Tuesday, September 11, 2007


one could go to a hajj and still become an atheist afterwards, i know,

scriptures tell us that god worries about and loves all humanity, Jesus died for all humanity,and thus is considered a god, Buddah also emphasizes serving the people, may be by "SERVING" the humanity we can also become god

marriage, history and sociology tell us that this institute is basis for advancement of human society, we can not be a society without the sanctity of a marital relationship and without all that a marriage entails

Friday, September 07, 2007



So you say how do/ dare I accuse the FED ( Federal Reserve Bank) of treason and selling the United States into slavery. Once again let me refer you to the e-mail, and the question I posed to the senator Shelby, “what happens to the money that the federal government spends in deficit. First thing we need to look at the trade deficits. For the past twenty or more years we have a run an ever growing trade deficit with China and Japan. As the federal government keeps borrowing money (instead of collecting taxes from the people) for current expenses, that money is spent in the economy. As more and more goods are imported (since we have off shored our manufacturing) this money ends up in the coffers of the foreign governments and foreign industrialists, rich folks), more money the government spends the more money goes over seas. Is it not stupid then for the government to be reducing taxes and not reducing the spending , knowing that we are enriching the enemy.

By the same token when the FED keeps pumping money in to the economy, to keep the economy afloat, that money also goes to the rich and to the foreign entities, be it the communist or the terrorist. Is it too hard then to understand that the FED activity has actually hurt the United States in the worst possible ways.

While our manufacturing is being off shored, we do have new jobs being created, in what we call a “service economy”. Mind you a service economy is a euphemism for slavery which I had defined previously as thus.

SLAVERY 9-14-2004

It is a basic economic fact that in a market where labor is plentiful, the wages will drop. So it follows that when we live in a global market and this market has a glut of workers, pretend as we may the wages and thus the standard of living of the working class must fall. And what is service economy anyway. Service by definition does not produce anything and does not add value to anything, be it making of a burger or advice from a banker. You could always make a burger your self , go to a fast food restaurant and pay three dollars or go to a fancy bistro and pay eight dollars, it is still a burger, and the same advice you get from a banker could be gleaned from a magazine or researched on the net. As we are finding out that the certain office duties or banking functions can be performed anywhere in the world, thus no chance for one to improve their lot in life by extra hard work or education. As we watch we are being sold into slavery without being aware of it , YET.


Basically the new jobs being created have been in the fast food (hamburger engineering? Pizza decorating?), in car cleaning (now being called detailing), yard mowing (now called lawn maintenance), house cleaning and janitorial services ( now so lovingly referred to as facilities management), baby sitting, real estate sales, in coffee mixing ( baristas) and of course in retail and how can I forget in toe nail clipping, etc, other wise nothing that adds value to anything. So what is next profession choice for the Americans, behind cleaners?
Are these not the jobs that slaves would be doing at some time in the history?

What have we lost for what we have gained, first we have lost our morals, as money has become more and more important in our lives, we are willing to do just about anything for just a little more of it, we have become greedy.

The gap between the poor and the rich keeps increasing, but that s not all, we have lost our sense of security, if you think that someone making eighty thousand a year is rich, then ask some one with the net worth of a million if he can now retire comfortably. In many places a million won’t even buy you a house in a decent neighborhood, and forget about being able to pay for your children’s college.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The only thing scarier than Knowing that you will Die, is to Understand that you are Living