Monday, June 23, 2008



update 07/04/2008



Man is supposed to be a thinking animal, we tend to believe that this makes us superior to the other beings on this planet.

Now I don’t really know that if the other animals also “think“, or if they can or not. But do the humans think? Really? If man is a rational and thinking being then where is the proof? From what I have observed in my many years and travels proves only that man does not and is not capable of thinking and or rationale. A few people do, however, think, and even fewer are capable of rational thinking. From a three year old trying to reach for a snake, or grabbing a dog by its tail, to an eight year old playing with matches or guns, or a cluster bomb, to a twelve year old having consensual sex, a nineteen year old taking off her bra on Howard Stern or a banker buying up mortgages based on false assumptions or oil speculators buying contract to make money knowing that their dealings will send the whole country and its economy in to chaos, there is no proof of man’s capability to think and act logically or responsibly.

There is the propensity to claim that Hitler, or Saddam or Stalin were a bit crazy but that in itself is a lie. Let me here remind you of my mantra, that we must be able to connect the dots to see the hidden picture, that we must be able to connect all the dots and in proper order. These people are not the aberrations in the human history but more or less par for the course in the human adventure on this planet of ours.

What better proof is there of the incapacity of the humans to act in a rational, thinking, and a logical manner than that over the millennia of human evolution we have, ourselves, invented laws, rules, religions and even a God himself to keep “us” in line. We have accepted to submit to these as oppose to the so called the “free will” and even “our own logical thinking”. Logical and rational thinking? There is no such animal, pardon the pun.

Logical and rational thinking would mean that the resulting actions will have a positive outcome and effect on the person and the society as a whole. The positive impact on society will outweigh the personal gain. The benefit to the community should always take precedence over the personal goals and desires, as the survival of the society is always more important then any personal sacrifice. That an individual can not and does not survive alone on his own.

Thus the mantra of the rugged individualism is a farce, you would not want to fall off the face of a rock, or be lost in the woods and have no one around to help. It is no more valid than that of the “hippie” and the “rap” culture, or the latest corporate logo and the new psychology of doing your own thing. Economically speaking, a rising tide may lift up all shit, in the real world we should have to stop and take care of those left behind. That is where a family and a community and a country, even a world can come in to play.

I am always given to wonder, when a mummy from the pyramids is displayed. Some are in awe as to how the body of the person was preserved, how they buried so much treasure with the dead body. I wonder then, the person is still dead and how even today, four thousand years later, the people have the same mindset as that of the ancient Pharaohs. The so called “national leaders“, the “world leaders” and the “industrialists” and “world bankers” still want to have and control the world’s riches, to decide who eats and who is not worthy, who lives and who dies, just a short step away from proclaiming their selves to be “gods”, same as those Pharaohs, holding on to their riches even in death.

Even the leaders of the small third world countries such as Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe and Liberia presume their selves to be “SOMETHING”.

I do have friends, barely a few, that put up with my diatribes out of politeness. One was showing me pictures from Natchez, of the old homesteads, stating how people once lived in such great opulence, I was scratching my head and trying to keep my mouth shut about the slavery and usurping of labors of many. Then a Mormon friend and I discussed the world over population. We live in a world where forty thousand people a day die of starvation, but the thirty thousand dollar per person dinner is what makes the headlines, and it does not ire a soul, and the idiots giving half million dollar “ sweet sixteen“ parties to their daughters that are already sucking off every Tom and Dick and Jose. Are we dead yet?

Sex was not invented or discovered in the twentieth century or there about, Genesis 1, 27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”. (so is God both male and female? ). 28, God blessed them and said to them, “ Be fruitful and increase in numbers“.

So why am I, a person of no faith, per se, or religion feels compelled to quote from the Bible? It is to make the point that we need to put sex in its right place. In Moslow”s hierarchy of needs, the psychologist did not find a place on his pyramid for sex, though may be he should have considered it in as much as the God of the bible does, for the propagation of the human race.

In the world today, as promoted by the media, paid for by the industrialist, sex is no longer the icing on the cake, or even the cake, sex has become the whole meal. the result of this human obsession is that the family is breaking down, poverty is increasing, so is the disease and the death. Africa is dying, child abuse is rampant, child rape, human trafficking, slavery and prostitution, AIDs HPV,

According to the ancient scriptures it may be argued that the man gave up the life in paradise for sex, and some may claim the those writings are false. But it is true that today the society has given up on humanity, that we have lost our own survival instincts for sex.