Monday, May 19, 2008




Do you ever wonder that if I am only a critic or do I ever have any solutions? Yes, I do have solutions, but they all mean making sacrifices and changing our thoughts and they way that we live.

Sadly, that we live in a so called free country, variously defined as a democracy, or a republic depending on who does the defining, we are used to seeing things in a different light, and this obviously hides the truth. As we know that stores and the movies use different lighting techniques to make us look at things differently, it is about time that we grew up and realized that what we are being shown or being told is a farce. That we realize that the politicians are paid agents of various interests, democrats and republicans have no interest in the long term future of this country. Granted both sides pay lip service to how great this country is and how great the things are, and how soon all the problems will be solved, the truth is that if we totally followed the agenda of either party we will soon lose all our personal freedoms and we will work for food just like in any other third world country, with no possibility of breaking loose, lest you be named a rebel or worse a terrorist.

Why is it that the Democrats and the Republicans always end up promoting policies that hurt us, hurt our economy and our country? Why is it that they argue and argue and argue and in the end they always pass the bills that take away freedoms and always seem to help out the super rich? Why is it that the economic policies of the Republicans and the Democrats are always anti working class? It is simple, very simple, they use the television to keep you dumb and ignorant, while you watch the other people on the tube getting it, in reality it is you who is really getting it , get the point??? The big business is paying big bucks to the TV companies to keep you stupid, we have become a biggest community of phallicists in the history of mankind.

Let me paint you a picture, you hear the news from Myanmar where the government is refusing to help the poor victims of the cyclone Nargis, the military is stealing the food from the needy and others with means are hording food supplies, it is called a crime against humanity when you do things such as these.

Now we come back to the United States, we have a free country and market based economy. Back in February of two thousand seven I had predicted food shortages due to converting corn in to ethanol, I had predicted high fuel and food prices. I had also predicted the misery of the people on food stamps and social security. Now we are also in a situation where housing prices are falling and people are defaulting on their mortgages and credit cards in record numbers ( also predicted). As the food and the fuel costs rise it puts the people on the brink of defaults over the edge and exacerbates the problem of credit crisis. In the mean time our esteemed leaders, both Democrats and Republicans running around making excuses and not enacting any solutions. So let me spell it out for you my dear politicians, what is going on the this “free market economy” by your friends with big money (for political donations) and the speculators bidding up prices of crude and the commodities IS a crime against humanity, it is causing American poor and the elderly to possibly die of starvation or to for go their medicines or a trip to a doctor. The speculators of commodities are no different than the military rulers of Myanmar, only these don’t have to use guns they are using their money, the money you said they will use to create jobs.

Here is some things we can do to mitigate the problems.

Increase the margin requirements to fifty percent or more for traders trading in oil and food commodities that are necessary for people to survive.

Increase the capital gains taxes for the same commodities.

Once again stop the ethanol foolishness in its tracks and take away the ethanol subsidies.

Immediately impose a dollar a gallon gas tax to be increased by fifty cents every six months, to take away the speculative interest and to encourage conservation.

The tax money from the fuel taxes should be used strictly for development of public transportation and to provide transportation for the elderly as per need basis.

Any extra funds should be used to reduce the social security trust fund deficit or to provide for an increase in the benefits for the elderly at the bottom rungs of the social security ladder.

A rebate of a few hundred dollars a year for people living (permanently) in rural zip codes where a public transportation system is not feasible or available.

Use this tax money to provide for better insulation of homes for the poor and elderly, to upgrade air conditioning or water heating systems.

This will be a good start, of course the geniuses in Washington could always come up with better ideas, I am waiting.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008




As the campaign for the White House continues, and the Americans from all walks of life, from the left and the right, conservatives and liberals show up in droves to fawn over their prospective candidate, the Untied States continues her march towards the financial and social abyss.

Though they want cheap gas, and some even want to “reduce the deficits“, “notice that no one is asking for or talking about a balanced budget, let alone about paying off the debt. Notice that no one is talking about reducing the trade deficit, or we are giving away the wealth of the future generations. The bumper sticker on some vehicles “ I am spending my children’s inheritance” should be declared our generations , our nation’s motto.

Let me get this out of the way already, some so called liberals are stupid, lacking in common sense and believing that “free and open” sex is the cure all for all that ails this nation, no matter the diseases, the teen age child births, lowering the girl’s self esteem and their progress through schooling and then in later life. ( you can read all about it on my blog, “” under various titles, such as “Death of America, the female“, and “Death of America, the education”.

For many years I have been writing to the president, the senator Shelby, the Dothan Eagle, and others, about the economy, the banking, the problems in the middle East etc, so far I have never been wrong in my “guesses”. you would think the some one would listen, or at least the Air University would have given me the honorary doctorate instead of Ms. Rice, or that the president or senator Shelby would have called me at three a.m., I even offered the president to work for him for the same money the government is paying me now. You remember when I asked the senator “ when the government of the United States spends all this money in deficit, where does all that money end up at”, It was on WTVY news, and the Dothan Eagle two years ago and counting, I am still waiting for his reply, BTW he is on the senate banking committee.

Solutions to our problems are not easy or they are simple, but here is one fact of life. Conspiracy or not, so long as the United States has budget deficits and a trade deficits, the standard of living of the people of the United states will be getting lower. We can not maintain the current life style on borrowed money. And more importantly we are helping to establish one world government, “ A New World Order”. A financially broke country does not have leg to stand on.

We need to learn that the mantra of low taxes is designed to keep the country broke and borrowing, not to make the working people rich. The working people become richer by increase in wages, even if the taxes were at ninety percent, every dollar increase in wages puts another dime in your pocket. Lower taxes only help the ultra rich who get to keep more and more of their wealth thus making the working people poorer in relative terms.

You pay more for fuel first because when we buy things from overseas the people overseas take our money and buy fuel that we need, two the rich people buy up the fuel contracts betting they can squeeze more money out from your pocket. It will also help to remember here that even if we started drilling for oil in this country today, the net effect on the fuel prices will not show up in the market for five to ten years down the road, by then you will be riding a bike already. Four years ago I suggested a three dollars a gallon fuel tax to support public transportation, today you are paying a dollar fifty a gallon tax to the rich, now who is laughing?

It is asinine to say that a hundred million Americans own stocks, ninety nine million Americans own sixty percent of the stocks( not exact numbers) the top one percent own the other forty, top one hundredth of one percent own twenty percent. You may own a few shares of the Hilton chain but you are not “Paris Hilton”, take that Mr. Boortz.

You have heard about the ethanol fiasco? I wrote to the president and the senator Shelby and also sent a copy of the letter to the Dothan Eagle about the problems with ethanol on twenty first of February of two thousand seven, I said we will cause the people around the world to starve, I guess it was not worth publishing by the Liberal media.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008




I have the copy of the Dothan Eagle, 27 April 2008, in front of me, the front page of the Accent section E, and I am looking at the two stories on the page, and the irony is killing me. The headline of the top stories reads “ Pinched by prices” it discusses the high food prices and how the poor are struggling, and the bottom story, “Bags go high-end for graduation gifts” talks about prices of hand bags and the only price in the article mentioned is $6,300, may be a used one for half that.

Sure, nothing to be ashamed of, we are a rich country and many among us can afford to pay that kind of a price for a hand bag. Do we not live in a country where we have a show called the “Life styles of the rich and famous” and the MTV shows teenagers having half million dollar birthday parties. I am not jealous mind you, I live a pretty comfortable life myself.

I am upset, however, about the taxes we have levied upon the poor of this country. But we don’t tax the poor in this country you say, but you are wrong and very much misguided, as the reality is the total opposite of what you are given to believe.

In the days of old, the kings levied taxes upon the local barons who in turn collected the taxes form the poor, as the king or the baron needed more money(in kind) they collected (took away) more from the poor ( I have watched Robin Hood myself).

My fellow Americans, you must understand the basic workings of the financial system if you are ever to survive, not just as a person, but even as a nation, in this land of the free and the home of the brave. Not just as a person but a free person and not an indentured slave.

May be this is all too complicated, but then I have admitted that this modern world is no place for a person with just an average intelligence. An IQ of one hundred ten and you are lost, anything below that and you don’t even count, you don’t even exist. So I will try to keep it simple, if your boss gambles ( like in a gambling joint) you may not get that next pay raise, can you see a connection? If not stop reading you are wasting your time, loser!
By the same token, when I said that free trade is reducing the elder care in China or that it increases child prostitution in the Philippines can you see a connection? If not, then the world is already gone way ahead of you.

So what does all this have to do with taxing the poor you say, everything, Everything.

Are you one of those who have been told that the rich pay taxes, or too much taxes? Read elsewhere in my blog, “”, the rich get rich not by creating money on their own, the rich become richer by usurping the fruits of the labor of others, period, end of the story. Therefore, as always the rich don’t pay taxes they just confiscate your money, by whatever means and pass it along to the government, how much of it they get to keep is how many politicians they can buy to conspire with them. Anyone talking about lowering the taxes is not trying to help the workers but trying to help the rich to keep more of the money they stole from you.

Look around you, you see some of the rich are doctors and lawyers, and business owners that come to work everyday, (or most of the days) they create jobs, provide services and some even have nicer homes than yours. These people are not rich by any means. The real rich are the ones you will never see, generally, not in your local grocery store or restaurant, and they don’t really need an office per se. They are the big time swindlers, they don’t create jobs for you and me or provide services, they are the gamblers who gamble big and steal money from you and I and move jobs overseas. They borrow “your” money from the Federal Reserve and gamble with it and if they loose big you and I must step in to bail them out (banking crisis?? Housing bubble?? Hedge funds??).

This is an indirect tax imposed on the working people of the United States, when the Federal Reserve or the treasury have to bail out the ultra rich, and it is the same people for whom the public is rallied by the talk radio and their ilk to support the lower taxes, when it is you the public who is paying for it.

Earlier I gave the example of the barons who raised taxes on the workers to pay the king, but sometimes the barons also raised the taxes to support their own life styles. And the same is the situation today. The reason you are paying extra for gasoline and food is not that there are huge shortages, there are shortages but most of the increase is due to the “speculation” by the rich and the so called institutions (also owned and controlled by the same rich), thus this is again a tax imposed by the “barons” on the working classes.

A major part of the problem is that when in the United States there is a talk of the poor, most people are thinking of the welfare mother in a ghetto and getting food stamps, no one making a forty thousand a year thinks that they are poor, once again if you are making not forty but even a hundred a forty thousand a year but are in debt, have kids in college, or just trying to keep up with the Joneses, you are also a poor working stiff, you are just too stupid to know it yet.

When I was young, my family and I were staying in a hotel where an actress “Saloni” of Pakistani movies was also staying, she was suffering from a sore throat and my father (a physician) told her that she required an injection of Streptomycin, an antibiotic, in her buttocks (I suppose), “ how shall I then be able to dance?” she asked of my father. Sadly, even as grown ups, we , sometimes, just don’t have our priorities right.