unless of course you believe God to be a Charlton, bent on confusing the mere humans.
There are other things. Any one with a good knowledge of history will know that God also did not give a book to Jesus, all that a Bible truly is, is a compilation of old lure about a God and the creation (the mythology predates even the arrival of Moses and the Jews) with a few stories about the life of a man called Jesus mixed in. It is not clear that there ever was man exactly like Jesus, born of a so called “virgin birth”. Could it be possible that Mary actually was a hermaphrodite with two sets of fully functioning organ that made herself pregnant? But let it be. We do know that Jesus did not start a church, did not set the time or a manner of worship, design a church, or cross or a crucifix, was not born on Christmas or die on Easter. Surely he did not set a fifty eight minute time limit on sermons to start and end with the television broadcast hour, including an appeal for more money.
It is a matter of faith after all. Say you are a football fan, now it is more than likely that you have a preferred team, usually from a nearby town, usually the one that your father was also a fan of, and everyone you know is the fan of the same team. You worry about the health of the team members, you follow their stats, the game dates, the rivals, you buy tickets for the game if you have money, and whatever else it is that the fans of a team are
supposed to do. All the while you never think that in reality it makes no difference to any one, what so ever, whether your team wins or loses, your life is no better or worse even if the team was to totally disappear, it is the same with your faith in God.
If Jesus were a real Messiah, and the Jews were told previously to follow him then the Jews that refused to recognize him would be operating against the will and the word of God and thus not worthy of remaining the chosen ones and redemption. Of course the “True” Christians must also believe that the Jews are fallen and sinner and not hold those in any great or other wise esteem. The problem is that when you have been brain washed since your birth into believing all these lies it is very hard to break away. And so we go on killing and murdering and raping and pillaging, stealing and lying, all the while “knowing” that we are forgiven. My dears, IF there is real GOD, then we ARE really FUCKED.
We know that the books of the bible are actually stories from the distant past, of the times before Moses, as they were related by the old scribes in many various volumes by various authors. The lore of the Genesis is similarly related by different people, all in different forms. So how it is that we believe in what we have as a word of GOD himself. If such then what about the versions that were left out, or not believed? Where did that divine guidance come from and to whom? Considering the original texts they are no different than any other types of stories of the mythologies of the era, from the Greek and the Indian (Hindu) and the Mid-Eastern (Babylonian). What makes them a work of the God, and holy is that this is what we are told to believe since birth. Sadly, so many of the so called educated and enlightened are so brain washed since birth that they insist on following the charade. But are we any closer to knowing The Truth? I am afraid not. It is but our insistence that we know it all, know what the whole truth is, and that has been the down fall of the mankind through out the history. If the Bible, or the Torah, and the Koran, which is based on the previous two books, the infallible word of God, then it must also follow that the Almighty has a difficulty making up his own mind, how is he to judge the humans for their flaws.
In its early days Christianity was a cult of the personality of Jesus, his followers were not sure of what they had seen, it is very possible that Jesus may have, only very philosophically, claimed himself to be “The God” or the “son of God”. Over the period of time, in certain Christian denominations he has not only become “the God” he has actually replaced “the God”. So the savior not only died for us on the cross, he will also save us from “Himself”.
The Christianity in the East spread slowly, mostly consisting of small communities, and cults. These people lived austere lives spending more time in meditations and waiting for the return of their Messiah. In Europe, however, Christianity received a big boost from the conversion of Constantine, but it also lost its message as the pagan rituals and themes were incorporated into this new religion. Pageantry, drinking and debauchery became an integral part of this new form of Christianity in Europe; they are still part of it today. Easter, Mardi Grass, Fasching, Christmas, Santa Clause all have their origins in paganism, having nothing to do with the Christ but are yet considered part of Christianity.
The European Christianity was never too Christian, with the pagan sex standards mixed in with the Christian Ritual, even the popes had affairs and had kids, and why not, if you could make it to a confession or pay the church some money all your sins were forgiven, including adultery. The reformers tried to change that with Calvin preaching piety and austerity, but who wants that, even as the new Christians escaped form Europe to the new country (US) the chastity soon fell away by the wayside, poverty stricken farmers pushed their daughters out the door to find husbands, the traveling salesmen needed company, the cow boys and the miners that worked in the West, building roads and the railroads, and settled the lands needed prostitutes for company, all the way to the Alaskan pipe line. During the two world wars men were away and the “ brothers” took care of the ladies back home. To their credit the returning men , many a time accepted the children born while they were away as their own, and why not, did they not also bring back group sex and wife swapping. The reform movement is reformed again, why not Jesus died on the cross for your sins so why not make it worth his while, adultery today is so common place that you cannot even mention it as a grounds for divorce in many jurisdictions. Did not Christ die so we could just fuck each other? And that we do.

Mohammed claimed himself to be the last prophet, and as mentioned before, he affirms that The Bible and The Torah are holy books that are “given” to Jesus and Moses. Now when we consider Mohammed’s claim the that the angel Gabriel came to him and recited to him every word of the Koran, we must assume that he believed that Jesus and Moses also received the ”holy scriptures” in a similar fashion as the divine word of God, but that we know better. We know that the majority of the stories of the Old Testament and the Bible are nothing more than the old lore predating Moses by eons. We know they were not the word of God given or delivered to the prophets. The story of the Jewish tribes wandering through the desert would obviously consider their own self to be the god’s chosen people, if not who else, would not every tribe and every individual consider himself to be the chosen one? And if some one from the tribe got up on a hill and told his people that it was their land far as the eye can see, would they argue and say no? Once again why would a true God set in motion a chain of events that would forever cause a rift between those who believed in Him? Why not just one singular message, for all ages, why the hundred thousand plus prophets?
In the old times older people were considered to be wiser, with no other way of passing on the information but from mouth to ear, the oldest had seen the most and heard the most so they had more information on stuff from growing crops to fighting enemies and human relations. Today if you step out in front of an on coming truck, or a child running across the street is killed by a vehicle is it still God’s will? Or is it the consequence of stupidity of the man confronted by the laws of physics. Is it not the fact that we have come to understand danger and the consequences of unsafe acts and have learned to be safe, ( well at least in the matters other than those of sexual nature). If today you still go out and have unprotected casual , zip-less sex and catch herpes or AIDS is it God’s will or your stupidity? What does God have to do with anything, we know the odds, we know how to protect ourselves from infections and heat stroke and frost bites, is it that the more we know the less of the god’s will applies to us? And today we are able to thwart God’s will in every way, sometimes delaying even death itself by all kinds of means and we can give child to a woman that was “designed” to be childless, we could even tell Mary “ who the daddy is”.

Many today will proudly tell you how they know everything, that they have studied the Bible, or the Torah, or Koran, that these scriptures are all infallible words of God, but a vast majority of them have never studied the other books besides the one pertaining to the one of their own belief system, and if they did it was not to look for commonalities in the three religions but to try to denigrate the other book, what a pity that a Christian must believe that he is right, but at the same time must consider the Jew to be the chosen one and yet have to try to convert the Jew to Christianity so the Jew can be saved, does this make any sense? But we keep believing in the whole charade, fully convinced that we are right, Or is it that the God has a low IQ?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Death to America part 2, the female


10/30/2006Why is it that if seventy is the new fifty and the sixty the new forty, that we want our fifteen years olds to act like twenty five and the eleven has become the new seventeen?Sexualisation of children has been most detrimental to our females. Young girls are children, cute but never sexy, pretty but not prick teases., But it seems that our culture is being led by a cadre of perverts and child molesters who think of our young girls as that character from the movie “Pretty Baby”. Not only that the crimes against young girls are on the rise, we have girls ten and eleven years old having “consensual sex” with grown men and boys. Why? Because we keep preaching to them that they are sexy from the day they are born, ok may be from three years of age. We never learnt a damn thing from the demise of Jon Benet Ramsey, and we keep making up girls of five and six like grown ladies, tell them they have boy friends when they are seven and eight, get them private phones and computers when they nine and full make up when they turn ten. What do we think they will grow up thinking? No wonder, when a porn outfit wanted to shoot a movie on the campus of Indiana State, they had to turn away many a volunteer, eat your heart out “Girls Gone Wild”. Opportunity and temptation will always trump the abstinence education, get that!Five years ago, there was an epidemic of STDs, in the Buck Head community of Atlanta, with houses starting at $500,000, among the twelve to sixteen year olds. Whatever happened to the equal rights amendment (ERA)? I know Mr. Reagan was against it and the right helped him kill it. But do we need a piece of paper that says that women are equal of men in the 21st century. I know it is against the principles of most religions to accept the women as equal to men. (In nineteen eighty when, in one of my English classes, I mentioned that the inclusion of women in work force causes inflation and also causes the wages of the male workers to go down I was near about lynched (but it is a fact and can be proven), I do not have a problem with mature women doing whatever they wish in their lives in private, but I do have a problem with shows like “Desperate Housewives” and “Sex in the City”.What happened to the concepts of privacy, shame, shyness, honor, self-respect and being appropriate? I am not talking about being a prude. The conspiracy of the big business and its need to sell, of the feminists and their lesbian leadership, of the liberals and their anything goes philosophy and the wanna-be writers and artists whose minds are not capable of thinking beyond pornography, a Christian Church where it is anything goes if you put money in the plate (because Christ already died for your sins), and the new pop psychology has destroyed all the progress made in the fifties and sixties along with that of the protections society had built up over the centuries and what had been deemed proper for the advancement of society in the fifty thousand years of the human evolution, to save a family and for the propagation the man kind.“02/23/06 "SLAVES"A study of our history will show that one of the ways the slaves were kept down was to dehumanize them. Slaves, and more particularly the female slaves were not supposed to be deserving of honor, they were not worthy of having any dignity or self- respect, or modesty or shame, or privacy of person. The slaves could not complain if their wife or daughter or sister was taken for sex with or without consent. And a master could see them naked or near naked if he so desired. We have surely come a long way, baby!” (M.N.R)If my daughter of twenty-five, after having graduated from college decides to go in to top less dancing, or to live with some one, or even in a commune of clothing optional group it is her call. But why do our daughters of nine have to be told to look sexy and grow breasts and to think about boy friends and sex before they even have hair down there.A couple of years ago, there was a story that a secretary in Boston was sleeping with a playmate of her son, naked; the boy was eight years old. Then we have story after story of women in their thirties and forties and fifties having sex with boys of thirteen, fourteen and fifteen. Is it just a problem of these women, or we as a society have all gone crazy? Apparently all these women grew up in house holds without boundaries and limits. To hell with just say NO, “just do it” is the new motto.It is a known fact that if a girl between the ages of nine and sixteen is sexually molested, more than likely that she was molested in her own home by someone she knew. Still we have mothers, who bring strangers home to have sex with. Yes that is the only way to look at it, call it what you will. What is the matter with the morons that call themselves psychologists and psychiatrists? Do they not know that when a girl of ten or twelve is walking around the house in her undies, (or a bikini) she is liable to get the hormones going in all the male members of her family, in appropriate or not. These idiots are forever in a rush to blame the males of misconduct, but do they ever speak out about the wrongness of this behavior? Back in the eighties, when the talk of repressed memories was the fad of the day and every two bit whore practicing psychology wanted the world to know that all fathers/ brothers/ step fathers rape their daughters/ sisters, did any of these idiots ever mention that dressing your daughter appropriately may stop or cut back on such incidents? Or that it may be improper for a mom to hump her boy friend or husband of the day while kids were around, or not to be making out with every Tom,Dick or Newt Gingrich in full view of the kids. That moms should not be undressing in front of their young children (male and female), and that a modicum of modesty is worth considering.Human instincts are basically animal still, and over the millennia of evolution mankind had established certain meaning full restrictions on the sexual behavior, for a reason. Just as the theory of the nineties, that the old economic laws do not apply to the modern economy has failed so will the paradigm of modern human sexuality. There are already movements afoot that will make the Taliban look like kinder gentler society, stop, think.We claim to be a Christian nation; here are a few examples of where we are at. I live in Alabama, heart of the Bible belt, and these things happened around my areaA thirteen year old girl went to the Panama City Beach with her friends, a few weeks later she received a parcel in the mail which her mom opened, the parcel contained a video tape which her mom played only to see that her daughter had been filmed having sex with two guys. Upon investigation by the police it was found out that she was offered fifty dollars to have with the two guys, she was probably a big girl and had told the people she was eighteen.A female Sunday school teacher, FROM Elba, was arrested for having sex with a fifteen year old.A SEVENTEEN year old female, from Slocomb, went into labor and gave birth to her third child in the parking lot of the Hartford police station, her OLDEST child was FIVE.The police were called to a disturbance in a street in Dothan in the early hours one morning; it was found that a couple was having sex in a parked car and some thirty people had gathered around to watch.In Slocomb again, it was reported that the girls young as thirteen, from a mobile home park were DATING grown men in their forties and fifties.In Birmingham, Alabama, a man was shot in the head while he sat in his car, in the parking lot of an apartment building. He was father of twenty three children from some nineteen women, he was twenty two.
In the small town of New Brockton, a twenty year old female had befriended many a young girl between the ages of eleven and fifteen and she was guiding them into having sex with guys as old as twenty four while she filmed these sex acts. Apparently none of the young girls bothered to tell anyone, or even their own families as to what was going on, nothing wrong with it, or was it? At the last count there were at least ten young girls involved.
What happens to this country in the future largely depends on how we take care of our youth, and how we raise them. If the character of these children does not matter to us today, for what then will we be able to depend on THEIR character for the future of our country.One could say well it is not my daughter out there being gang banged, and yes , no boy ever came to your door to say that he and his buddies are going to share “your pussy” tonight. And true, more than likely your daughter is only screwing one boy at any given time, and you don’t care or want to know about that, surely some boy is going to fuck her anyway, right? So, no big deal, but are our children really able to take this being fucked and dumped regimen without any consequences? What it does to their self –respect? Their self-esteem? A girl that starts dating (let’s say conservatively)at fourteen and becomes sexually active by fifteen and changes boy friends only every six months, by the age of seventeen she has been fucked and dumped by six or seven guys, do you not think it will effect her personality and she may turn out to be a super slut or a real bitch? Where are then the morons that proudly call them selves psychologist and psychiatrists?O.K. I grant you that about twenty percent of the girls will actually have no negative consequence from all of this, their grades will not fall, and they will maintain a healthy attitude and succeed. But do we ever work on anything else with a twenty percent success rate, and are we not talking about our children and their future here?
What happens physically to a young girls anatomy when she starts having sex at a young age, much of it apparently depends on her physique also. But let me tell you, if she is small and petit, even if fifteen or sixteen her body may not be able to handle the stretching involved and in the long run she may lose the sensation in parts of her body and become frigid, hey but you are a modern people and you have advised her that she should only be sucking dicks, right, I am proud of you in that case. May be a physicians organization will have something to say about this. While we are making fun of “Mohammed” for being a child molester, we should be looking at how our daughters are behaving.
One of the saddest commentaries on our lives and our society was and AP article, with pictures mind you, stating the distress of a father who was worried about his twenty four year old quadra-phaligic daughter (I don’t remember if she had cerebral palsy also or not, she was however retarded) not having had sex. Or may be I am just too old fashioned.
The other was an article in the esteemed U.S. News and World Report, quoting a psychologist as to teaching our children about mutual masturbation and oral sex.
Then there are the headlines in our news about a guy dying from internal injuries after having sex with a male horse, and the story of a wife calling the police that her twenty three year old husband is having sex with female dog in the back yard, the poor dog was to be euthanized, may be the wrong dog was being put to sleep.
What are we as human beings? What do we call civilization?to be continued

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Death to Amrica, the education


Death to America, the education

The debate about our education has been totally non-stop and nonsensical, for ever. I have heard a million experts and passionate partisans speaking out about the mess that we call the education system. Everyone out there has his own band-aid that they know will fix it and a few will even do away with the school system all together. More money, better teachers, home schooling, private school, none of these will improve our overall standards. School prayer, intelligent design, pledge of allegiance none of these is THE solution to save our schools from failing.At the time where employers are complaining that they are unable to find qualified workers, our high schools are graduating students cannot read or are able to add and subtract even simple numbers. So unless you believe that the world is coming to an end let me tell you about three of my basic theories1. the world today is too complicated a place for a person of average intelligence2. if 1 is true, then we are a point in evolution where the mankind will split along the smart and dumb intelligence line and the dumb ones will fall by the wayside3.the world today is over populated and that most of us exist as slaves and don’t even realize this, that most of us are slaves by choice.If it were not so, then why we have not been able to change this system? Regardless of all of our protestations the system is failing, and it keeps failing while we blame each other, the teachers, the administration, the parents (or lack of parenting) and of course “God” (or the lack there of).If I were to tell you that we really no longer have “our children”, that they are confiscated from us at birth (actually we give them away ourselves) to others to raise, or that we raise them up to be slaves you would be upset, but that is the truth, and truth hurts. (I am having a hard time trying to keep it short and yet get my point across, and more than likely I have already managed to make you mad, or am going way over your head). And that we raise our children to the benefit of our masters, either to be great slaves or to exclude themselves from the rest of the society as undesirables.Today as our churches decry the moral decay of our society and our failing education system, they forget that is they that are the biggest supporters of the big business. Do they not know that the big business thrives on materialism? And the materialism thrives the on break down of the family and morals. And that the big corporations write the pay checks for the so called liberal media.But in short order and in the interest of keeping it simple, these few simple and short steps will improve our education system more than any governmental interventions or the church supportmake uniforms mandatory at all levels thru high schoolseparate classes by the gendersmake attendance completely voluntaryban extracurricular activities such as foot ball, cheerleading , proms, beauty pageantsgive the counseling and sex education services back to community healthemphasize discipline and learning, not make ups and making outmake separate schools for hookers, studs, bullies and the thugs in trainingstop teaching teachers anything about psychology, it interferes with their teachingcomputers, besides television and cell phone are actually detrimental to a child’s education ( let them read books)only kids with degree and a full time job are allowed on uncheparoned datescancel all high school graduation ceremonies, it makes kids think they have arrived, a high school diploma in most cases only guarantees a life of miseryparents must keep their sex lives very privateWe have talked previously about separating our school classes by gender and imposing uniform clothing on the school kids. But why? It has been said that probably because I was raised in a conservative society. If you buy this line of reasoning then you are not evaluating my reasoning with an open mind.I have said it before that “if the stupidity were a virtue, most of us would be saints”. While the psychologists and the anthropologists keep looking at us as just another species of animal, (I do believe in evolution, mind you) they somewhere forget what made us advanced developed and successful as a species was that we also controlled the behavior of our communities (through religion and brute force at times). Eons ago we realized that lying stealing cheating committing murder and stealing another’s spouse were acts not conducive to the peace of the community. And that is true of all societies whether they knew of a god as such or not.In these societies, a boy and a girl had to be capable of accomplishing certain tasks and had to be able to show they had matured into capable and responsible members of the society before they would be allowed to be married (given the privilege of having sex). That is be able to hunt, fish, skin an animal, clean fish, bring in the crops, cook clean and raise kids (usually practiced by taking care of the siblings), learn a trade or even be a fighter or a soldier and making a living at it. How is it then that we want our children to go out and have sex. Yes, that is right. Of course no boy will come to your door and ask you to let him have sex with your daughter out right, and no son goes to his daddy and tells him, daddy I am going to knock up Suzie tonight and then we will both go live on welfare, saving you money on my college. But the fact remains that a majority of children are having sex before leaving the high school, and they don’t have to earn the right to do it.The responsibility of sexualizing the children today lies squarely with the media, the dysfunctional parents and the idiots in practice of psychology who say to a child you can do what you want. But first and foremost the major corporations that exploit children and then whine about not getting capable workers. Our corporations need for a fat bottom line supersedes all human, adult or even patriotic responsibility. Whatever you see on your TV screens, in theaters, in video games, radio and music CDs and magazines etc as to crudeness, nudity, vulgarity, lack of responsibility, mannerism and sexualizing of young people in word and image is not there because a writer could not do better, but that a corporation (business) is paying him to write the crap. Period. And that the parents are also paying for it, directly and indirectly.Let me just stop here a while and change the subject. We all have problems with our school systems. Even though schools are supposedly run by the states and paid for by property tax and part of the local sales taxes (with some federal aid), everyone and his second and third cousins think they can and have the right to run the school system.Just go to a local school board meeting, there are people in their pajamas, and hair in the rollers telling the board how to run the system, and how their particular off-spring was not being fairly treated. Then there are the godlies and the ungodlies worried about whether god had made it to the school or was being kept on extended suspension. Forget that the school is having hard enough time teaching your average child his ABCs and the basic math and that a discussion of a god is probably more appropriate subject for a Sunday school or may be a graduate level philosophy class.As if it were not already enough, we have superintendents and principles being elected not on merit but their ability to suck up to the appropriate level of higher ups in the food chain. Our classrooms are manned (or womaned by to be politically correct) by teachers who are there not to teach but they get a year’s pay (lousy as it may be) for six months work. We could discuss all of these IF we were sending to our schools children who were WILLING and ABLE to learn. A teacher, any teacher, no matter how good, can not teach anyone anything if they were not willing and able to learn.And if you believe that a boy of fourteen or fifteen or sixteen etc is going to sit next to a girl in a halter top and shorts that say “can’t touch this” is going to pay attention to the teacher in his calculus class, I have some water front property for you in Arizona.What has become of our schools? Are they a place of learning, or a holding block for juvenile delinquents just waiting to be processed? Do we send our children to school to learn or are they a place for their sexual expression. Are we a nation of morons? What business a school has having beauty pageants for six year olds or sixteen year olds for that matter? If we are sending children to school to learn to read and write, and to become knowledgeable and productive citizens then leave it at that. If you want them to have social- life then do it outside the school. The emphasis here should be on learning and studying, not on who is getting a date with whom, and who is the last remaining virgin standing. And when the boys and the girls are holding hands and kissing and practically making out on school grounds you know that the last thing on their mind then is to excel in their studies.The situation is not just urgent or serious; it is critical, terminal if you will. Before I go on with the why I believe in what I believe about this situation with our education system we should consider some economic facts.We have all heard about people on food stamps eating better than the working people. Now if you consider that the poverty level is considered at $19,800 for a family of four. What this means is that if you are making less than that amount, and may be even a bit over, you get food stamps, childcare assistance, Medicaid and earned income credit, thus putting your income closer to forty thousand a year, the true poverty level. Now remember also that the median income in the United States is about $42,000, so actually half of our country lives in poverty. ($42,000 is $21 per hour). Actually in most places in the United States it will take an income of over $100,000 per year for a person to buy a house and a car and be able to buy food for a family of four.Secondly, we must consider that we live in a global market place. Ever since MR Reagan started to promote NAFTA, and simultaneously broke the back bone of the unions the wages of the American worker have stagnated, Today companies are moving jobs overseas by the millions while we keep buying the merchandise manufactured overseas. Only thing this keeping our economy afloat these days is the imaginary money that the government is “printing”, called the federal deficit. Workers in the United States no longer have a bargaining power; look at the automotive and the airline industries, the health benefits are being eliminated, retirements have been lost, and workers new contracts include ever lower wages then the previous. This is what passes for an economic boom in the presidency of an MBA.
We are forever talking about the money we (the government) spend on education, and it appears that no matter how much money we spend, it never seems to be just enough. From the very first day of school, the kids bring home some silly brochure of goodies to sell, be it wrapping paper, Christmas stuff, candies, magazine subscriptions, it is all counter productive. For one the children are expected to spend their study or leisure time in the silly pursuit of finding buyers in their neighborhood. In certain neighborhoods of course there more children selling goodies than there are house holds. And more often than not there is a seller already living in the house you are trying to sell to. If you live in a rich neighborhood or your folks have money, you can be a sales champion without even having to try, daddy or mommy can just write you a check. But what if you live in a neighborhood where people have little or no money, the people must pay more for an item than the value received ( they could just as well make a donation of half the amount directly to the school). Or they must let their child be embarrassed in front of the class for not having collected the right amount of money. I know in our society we are to believe that poor are stupid, but please these kids did not chose to be born poor. Same is true about the beauty pageants. A poor girls may not be able to buy and expensive dress and pay for a fifty dollar hairdo, are we not teaching the kids about class distinction? And why the school be party to teaching the girls if you are a female then beauty and pretty is more important than a good solid education. We are teaching our girls from the beginning that a big toothy grin for the camera and the on lookers can get you farther than a diploma, what about the girls that are not all that pretty? Or once again whose parents cannot buy them frilly dresses and braces, and it can get really ugly real quick.
And business does a school have to hold dances for its student? We need to get out of the mind set of the fifties. The school is not the place to find a mate or a date, when the obvious goal of schooling is not to be getting married at the end of a high school. The aim is to be getting the students ready for COLLEGE. PERIOD. Once again the class distinctions creep into the picture. From prom dresses costing thousands to year book picture bundles costing nearly as much, what is the message here? What about the poor kid that drops out of school in the senior year because he or she cannot afford the scams perpetrated to take their money, because she did not have the money to buy a pretty prom gown or he did not have the money to rent a tux and pay for the limo ride? These are but a few of the counter intuitive pressures we place our children under. Once again it is not to say that these things have a negative effect on all children, but I am sure you will agree these are points worth considering.
When a child has been properly educated at his or her grade level the child should not need extra classes to get prepared for their SAT or ACT exams. Once again here the money talks, if a child has parents with money, or parents that want the child to excel, they can enroll the child in special classes to prepare for their college entrance exams, or pay for more than one exam to get the kid to score better, this again assures that the kids with less money are being left behind. At the end of his or her high school education the school should be able to certify that the child is ready for college, not that school helped this child in successfully losing their virginity while only suffering one or two episodes of a VD.
But any way