Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Which way is Makkah?

A letter to ICNA

Please read this missive in whole before discarding. 
I am given to believe that many of you on this counsel are literate, some even really smart so I bring it to before I publish this to the public. 
Whatever my faith or beliefs I do not claim to be more knowledge than any other. I am only humbled by what I know, what I was given a chance to do in my life. I can speak read and write Arabic, I have read Quran, in Arabic, English and Urdu, Tafsir and Fikah, All volumes of Bukhari. I had the chance to perform Hajj twice and Umrah five times. I am not pious I was just at the right place, don't be overly impressed, I am not. 
Sura Yasin gives the example of peoples to whom two prophets were sent and the people refused to acknowledge, and so on, you know the story, is it you, the Muslims of today?
Then there in sura Bakra, it is told, " it matters not wether you face East or West, it goes on to say that it is not the saying of prayers but the life you live and the deeds you do that are your salvation, but who cares. Right! 

What brings me to write today is this question of which way is Kabba. It boggles the mind not just that after 1400 years, there is a question, but after 1400 years the great Muslim nation is still trying to explain what God intended and still coming up with new and creative BS.

If any of you are educated in basic geometry,  just a joke, I know you all are, then draw a triangle, any shape, now you know that this triangle will stay the same shape anywhere in the universe, the angles at the corner will be the same, unless of course you MOVE one of these points. You can bend it, roll it, tilt it whatever you like the triangle will NOT change unless you physically change it in some way. You can now cut out the triangle and paste it on a ball and roll the ball around, the triangle (the angles between point A, B and C do not change. 
This brings me to the point,  we consider North Pole the starting point, since angle from the US to Kabba can not be determined without an exterior reference point and we have used North pole, we could use any point anywhere in the universe. (I wonder why there ever was even a question, but I digress).

When the earth is tilted then everything on earth gets tilted thus the north pole tilts 22 degrees and everything else also gets tilted and the angle from the US to the Kabba stays the same, when we look at the globe, we are looking at an optical illusion that the Kabba has somehow shifted to the north by 22 degrees when it actually did not, we ignore the FACT that the triangle has remained the same. 
Instead of creating new problems where the problem does not exist, it will be better that we learn something from Islam and then practice it also. When it is said that " do not sell your faith for little value" the Koran admonishes the people against lying, cheating, bribery, or marrying ones sons and daughters for economic benefits or blaming the innocent for your crimes, or abusing your workers, but that is another topic  altogether. 
Do not address me as "brother" I shudder at the thought. 

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