Sunday, February 16, 2014

Murder in FL, again

Almost a year ago, I had a long discussion on "Woodrow Guthrie" page about murder.
Actually it was a discussion about, if abortion is murder, I proposed that abortion can not be considered a
Murder since we have not yet defined what a murder actually is. Not that I am taking a position here for or against abortion, all I want is a legal definition, clear as day definition of what is murder.
In recent cases such as Amanda Knox, or Ethan Couch we have seen the disagreement as to what is murder. Then of course we have OJ, Zimmerman and Casey Anthony famously, so may want to read my discussion at the link to my blog.

Today another Florida jury refused to convict someone that had killed someone with his actions (notice I did not say murder), so what is murder? Or is it when a murder is a murder? Can we define murder.

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