Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Mahathir blasts Israeli terror
Ghazanfar Ali Khan | Arab News

It is sad that we don not find the same moral courage in Muslim leaders when these same crimes are committed by Muslim leaders against their own people, Sudan would be an example, Egypt would be another. And how about trying Islamic terrorists who commit crimes against Muslims and non-Muslims, in Islamic lands and other places. How many Muslim countries have denounced the killing of the Dutch film maker's killer? How many did speak out when Iran released a fatwa against Suleman Rushdi? How many are speaking out against the Taliban and Al Qaeda attacks in Pakistan, where are the Muslim leaders who condemn the honor killings of MUslim girls, and their stonings, If Mr Mahatir were an honest man , may be the West would listen.

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Where are we? What happened to the "CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN"? With the confirmation of Timothy Geithner to the Treasury Mr. Obama has shown that he himself does not believe in change.

And what is with this spending, may I spell it out again for the umpteenth time?

We are here because of the spending, and no matter how many jobs are to be created, they will by design all be temporary, infra -structure spending, education spending tax cuts, all increasing the budget deficit will also increase the trade deficits, if as planned the Americans go on a shopping spree, the real jobs will all be created overseas , in manufacturing. What we need is to revive our manufacturing base, not hiring more people to change diapers of the elderly, or for making coffee. WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO PRODUCE WHAT WE CONSUME!

But lest we forget, our problems of pollution, of obesity, of disease are directly related to our consumption. The bigger houses, cars, longevity are all contributors to the pollution of the air and water and the seas. Our crime rates, drug abuse, murder, suicide, child abuse, teen pregnancy, aids, are all related to the exponential growth in population over the past fifty years or so. The increase in population itself is the main if not the sole cause of global warming.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009




President Obama says that he will spend eight hundred twenty five billion dollars to create four million new jobs. I have an idea that will actually work, and may be even increase the income of the government. Before everyone goes crazy and jumps in my "stuff" please think this thru. Congress should immediately pass the law and the president should sign the law rescinding the last increase on the minimum wage to seven dollars and twenty five cents.

It sounds crazy, since I had propsed a rise in minimum wage to eight fifty back in two thousand and six, but the times have changed, the economy is changed and the world has changed. This small increase will save many jobs with the businesses that are already on the brink.




Here is one for the history books! Unless you believe that the senators of the United States are all so pure and innocent that they just could not believe Timothy Geithner is a crook and a liar, you must believe that they are just as crooked. Timothy Geithner has been caught cheating on his taxes people, are you stupid?

Well you can say only a scammer will know how the scam is working ala "Catch Me If You Can", then Timothy Geithner is the only one for the job of the treasurer of the United States cause the SOB has been in on the scam from the get go, then just say it . Why else he is the only one among the three hundred million plus Americans who is qualified? Or is it that Mr. Obama already finds himself over his head in the den of thieves called "Washington".

Monday, January 26, 2009




Can not say one again, as the debate is continuous. No one cares where the eight hundred billion is coming from, and how it will be spent. The Democrats want to give the money away, in needless jobs being created, and the Republicans want to give tax breaks both are lying.

I f we spend money on health care, or education or on roads to no where , what will happen when the money is spent? Will be richer for it? Will the economy take off? The answer is NO! We need to have a new model of the economy, not based on consumerism. We need to recognize the FACT that spending money does not make you rich, especially if the money is created by the government (deficit spending). Do we not recognize the fact that our dream of being the richest nation on earth, ever, was a hallucination based on the money government was spending, money that was created from thin air.

When do we ever learn, how will this spending plan take us out of the economic quagmire.
I have always argued that we have too many toys, we reward people for stupidity, and not just on reality shows. We rewarded, handsomely the fools on the Wall Street, for years! We rewarded incompetence by bankers and politicians and lobbyists. And we rewarded our goofy screw up kids by showering them with gizmos that made them even stupider. We rewarded nincompoops writing sitcoms, and rewarded Howard Stern and Madonna Snoop Dog etc. for destroying the culture and the society. And the list could go on.
May be it is time to reinstitute the "Fear of Flying".

We are at the verge of the depression that I have been warning about for many years, how do you bail out auto industry when people have no many to buy cars, or work in health care when everyone is losing their job and insurance?

Thursday, January 22, 2009




Tragedy is not that this has happened, or that this could happen, the tragedy is that this will happen again, and again and again. And that the Islamic countries, the US, the Europeans and the UN will all be shedding crocodile tears once more. No one can control Hammas ( the Palestinians) and its "uncivilized" terrorists, and no one wants to control the "civilized" Israeli response. I don't claim to know that if the conditions in Gaza were any better there won't be any " terrorists, but I do know that so long as Israel continues to run her concentration camps for the Islamists there will not be any peace.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009




One thing we are not short of, in this society, is off those who are a victim. Victims of bad education, of bad parents, of bad parenting, of bad children, of bad government. We are victims bad loans, bad credit card debts, bad student loans, and bad politicians. We are victims of lousy jobs and sorry bosses and bad relationships.

I have listended to the talk radio, Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk railing about how the left is pandering to this "victim hood" mentality, while the right, or more specifically the Republicans such a mind set.

But wait, listen and read between the lines, if you happen to be a Republican and please don't feel left out now. What Neal and Rush don't want you to notice is that they are telling you how YOU in your own pittyful little sleves are being victimized by the "great wild left".

You my friends of the right ward persuations, are victims of the biased media, of the Holywood lefties who come around force you to turn on your TV sets, teach your daughters bad things. You are victims of unions and the ACLU and NPR, and the liberal news papers.

You my friends, the listeners of the talk radio, and making less than seventy thousand dollars a year are paying high taxes, while the rich liberals making less than seventy thousand a year pay no taxes atall. And if Obama passes a tax cut for the middle class, making less than two hundred grand a year, you will be left out of the largesse, since it will all go to the people on welfare.

And if you bought a house within last couple of years that you are unable to pay for, the Republican party will disown you since you are a welfare scum and most likely live in a ghetto, and should not have been able to get a loan in the first place. And did you know that if you make less than fifty thousand a year and by definition don't pay any federal income taxes in the first place Republican party wants you to send back your membership card too.




No I did not give up writing, but you have been busy too, watching too much BS. Did you not know that Obama is black? Or was it the news lately that he had won the presidency? Or that Martin Luther King was one of the great leader of his community and of this country, and that Dr King had paved the way for Obama to become president. So what was this over doing of the same old hash and rehash.
Oh yes, you are brain dead, and the media knows this.

Nothing else was going on in the world, but that since the first of the year we were going to have a black president, and the world stood still, even poor ole Martin did not matter any more.

Did we not already congratulate ourselves enough? Can we just move on along please?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009




When will it happen, the Apocalypse, the people would ask the prophets. But the prophets would not say, (so the stories go).

And I have warned, for years, of the coming economic collapse, the ruin of society and culture, and how one and the others are intertwined. The destruction of morals, the destruction of education, the enslaving of females in the name of freedom, and the destruction of the planet and the life there on by science and technology.

The economic collapse that will be followed by the collapse of society, the collapse of the rule of law, as greedy and or hungry masses roam out of control of a government too broke to function. The money that is to be spent on the infra structure is bound to be looted by the corrupt system of government and the so called contractors, who have been feeding at the trough of the government for years, at all levels, leaving little for the masses. And soon enough the government will be out of money, unable to repay her loans and then unable to borrow, printing new money will not be an option as the new money will be as worthless as the old one it will be trying to replace or to add to.

So when will be this day of judgement? The day that civilization collapses. Have you ever heard of a date called, 21 Dercmeber 2012? Could this date have a real meaning?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009




I am not person that has given up on hope. And that is the reason that I still keep writing here. Over years , you would have thought someone would have come along and really paid attention, and would have read through some of this material , available here, free of charge or even an expectation of recognition, yet I keep writing , hoping someone will come across this and read it and may be even counter what I say.

When Mr. Bush proposed his first bail out package, I had mentioned that the effort would be futile and we should not borrow any more money to pay for the so called stimulus as the money would just be transferred to the The Chinese and the gulf states. I was proven correct.

I had left the post below, "why am I the prophet", up for a few days, hoping to get some one's attention, but for naught. The idea is that the government is fooling us as they are fooling their selves in believing that there is a possible solution to the mess we have created. If throwing money at the problem was any solution then why the seven trillion dollars ( off the books mind you!) have made not a difference? Here is one more,
are we there yet?

We want to believe in lies, watching the so called "Reality Shows" has made us believe that lies are the truths and we will countenance the consequences of our own inaction, our own failures, soon.

In 2003, in the article titles "The New World Order" I had brought up the point that we can not afford to give everyone a home, a job, provide electricity and food without destroying the planet, it is true even today, only now it includes YOU in the EVERYONE. get it?

In my post here, on 09/04/2008, "What McCain Needs To Say", I predicted that Obama could not implement his universal health care plan , because there is no money, now you have seen Obama backing off on his promise, even before he has taken the office.

It is not that the current crisis could not have been foreseen, it is that you were not told that this is where you were being led, by design!

The budget deficit for fiscal 2009 is now projected to be 1.2 trillion dollars, it will, as I told you long time ago, actually be two trillion dollars when you add in the proposed 700 billion dollar fiscal stimulus. And as we are told it will be like this for the foreseeable future.

How will it be paid back? Is there a plan? When will the economy recover? Does anyone know?

Actually there is none, and we know that, and the consequence will be as Obama told you that everyone will have to make sacrifices, Do you know what that means? It means, and as i said to you before that you will have a much lower standard of living from now on. Like I told you that the computer you are sitting in front of may be the last computer you will ever own, (Death of a Civilization , posted 11/16/2008)

that the car you are driving may be the last car you ever bought. That is what Obama said.

Friday, January 09, 2009

why am I the prophet

Bush: U.S. economy is thriving
The president credits tax cuts with helping the U.S. economy grow.

August 8 2007: 2:35 PM EDT

NEW YORK ( -- President Bush said Wednesday the U.S. economy is thriving and he is doing what it takes to keep it strong.
The president spoke with economic advisors at the Department of Treasury and discussed how the United States' economy has flourished and played an important role globally.

"My administration follows a simple philosophy: Our economy prospers when we trust the American people with their own paychecks," Bush said.
In his remarks, Bush said tax cuts let Americans keep their own money and he would veto Congress' choice to raise taxes because it has helped the economy grow.

Bush quoted Paulson as saying, "This is far and away the strongest global economy I've seen in my business lifetime."




In the ancient texts, the people of nations were punished for their vile acts by "gods". They were visited upon by plagues, and calamities, and natural disasters.

Even today, nature has a way to exact revenge upon people for their transgressions. If African, or Asian countries become immoral, they are ruled upon by dictators, they are visited upon by disease and civil wars. Are we far from reaching the same ending?




"We will make some more", the phrase actually comes from an old "Doritos" commercial that said, " eat all you want, we will make some more". Today the phrase seems to apply to our fiscal policies, the fiscal stimulus plans, last but not in the least to the humanity's urges to make more babies.

What are the consequences of such, we keep increasing the deficit, of course it will be all paid back, right? I think not, we already know that people are losing jobs, not paying taxes, thus not paying into social security, and living longer. What will happen in the real world, as opposed to wishful thinking is the debt will keep increasing till no one will loan us any money, and the countries and people who are "loaning" us money will no longer want us to live high on the hog.

Money, as we are spending in the way we want to eat "Doritos" has consequences, as eating too many "Doritos" may well give you a stomach ache, or even diarreah, the consequences of this spending will be much more severe.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009




I know, I know, I should write more, tell you more, ask you to think some more, listen to you some more and write to the politicians some more.

Here we are, in a brand new year, two weeks from the new president taking the office, economy in a mess, Middle East on fire, again!, Iraqis killing each other, as well the Pakistanis and the Afghans. The Africans committing genocide, of their own, and the Jews and the Arabs. Stuff is getting so boring! A new year, the year for "change" and nothing HAS changed! It is ever harder to find the motivation, to write something new that is not a repetition of what I have already written about and therefore predicted. The cancer spreads.

If you have been waiting for, searching for or looking for a miracle, it is not coming, Obama or not, we are doomed as a civilization.

Here is a thought, just to show you how stupid humanity has become.We talk of the modern society, everyone communicating with everyone else, we are closer than ever before, right? Then why does a family need four TVs? Why we have three hundred channels on TV? and why would three people sitting down to a dinner in a restaurant be talking to people that are not there on their cell phones. The point here is that we fail to see our own reality and have started to believe the crap we are being fed.