Friday, April 25, 2008




Surely what I say is not politically correct. Blaming the government and the politicos for our messes, or are we the ones responsible for our own problems, even the ones created by the government, the bank and the corporations.

Problem again is to be able to connect the dots. Is the kidnapping of the Mormon children in any way connected to our economic problems, or the abuse of the justice system (by the justice system), and the war on terrorism or our lack of morality (o.k. the boundaries of character that make us superior to the animals), the greed of the industrialists and our own, etc.

To me, as always it all connects.

Under our laws it is not legal to abuse or molest the children and the mentally deficient, we are not to take advantage of these; or to benefit from their misfortunes. But then what about the situation where the whole nation is retarded?

Is a rape still a rape if the person being raped is not only helping the perpetrator but actually enjoying the process? You tell me! In this case here we as a nation have been raped, daily, by our government, by our leaders, by the banks and the media and we have laid down and took it, even felt great about it. Now we look for someone to blame it all on because that is what the god of psychology tells us to do.

How is it that the government is willing to, nay begging to, bail out the stupid lenders and the stupid borrowers who willingly copulated with each other and now each is claiming that they were fucked? And if we allow the government to bail them out of the mess are we not also being fucked? Just as they had fucked each other and then now each claims a rape by the other, and now we want to help them so we can also be fucked.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am NOT a Pessimist

I am NOT a Pessimist

When I wrote to the Dothan Eagle, some fifteen months ago, that with us going with the ethanol; people around the world will starve to death, I was not being a pessimist, I was only telling you what the president did not dare say, or cared enough to say. Are you to believe that no one, no one in the administration or in Washington DC can see the things I see, and their consequences. I was right about the economy, when I predicted a housing and banking debacle five years ago, and I was also right about the Iraq war, that it will not be considered liberation by the Iraqis and they will try to kill us. I was right about the factions in Iraq continuing to fight amongst themselves for the power and the money. I was also right about there not being any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, I had said that Saddam was only posturing. So does all of this make me a pessimist?

I wrote about the FED and its destructive policies well before Mr. Greenspan published his book of excuses. It is not a “conspiracy theory” when the crime is being carried out in the open, and if it is a conspiracy then we have all colluded in the conspiracy against our own country, due to our lack of knowledge and may be our greed. As it is said of the drug abuse no one pours drugs down your throat, you have to do that yourself.

America is an optimistic country, it is said. Alan Greenspan had used the phrase “irrational exuberance”. In psychology, however, there is another word for irrational exuberance, it is called a “delusion“, (1. psychology false belief: a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence, especially as a symptom of psychiatric disorder ,“Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.”).

There are many topics that I discuss on my blog, “”, from the economy to over population of the world, but this here only concerns the presidential race, just a little bit.

Whether you are a republican or a democrat, for Obama, Clinton or McCain, what do you think the next president will do for you? What can he or she do, there is one sure answer, not a Gosh Darn thing. The problem with the United States today is that we have only one thing shorter than our seven second attention span, our long term memory, we can not remember a darn thing. Knowledge depends not only on learning something; but also in retaining what you learn and using it in the future for reference.

Do you remember the president saying just seven months ago that seventy percent of the Americans own their own homes, well he was lying, and he was lying when he said four months ago that the US economy is solid. So that. Mr. President has yet retained his own irrational exuberance.

The US treasury is broke, our national and our personal net worth stinks, in this atmosphere we are told that we can provide health care for all, and can have everyone live for ever, and sink more money down the rat hole we call education, (a rat hole because we have few pupils and their parents interested in real learning, and even fewer teachers and administrators interested in teaching, or may be it is the other way around. On the other hand we are being told that we can afford tax cuts and that tax cuts increase government revenues. With John McCain it may be a symptom of more than a mere irrational exuberance. John McCain says he wants to give you federal tax break on gasoline for the summer, that is fourteen cents a gallon off from three dollar fifty, are you smiling? Do the math.

We are a broke country, we are paying more for gas and food because of choices the government has been making on our behalf. The choices we have allowed our government to make on our behalf. We have caused a few to get so rich that they can manipulate the whole world markets be it in corn or oil or rice. It was back in two thousand three when I wrote about the over population and poisoning of the earth, also when more people need more food and the rich can buy more than their fair share the poor must starve, what Egypt and Indonesia and India and Bangladesh and other poor countries need is population control, so do we.

An investment in the repairs, improvements or development of infra structures requires money.

In two thousand five I discussed the coming down turn in the economy and with it an increase in poverty and an increase in crime, since we have generations of people who are not used to having to work but living on handouts and free money. I also for decriminalization of prostitution since many with low or no skills or no jobs will soon be turning to the second oldest profession.

We have transferred the wealth of the United States to persons and governments overseas.
As the other countries and their people get ”richer” and buy more cars and food and goods. The cost of everything in this country also goes up. The problem is that the rich in those countries do not worry about the plight of their poor, and lately no rich in this country are staying awake the night worrying whether your children had enough to eat.

You can help yourself if you wish, STOP SPENDING and STOP BUYING, it is that old Christian thing. When you go to Wal Mart, or Lowes or , WHATEVER!, some of your money goes overseas and they compete against you in buying the things YOU need. Shopping makes you not happy but poorer. Have your kid ride a school bus, no after school activities or running around on dates allowed, turn off the cable, get rid of the cell phone, turn down the air conditioning, build smaller houses. This is not what I want you to do, this is what you will be doing soon any way, don’t you think?

Friday, April 18, 2008




So what, they are Mormons, and we don’t like them because they are weird. Is that it? For once in a longtime I find myself agreeing with Mike Savage, almost totally. Why did the Texas authorities raid the compound of the polygamist, are we not the nation with the religious liberties, if not then who has the authority to set the religious standards of acceptability.

Personally I have always been, and I do mean “always”, because I Am like that, against the polygamy, I was sickened by the rare practice and the abuse of it in Pakistan, and then totally disgusted by how it was practiced in Saudi Arabia where one of the kings reportedly had one hundred and fifty one wives, Idi Amin’s wives were supposedly counted into thousands. Polygamy, as it is practiced world wide is usually demeaning and disrespectful and even abusive of the women and the girls. Yet I have not seen a big uproar by the US state department against it, and many of our political leaders are over there in gulf sucking the Arab “faces” to make more money.

Mike is right, where is the department of human resources when the girl of fourteen and younger are having sex all over the place today, why are the girls as young as twelve being taught in our class how they can properly avail their bodies for use by the boys, parents are telling their daughters how sexy they can get. The same SOBs that are decrying the Mormon practice of older men marrying girls of fifteen, are the defenders of taking girls of eleven and twelve, even across state lines, for and abortion no questions asked, mind you I am in favor of abortion if that be the choice of a girl.

What bothers me here the most that how the government, and the stupid media, are desensitizing us against the governmental abuse of power. If they can run over the Zion compound without any reason, and yes the call from the girl there is a farce folks, can’t you see thru the government crap, then what, like mike said, the home schoolers?

We have seen that the Americans no longer love freedom, their own or those of anyone else’s, Our government’s agents killed a baby and a boy of twelve at Ruby Ridge on a charge that the man had a shot gun with a barrel seventeen and three quarter inches long instead of eighteen, but that is not so bad as when an irate citizen complains loudly in court room and is arrested for terrorism, slapping a teacher, not obeying an air hostess defacing a fire station are all acts of terrorism , in the land of the free, and when tomorrow the DHR comes to pick up your kids and you ask their escort officer as to why, you too could be arrested for being a terrorist, this the new world order.

I, personally, do not believe in an organized religion, at least for me, all religions are based on brain washing and indoctrinating unsuspecting minds in to superstitions of various kinds, thus Scientology is a religion, and so is Psychology both defy common sense and so do other religions and belief systems.

We are a nation of laws, but we used be, also a nation of personal freedoms. Today we have a “justice system” that is run amok. The “police” and the “protections services” are no longer involved on only to protect and to serve but they believe they have the right to tell you how to live. The proof of this is that laws are not applied equally either, the police, the judges, the district attorney themselves decide as to how they want apply a law to each individual, mostly based on the status o the person and their skin color too. It is just as scary to be pulled over or your house searched by police as it is to be held up by a thug, you never know what might happen next. Not to say all police or the judges or the people in protection service are bad, it is just the matter of the percentages, is it not. An over zealous co worker or neighbor or a school teacher can ruin your life on a whim and you have no recourse, not even a prayer. I used to live in Saudi Arabia, welcome to my night mare.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


What this beating tells us about us? For thirty years or more, I have advocated licensing for parents, not everyone in a country or a society or a world should be allowed to have children. Most "grown ups" today are not adults, just because you can have sex, a basic animal act that even monkies or dogs also indulge in the same as the humans do does not make a human being a capable parent. Humans may have at one time possessed an innate capability to raise a child as the other animals do but some how we have lost that as we "progressed". The idea of doing your thing, letting the children experiment, to let the kids have their freedom is all against the peace and even existence of a society, it is not normal.
That the girls doing the beating are somehow involved in cheer leading? What a shock, but first let me say one thing, i bet when you first heard about the beating, not watched it on TV or such, you had a mental image of some black chicks in a ghetto , did you not, I bet you did. The cheer leaders are a special bunch, they are the best cock suckers and slut in any school, a parent allowing their daughter to be in cheer leading might as well be pimping her pussy to the ball team on the side and make money cause that is what she will do anyway. The society is creating a special and privileged class called cheer leaders, and their bad behavior is accepted, expected, promoted and high lighted by the schools, the parents and the media in movies and the TV shows, like the "Mean Girls" and the "Bring it On" series and others.
Sadly though this beating is not extra ordinary in any way at all, it is more like par for the course.
If we were to see this beating in the light of what else is going in our country and the world only then you will see why I have proposed a licensing of parents.

Take a look around, when a kid is murdered, especially in gang violence, it is his mother, it always is the mother since most of them are without a father in residence, that is crying how her baby was so sweet and innocent, hey bitch I want to shout out, where the hell were you when he was joining the gang and not going to school and not doing his home work etc. Then you see the other teen being tried for the murder of the first and his mother is saying that he was always a sweet child and loved animals and such crap and I am shouting the same. More than likely both of the kids grew up watching mom going thru “boyfriends” and was drinking or doing drugs, and of course creating jobs for the people in “helping professions”.

Then we have grown ups in custody battles, or too poor and they are killing their own kids, just like they did in the old days, to get even or to have fewer mouths to feed, but also now because the kids interfere in their life style. Can you see the crap with the Brittney, why did that bitch need to have kids? Why? Or Paris Hilton having kids next? Why were the parents of Paris ever allowed to have a kid they did not want or did not know how to raise, can’t we just get the world court to have Paris spayed may be. It is not just the poor trash I am talking about.

Then we have the case of the twelve year old stripper ( why was not the whole bunch in that place arrested on the spot), and the school principle in a motel with two girls fifteen and sixteen, the guy even looked like a pig, but where were the parents of these girls, and how were they raising them. Hey look I am not being a preacher here, I don’t think God is coming to fix the crap, we are over populated anyway, stop letting people breed. These girls should have never been born. Their parents should have been spayed or neutered. I have as much faith in the psychologists and sociologists as I do in preachers and the police.

There is actually no amount of psychologists, sociologists, preachers or the police that could control the mindless freaks that are being produced. When the Cadillac advertises its car as a mechanism not to be driven, not to take you from point A to point B but to turn you “on”, then you are a stupid moron if you buy the car for twenty five grand instead of investing about fifteen dollars and just buy a dilldo. May be the girls did get so turned on by the beating that they had to go on cock sucking frenzy, are you listening daddy?

Time after time I have stated that things in life do not happen in a vacuum. Each is related to the other, the girls beating the other, the gang activity, and the Cadillac assuming you to be a brain dead moron, the suicides in the military, the pollution of the environment, the banking crisis, the divorce rate, the foreclosures, the budget deficits, they are all related, this how this world works, this why the god and the religion were invented, this why Stalin was Stalin, this is how I predict the future.

Monday, April 07, 2008


What will kill the humanity is not global warming, but the over population, pollution of land and water, greed of people like Mr. Turner himself for whom there is never enough money and last but not in the least , our use of food to fuel our cars




It was while back when The Dothan Eagle had asked of its readers as to whom should be our next president, I apologies for being late with my recommendation but I am proud to introduce to you to my favorite for the president in 2008, the incomparable Mr. Berzelius
(Buzz) Windrip.

My acquaintance with Buzz is not new, though many in our country have never heard of him lately, but Buzz has been known in the political circles for a very long time. And even though many in today’s politics have tried to copy him, George Bush comes the closest in his actions and Reagan and Obama, Clinton and McCain are close in oratory, but none is the genuine article. Mr. Windrip is a man of the common persons, humble and unassuming but he has the work of the people at heart. He truly feels our pains and is ready to take on the challenges of the country, if only we will give him our loyal and unquestioning support, without any hesitance or equivocation on our part, such as is being asked of by the three major candidates.

If you will take the time please, study his platform and you will see that he is anti-war and anti-peace, he is a member of the NRA yet he was also on the board of the Brady commission, he is for a balanced budget and a strong American dollar yet he does not care how high the deficits run so long as he has money to give to the American people, he is for the labor and against the unions and fully supports free trade no matter the Chinese oppression of her people, he is also going to the Olympics, now that is fair minded as all get out. He is against torture but does not want to interfere with the Arab regimes that are willing to do so. He is against global warming but sees the absolute right of the US and the American people not to have to sacrifice anything. His mantra being that the Americans have so many God given rights that they will never have to suffer any consequences of their actions. “It Can’t Happen Here” is what he always tells me.

Buzz Windrip is the best friend of the workers and the bankers and the large corporations and the common people, he is also against all taxes. So as we go to the polls in November, please remember, write in the name Buzz Windrip as your favorite for the president of the United States, “and thank you for your support“.

P.S. My thanks to my dear friend Sinclair Lewis who introduced me to Mr. Buzz Windrip.

Thursday, April 03, 2008




As the Islamist murder rampage continues without any regards to the message of Islam, or even the consideration of what the world or a country will look like if they succeed in their purpose. We can look at the Afghanistan under Taliban, Iran under the Ayatollahs or Saudi Arabia under their Kings to see what an Islamist world would be like.

But the Islamists are not the only murders in the world are they? Look at the continent of Africa, now free of the people that stole people for slavery, and free of the colonists, Africa is worse off than ever before.

They say the hell is full of people with good intentions, then where do the people with bad intentions go?

No one today will admit to trying to hurt the African people, but Africa is suffering, with our help and with their own stupidity and greed.

Africa thru the years was an agrarian society, they grew food and when they could not grow food they died. So we decided to help, but not for the sheer altruism or mercy. Under the African dirt there are rare minerals, precious metals and gems that we need for our industries and also to flaunt our riches.


We are limited in our knowledge by what we know!!