Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am not promoting “God”, or morality or piety, or religion, it is all about freedom, mine and yours.
One of the problems of the modern age is knowledge. Yes, it is knowledge, as in knowing things, like knowing about the other people.
With new communications, movies, television, the inter net and even books, and not to forget psychology, we not only think that we know and understand human behavior, we are starting to expect the others to behave in ways that we can predict, in ways that we KNOW that they should/would/could. The governments make projections based upon assumptions of how you will behave, the corporations know and want to know more about what you want, how you will behave, and we oblige. Hell there are websites claiming they can know what kind of a “soul mate” you will be happiest with. We are becoming a cookie cutter humanity, we have become a cookie cutter humanity.
I was at the airport when I saw Dr. Phil talking about ”In the mind of Chester Yates”, I am sure a lot of people watching were impressed, while I was silently screaming how can this guy know anything about someone he has never even seen face to face, but there he was, luckily for me the sound on the monitor was off.

Sadly though, the governments and the super markets are right in assuming that they can predict our behavior. In as much as with all the information available to all, our behaviors and character have become homogenized . The more we try to be individualistic; the more we become like the sheep in a flock.
Let me give you a couple of examples, the psychologists say that the young teens are developing their own personality, finding their place, blah blah, then we are told that our teens are under a lot of peer pressure, excuse me! Are they trying to become individuals or are they trying to be like the others and trying to please others, which???
Then we have the Scientologists, they will tell you that they a not a cult, and also that they are anti psychology and that psychology is a fake science, (in the interest of a full disclosure let me tell you that I have a Masters in Psychology my self, and I personally believe that many if not most psychologists, counselors, and social workers are total idiots without any ability of rational thinking or any common sense). Now then, the Scientologists lambaste the psychologists but at the same time they use pseudo psychology ( a form of Freudian analysis, one talking about his own self) to perform “clear” they use bio feed back, and programming.
What is psychology and what is pseudo psychology? The difference here is between the truth and make believe, between the reality and the excuses. Back in the eighties I came across a comic strip of “Calvin and Hobbs”, to paraphrase, it was about a bunch of kids sitting on a fallen tree trunk pretending to be on a space ship etc. except Calvin who said that we are a bunch of kids sitting on a fallen tree truck and going no where, reality bites! We are told today that making cars and televisions and bicycles and shirts is beneath us, so we call foot massaging and coffee brewing professions now, we are a services economy, it is sad.
And then the psychologists convince us, and the politicians and the educators and the anthropologists tell us that in the Untied States it takes a person twenty six years now to grow up, (and twenty more I guess to make a total ass of him or herself). Being a loser is not a sign of being mentally screwed it is a sign of being normal, it is par for the course.
We are told to follow our dreams, follow our hearts and to do what ever pleases us, never warned of the consequences or drastic effects of such crap on our own lives or the lives of the others close and far from us. Nowhere is such asinine advice is preceded by any such warnings, and the end result is the slow destruction of our society and the country. No one to say that stop letting babies make babies, it destroys lives, that you must be able to support a family, mentally physically and financially before we will allow you to date and have sex. The older we get the more moronic is our out outlook.
And why? As we are no longer required to grow and become mature, (thanks to our psychologists and our drug pushers(makers), mind you) we go through life half blind and mainly stupid. And when we finally find our selves lost at some point in life we can always pick up a self help book or watch Oprah, or lose our selves in some other mindless TV show, join a meditation group or a religion that forgives us all our failures, we have even outsourced our thinking, or may be the truth is we are no longer capable of using our brains. Sadly we are also communicating this, our disease, the world over, at the light speed. Forget that, that in the “dark ages” teenagers were able to rule the nations and lead armies, they were also able to raise and support families. WE ARE ALL AN ENIGMA.
Why I blame the psychologists, when it can also be shown that just as likely, the deficit spending by the United States government (as started under Reagan) is responsible for things from the break down of the American family to the global warming,( see “Being Like America“) and to the credit crunch (please see “Braking the Banks“). It is because as Psychologists are supposed to understand and predict human behavior, they should have been warning us about the consequences and results of our follies, but as it has occurred the goof balls have become victims of secularism and humanism and the stupid ideals of being non-judgmental that they have failed to warn us of dangers of our idiotic mannerisms.
If I am smart and knowledgeable, then I should be able to warn you and protect you from harm. Then why the psychologist not be held for this mal practice. And what mal practice am I talking about?
By definition, by DSM-IV, Narcissism and Sociopathic behaviors are diseases that need to be treated. If it is such than why is not the psychologists, the psychiatrists and social workers up in arms against the media and the corporations that promote self-aggrandizement, self satisfaction and self involvement, where does it leave the community, the family, the country. Like I have said it before, if it all about me , then me is an ass. Make-up, dieting, cars, clothes, just do your thing, just do it, leave your family for a romp, we don’t care about anyone, we are sick in the head. Narcissism is “normal behavior at infantile level” as defined by DSM-IV.
All else in our lives failing, we join religions that promise us heavens on the cheap, just believe in such and such and you are redeemed, you are saved, no matter your failings or short comings you can be delivered, just no seventy two virgins but hey what the heck, you may not be saved in the here after, but you can unload all the crap your live has been or all the crap you did to screw up your own life and the lives of others, “father” forgives, we are all saved, send a check.
The psychologists, social workers, anthropologists of today are busy finding excuses for our immoralities in our genes, or at least in findings as to how the people behaved in the stone age or such. The need state also the as man evolved from primitive societies in communities, cities nations and such, he set rules and guidelines for appropriate behavior so the society could function in peace. These were called crimes and misdemeanors, then as man invented God, these same infractions became sins . Even the ancients knew that a societies can not function without boundaries of behavior, they also knew that a society can only exist where all are committed to the common good, of the family and the society overall. What we have here, what we are doing is counter to the normal model for the development and continuation of a cohesive community. If what we are reverting to is ancient or genetic themes of the stone age then we will soon revert back to the stone age, real soon.
Knowledge in the hands of the unprepared to receive it is dangerous. We do not allow eight year olds to play with matches and knives, we do not allow fifteen year olds to drive alone, we do not allow eighteen year olds to smoke, or twenty year olds to drink, but we allow twelve year olds to have internet with web cam in their rooms, are we freaking stupid?? We allow fourteen year olds to go on dates without supervision and expect what? And why in the hell is child pornography illegal while we allow our teens and preteens to screw, are we that ignorant? If I were to come to your house, I would hope that you will not allow your fourteen year old daughter to come in front of me in her under wear, I hope you have enough sense, but you allow the same daughter to go out in even less to the beach, are you gone mad people? Why does one need porn when he can just look in your front yard and look at your daughter, or your wife or your mother or sister???
Where in the Moslow ‘s hierarchy of needs is the sex placed? Why is sex being used by the media (actually the corporations and the businesses who pay the media to write and promote the garbage) to destroy the society, why are the doctors, the psychologists, the social workers etc not standing up against this destruction of society? Or is there a conspiracy to enslave the brain dead masses going on some where or are we too stupid to know the difference, while we are “being ourselves” , “being different“, being “an enigma“! There is more about sex and freedom and society in this blog and it is all free.

Friday, February 22, 2008



If you are an average reader of the Dothan Eagle, you
have an annual income of less than $60,000, (much less
than what I make) less than a college education, and
by grace of God you are a republican and you believe
that George Bush is a smart person with your well
being, as an American at his heart. You are also
looking forward to your retirement , and having lost
much of your retirement benefits, and your 401k money
you are hoping for the generous social-security
benefits to tide you over in your golden years.

Now for the bad news, your job and current income are
not secure. George is only hoping that the economy
will only skate through the next election before it
takes an inevitable dive and then it will be too late
already for us, the US public to do anything about the
damage Mr. Bush's fiscal policy and tax cuts are about
to do.

Mr. Bush cannot , honestly expect a investment boom as
a result of his tax cut, no matter what he has been
saying. First the US factories are working at 74
percent of capacity. It will be a very long time
before we need to install new factories and equipment.
And if the new investments are made in the
computerization and automation, more and more people
will loose their jobs.

Secondly, an economic recovery will mean higher
interest rates, and with the deficit, projected and
accumulated, in trillions, the government will need
more and more monies just to service the current debt,
which stands at close to seven trillion already, and a
few point increase in the interest will kill all the
other government activity.

Third, if the interest rates stay low and the dollar
keeps falling, our imports will cost us more and more
(from garments to oil), and inflation will increase.
Thus the Fed may have to increase the interest rates
anyway. That is Jimmy Carter economy, that is
stagflation. Any republican economists out there? I
just want my social security.

Wed, 1 Jan 2003 21:57:00 -0800 (PST)
From: "
Subject: economy

Top of Form 1
Bottom of Form 1

__________________________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo!

what follows is a copy of my analysis of the economy,
back in May of 2002, George bush and his cabinet has
decidedly left the economy alone, and focused on their
war on terrorism mainly because they have no clue how
to fix the economy, there are no winning propositions
out there, if you do read this letter and would like
to know why I think that war against Iraq is only a
ploy to keep the people's focus away from the mess we
are in at home, write me back.

September 11, 2001. horrible as it was has provided
the cover for the hinds and the hide of George bush,
in his heart , I bet bush is praying that Osama won't
be caught or the Iraqi's will provide with hi with an
excuse for the attack, a few hundred thousand more
dead Muslims don't matter. really?

this is also a copy of the same attachment


Are we surprised that the stock market is stuck right
at ten thousand for six months, that the producer
price index is going up , that the government received
a mere $100 billion less in taxes last month.
Or do you think that the idiots in Washington really
know what the hell they are doing. Or am I the idiot,
for having predicted a recession in July 1999, for
complaining that the dot com bubble was full of BS,
and having sold my stocks in August of 1999.

Once again, it is not the 9/11, it is the economy
stupid. If we were so stupid as not to realize that
most of the income of the treasury during the late
nineties was due to the churning of stocks ( thus
capital gains on those trades), and the outrageous
capital gains in the stocks and the real estate
markets, and that they will disappear with the
collapse of the dot coms and the silicon valley real
estate. Can you spell, collapse of banking and the
real-estate values country wide. The only thing holding
this economy right now is the homeland security and
national defense expenditure.

Out of the blue, the congress and the president
committed the nation to a $15 billion airline bail
out. Another $15 billion to rebuild the New York city,
and $40 billion more for the national defense, and
soon we are talking real money, (add to that the new
farm bill, the extended unemployment benefits etc,

Why did our government passed a trillion plus dollar
tax cut, when according to their estimates we were
already in a recession. Why did no one in Washington
or New York know that budget projections were untrue,
Did Bush and his ilk pass a tax cut knowing that we
were going down the economic tube, Was there also a
cover-up? Can you say deficit spending? can you say
budget busting? can you say inflation? stagflation?
Come on George, are you not even a little bit curious?

And all the for a rag tag band of illiterate ,
starving , bare foot idiots? nah, the shit is much
deeper and stinks more baby! The all mighty USA
brought to its economic knees by one single incident,
nah! I for one ain't buyin it.

Let's get real folks, the losses in the market, have
not yet been fully explained or made up for, the real
estate losses are catastrophic, and the banks are
wounded, some mortally, let put all over cards on the
table now. Are there any B school grads out there that
don't have their heads up where the sun does not
shine and are not beholden to the wall street. Or what
the hell they have been serving at parties at the Yale
and Harvard, besides Ecstasy.

Why is no one say the king is naked, for too long we
have been borrowing stuff (trade deficit) from other
countries on credit, and then selling it here in this
country on credit, t6o people living on borrowed money
(social security, welfare, farm subsidies). The
chickens are about to come home to roost, and the free
trade is not going to save our jobs, or our necks.

So MR. my shit don't stink, Mr. Greenspan how do you
bail us out this time baby. George his betting his
and our collective ass, that daily rumors of the
Muslims coming to kill us are beginning to sound lame
to those that know the real truth, and by the way
don't put stupid ideas in the stupid heads of those
who may not have thought of them yet.

But going back to whose money, and I already
mentioned the trade deficit for one, folks don't
worry, it is not your money or my money. First it is
the money that we are borrowing from our kids and
grand kids and the great grand kids, the so called
social security money, can you spell , the lock

Then of course we borrow the money from the stupid
foreigners, like the Japanese and the Saudis, and
remember the Kuwaitis, for whose defense the big
George took us out to the sandy environs of the great
Saudi desert.

Then there are always the industrialists from abroad
that are jst happy to laon us monies in exchange for
our green cards and citizen ship papers. So are we
selling the future of our future generations for
today’s good economy, are our gutless political
leaders ready to destroy the economic future of our
country for their short term political and economic
gains. When does it end, how long are to be made fools
off. Will someone please stand up and stop this




I have not spoken much about the presidential race of late, mainly because since 2004, I have been convinced that Hillary is our next president, anointed! Freedom is lost on the illiterate and the fool. Who wants to lead a nation of mortally and perpetually immature? One look at the list of the candidates will show one that good people have already given up on the country, no one but Peter Pan himself would wish to be the president here.

Did Fred Thompson ever show up? Where is Rudi? Mr. Richardson could you also please write to Castro, and Chavez and Putin while you are at it?

The campaign has been on going to forever it seems and the list of possible choices is whittled down to just three. I have been shaking my head so hard my neck hurts. Americans rejected the few that talked about the problems of the country out of hand, no one wanted to listen to the bad news. Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and Mike gravel never could get out of the starting gate. Their platforms were just not modern enough and placed America first, they talked about things scary, like “the truth“.

Which country were we choosing the president for? No one wants to know the truth when it is time for “change”. We need “the change”. Our diapers are full, and we whine, incessantly. McCain anyone? Obama? Hillary?

One of the three will sucker us for sure, and be the next president of the “Never Never Land” here to fore called “ The United States of America”. No need to talk about the trade deficit, the run away commodity prices, the budget deficits, the runaway cost of government, the nine trillion dollar deficit and the interest payment on that amount. Talk about health care, tax cuts and more jobs that may or may not materialize just keep the constituents happy, happy talk cheaper than Prozac, it works, cheap.

Peter Pan will tell you not to worry and go back to sleep. And we will love our new Peter Pan until the day after we have him or her elected.

Friday, February 15, 2008



The operative word here is via satellite TV, in the name of openness, the proceedings should have been broadcast on national TV.
There are people still who believe that Islam can not be changed and I agree but there are ways to look at Islam in a different light in the light of modern or current environment.

We know Islam talked about brotherhood of mankind, it talked about the similarities in the faith of Muslims and Christians and the Jews, that should be a starting point of education our young people, not the difference or the Superiority of one religion over the others.

It talked about the equality of the Muslims of all colors and races, not that the people from the oil rich nations were to be superior to the people of other nations.

Of course the punishment for zinna is to be stoned by death, or for stealing it would be to cut off the hand, but here again we should emphasize forgiveness and kindness and mercy not vengeance.

We should learn that when we teach our children these rules of "law" we are also teaching them to think in a manner of being non forgiving, these lessons seep in to all other aspect of their lives, to include being severe in raising in their children even and thus increase the instances of child abuse in the least.
Just thinking!

Thursday, February 14, 2008





No I am not looking to make friends here, or to make nice, my job is to tell the truth so here it is. I have talked about the poor before, in this country and the world wide, I am sure you are familiar with my suggestion of paying girls money for not having children.
I have also talked about how poor are being used to create jobs for the social workers and the police and other in so called “ helping professions”.

How is that instead of reducing poverty our helping programs are only helping CREATE more problems, more poor populations (please do read the article “WAR ON POVERTY”) and yet we keep repeating the same foolish methods of “helping”.

I do have solutions, if we quit listening to the idiots called psychologists and social workers, these people are so stupid they could not punch their way out of a paper bag. The do gooders are idiots, morons, and totally clueless, in Seattle and other wise. You want to reduce poverty here is what you do.

1. We do want to feed all the poor, so instead of giving food stamps (another method of creating jobs for people who would rather not work) we establish soup kitchens in most all the neighborhoods, if you are hungry come down and get a meal. it does not harm your dignity if you are really hungry.

We must get the poor out of their comfort zones, we talk about ninth ward, the crime ridden neighborhoods, the three generations of people on welfare bur how stupid are you to expect people who get free house and food to go looking for work, how can you have any dignity or self esteem if you have never learnt to do anything but lay around get fat and make more babies, ( create more poor and lazy, and that is the truth).

2. We do not want the poor to be homeless, we must create hostels where men can stay and separately for the women also where they can raise their children in a safe community environment, it is done by churches and other community organizations why not by government also. Why we need pay rent for individuals for place where they can have free sex and free entertainment and free utilities while they increase the numbers of the poor by procreating more and more poor like them. It is below a humans self worth, self esteem to be thought of as less than a human and to be used as cattle only to produce more progeny without any further expectations. The poor must be allowed to be part of a productive citizenry and ones of whom more is expected than we expect from the cattle or a pet.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Welcome. There are a few assumptions(rules) in life that one must take at face value, not because they are the word of God, or gods, these are laws of nature and the nature of the of the human beast. This blog is written in lieu of a book I wanted to write, I still may, the book was provisionally titled, “ The Death of America”, sounds drastic!

To go back to the assumptions about life first, these are the rules, you can always refer back here to see what rules apply to a given situation, or what should the predicted result be to a given set of circumstances

1. The prophets, the shamans the seers were not divine entities, they were thinkers who saw the future as a result of long term reaction to the current trends in their societies, and regardless of where the lived they all came to the same conclusions for the same problems.
2. To every action, there is a reaction, the action and reaction are equal in force and opposite in direction, ( just keep this thought in mind when studying the behavior of a society).
3. Most of the people on earth are stupid and useless, they take up space and deplete resources.
4. All forms known of government, political philosophy, religion and societal control will fail in the long run.
5. Most actions of man today are bringing the mankind closer to a brink, closer than you can imagine.
6. Life is a game of connect the dots, if you don’t connect all the dots, and don’t connect them properly, you fail to see the whole picture or the right picture.
There are other rules mentioned elsewhere in this blog.


Rules of the Game

So you are wondering what is it that I know that is so special, or if I know anything at all , or is it my purpose to start a new religion. Rest assured I am not here to start a new religion, I believe actually that all the currently practiced religions are great only in how miserably they have all failed, you will learn about this as we go along. I do have some observations that I wish to share. Though the list here is not totally complete but it will be a start and you will learn more as we go along, I promise to keep it up dated as the time shall allow me to.

1. We have all been sold into slavery, we just don't know this yet.

2. A majority of the mankind is totally useless and worthless, they only suck up Oxygen and are a net burden on the natural resources.

3. The modern society is so complicated that a person of average intelligence is lost, an IQ of 110 just does not cut it.

4. Morality and commercialism are mutually exclusive (cannot co -exist).

5. Morality is that commodity for the middle classes for which the rich have no use for and the poor can seldom afford.

6. If you are only out to get laid, you are bound to get screwed.

7. Stupid people have more intresting lives.

8. Most important, do not become as the one that you hate the most

9. Bad luck always follows bad decision making

10. Although we can not prove that stupidity is hereditary, it can, however, be shown that it is extremely contagious.

11. When you are eating shit, changing spoons will not improve the flavor, or mask the fact.

12. Kissing frogs is one thing, but sucking on chili dogs, OUTSIDE TASTIE FREEZE, that's quite another.

13. The first step to becoming a queen is that you stop screwing the janitor, and the mechanic and the gardner.........!

14. When it is all about "ME", then "ME" is an asshole.

Thursday, February 07, 2008



As you have noticed, today in the United States there are only two political parties. People are forced to join one or the other even if their chosen party does not really portray and explain their political beliefs or agenda in full. Democrats and Republican, both always seem to be fighting with each other on matters large and small, yet some legislation always gets passed and the people who help pass these bills never get the proper recognition and credit. So I here now propose to establish a new American Political Party hereto fore called the “American Traitors Party”.
1. We the members of the great American traitors party here by establish the organization to promote the new American Ideal of bringing equality among the working classes around the globe, to promote stupidity and to reduce the brain power and thinking ability of the American children and workers.
2. As neither the Democrats or the Republicans wish to promote our ideals in the open, and try to hide our agenda among their memberships we plan to expose those who really should be in our party but practice their own don’t ask don’t tell policy.
3. We believe that for too long the American workers have had it made and they do not fully appreciate that we are their masters and we CAN and WILL let their children starve and eat from dumpsters and landfills while they watch football and baseball and various sundry stupid TV shows and worry about the American Idols.
4. That an average American is a stupid jackass and we can impose NAFTA and CAFTA and GATT while they think it is all for their own good.
5. We propose to create a nation of hamburger flippers and coffee brewers and tell them they should be proud of their work while we export technology and real jobs that add value to a product by creating and or improving it.
6. We will destroy the American currency, have it devalued so the country can be sold to the foreigners while we take the money and move overseas.

Monday, February 04, 2008



Deficit spending is by definition a fiscal stimulus, then we are already stimulating the economy beyond any rational limit. And as the consumers get their checks to spend, the money will go to China for goods and to the Arabs for oil, we are already doing that. So why not think of new paradigm, like creating manufacturing jobs in this country, or just send the checks to the Chinese directly and save the postage.

Update, 4 Feb 2008

The president has proposed a budget of three point one trillion dollars, that is three thousand one hundred billion dollars. What difference will another one hundred fifty billion dollars will make when the projected deficit is about four hundred billion dollars,(add in the social security off set and the cost of two wars and the deficit becomes seven hundred billion dollars, but who is counting), can we say twenty three percent? If anyone does need help it is the people on social security who are on the bottom rung of the income scale and have been hurt by the rise in Medicare co pays and rising drug costs, not to mention the inflation in food and energy costs, these are not the ones flipping houses or buying computers and Hummers, they need help to pay electric bills and to put food on the table, for the rest of us new jobs in producing goods is the only kind of stimulus that we need. the kind of jobs I mentioned previously, a tax cut for REOPENING and OPENING factories in furniture manufacture, carpets, clothing and small machines is needed. A CUT IN PAYROLL TAXES AND PROPERTY TAXES IN SUCH MANUFACTURING will go a long way towards stimulating the economy in the long term, and will return the monies spent back to the government thus reducing the deficit not increasing it. We (the president and the congress) keep deluding ourselves and the public that six hundred dollars a person will do any thing but to buy time till after the election at which time the money will be in China and we will be left holding the bag.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Suicides In The Military


The increases in the number of military suicides is indicative of our society's breakdown. Our lives are full of false promises and false expectations. Not just by the president and the chain of command either. Many today join the armed forces not to sacrifice for the country but for a job or a promise of education or even for more money than one could make locally, in their own home town, military on the other hand makes promises of bonuses, secure job, and sometime taking care of one's family.

The job is more pressure full for a married soldier, or for one in a relationship, while you are "over there" making sacrifices your mate is back home demanding more goods, more goodies and more benefits, and yes sex. If you happen to be in a relationship where your partner was in to sex all the time you are not sure about their fidelity, this pressure alone is mind boggling, how can you trust the one you left behind. Divorces, break ups and dear Johns. Here you are, ruling the world at a gun point, while any instant your mate can tell you are not worth it and they are going to leave. Here you are breaking down doors at night and at will and there someone is sleeping in bed you are still making payments on and you can do nothing. At a deeper level, the cause of suicide in the services is not the pressure of the fight or the ugliness of war, it is being first told you are not worth it, and then being told by the military you are not worth saving, you are disoriented.

There you can  run over vehicles and suddenly back home you find yourself people trying to run you off the road or give you the finger and you just can't shoot them, your world is upside down. PTSD is just not the pressures of the war it is also trying to adjust to whatever you have left when it is over. People  coming back get in to all kinds of trouble trying to adjust to normal. When you are used to getting things your way and by  force it is very hard to get used to losing that power, no wonder so many soldiers also wish to go back to the war, there you have the POWER.



Freedom is over rated, be it in fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, fighting for democracy or fighting against globalization or the Federal Reserve, standing up for human rights or against the prostitution of the constitution by the president of the United States, civil liberties in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, or against the abuse of the poor in Pakistan, or abuse and corruption of children by the media the people find it is lot easier to bend over and grab your ankles then to stand up and fight for the right.