Saturday, December 29, 2007


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baring the false witnesses
Democracy in Pakistan, part 2

Time and again; I have talked about the importance of being able to see the relationships among different things in life.

Both the Koran and the Bible have admonished us against lying, bearing a false witness. Let me state here for those who do not understand, that the false praise of someone is lying also.

The holy books and their prophets also admonish us against worshiping false idols, Paris Hilton, Oprah, Brittany, Ronald Reagan and the princess Di will fall into this category.
My promise to you has been that I will always tell you the truth, and here again I will stick with this promise.

Please try to follow along and see how these pieces all fit into what I am saying. When JFK died no one talked of his need to be on pain killers and his visits to his girl friends. That would have been truth. Martin Luther King was with his girl friend the night before he was killed. And who does not know that take away the title of the princess Di and she was just another slut who could not keep her panties on any time a male walked by her bedroom door, regardless of the fact that she was the mother of the future king of England. Or while still in office, Ronald Reagan suffered from the onset of Alzheimer and slept thru the cabinet meeting, along with his other problems.

So what does all of this have to do with the democracy in Pakistan and/ or the bearing of false witness, worshiping the false idols? You ask. Everything!

Tonight as Pakistan burns, and morns the death of her “beloved” Benazir”, I wonder who is to blame.

First of all let me say that I “AM” saddened by her passing as I would morn the unjust death of any human being, the death of any human being. I wish she had lived, and had been tried in an honest court on charges of corruption and nepotism, on charges of looting the Pakistani treasury, the way she was convicted once in a Swiss court. She did not deserve to die. But is she or was she martyred? In what cause, the cause of democracy?
The stupid mankind is doomed.

The news media in Pakistan are so corrupt that they are hiding the facts of her corruption, the woman never did stand up for the poor she so claimed to champion. Sindh is the most oppressive of the poor farmers among the various regions of Pakistan. Today the same illiterate idiots beat their faces, burn the factories and banks and cars (of course along with the gangs of thugs) that she so long ignored, or provided only lip service to their cause.
Can anyone, “ANYONE” tell me what she did do in the last two terms she had, to improve the lot of the poor, to fight for the human rights of the working poor and peasants, to provide justice for the wronged, to truly give power to the people?

I thought so.

Was Benazir Bhutto for democracy? Did she think of herself as more than a mere mortal? There is no better witness to it than Bhutto herself. We know that Jesus, or the prophet Mohammed did not appoint any successors, that the prophet Mohammed refused to appoint any of his relatives, his daughter, a wife or his nephew and son in law to be the leader of Muslims after the prophet’s passing. Apparently Ms Bhutto did not deem it necessary to follow either of these examples, leaving her nineteen year old son as the heir to her apparent legacy. So much for the democratic ideals of Pakistan People’s Party, and what Bhutto thought of her followers.

She thought of herself as above the common Pakistani; please also notice her usually referring to herself as “US” and “WE” as in royalty. Her appointment of her son as the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party shows her contempt of her followers, the Pakistani public and the democratic principles that she pretended to champion.
Lest we forget, Bhutto the father was not a champion of democracy either, upon losing his election when the East Pakistan (now Bengla Desh) voted against his party, Z.A. Bhutto preferred to separate East and West Pakistan in to two countries instead of relinquishing his power to the majority in the East.

Benazir, like her father, pretended to be a socialist, a person for the working people. Z.A. Bhutto nationalized, factories and industries owned by the Muhajirs and Punjabis, but that is where his socialism stopped, he did not go for land reforms leaving vast amounts of land in the hands of the few landlords who treat their peasants as slaves ( not virtual but in fact).

She was also far from being a socialist, a person of the people. She and her party looted the country and her foreign reserves. As the monies were transferred from the Pakistani ex-patriots working overseas, these monies instead of being used to build the Pakistan’s foreign reserves were instead transferred to overseas accounts controlled by her and her minions. Not during her administrations or over the period of her exile, no corporations or trust were established to help the poor, to improve the justice system. She did not speak out against the abuse of Muslim women in Islamic countries, or against slavery in her home district of Sindh, or marriages of ten year old females. She was an imposter; she kept the money she stole, for her self. Can anyone show me any charitable organization, or a trust that she established for helping the poor of Pakistan, at least Angelina Jolie has adopted poor kids and is an honorary member of the UNHCR, what are the humanitarian credentials of Benazir, the false idol of the Pakistanis.

Benazir was a useful idiot, used by the government of the United States. When the U.S. thought Musharaf to be ineffective in dealing with the terrorists, when the Pakistani Army started to lay down arms instead of fighting the Mujahidin. U.S. suddenly got over their amnesia and started to push for democracy in Pakistan, thus removal of Musharaf. Benazir was a handy idiot, she could be bought of with the promise of becoming the prime minister again, and Musharaf could be sidelined (put in his place). And she, hungry for power always, suddenly “remembered” the poor in Pakistan again. U.S. should have provided her some protection, may be through Special Forces and this could have been accomplished without notice, this is a fault of the United States that it failed to protect their valuable asset and now is left to wonder what shoe will drop next in Pakistan.

Politics is like a dog race where in the winning dog gets the rabbit. Make of it whatever you like.

And who had Benazir killed? Some have tried to insinuate that Musharaf did. There is a problem with this assumption. In the two attacks on Benazir suicide bombers have been used. So are we saying that somehow Musharaf has control of some suicide bombers? The problem is that the suicide bombing is the hallmark of the “Radical Islamic Terrorists” so is Musharaf and thus the Pakistani government are the same Radical Islamic terrorists that we are supposed to be fighting.

On the other hand the one that stood to gain the most and has subsequently made a bid for power, though under handedly, was none other than her husband Zardari. Zardari needs to be investigated, not Musharaf. It also helps to remember that in both instances the bombers were able to get very near Benazir, thus must have been, or were known to her own and People’s Party’s own security. And Zardari is a known thug.

True that Benazir was twice “elected” the prime minister of Pakistan. But those who know the Pakistani politics also know that the People’s Party, has its base in thugs and gangs and mobs the intimidate the opposition and not beyond committing murders, arson, kidnapping and extortion. The city of Karachi is controlled by mobs and gangs and thus the violence there.

When Mr. Bush is praising Bhutto he is only praising one of his own kind, a crooked politician, a useful idiot, a patsy, Bhutto filled the bill. No she is dead and the lying can stop.

I have talked about Bush and his love for democracy before, for years. Let me remind you then again that while we gave Musharaf ten billion to fight the terrorist we have paid Hosni Mubarak one hundred and eighty billion in the past thirty years, so should Egypt be eighteen times as democratic. Right? Egypt has a bad record of censorship, torture, political murder and of locking up homosexuals, so how much democratic should Pakistan be.

And to use another phrase that Mr. Bush loves, let me talk about a “road map”, Taliban and Al-Qaeda also have a road map, of a truly Sharia based regime, and that road map is based on the model of our “New Best Friends” in the middle East.

Thursday, December 06, 2007



I like to see relationships, I have said before that,” life is a game of connect the dots, and if you don’t connect all the dots, and in proper order you fail to see the whole picture“.

So it was a week ago that three cheerleaders, on the way back from practice, were killed in a car wreck and four others were injured, (the girl driving the car lived). Then we have this guy go to a mall and kill eight people before taking his own life. Is there a connection? Sure there is, we live in a society where you are supposed to be able to do what you want, right. So the driver of the car was doing what she wanted, driving and fooling around, it was here right to have fun, it was her right not to be responsible for the three lives she took, she was just doing it. And the shooter too, he failed at life, the life let him down, may be he a had miserable upbringing, a sorry mom, a worthless dad, may be.

May be he did not feel obligated to make a real effort because the world owed him everything and then did not deliver.

May be in both cases these young people were always told you can do what you want, this is the American way. And they did, so why the shock? Why this surprise?

From the day we become aware, we are told, “do it your way“, “just do it”, “have it your way”, and last but not least the one I yelled at a probation officer of a young person about, “when you are eighteen, you can do what you want”. Pardon the fuck out of me!

Are we ever told that with maturity comes responsibility? That the society wants you to behave within some guidelines? That there are limits to your freedoms, “severe limits“. That “what is fun at fourteen, may be a felony at eighteen“.

We expect our young to “have fun“, do whatever they want, the world will always go their way, if not they can always mold the world to their own liking, they have the RIGHT to own the world, ( isn’t it like the republicans and the democrats?), and if not then piss on it all. Life is always a “High School Musical“, only problems in life are the boyfriend, girl friend problems. And the “Little Mermaid” can always tell the daddy the “King Triton” to go pound dirt.

Isn’t it almost like what is going on in Iraq with the Jihadists? The suicide bombers? The world must go my way or may not go at all. The world owes me everything and must be subservient to me. And if I don’t like it then piss on it all.

There is little difference today in the mindset of a mall shooter, a suburban slut and a suicide bomber. Relationships!

And why should there be when we live in a time when a president of the Untied States does not feel guilty about having sex with a twenty year old, but wait, he does know that oral sex is sex after all, is it? And a president of the United States says the he does not have to follow the same constitution he is sworn to uphold. That the prisoners at Guantanamo have no rights, under the constitution or the Geneva Conventions or even human rights and the courts and the AG agree. Why not “have it your way”, “just do it”, Mr. President. Then what is wrong, why are we shocked that a boy of nineteen just wanted to go out in style.