Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bailing out who??



The congress has passed, and the president signed in to law, an act to help out the troubled housing sector, it has some good news for some homeowners who may qualify to stay in there homes, and to help out the Fannie- Mae and The Freddie-Mac and some other banks. One may do well to remember also that the Federal Reserve bank is also a privately owned institution that issues money and gives out loans to banks and other lenders, so it may also be assumed that if some banks and mortgage institutions fail then the Federal Reserve Bank could lose some of that imaginary money that they had printed out on behalf of its owners.

You can think of a dollar in whatever terms you like, and assign it what ever value, but there are two kinds of dollars, ones that the Federal Reserve “creates” and then prints them out or adds the zeros to a particular bank account, it is the money in circulation, the other dollars are the ones that the US Treasury obligates its self to, this the debt of the United States, that the government promise to take from her citizens and pay back to the Federal Reserve. Since the US Treasury it self does not have any money and can not issue any money it hawks the future of the United States and her citizens to the Federal Reserve. So as if the Federal Reserve were to demand a payment from the United States the government will have to sell first the government property then the property of its citizens and then may be her citizens them selves.

So each time a bank or a mortgage company is about to fail and the Federal Reserve Bank is about to “lose” some of its imaginary money, the treasury of the United States is stepping in to take over the loss (buying up worthless paper from the Fed), adding to the national debt and promise the Federal Reserve a cut of its future income ( tax revenue) in the form of an interest payment. The fraud will continue until the American public will wake up and understand they are being sold out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Includes updates to 07/28/2008


This can be considered a continuation of the below article, “ Logical, Responsible”.

Let me state right here that I was never a prude, I was a hippie in my younger day, and been there done that, thus I speak from experience

Before I continue let me repeat a few of my philosophies,

“It is not what I want you to do, or think what you should do, but this is how you will do things in the future“.

“Morality is that commodity for the middle classes, for which the rich have no use for, and the poor can seldom afford“.

“There is a cost to being stupid, make sure you can afford to pay“.
“You are limited in your knowledge by what you know”.

When the idiots, the teachers, the psychologists, the anthropologists, the media, and the law makers go talking about the sexual freedoms, (previously called promiscuity), they seldom mention what the costs and the consequences of these freedoms will be.

There was a case recently, a friend mentioned it, that a woman was living, with her NEW BOYFRIEND, in her mother’s home, where her three brothers also lived, her EX BOYFRIEND came in and killed the new boy friend and two of her brothers. If it were a business, we would call the three deaths as cost of doing business, a no big deal, right, then why not count these three deaths as just a cost of sexual freedom, that is what it is , is it not?

When we talk about sexual freedoms, we must simultaneously speak of the costs of such life style.

Every year thousands of people, mostly females, are murdered because they “exercise their sexual freedom”. this is not counting the child abuse, children being neglected, placed in foster homes, with the government (tax payers, I assume you are one) picking up the tab. Hundreds of thousands of cases of domestic violence, rapes, kidnappings, custody battles and injuries, all of these stemming from the so called sexual freedom. (we talked about the STD’s previously). Should there not be a government funded study of the cost in dollars of this so called sexual freedom?

If we were to analyze this, we may be going back to the biblical prohibitions. Think about it, the medical costs, the justice system costs, the police, the courts, the divorce lawyers, the social workers, the counselors and on and on, everyone making a good living because you refuse to keep your panties on or keep your pants zippered. And who pays for it, and pays for it in real dollars from personal accounts and from the tax dollars.
I am neither a Christian or a “moral” person, this is not a moral judgment or an accusation of sin, I am only talking about the dollars, real money.

In different fields of psychology we are trying deal with human nature and making attempts to change behaviors that are counter to the peace of society, such as lying, cheating and stealing, we also want to take away thoughts of racism and jealousy, prejudice just the same as even Mohammed himself proclaimed that “all people are equal, there is no difference between an Arab or Persian, or differences based one’s skin color, the best among you are the ones of a better character”. If one can not see the “stupidity” of proposing a law barring people from being racist or prejudiced, then one might as well go ahead and be stupid and propose that people also control their most basic and most animal urges of sex, and why not.

It is also said that poverty is sometimes the cause of uncontrolled sexual activity, can we also not prove that uncontrolled sexual activity of itself is also a major cause of poverty and illiteracy, even crime? How many people of the so called middle classes, lose their homes, pay out of pocket for divorce lawyers, how many women and children end up in shelters, how many men and women are murdered or commit suicide, become drug abusers and or mental basket cases. If we only knew! Uncontrolled sexual activity also leads to drug abuse, or may be it is that drug abuse may lead to uncontrolled sexual activity, and spread of diseases.

Why are we expected to pay for the mistakes of others, with our tax dollars and with our charities, if one decides to let his daughter go out and get knocked up or catch the clap , get gang banged or worse, why should I have to pay for it? Why should you? Let her pay for the consequences. I follow the rules of the society, if I am in business for my self and go broke it is my money, or of the bank that made the loan, I don’t expect you to bail me out, if I buy a car and don’t keep it in good repair then it is my loss, but if go out and fuck around and catch AIDs, then you should have to pay for it? Why? If I make babies then I should have to pay for them, not you, is it not right.

Here is a thought, you say well they did not do it on purpose, well I have yet to see someone get pregnant “just by an accident“, it takes more than that, don’t you know? But if you think someone can become pregnant by accident, (Mary not included), I have a bridge in Manhattan.

We license people to drive cars, right!, do we also pay for their car and gas, NO! We should also license people for having sex, we should not, however, pay for them to have and raise kids. Here is something federal government could really get its fingers in to, and balance the budget to boot.

We do not legislate morality, I am even for legalizing prostitution and even gay marriage, but what is this that the government is taking my money, even at the point of a gun per se, in form of taxes to support some one else’s misbehavior, and or stupid decision making. I need the money to feed my kids, to clothe them, to pay for their health care and their college. Why am I required to pay for the kids that people have that they did not need, or any one catching a sexually transmitted disease, both through my insurance premium and taxes?

That’s not all either, I have discussed the lack of educational progress due to sexualisation of our children, how it is effecting our school systems, and costing us in education dollars. But how many times we have suffered from lack of service/ performance of an employee where the worker was having relationship problems? ( you would say that even married people have similar problems, and yes, they do, but if the sexual freedoms were curtailed a bit these marital problems may decrease similarly) Or that their un married daughter was pregnant, where they needed time off due to their Aids or Herpes acting up? And so on, in business we call this lack of productivity, is there a study done as to how much really, in dollars and cents the “sexual freedom” of our employees has cost the American business?

Is the government not responsible for encouraging this break down of the social order, for the crime increase, for the child abuse etc, through this so called taking care of the poor. If it is not legal to abuse the mentally deficient then we must have a change in policy. As I have said previously, there is no place for a person with an average IQ in this new era.
Or is it the policy of the government to make it self seem to be doing good while they abuse the citizenry. The government policies must be designed so as not to, seemingly, reward the bad behavior, as they do now.

It is not just the poor, the middle class is suffering at its own hands, unable to grasp the consequences of their own deeds. Sometimes losing everything to their sexual escapades, their honor, their jobs, their homes and families, even bank accounts and businesses they sing praises of their sexual freedoms, even as the vanquished would praise their conquerors. Has anyone seen Bill Clinton, or Larry Craig or Elliot Spitzer et all, talk about the financial costs of their action? NO, because it is against our consumer economy, it is against good business. If people were to focus on things other than their penises and vaginas, they might even revolt against some other government practices.

It is not all “Juno”, the real world is cruel and unforgiving, when a single mom allows her sixteen year old daughter to go out on “dates“, previously also called “ to get laid”, she better be ready to raise a grand child or two or three, and must also have money to pay for them. There are not that many rich bitches out there to take the baby to raise.(Angelina Jolie and Madonna both adopt their kids overseas). Years ago, when I wrote about the “Death of America- the female” I mentioned how this sexualizing of young girls is enslaving them instead, now there are studies (there are always studies for those who do not have a thinking brain or seeing eyes), that say that younger and younger girls are being abused in relation ships, sexually physically and mentally. If the mother in Missouri is guilty of causing a thirteen year old girl to commit suicide, then we, as a society are also guilty of making that girl think that she must be a sexual object above all else. Let me say this again, if a girl has sex with a thirteen year old boy, she will always KNOW that thirteen year old boys can have sex, if a boy of fourteen has sex with a twelve year old girl, he will always KNOW that twelve year old girls can and desire sex, and will act accordingly at some time later in their life(this is how we are making new breeds of child molesters, remember this when you say that child molesters mostly abused as children themselves). And you don’t need a federal grant to study this.

If “Sex in the City” or even “Desperate Housewives” were to depict real life, they would include a few beatings, rapes, forced prostitution and slavery, black mail, divorce, financial ruin, family destruction, houses being sold, women having to move into a small apartment with kids, family standard of living taking a nose dive, husbands committing suicide or murdering their wives, boyfriends being caught and castrated, people catching genital warts or going through the pain of genital herpes and gonorrhea.

The federal government may have invented the HIV virus to kill off the blacks, (tongue in cheek), but it is the black themselves that are responsible for spreading it in their communities, and the Whites and the Hispanics are not far behind.

But once again it is dollars, dollars that we don’t have, to provide counseling, to take care of unwanted children, to treat the injured, to investigate abuse, to endanger the lives of police in cases of domestic violence, Once again it is not me saying to you how you must live, it is how the laws may be enacted to save you from your own self.

Earlier I talked about licensing people for having sex, I am not kidding. I have actually proposed that for over thirty years. And what you think it will not happen? With the spread of various diseases it is only a matter of time. In the movie “Code 46” people were required to have a government authorization to have sex with another person. With the reality being that you could be having virtual sex with your own sister in a inter net chat room and not know it, or be having sex with your real sister across town where your daddy had a bastard child, is it not time that sexual activity should be controlled logged and monitored? How do you know that the girl you are sleeping with is not also sleeping with your mother (ha ha).

I started to write about how the sexual promiscuity is also effecting our military. How many a GI on the battle front is worried that his partner is not faithful. Or one that comes home with a Bronze Star for heroism only to find that Jody was having a great time with his combat pay and allowances. What does it do to a man’s ego, here he was overseas bursting down doors of the poor locals and dragging them out of bed, with kids peeing in their pants at his sight and here he is back home finding out that the ole lady was the fuck piece around town. So he proceeds with ……..! Talk about a “fucking- PTSD”.

I am not making a moral judgment, I am not calling it a sin, I am not even calling any of this as a criminal activity, but may be, just may be, we can harness some of these issues under the Uniform Commercial Code, and the law of implied contract, when one allows their child to go on a date or become sexually active, or grown ups become involved in a sexual relationship, by the act they consent to the consequences of what may follow, to pay for the children of such relations, to pay for any disease that is contracted, they may lay a claim to the property of the other, or just beat up or knock out each other’s teeth, it is just all cost of doing business, not the responsibility of public to protect them or to make them whole.

We are not just paying for this in dollars anymore, this so called sexual freedom is now costing us also in personal freedoms. How stupid a people are we? While we like to brag about our freedoms, personal freedom and sexual liberation, we have actually invited the police, the doctors , the lawyers and the judges, the social workers, the psychologists and eHormony and efuckmetotears into our homes and bedrooms, our most personal and private lives. Ask anyone that had to go to the health department for a test for an STD, “oh so you are a fucking slut, heeheehee, so how many guys have you been fucking lately, and how many others did they fuck. Or the new girlfriend and the old girl friend are having it out and you are hauled into court, while your wife is on the witness stand in court with the emails you wrote and a list of the porn sites you visited, and talking about the size of your dick and laughing about it, right in front of your teenage daughter, your teenage daughter getting her teeth knocked out by the ex boy friend or even his new girl friend, and the always there for you and the helpful Department of Human Resources taking away your children and putting them up in foster homes so everyone can make money from helping you out. Is it just a little price to pay for your “freedom”, or is it enough for you to run to the hills and swear off off sex.

Do we come to our senses, ever, enough to see that as we are paying for the criminals to be born and be raised and then we are paying even more to be protected from them. It is time for us to act correctly on individual basis, and soon it will also be time for the government to change the national policy on sexual freedoms.

Don’t laugh, don’t say that the government can not control your sexual freedom, and yeah this is a free country too, right? Does the government today listen to your “private” phone conversations? Monitor your internet surfing, better yet take pictures of you on the street and in your vehicle? Are there laws against the cell phone use in vehicles? And laws in cities against use of trans-fats, laws for use of seat belts, and against driving under the influence, smoking tobacco, age of sexual consent. These laws are in place because we refuse to act in a responsible manner, laws to protect us from our own selves Laws to control our sexual behavior can not be far in coming, if only to protect us from our own self destruction. When a twenty one year man is killed in Birmingham, Alabama , leaving behind twenty two kids, with nineteen different women, it is time to rethink the paradigm.

Every game has its rules and since we separated from our cousins in the trees, we have made and played with some rules. It will not be long that the government will calculate the financial cost of us getting fucked, and find out that it is not financially feasible for the society to keep letting us “Just do it”. May be then they will control it and start issuing stamps for us to get laid. Hey, it will be just like being married , don’t you think.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


"reality" is a meaningless useless and thus over used construct, since we spend most of our time escaping it

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A new kind of oil


The new oil

A friend of mine brought me clipping from “The Enterprise Ledger” of March 19, 2008, with the head line “Researcher says discovery could end energy crisis”, of course he was interested in knowing if it was time to sell his retirement fund which as you know holds the oil company shares, enough to make up and pay for the increase in gas prices. I know we have been told that we should be really happy to pay four dollars a gallon for gas and the higher food prices because we are getting rich by doing so, so I found it disturbing that something as simple as a bacteria, genetically modified could turn “ bio mass in to hydro carbons on a grand scale.
Upon further research I also found an article in the “Newsweek” of June 16, 2008, where no less an authority than Craig Venter, the man who decoded the human genome, to be working on genetically modifying a bacteria to eat carbon dioxide and create fuel for your car.
Call me paranoid, but last I checked my chemistry books, I am a bio mass, and I also contain carbon dioxide molecules. When they are talking about modifying bacteria to eat bio mass or carbon dioxide it makes me worry. What controls do we have to stop this bacteria from getting out control? How do we control it, if we are talking about tens of thousands , may be millions of “ refineries”? Will the bacteria know not to eat the human beings and turn the little kids in to oil slicks. Or the furniture in your house and the trees in your yard? Will it know the difference between the grass in your lawn and grass clippings? And if it eats carbon dioxide it could get in to ones lungs and fill them up with high test gasoline could it not? Will it know not to eat so much carbon dioxide that the plants and crops will die? Will the CSI know what to do with the oil puddles? And what if some one does get converted in to fuel (by accident I hope) could we use him to drive our car with?

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Once you have done every stupid thing that you ever wanted to do, what you will do next??

Hint. Doing something smart takes practice

Suggestion. Do something smart every day of your life,

like turn off the television
get rid of your cell phone
get of the freaking inter net