Monday, July 17, 2006

Good News

I have been told that I am too pessimistic, I am too blunt and offend people, I am not looking at the whole picture and such. So I have done a little soul searching and I am now able to see what government is planning to do for the betterment of our country.

If you read the paper or listen to the news, this is what you have read or heard recently. The borders are open and we are allowing untold numbers of illegal aliens to enter this country. That fathers are not paying child support, that the education system is on the brink, and mothers want their daughters to be more exposed in the school than the law allows an Alabama dancer in a topless bar to be. That the times are hard and the poor are getting poorer, and the people with less than high school education are making less and less. That the economy is booming and the three dollars per gallon of gas has not stopped people from driving.

So why am I a happy moran all of a sudden? Well you see, as the education is lousy and the kids in school are more interested in their current sex lives and social lives than they are in their education,"because their parents are nicer", and their parents want them to go ahead and have all the freedoms, now! We know that the chances are better than even that these kids will not grow up to live like the "Raven" or "Zack" or be the next "new Kids on the Block".

Who among us does not know of a kid that had a lot of potential and then after they became involved in "relationships" the things went down hill. Especially for the girls who become pregnant and drop our of school because their parents don't raise the grand kid, or they "fall in love" and get married early. I have a saying that goes something like this, "twenty two, two kids, two marriages, two divorces, a two bedroom trailer and a no where to go".

Luckily we live in the South where our men are conservatives and Sunday go to the meeting types- just as long as they can have their sex before marriage and a few affairs after- ( even the judges do it, and the politicians, trust me, you don't have to feel guilty). Soon after the marriage our young daughters find their husband can not pay the bills on the money he was making in our service economy and has flown the coupe leaving our young and junior high cheer leader, beauty queen, daughter to fend for herself and refusing to pay the child support from the money he needs for his weed habit.

But here is the best part, news, whatever. I have seen many of our young ladies are now dating or shacking up with these illegal aliens, at least they work hard and help pay the bills, this more than what we can say about our own boys that had all these privileges and are now too sorry to work. Every cloud has its own silver lining.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Father Figures



If history is the stories of our past and future is but a result of our actions of today, then it follows that we can write a history of our future based upon the actions we are taking today and the history of the results produced by similar actions in the past.

In 1979 there was a revolution in Iran, the shah was thrown out of the country literally, and replaced by a mullah that called himself ayatollah al-Khomeini. It was not only a political revolution but also a religious one, where a secular kingdom was replaced by an Islamic regime. And of course after the abuse at the hands of the shah a mullah would cut a fatherly figure. Those stupid backwards rag heads had done it again, then to top it all off they took fifty-two of our embassy workers hostage. The Muslims figured that after letting Viet Nam go we had no stomach for another war.

Is that the story you read in the history books?

Can we therefore say that in 1980, being tired of the hippy (secular) influence and the loss of face in Vietnam, the desert one and the indignity of having 52 of our citizens being held hostage, the United States of America had her own religious revolution and elected Reagan as their president because he too cut a fatherly figure and was backed by the Christian right and the Moral Majority. And again in 2000 we elected George Bush not because he was the most qualified per se but that he professed to and played up his Christian beliefs. Must be the human nature , we are so hung up on father figures, that we call God our father and even want to elect Giuliani as a president or something.

In the aggregate, fathers are a tricky lot to deal with. Are we not familiar with the story of the old man that was told by his Father to kill his own son and the father promptly took the young boy to the woods or some place to commit murder to please his own father? Did Khomeini not send young boys and girls in to the battle field to locate the land mines? Did Reagan not leave us with his tax cuts and the trillion dollar deficits to be paid by the future generations of our children, and started us on the path to NAFTA and GATT. Oh how soon we forget.



(written 04/22/2001)

who am i , i asked the question
i asked anyone that seemed to know
no answer , not even a blank stare
no help at all it seems for those who seek the truth

cast upon the waves of time
lost and weary , my soul searches for ever
for direction, for a compass, for my shining star
storm clouds , blind me, and the lightining
i cannot see

false promises, false prophets and false hope
am i a child of god, or god himself
that needs appeasing
or to be lulled to sleep, fear me not, o'god
for tonight your universe is safe in my hands

safe to lie, to cheat, steal
to rob, to kill, to rape to plunder
babies dying of sickness in their mothers arms
or murdered by the butchers in the name of god
but tomorrow your slave shall rise up

meek shall inherit the earth
to burn the books that lie,
to expose these prophets of doom
to proclaim there are no gods
rejoice, you can stop the killings


Life 2004

The following were posted at in 2004


Americans, both on the left and the right are together in condemning the Islamo-fascist regimes, such as the one of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Or the similar but to a lesser degree the Saudi and the Iranian regimes.It is no doubt that the religious regimes of all colors have a dismal record of protecting individual rights, and personal freedoms. As it was under the Taliban in Afghanistan, under the Ayatollahs of Iran and the Mutawas of Saudi Arabia, the in-human treatment of not just the common criminals, but also of the average citizens of these countries continues.

In the course of history we have seen time and again, the shamans and the seers and the preachers that have either usurped the political powers of the state, or have cozied up to the monied and the powerful and the tyrants of all stripes, prostituting themselves to the powerful until they themselves became in control.

Power corrupts, and the religious in power do not have a commendable record, no matter what religion they happen to profess. From taking of the virgins and the treasures, to abuse of the widows and orphans and the divorcees to even the institution of human sacrifice have all been within the realm of religious powers.

We too have a record, look back at the inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the Scarlett letters and the approval of slavery and lynchings. Dare we now turn our backs on the history, and with open eyes claim that it is different now. That George Bush and his cronies on the religious right intend to bring about only what is good for this country. Or is it that Mr, Bush is prostituting the presidency of the Untied States for the voting block of the right, and the or is it the prostitutes of the right are conniving to take to take over as the Real American Taliban.

( My humble apologize to John Walker Lindh, for stealing away his title) (M.N.R)


SEER 04/06/2004

In the history of the mankind, the seers , the prophets and the visionaries have been a most unliked, if not despised group of people. The party pooppers, always warning of the bad consequences of the things, fore-tellers of doom and despair, no one ever wants to hear the bad news.
Thank God(?). I am none of these. And anyway I don't have a pulpit, or even a web site to scare the beegeebees out of anyone that would happen to hear me. My audience is mostly my acquaintances from business and work. Only once in a while I have posted a thing or two on the website, or have succeeded in getting a letter to the editor published in the local news paper.

So it goes, that prior to the Iraqi invasion I was telling whoever would listen , that Iraq was the last place president Bush should go into. But while Bill O'Rilley was running of at the mouth about controlling the Iraqi oil to pay for the war, I was begging anyone who would listen that it would be a disaster for the US and for the Iraqis for us to meddle in the affairs of that country. We may have just set the ground work for an Islamic Rawanda.

But does anyone care? In his briefing to the United Nations prior to the war, Collin Powell provided the pictures of mobile labs and a recording of a conversation between two Iraqi Commanders. Those of you that paid attention to me, at work, in my e -mail and on the web site would have read me saying that the conversation was a fake, a fabrication, because of the dialect and manner of speech was inconsistent with normal Iraqi manner of speech.

Did I not also mention that Condelleza Rice was out of her league, a specialist in the Soviet Affairs. May be President Bush chose her because he was unaware that the Soviet Union did not exist in 2001.

The religious right wingers are ready to continue in their war in the middle east, not for the cause of freedom or democracy, but the underlying desire to rid the middle east of the Muslims so the second coming can happen. They have not made a secret of their desires. And anyone that has been listening to them knows that some believe that the borders of Israel, the promised land stretch to the Euphrates River. May be the American public did not know this, but many in the Islamic lands are well aware of the ambitions of the do gooders of the current American Government.



SEERS2 04/07/2004

So what is the policy of this administration. Recently in Texas a mother , who killed her own two boys and injured a third, was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Her defense was that the God had ordered her to kill her children. May be that Mr Bush really does believe that the Armageddon is at hand and that in invading Iraq he is only doing Gods work. May be that God HAS decided to let the United States in general and Mr Bush himself in particular play out HIS hand. After all waiting for six thousand years on the predicted end of times, the Almighty must be tired of holding HIS own cards. At least it so appears from the economic policy of this administration. We have a booming economy(?). But does the credit for the booming economy not lie in the fact that we are spending madly, borrowing monies from from the social security funds and the foreigners, using borrowed money to give large tax cuts to the people that don't need any help. But you see it all makes sense if you don't believe there is really a tomorrow, that the world will come to an end pretty soon and you will be raptured, then the borrowed monies never have to be paid back, the people will never have to depend on the social security. And lying about a few WMDS to invade Iraq and killing a few thousand innocent Iraqi can be justified. At least God will understand. And in the mean time if your prediction of end of times does not come true just in case, you will have made a load of money and will have a few rich friends in the right places.(M.N.R)

SEERS3 04/08/2004

Lately there has been a campaign of "Do not elect Nader", or that if Bush is re- elected the country will go to hell indeed. We will not know what Kerry will do as president, unless and until he is elected. I don't care what side of the fence you are on. Bonnie Erbe, recently wrote an op-ed piece that we should re-elect Bush since all the chickens are about to come home to roost. What with the economy facing a disaster due to tax cuts and the cost of the war. I would say also that yes, lets re-elect Bush and let him face the consequences of his mistakes, the depression and the unemployment and all. ( the true unemployment in the United States actually runs about 25 % if you count all the people now involved with the "war on terrorism", the transport security administration, the security guards, the activated guards and the reserves. Add to that the drug dealers, manufacturers, the prisoners, the jailers, the lawyers, the judges the police and you get the real and the total picture.

But while we are busy watching the American Idol, the Sex in the City, or a reality show where people are paid to make out with strangers for money (prostitution?), we apparently don't mind the slow screw we receive from our government in the form of of looted treasury, and and lost rights in the name of the patriots act.

The scariest part of it all is if we re-elct TIFC (W), he will be nominating or appointing anywhere from 5 to 7 supreme court justices. And with such a biased and unbalanced supreme court the democracy and the future of this country is in jeopardy. Remember the same bunch who always said, Clinton is not my president, i did not vote for him, is the same group that is hell bent on subverting democracy, and taking us all back to the dark ages. (M.N.R)


SEERS4 04/09/2004

Please allow me to digress from my usual comments about the economy and religion. Were you really impressed or totally unimpressed by the Dr. Rice's testimony to the 9-11 commission.

Here again the public is about to get a snow job. The truth requires answering some real tough questions. Here is a deal, if you know some one on the 9-11 commission or know how to get a hold of them have them ask these questions.

a./ how did an untrained pilot fly a jumbo jet from 7 -8 miles out or more to side of the pentagon, maintaining a very low altitude and without actual visual reference for a long time and made a perfect touch down in the parking lot a hundred yards away or less

b./ how did another untrained pilot make a perfect 180 and came back around, with a thirty degree bank, and 450 knots to hit the second tower

c./ why are we not turning Saddam over to the world court and let them try him in an open court for the whole world to know the truths

d./ in the first WTC bombing, with a truck bomb four stories below ground there were 1300 injuries, with two aircraft blowing up inside the two towers there were less than a thousand injured, How many people really die? How many injured? Why only a thousand?

e./ why did we need B-1 bombers and F-117s in Afghanistan

f./ within hours of the attack we knew all about these guys, how about their friends, relatives, roommates, supporters, and other accessories, Where are they? anyone?

g./ why was NORAD not alerted? why did pentagon not activate its own organic air defences? why was no national emergency declared? why did Mr. Rumsfeld not leave the pentagon even after it was know that there were aircraft heading for the D.C. area

Just a few questions that I would like an answer to (M.N.R)


SEERS5 0-4/10/2004

The Newest American Colony (or how not to bring democracy to the Arab lands)

If you have any doubts left please come back to your senses. What you think are the chances, of a government favorable to the United States, being elected in Iraq. What democratically elected government in Iraq will allow us to keep our bases on the Iraqi soil. My estimate is that if things don't improve drastically, within the week, all of the CPA will resign enmass. And Paul Bremer, or whoever replaces him in Baghdad will be the next Iraqi governor. Of course we will have to declare Marshall law and kill a few thousand more Iraqis to prove to them that we are there to liberate them.

May be we do not have any idea of the psychology of these people. Of course we have profilers in the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and the other dozen or so intelligence services. But we have either failed in finding out how these people think or we keep ignoring the Arab mind set. If you were to look at my letter about the war, I had warned that these people will think of us as occupiers and come after us and try to kill us.

I guess the new Bush doctrine is to bring democracy to far away lands at all costs, no matter what. But somehow we keep failing to explain to these Iraqis that the death of their fellow Iraqis and the destruction of their towns is for their on benefit. Look how many jobs for the undertakers we have created in their country.

Too bad that the leader of the greatest nation on earth cannot read and is no student of history. While the media in our country were showing the mass graves of Iraqis murdered by the Saddam regime, neither the media or the government of the United States bothered explaining to the public that a vast vast majority of those people in those graves were there as a result of the uprising prompted by our own government. May be the Iraqis should trust us to have only their welfare in our hearts. They would gleefully accept to sacrifice a few hundred thousand more of their relatives and countrymen to the whimsy of the UNCLE SAM. (M.N.R)


Bush news 04/13/2004

Well! you have to give the man some credit. Mr. president has tried to put a brave face on the fiasco in Iraq once again. O.K. so it is the Iraqi thugs that are attacking everyone in Iraq and we are between a rock and a hard place. Mr explainer refused to explain to us that we are actually up the proverbial creek there. We cannot effectively go after or defend ourselves against the insurgents in Iraq ( it sounds like Viet Nam to me, but Mr President would not know that because he did not go there and has not studied history) because any over whelming force will repulse the Iraqi public and turn them against us.

I must say that he did amuse me, and i did smile, give the man some credit, he is still sticking to his WMD guns and that is his story and he is sticking to it. " we may still find WMDs". I wish I too had some of his tea. I love the way we keep saying that he had WMDs and he used them. Why keep reminding the public that the WMDs he used against the Kurds and the Iranians were provided by "US".

And did you not appreciate the man's sense of humor when he totally ignored the subject of the contract security personnel. So whats the big deal if four of them were killed burnt and mutilated and a few more have been captured and god knows what is being done to them, so why blow there cover and expose the covert operations that are being carried out by a bunch of mercenaries, thats what they get paid for don't they. Thank you Mr president, thank you, by god it is still a free country.

We are forever talking about the Islamofacsits, that are trying to takeover the government houses in the Middle-East. From Tunisia to Indonasia, there are factions in Islamic coutries that want to take over the country and impose Islamic laws. We in the United States called these the Mullahs the radical and sometimes even the terrorists. (M.N.R)


SEERS6 04/11/2004

We are forever talking about the Islamofacsits, that are trying to takeover the government houses in the Middle-East. From Tunisia to Indonasia, there are factions in Islamic countries that want to take over the country and impose Islamic laws. We in the United States called these the Mullahs the radical and sometimes even the terrorists.

But we forget that our government's policy is also to support a certain six thousand year old document and doctrine. While over some period of time, the Europeans have become more secular, with our policy of supporting what it says in "the Bible" as a truth, and to enforce its edicts as the divine law, the word of the Bible has become a self fulfilling prophecy. The religious conflicts of the Middle-East are being fought the world over, for the prince of peace to return.

Does the white house believe that the rest of the worlds muslim populations will sit on their hand while the innocent civilians in Iraq are being massacared in the name of justice? Prior to the invasion I had mentioned that we may go in as the liberators, but the Iraqis will think of us as the occupiers and attack us. Is there no advisor at the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, that may have also seen this coming?

Lives and businesses of the American citizens are in danger now the world over. Is that safety or security? I had also mentioned that there are 1.2 Billion people around the world that call themselves Muslim. Even if we only got one tenth of one percent of these got angry enough to do something dirty, we would never find out who these people are where they are and what they may be capable and willing to do to hurt the United States. I hope that prior to taking the actions that they took, it was one of the points that they did consider. Screw the AL- Qauida, we have real problems now. (M.N.R)


SEERS7 04/15/2004

As if there ever were any doubt Mr Bush is no visionary, and I'll dare say he may yet be blind. We had eight years of Reagan and his christian crusade, but he at least defeated the Russians.
So, let me say here that either Mr Bush has taken leave of his senses totally or he needs to leave the side of Mr Rove.

I combine here my proposition that Mr Bush is, to put it mildly naive, with a question that is the favorite of " My War Hero" Bill O'Rilley, ( as subsequently posed by the president himself in his news conference) who will Osama want to be the next president. And hands down, as Mr Bush himself stepped forward yesterday and declared that USA stands by Sharon and his aim of annexing parts of the West Bank, Mr Bush becomes the favorite of Islamic terrorists, for the next president.

And why not, any other person with enough sense would know that this plays right in the hands of the enemies of the United States, who have been telling their people that the US is not interested in the rights of the Palestinians, but in protecting and expanding the State of Israel. Right now with our forces occupying and fighting the Arab Insurgency in Iraq, what Iraqi leader can tell his people that the United States is there to protect there rights and freedoms? How will it play in the hands of those that are attacking and killing our soldiers. We may wish to help the Israelis keep the Palestinains under control, but at what price ? As you saw yourself, even Osama knows an opportunity when he sees one, Wish Mr bush were at least half that politically savvy. (M.N.R)


SEERS8 04/20/2004

I missed a chance to write the past few days, and if you are a new reader I hope you go back and read a few of the previous posts also. I had mentioned that Bush did not seem to care about the future consequences of his actions, I think it a was in the part two. Lo and behold Mr Bush confirmed my statement saying in his interview, " in the future we will all be dead", Is that what we expect from the leader of the greatest nation ever on earth, the most powerful man on earth, to be so callous ( I could use a better and a choice word here) that he is totally given to the idea of the destruction of our planet in a very near future.

Once again, where are we headed. A disaster looms ahead and like the rats in the story of the Pied Piper we are about to happily jump in the river. The current administration and its spokes persons are no less apt at parsing words than Clinton's famous " I have never had sex" is that not equivalent to now Bush"s statement, "I have no war plans on my desk". Yes Mr president you had no war plans on your desk, and you din not have sex with that woman, true, you screwed the whole damn country.

more later (M.N.R)


SEERS9 05/03/2004

A few days ago I had mentioned that soon it would not be safe for us Americans to travel in the Islamic lands, because of our actions in Fallujah, far as the civilian casualties were concerned.
Then came the bombshell of the prison pictures and the humiliation of the Iraqi prisoners. Need I tell you that those people would have understood torture, even of the innocent, but the humiliation is not that of "just a few prisoners" it will taken by the Arabs as the humiliation of all their people. And no matter how Bill O' Rilley spins it in his no spin zone, it was not a few untrained young reservists. Sorry Bill, stop BSing you are already over your head. (more wisdom from Bill, " we will control the oil", "the gasoline prices will go below a dollar", "we should bomb Fallujah to dirt") Was the war also fought by some untrained young hoodlums from the reserves? Are those who gave their lives in the deserts of the Iraq were also some untrained young hoodlums of the reserves.

A few of the real red blooded Americans want to bomb everyone, that does not agree with us, to the smithereens. The list includes now the Iraqis the Saudis, the French, the Germans and a few hundred other nations and countries. Ever wonder why some foreign officials have called Bush stupid, ignorant, misguided among other titles. May be we should choose more carefully who we put in the front office next time. It is small world after all, and we need the population to get along more than to try to kill maim and conquer. If not what is the difference between our foreign policy and that of the Taliban.

( did you know that Mr Bush's new most favorite song is " I started a joke" my the BeeGees) (M.N.R)



Let' give the complete title, "Fox news, fair and balanced". Will someone please tell me how a net work that says that the liberal media ( their words) are biased to the left and they are here to emphsise the counter point ( thus by definition biased to the right) can be allowed to even trade mark the phrase.

I would hate call my my fellow citizens generally stupid but there must be a few with their heads stuck in the sand ,or at least the Fox News thinks it is so, or they would find it insulting what Bill O'Rielly and Sean Hannity put in front of them as unbiased and true. Before i go there, let me state that I think that lady lawyer on the Bill O'Rielly radio show must be hurting for money, or no self respecting human being will put up with the crap, or may be she is like that lady detective in the movie "Oxygen", if you don't know what I am saying you need to check out the movie, or the other movie called " Secretary".

Bill says he has been in the war, ( on a British frigate during the Falklands i guess). But what crap Sean produced today would have insulted anyone's intelligence, even that of Rummie. After the disclosure of there being over thirty investigations of the prisoner abuse, many still on going, and a few cases of murder, Mr Hannity stated well there were some seven some odd people and they have all been taken care of, and the Iraqis should b e thankful for what we are doing for them. Well by the same token if a fireman puts a fire out in your house he should have the right to sleep with your mother/ wife/ sister/ daughter, Right??????? Thankyou Mr Hannity, the Arabs around the world now understand your point of view, thankyou.

Or should the morons like these should be told to tone down their crap, it is ok to preach crap to your followers who probably cannot read and have no friends so they can listen to you all day and never know any better, but there are other people, intelligent people who listen just for such BS.
Shame on Ted Koppel to even waste his time on that show and not calling Hannity on for what he is , an over paid, over blown clown. (M.N.R)


SEERS10 05/07/2004

My condolences really, to the secretary of state, GEN Collin Powell. How long can you sell your dignity, and still retain any kind of self-respect. I bet right now he is lying awake in his bed, wondering if he could have made more money by exposing his boss for what he is had he done it before the invasion. How does a person go around the globe, facing people that know you to be a spineless liar. How much money in speaking fees, and how many seats on boards of directors equal ones honor.

How long do you wish to continue the charade Mr. Secretary. Where is the honor of a four star general. Your boss let you down, your fellow cabinet memebers have proven out to be a bunch of liars. And the king is naked, do you have enough honor to admit you were a dope. Do you continue to go around the globe, promoting lies. Do you feel no shame that if you are not lying out there yourself, you are the bottom of the food chain, not even trusted by your boss, your president, your commander-in-cheif.

I will stop here now and wait to see if you can soon find your spine (M.N.R)


SEERS11 05/08/2004

Now we have seen our secretary of defense admit to the congress and the world public, that he did not think our commander-in chief was mature enough or responsible enough to be told of a situation that would cause our country almost irreparable damage in her standing in the eyes of the world. I also see that none in our officer and general officer corps has the guts to stand up for the right, have enough honor, to put his promotion, career, retirement and or the opportunity to be employed by a contractor after retirement in jeopardy, to speak the truth, or resign.

I know most of our journalist will not ask the president to come out and speak the truth, that he knew of and approved the policy of sexual abuse and degradation of the Iraqis. That the Mossad already uses such techniques against the Arabs, and we have learnt well, next time we will make sure no cameras are taken in the prisons.

But where are my christian brethren. Where are the moral beacons of freedom and democracy today. Why is that moral midget Jerry Falwell not asking for the heads of a few commanders for causing, approving and or ignoring the homosexual rapes. Is his God not offended, outraged? Why is Judge Moore not condemning the Republican administration. Where are the REAL Christians of this country that fall all over the each other and themselves sucking up to Bush and Cheney. I would love to have a talk show journalist like Russert or the Fox News, or a Christian leader, or even Newt, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Asa Hutchinson and Pat Robertson find out and explain that on what moral and christian grounds this administration can or should be supported. And how, what we are doing and have done in Iraq and Afghanistan ( sexual abuse and homosexual rapes) is just much much better than a president getting a blow job, and makes our president more deserving of our confidence and vote (M.N.R)



Why do these people still think that Arabs in general and the Iraqis in particular are stupid. Still today there are people on the right pushing the line that lil ole George did not know earlier of the torture in the Iraqi prisons. And that he is loyal to his cadre. It is a tradition in the military, and i guess it also applies to the civilian sector also, that if an organization is in trouble anywhere that the boss must be informed immediately. Politics aside, who in this world can believe that after the briefing by the ICRC on the prison abuses, none of the three, Rumsfeld, Powell or Condi thought it prudent to advise the president. Do we have such incompetent people running the affairs of this country???? And what cost loyalty? does Mr Bush not think that he was not well served by these people, Is Mr Bush really that stupid?

And then to try to make light of the situation, why has the right chosen to belittle the damage caused to our national security by these morons, be it seven people enlisted or ten thousand atrocities committed, or if just one woman was raped. It is still an incident that must be taken seriously. The terrorist already were telling their people that the Americans have no regard for the Arab or Muslim life. we are only helping them prove their point.

To say that it was only a few bad apples out of control with no limits sounds like a white wash. Though I hate to jump to conclusions, the situation as we already know was not isolated to Al-Gharib, and seems to have been a matter of policy. We only spin it at the risk to our own credibility. The Arabs and the Muslims don't consider American civilians as anything other than the CIA agents, we should warn our people going over there if caught over there they will be treated as the CIA agents and as such the enemy.

Those who spend their days listening to ( and thus getting their opinions issued by) the talk radio and the FOX news are bound to get tunnel vision of the situation, And the problem with tunnel vision is that you are suseptable to being blind sided, ask Mr Bush. (M.N.R)


A GAY MARRIAGE 04/29/2004
Dear Mr President

(and other prophets pious people and do gooders)

I am sincerely touched by your emotional speaches and even portrayed genuine desires to save the sacred institute of marriage. Ofcourse we agree that even if not considered holy or biblical, marriage has been a sacred institute in all civilaized and semi-civilized cultures. And that marriage has always been considered a contract between one man and one woman, with few exceptions. In most cultures, and our own laws have provided protections for the same. Now we have our gay population also desiring to be married as equals to the straights. The soulution is simple and i hope you will agree.

We do not really need a constitutional amendment to keep gays from being married. As it is there is not much value left in a marriage. Previously the cultures, socities and religions provided for sanctions against those who would break their vows. I hope you will agree that we need to go back to the same protections. We should codify pre-marital and extra marital sex as at least a misdemeanor punishable by a six month jail sentence and a five hundred dollar fine, and adultery and fornication should be considered a felony with a minimum five thousand dollar fine and a year in jail, Thus showing our serious desire that breaking these vows is a serious offense. I know no preacher, Imam, priest or a Rabbi that will disagree. Let's be truly honest with ourselves, our faith, and the public and push this honest and fair proposal. Then we will see how many gays still want to get married. Or we may just not have to ammend the constitution.

I know i can count on your full support of this honest and fair defense of the holy vows of matrimony. (M.N.R)




My heart felt thanks to all that took the time to read " what's wrong with the right". It yet confirms my belief that the democracy is not dead yet in America, that there are people on both the left and the right that care about our country and want the democracy , the constitution and the bill of rights to survive intact.

But let me propose to you this, what if neither Bush nor Kerry really want to be elected. First look at who is running the country today and does democracy really exist in the USA.

If Clinton was elected by a minority, then we must admit that Bush was "elected" by even a smaller minority. He fails to answer to the public, all persons in his "court" are always hand picked. reporters and their questions are pre-screened for his "news conferences". Is that what we expect of the leader of the greatest country ever.

President Bush, over his political career has collected over half a billion dollars in contributions, even though he says or may think the media and the Hollywood liberals are out to get him, ( o.k. he does not but his cronies say), but is there any doubt the media and the Hollywood are financed by the corporations. Thus it follows that if Bush really wanted to set a moral tone for the country he would have told the corporations to tone down the sexual garbage in the ads and the TV programming.

The reason I say that both candidates may really want to loose the upcoming election is that they both know whoever gets elected will have to confront the massive problems with Iraq, the inflation, the budget deficits, the terrorists and more.

And to be sure, god is not coming down soon enough to fix this mess or to take the blame for our own SH**. (M.N.R)


I consider myself pretty conservative on the social issues. My two teenage daughters are told, and made to dress a bit modestly, i.e. no belly buttons or panties showing, and no two piece bathing suits, even though both take swimming and karate, and the older is also in JROTC.

But seems to me that by default, the right has taken a cult mentality where the leader can do no wrong. What has George Bush done right lately? Be Honest! He has taken us into a war we can not win. He lied to us or was stupid enough to not to know when he was being lied to. He fell for the WMD charade, the nuclear purchase charade, he did not know what our military was doing in our prison camps, and can not see what his PATRIOTS ACT does to the civil rights and the liberties.

Is this nation now so far gone that we are supposed to turn a blind eye when the king is naked. Where is the out rage> This time it is not a bunch of dope smoking hippies that are against the war, but it is a bunch of dogooders wanting death and destruction on the people of the world in the name of the Lord and peace. And don't tell me that the support of the war from the right is only based upon facts, and the known dangers.

Why are we not holding Mr Bush responsible for the budget screw ups and the deficits, for the health care mess, for the jobs being created that pay no benefits, and more than anything else for a screwed up war we are in.
Or is it that right only consists of the people who sent money to Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert and Pat Robertson and Falwell and their ilk. We have no brains, we can not ask our president to tell the drug companies to quit pushing Viagra day and night. That he should make the oil companies pay windfall profits taxes, ( for while the working people have to pay thru the nose at the pump, his and Cheney's buddies are getting filthy rich)



Had I been an enterprising kind, I would have made T-shirt with the likeness of George Bush on one side, and that of the Judge Roy Moore on the other, with a caption proclaiming "HE" has returned. Not as a prognostication as to the results of the 2004 elections, ( I leave that to the experts like Pat Robertson). But proclaiming the return of the lord himself, I guess. That because while no one really knows when the lord will return, ( last I checked he was arguing with the father, recalling his treatment during his last journey here abouts, he asserted that he did not care if the mankind as whole decided to assign it's self to go to hell).

But funny thoughts aside, when our fore- fathers decided to mention in the constitution that the congress shall pass no law to establish a religion, they must have also thought that the individual states shall similarly also not establish a state religion. Looking around my state of Alabama, and I am sure in many other states around in the neighborhood, there are legislators that keep trying to sneak in different clauses into law to do just the same. I don't mind them pandering in the name of the lord if they visit various churches, but in the public arena they should keep their faith to themselves. Our state, as well as the country contains people of all differing beliefs. When these prostitutes ( sorry I mean politicians) go about professing and proclaiming their beliefs ad-nausiam, non-believers like myself have an uneasy feeling - like what if I ever have to deal with this person or go to court where a real christian is the judge-. almost like being punched in the gut, or like having to talk to a christian Osama.

What is worse is that we have people running for the justice of the supreme court of Alabama going about saying Roy Moore loves me or something like I slept with Roy Moore, or Roy Moore is my secret step daddy. Jean Brown, Pam Baschab and someone i can never remember the name of, I think Jerry Stokes come to mind.

Last I remember, Roy Moore got off easy, he should have been tried for incompetence,lack of judicial temperament, dereliction of duty, and perjuring himself in the court of public opinion when he ran for a state office to do a certian job while he had no intention of full-filing the obligations of his office, (or something like that I am no lawyer, sorry). And I will not even talk about the christian people crying in front of, and kneeling and prostrating themselves in front of a 5300 pound rock. (M.N.R)


Life 2003


LIFE 2003

I wish they will stop whining once and for all, about the liberal media and its whiners. First the media in the US has been rooting for a war for months. Of course if a war happens, it will be a ratings bonanza for the net work TV. With the Dan Rather and his ilk getting free trips to the Mid East and expanded news budgets. Why else would the talking heads be talking up our military prowess every night, how our bombs are now smarter, (may be even more so than some of our commentators, cause the bombs seem to find their mark).

Have you heard about the Saddam's torture chambers? How about the torture chambers in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan and Israel? Have you heard about the democracy we shall bring to Iraq, and the pigs will fly and the above mentioned regimes will just walk away from their power, the oil billions and the whore houses? And we thought the messiah has yet to arrive. Actually the whores in power there are already clamping down on their populace worse than they ever did.

With his declaration of war on terrorism, Mr. Bush actually delegetimized the aspirations of millions of Muslims, from Palestine to the Philippines. Thus probably increasing the chances of terrorism around the world more than ever before.

It is not news that the one fifth of the population of this world that calls itself Muslim actually lacks basic human rights because of their own leadership that is made of liars, thieves and whore mongers that steal their monies and leave their countries poor. And now they are again selling out their own to save their asses. And it is also no secret that the poverty and the ignorance and lack of human rights are the basic root cause of terrorism, not Islam.

As far as he media are concerned, the right can no longer whine about the liberal media. Now that we have a conservative Geraldo Rivera, Bill O'Rilley, (the living proof that Yale is not the only place for idiots to get an Ivy League degree). A most sincere Jerry Springer of the right, Rush Limbaugh, (an out of work comedian). And a conservative Donohue, Sean Hanitty. Even the MTV jack ass is being countered by the right's own Mike Savage, you too can be stupid and on TV at the same time.

In the "no spin zone" if you are for trying to save untold number of innocent lives, you are labeled to be for Saddam. And the guy, who lost election to a dead man in his home state, has no axe to grind against the wild and woolly left. And while they try to protect us from the untold EVIL, we are busy fornicating, and having too much fun making babies, (of the Mexican and Black, and Asian and the Muslim kind).

In this new world disorder, (the war between the Saddam and the Bushies), the Bible and the Koran are being quoted and misquoted liberally. The mullahs from their minbers and the preachers from their pulpits are again forecasting the end times, and the Armageddon and the rapture, selling heavens to the believers. Forget it; it has been the end of times for the last six thousand years.

And poor me, I am probably the only person living, that has family in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kurdistan ( Iraq), U.K., Canada and the United States, and a few friends even in Germany. And you could not pay me off, like some other ex soldier, to change my mind and favor a war. Not even the one between the good and the evil.

The idea of a hell is common to all three monotheistic religions of the East, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The basic concept is that if you live an immoral and sinful life (I have no idea what that means), then you will go to hell, (A place of great fires where one will burn for ever!).

Now, if nothing else will work, the idea of burning in a fire for ever (a very long time), should keep one on the "straight and narrow."

It is also a common tenet of these religions, that if you do good deeds you will go to "paradise"
(Once again please make up your own mind what paradise is). Secondly, that only a few are ever good enough to be able to go to paradise, at least on their own.

All my life, I have lived mostly among the Christians and the Muslims, and a few Jews and others. And yet I have never heard anyone say, or heard of anyone one says that they KNOW they will go to hell when they are dead. Even Hitler did not seem to be consumed by this fear when he decided to take his own life, Timothy McVeigh did not ask for a delay in his execution for the fear of these great fires. Far as I know, Osama bin Laden is not too worried about per chance arriving at the same locale. Seems like, no one ever thinks that they will go to a real hell to be over cooked, so the idea seems to have lost its flavor.

I think many of our world leaders today have more faith in the mercy of their God, than they have a fear of His wrath.

Does any one really know their book?

According to the testaments, when God wanted to destroy the world, he did not ask Noah to burn down his village or the crops, or to throw rocks at the people, God told Noah to make a boat and escape when the floods came.

When a Pharaoh boasted of being able to grant life or impose death, God sent a gnat in his nostril to cause his death.

When God became angry at the people of the Sodom and Gomorrah, he did not ask Lot to destroy
The towns, he told Lot to escape, with his family, and then He brought His wrath upon the people for their transgressions.

How many times have we seen people, who think they are guided by the God to do his dirty work?
Be wrong and cause more suffering. Think about the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the KKK, the lynching.

Does God really talk to the people? Let’s see. How do you tell a prophet from a heretic? Most of the people that claimed to be the messengers of God have been accused of being the opposite. Was Rasputin being guided by the Holy Spirit? How about John Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church? Or Jim Jones, or Timothy McVeigh, or even Osama Bin Laden. They all claimed to have a divine connection.

Or is it that some people suffer from delusions, or at least self -hypnosis and start to believe in their nasty motives as to have been divinely inspired. How do you differentiate between a Tim McVeigh and a David Koresh and Ted Bundy and a Charles Manson?

Or do you believe that a mass murder of the innocent in the name of a God is justified, be it in Tel Aviv, or The West Bank, or Baghdad.

Or may be you should go back to your God and tell him to do his own dirty work.


Monday, July 10, 2006




I lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years. There I learned what a tyranny is, how the ruling classes fool the public and usurp the power of the people to control their own live. Here in the United States we have been blessed, most us have had freedom as their birth right, democracy the only form of government they have ever known. Even as this area has recently been settled by many more military families, for most of the people from these parts the foreign travels have mostly consisted of going to Atlanta, Panama City and even in some cases the Disney world. The world beyond these parts might as well be on another planets, if not in some other solar system altogether.

his for four years.

But so here we are in the second year of the second term for Mr.( "Putin? I could fall in love with that guy, he has such beautiful eyes and I looked into them, I trust him") Bush. And while our vice president was over seas last week, this time lecturing the Russians on democracy, I wondered if he believed that the democracy is still good for the Americans as well.

Probably not, if not so, then why would the congress once again pass a tax cut for the super rich at a time when the country is at war and on the verge of bankruptcy, borrowing money from the Communists to pay for our government's daily deficit habit. Was anyone listening to Bill Bernanke when he told the congress that there is NO proof that tax cuts increase the tax intake or improve the economy, once again proving my point that both the Bush and Reagan recoveries were dependent on the deficit spending.

So should we be blaming al-Quieda and just nineteen terrorists for destroying our country bringing our country to her knees, and causing us to spend five trillion dollars in deficit and on tax give aways? Or should we thank them to provide the cover for our beloved president to sell out the country. Can you honestly believe that nine eleven could have been the cause of all this?

And now Mr. Bush is ready and willing to surrender the American sovereignty to the illegal aliens this Monday evening on prime time TV. Are we still a democracy? According to some polls, eighty percent of the citizenry is against this invasion,against us being forced to learn the language of the occupiers, against our children being forced into slave labor and being relegated to a life of crime and poverty. Should we be able to ask Mr. President, what country are you representing? Should we not ask Mr. President if we are still a democracy.


cheap morality



Once again our good for nothing politicians are riding the high morality horses. Instead of addressing the poverty and the low wages, instead of addressing the out o wedlock child births and the spread of STDs, these do gooders (ones who banned the marital aids) are out to ban the gay marriage.

But why? What is a marriage in today's society anyways? In the state of Alabama or in the United States, are there any sanctions to keep any one from breaking the so called vows of marriage? Are there any sanctions against pre-marital or extra-marital sex? Has anyone been jailed for having an affair? Was Newt Gingrich having an affair with his secretary? Was Rudi Gulliani trying to get the courts to throw out his wife from the Gracie Mansion so he could move his girl friend in? Where are you my friends of the right that hold these and others like these in the highest esteem.

Marriage today is only good for getting some benefits from your employer or the tax breaks from the government for that person that you are sleeping with. So what's the Big Deal?

According to my local paper sex in high school is par for the course. And how many in the legislature themselves have never had sex outside marriage, a show of hands please! I dare you! In our society at large, when do our preachers ever banish a girl-friend, boy-friend , or a couple that are so called fiancees (for life?) from their pews. A preacher was actually beat up for saying that the deceased was a sinner and a fornicator.

Let's be for real! gay marriage , or for that matter the marital aids are not the biggest issues in our state or our country. Our problem is that the teens and even the pre teens are having "consensual" sex. Parents are allowing fourteen and fifteen year old ( also much younger and older) to go out on "dates". Our daughters are coming to schools in out fits that would have made a street walker blush, just a few short years ago. Our preachers and the politicians are quiet, while a few get obscenely rich at the expanse of a many that can barely make a living, Half the employees of the Wal-Mart qualify for food stamps and have no health benefits. The minimum wage is not enough for a single person to survive. Our twenty, thirty, forty, fifty and sixty somethings can't keep their pants and panties on in the presence of the opposite sex.

What would Jesus do? Last i checked, He stood up for the rights of the poor, and told a crowd that he who has not sinned to cast the first stone. Unless we are ready to enact and enforce sanctions against those that break their vows of marriage instead of elevating them to higher offices and kiss their behind and tell them they (are presidential material), and those having sex outside wedlock, let the queers have their paper too. If not, then then the ones trying to pass a constitutional amendment, or any other law to keep gays from getting married are the real fags.

Do I hear an AMEN from your pulpit!


common values


Life is this game of connect the dots, if you fail to connect all the dots you don't see the whole picture.

June 6, 2006 was an election day in Alabama, it was also the 62nd anniversary of the D-Day, the memorial of the day when the United States Forces landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe from the clutches of the Nazis and the Facsists. No one cared that the black soldiers and the white soldiers were in seperate units. Or that back home the blacks could not vote or even drink from the same water fountain. Ofcourse freedom for the blacks was not all that important, being that they were not really humans like "US". So it was that while the blacks gave their lives to free the white Europeans, back home we lynched the blacks for looking at a white woman, it was also one of our common values.

In !979, I was assigned to Fort Rucker. One of my black friends ( an E-6, MP) could not leave Fort Rucker with his girl friend because she was white. Back in those days you just did not do that in Alabama. Then the 1980 lynching of a black kid in Mobile once again put the fear of God in "THOSE" people. Blacks in the banks were janitors not cashiers or investment advisors, they were kept in their place. It took my annonymous letter to a local credit union to see some black cashiers, in 1990.

It is then ironic that on the day that we celebrated the liberation of Europe, that 81percent of my fellow citizens of Alabama would decide to deny a common previledge to the adult homosexuals of this state that was granted hetrosexual fourteen year olds just a few short years ago. Since when do the common values have to over come the common senses? Taliban had tried to impose common values on the society, but here we mostly belong to the churches that are based on a faith that it self was created against the common values of a tradition, did we not update the old testament into the new testament? Have we, as a society never changed our own norms? If one has the right to be with his OWN kind then since when he should have the right to stop another from doing the same.

I am personally ofended at the public display of the so called gay pride, or public displays of gay affection, but then I am also personally offended by the public display of too much skin, hetrosexual making out in public, and school kids rubbing all over eachother, but what can I say. I would not dare stop your daughter from doing the same or you might be offended by my interposing in her private life too.

The era of irrational exubrance is still with us, and flaunting is not just a gay problem. We fluant our degrees, our politics and our connections, we flaunt our bodies, and in the wiregrass where the TV announceseach night that 38,000 citizens are in danger of going to bed hungry, we buy $450,000 condos and build $20 million mansions, the flaunting of our common values may not be so far off the mark, it may just be to atone for our other shortfalls.

It is probabaly almost impossible that majority of the white couples in Alabama could end up with a black child (naturally), or vice versa, but it is surely possible that one of yours, or mine, children or grand children could end up being gay, would you or I then shoot them, or would we like them to have a`decent life all the same, to have and to find love, and a chance to be afforded the same dignity, fairness and honor that we want for our dogs and cats and may be even for our other kids.

May be today is a good day, for all of us, to start working for that goal.


abortion politics


abortion politics

Whenever a discussion is carried on for too long, it becomes obvious that the parties have given up on reason and rationale and are thus resorting to emotions and or hyperbole.

Such is the case with every debate involving religion and matters of faith. A faith is just that, a blind trust in what you are taught to believe in, most religions will tell you that you cannot question “GOD”. You can never question what you are being told.

For those who believe that life and death are the matters in the hands of a “God” that life begins at conception, that you get to be with the “Lord” when you die have no problem trying to thwart the plans of the Lord and defend against their own demise by any means possible, no matter how badly the Lord needs their company. From taking of the cholesterol lowering medicines, the blood pressure medicine to accepting parts of a “dead body” no measure is too great to deny the God His will.

Today we have the technology to tell us that the child your wife is carrying in her womb is not really yours, pretty soon we will be able to say, with certainty, if that child will also grow up to be a criminal, or even a Hitler, then what? Do we wait to kill him after he is born, or may be we wait until he reaches a certain age? Better yet, do we let him kill first?

How many among us, (and I don’t want to mention the names of married locals having affairs) like Newt Gingrich, Bill Dickenson, Dick Morris, Rudi Giuliani would have the moral fortitude of Jessie Jackson and let their girlfriend get pregnant and carry those babies to term, while we still live at home with our wives. Stop this non-sense stuff that it is just kids messing with kids that get knocked up.

And if it is just kids messing with kids that get pregnant “by accident” or “mistake” then what do you propose that we do? Sex education? At home? Or at school?
First tell me what did mommy or daddy teach YOU about sex? And secondly, even though we teach our kids about fire safety and gun safety, how many of us let our kids play with guns and matches, unsupervised. One thing though, I am not for teaching kids about unnatural sex acts which remain in the sole domain of the “CSI:, HBO, and MTV.

While we have kids eleven and twelve year olds having “consensual” sex with anyone they please, and college freshmen volunteering for porn movie spots, maybe a discussion of banning abortions is about as timely, useful and appropriate as seeding the Sahara desert of Oak trees.

What is the scariest part of this whole discussion is that we have people who “KNOW”. How do we forget the man named Calvin, who roasted people on slow fires when they did not agree with him, Calvin also knew. (M.N.R)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fighting the terrorist

fighting the terrorists

Sometime you must wonder if the certain people in this country are living in reality. For some on the right criticizing anything about the president has become sacrilege, still one of the goffiest things the pres and his clique have succeeded in making the believers believe is that, "we are fighting the terrorists in Iraq, and if we don't fight them there we will fight them here".

The truth of the matter is that we are in the middle of a civil war in Iraq, caught in the middle of the Sheia and the Sunnis, trying to put down a fire that we started by first invading Iraq, and then making the stupid claim that we are there to establish democracy. But wait, sooner or later we shall leave, leaving Iraq and her future in ruins, and the bloodshed will continue, road to hell is ..............




For those of us that have been overseas, we know that in every nation, even in some of the most conservative societies such as the Islamist Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the Communist USSR, and Israel and Catholic Brazil and Philippines, the prostitution is a part of the society, even if not officially condoned or even acknowledged.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union we have begun to hear the stories about the slave trade and sex slaves and human smuggling, all of these have existed from well before. The slave trade in sex and otherwise has never been stopped at any time. The Gulf countries especially imported the sex slaves from places like India and Ethiopia and the Far East all along. And in a few but still some cases from the European countries and the Untied States and the United Kingdom. Proving that when there is a need there is someone there to supply. In the United States itself today there are prostitutes present from the four corners of the world.

It is a well known fact of humanity that as the poverty increases, so does the prostitution. A poignant example of the relationship between poverty and prostitution is in the Victor Hugo's play, "Les Misrables", where the character of Fantine turns to prostitution when she loses her job and has to provide for her son's care. Other examples of this fact can be found in the chronicles of the death camps and as well as the Japanese camps of the prisoners of war.
Then there is of course the home grown kind, the local supply. Of course as the drug use and the poverty have been increasing in the United States, so has prostitution. Over the first four years of the Bush administration, it is estimated that over three million more new poor were created. Many of these the working poor, many more lost their medical benefits thus making these people more susceptible to fall into the old profession. The wages remain stagnant while the cost of living keeps increasing. Men walk away from their families because they can no longer provide support for their families.

And why not, look at the history of our country. From Dodge City to Carson City prostitutes were there right along with the pioneers. Even as recently as the nineteen seventies, as the Trans Alaska pipeline was being laid Anchorage was filled with prostitutes to keep those brave men focused. Why just pay lip service to the traditional values. And since we refuse to bring gambling to our state and millions of dollars of our money are being spent in the neighboring states, by legalizing prostitution we could bring much of that money back from other states and have an increase in tourism.

In this age of free trade and budget deficits, and the US congress declining to increase the minimum wage, the poverty is bound to increase and thus the need for some to join the profession. Of course in some cases in our country the stigma has already been removed. We know that the girl that married Donald Trump for instance will get a lot of money and the marriage will last may be two or three years and she will be rich as a result of it, now what’s the difference. And what about the reality shows where people are paid to make out with strangers on “live” TV. This is not to say that all prostitutes are females, when Liz Taylor or Lizza or Cher has no problem finding younger companions.

I think it was in Sudan, where two women were condemned to death for adultery but they did not say who and what men were involved in the sex crimes. Same is the luck of the American working girl. As it was in the case of Heidi Fliesch and here in Dothan when prostitution rings were exposed, the names of the clients were not. How do you try some one for prostitution without having to prove that it actually occurred? If a police case is ever made it can only be solicitation, but not prostitution it self.

And what does the justice system do to help a woman that is arrested for prostitution. Do we (the courts) try to get her trained for a trade or help her get a job or provide her shelter from her pimp or get her child support. No, mostly after she has already paid for her bondsman and her attorney, the judge would normally fine her a thousand or fifteen hundred dollars, pay able in thirty days or so. Can we thus conclude that in fact she is going back to work the street to pay her fine and we as the court and the society have de-facto agreed to be her pimps.

Should we not stop pretending, there is a demand in our society for sex workers. It has been said that masturbation will reduce the number of rapes. And so will the availability of a prostitute. Our laws say that one can be arrested for and convicted of raping one’s own wife if he forces her to have sex with him. Does it not make perfect sense to have clean and safe environment for those who would peruse the services of a prostitute to satisfy their most natural of human needs. Also this will provide for safety and welfare of our women that may have to resort to this profession.

Why does it make sense for one woman to have the right and the say so over her body to refuse sex to her husband, while we deny the other woman the right to sell the same to her own benefit? It seems to me that the two should have equal rights to do with their bodies as they please. And why is it ok for a woman to bring a man home from a bar or even her work and to sleep with him in full anticipation that he will buy her groceries, or help her with a car payment or the rent or electric bill or may be buy her a dinner but not ok for the other to just ask for her services to be paid for in cash.

From time to time we are forced to use the precious and limited talents and resources of our police forces to combat the so called scourge of prostitution. As a nation we are so consumed by our moral wars and wars of all those other kinds, the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, the war on littering, etc. Let’s give our selves a break, stop this crusade that we are bound to loose, and legalize prostitution. Surely our over worked court systems and officers of the law have better things to do.

As we look to the heavens (for rapture), and even to Washington for our salvation (to stop illegal immigration and to increase the minimum wage), we see scant help forth coming. There is no Manna from heavens for crying and hungry children. No more food stamps to feed the hungry. Our cups that had once runneth over now runneth dry, as we worship the twin gods of free trade and conservative compassionism.

Looking ahead, should it not then be so, that we find the kindness and compassion in our hearts and legalize prostitution or to decriminalize the same. So that our daughters and grand daughters and even our wives and our mothers will be able to take care of our sick and feed our hungry children without a fear of persecution or prosecution as more and more of our compassionate and conservative policies of low wages and better profits get implemented.



Information first printed in news paper 2/20/2003


Night after night, and the day time too, the liberal media of this country has an on going peep show going on called entertainment. From the poor Michael Jackson interviews, to big brother, the Osborne, the Batchelor and the best thing to come out of Texas recently, by far, the Anna Nicole show. Our minds are numbed by senseless exploitation of the hapless of the society. People by the millions tune in, and like the Romans of the yore enjoy the public carnage while we try to forget, or are totally unaware of the moral and the economic demise of our nation.

Where are we headed as a democracy? While we hang on the cliches of the greatness of our country and its place in history, we constantly ignore the current trends and forget that the future of us (US) does not depend on our history alone ,but upon our actions and in actions as a people today.

A vast majority of the so called informed bunch, has never picked up a history book, or studied an economic thesis, traveled well or even listened to others with opinions contrary to their own. Our opinions are formed not on the basis of our own experience or research, but on the second hand information given to us by our so called "leaders" and the talk show hosts who must know all. The reasoning being that they must have attained their positions by their innate knowledge and experience, and thus being absolved of any responsibility to do the hard work of a democracy, the independent study and acquiring of knowledge.
Remembering that if you only listen to the people that you agree with, you only show your lack of intelligence, judgment and maturity.

Let me assure you, from someone who has been there, the greatest threat to our democracy and the economy is the ignorance of our populace, and our stubborn refusal to learn the facts.

Sincerely (M.N.R)

Friday, July 07, 2006



once again
a life ends without begining
shades of hate and pain and dispair
souls wandering to the edges of hell
looking for faith,
looking for a purpose
for the life without a meaning
full of hope once,
but none left to use
used up all and none to spare
promises broken,
promises unkept

a constant reminder
of the days when we were invincible
and the love was squandered
on the cheap.
to fill our empty arms.
now empty beds, full of empty dreams
empty days, follow our empty nights
empty lives, hollow selves

wanting always to be worshiped
we were the head of class
wanting to be adored
it was our birth right
willing to take all
with nothing to give
so convinced of our infalablity
we were ever so proud
or were sold on the commercialism of the society ,
we could have it all

where are you now, where am i
on this road to hell
did we not have the world
we had it all, only to loose
for the want of evermore
oh, for the days of my youth
so giddy, and full of promise
promise of a life for evermore
a life that ended, before we were dead

it was only yesterday


Thursday, July 06, 2006


06 July 2006SLAVERY
It is a basic economic fact that in a market where labor is plentiful, the wages will drop. So it follows that when we live in a global market and this market has a glut of workers, pretend as we may the wages and thus the standard of living of the working class must fall. And what is service economy anyway. Service by definition does not produce anything and does not add value to anything, be it making of a burger or advice from a banker. You could always make a burger your self , go to a fast food restaurant and pay three dollars or go to a fancy bistro and pay eight dollars, it is still a burger, and the same advice you get from a banker could be gleaned from a magazine or researched on the net. As we are finding out that the certain office duties or banking functions can be performed anywhere in the world, thus no chance for one to improve their lot in life by extra hard work or education. As we watch we are being sold into slavery without being aware of it , YET.





A study of our history will show that one of the ways the slaves were kept down was to dehumanize them. Slaves, and more particularly the female slaves were not supposed to be deserving of honor, they were not worthy of having any dignity or self- respect, of modesty or shame, or privacy of person. The slaves could not complain if their wife or daughter or sister was taken for sex with or without consent. And a master could see them naked or near naked if he so desired. We have surely come a long way, baby!

In the old days, the slaves were not allowed to have any shame, dignity or honor and education, in the 20th century we surrendered it all willingly and called it progress. Mohammed N. Razavi , 2004.




Please do not for a moment believe that I am denigrating any belief systems or any religions, that I have an agenda to promote any particular faith, that I believe one religion or belief system is better than any other. These observations here are just that, observations. The reason for examples from the Christian faith is there because the reader is more likely to be familiar with the same. "Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord ponderth the hearts". 21 proverbs 2
People, Communities, countries and nations need leaders to guide and direct the society from a point in time into the future, to hopefully a brighter and more prosperous future. It is trusted that the leaders are honest, and only wish the best for the people that they lead. Every country and every nation world has leadership, from despots and tyrants to monarchs to some of the so called "freely elected."
As I said before, generally speaking people do not much care for change. We like our lives to be routine and ordinary. Everything should be simple and easily controlled. When the things don't go as expected or planned we look to our leaders for guidance and an explanation.
Religion may be divine, but is always interpreted by people, and thus it is subject to modification and adjustments due to the whims, the preferences and the desires (anterior or ulterior motives). Still each of us, especially the Christians, the Muslims and the Jews, consider only our own faith to be the correct one. Even though the Koran and the teachings of the prophet Mohammed clearly declare the Christianity and the Judaism to be holy and Godly faiths, the message has been lost somewhere by the Islamic leaders and their Imams in the current climate of hate and prejudice. The vehemence and venom targeted against the Muslims by some orthodox Jews and the fundamentalist Christians is no more reassuring. We are always ready to prove our Lord, full of grace and glory, to be vengeful, mean spirited and lacking any compassion and understanding. And so we carefully follow the leaders and preachers that will guarantee that only we shall be the recipients of that grace and the glory, barring all others. Condemning all the others to that very warm spa. Because the human nature says that if I am absolutely right then all the others must be absolutely wrong. " Great men are not always right: neither do the aged understand judgment". 32 Job 9.
It is also, that when life seems to be out of control we want someone or something else to blame. And barring any positive development or a possibility of a clear and favorable resolution of the present conditions, we naturally turn to religion and become the likes of the religious soldiers such as the suicide bombers, or the followers of Jim Jones and David Koresh. We develop blind spots for the major faults and short comings of our standard bearers, we forget Rudi was trying to move his girl friend in the house with his wife, a house that belonged to the people, or that Ollie is a convicted and admitted and proud perjurer. We keep sending money to Jim Bakker in jail, and write love notes to Ted Bundy. And that the Lady Di was a saint and not a slut.
It is no shock or awe then, that some people in my age group, (many fathers with two daughters on welfare, living in with their " boy friends" , the grand fathers of five children their daughters produced, from five different guys, some times having to prove paternity thru blood tests, sometimes marrying the boy just before the baby was born) to find religion. To forget that we were the proud hippies, we who smoked dope and practiced open marriages and zip less sex. To be saying what is this world coming to, to hide their Frank Zappa albums and listen to the country music, waiting for the ole lady to run off with her boy friend. And forever denying that rock and roll in the USA also has a southern heritage.
Or those of the "greatest generation over" look at their young somberly. Keeping mum about what happened to the "Great American Family" tradition during and as a result of the second world war. Forever to keep secret, that while we were at overseas, our fiancées, wives and girlfriends were having affairs at home and at the factories. That we accepted that as a fact of life, as we had visited the brothels, and had indulged in the company of the ladies of lesser virtues, from England to the Philippines. And we would forever swear upon the chastity of our wives , mothers and daughters, now if we could only buy it back too.
So barring that, we jump on the band wagon of morals this and the morals that, while we prostitute our souls. "To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice". 21 proverbs 3. If we could only convince the Lord of our sincere righteousness, may be we will stay away from that very warm place too. Thus not the religion, but the purity and the purpose of the heart shall be our salvation.
" A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape". 19 Proverbs 5. How do we then go , in our merry ways, supporting the untruths, and helping spread the lies. So long as we believe that they support our political agendas. Why we allow these political leaders to do evil in the name of the good, and in our names. Or do our leaders, political and the religious, know what it means "My lips shall not speak wickedness, nor my tongue utter deceit. God forbid that I shall justify you: till I die I will not remove mine integrity from me". 27Job 4,5.
Lastly the political commentators and the pundits and the talk show hosts, more specifically the great Mike Savage, Sean Hannity and the Rush should check out the admonition, " A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth". 14 Proverbs 6.


Monday, July 03, 2006


This was written on the 15 September 2001

How ironic that I had just finished the draft of this article in the early morning of the 11th of September. It is sad what happened on that day in the United States, it not only changed the world politically, but also in important ways, very much economically also. And we will still be calculating the economic impact of the actions of the terrorist years from now. But the truth is that the basic economic picture has not yet changed, and we are still facing a recession of immense proportions, the terrorists, unwittingly, have provided the politicians with a great excuse. Even as they have helped create new jobs of all sorts. Even right now scores of new security officers are being hired, FBI, the CIA, local police and such are working overtime, add to that if you like, all the other support staffs that are working in various fields to help the recovery efforts and that is thousands of people who would have otherwise be unemployed right now, I shall explain.

Well some of you may think that I am just being pessimistic, that the people in Washington know what's wrong with the economy and they while have everything in order shortly. But my fear is that we are facing an unavoidable and prolonged recession for which we are not ready and we don't have a clue how we will ever get out of it. Please remember that the Japanese economy has been in a recession for the past fifteen years, and no experts have been able to help them out of their predicament yet. We do believe that it can't happen here, so let's see where we are and how we can talk our way out of this one.

Do you know anyone that knows really what is wrong with the economy and how to fix the thing, really? No, no, not the morons that predicted a $300 billion surplus for the current year, just 14 months ago, or the ones that were talking about the Dow 30,000 as late as September 1999.

Well those of you who know me, can witness to the fact that I was not the one ever to buy into the hype of the Experts, or even in the miracle of the internet economy. Matter of fact I was talking about the human nature and habit of people buying mostly what they know and have in front, or the catalogs would have put the department store out of business long ago. Did not the catalog companies give better service most of the time.

Really, I have yet to hear one Expert tell me the real reasons for the malaise of the current economy. They all talk the company line, but not one of them has a clue, or at least can talk honestly about the problem we have on hand. The problem here is multi fold, and I will try to speak to as many points as I believe are the most basic. We must remember that we, for better or for worse , do live in a global economy , and suffer the consequences. So the problem is not such that the federal reserve or the CBO can resolve. Sooner rather than later, we will be looking to the World Bank and the IMF for help, whether it was by design, who knows. But her is a list of lies that we are being told

1. Although the stock market has lost trillions in paper value, the economy will rebound in short order. No, it will not, along with the paper value the millions of us have lost hundreds of billions in real money, be it in cash accounts, or IRAs or 401Ks the money is not there to pay for kids college, a second home mortgage, for early retirement, or even retirement for many many thousands of workers. So those who believe consumers will bail out this economy in short order are smoking the same stuff, Clinton would not inhale.

2.The budget surplus is shrinking but it is still there. No, there is no budget surplus left anymore. When the new projections are worked out there will be a real deficit in the current year budget, if you don't take social security and Medicare deposits into account. The current surplus projections were made based on the unlimited capital gains tax income of stock trades as the markets were supposed to keep going up at a clip of 20% per year, facts as we now know are totally the opposite.

3. There is no fear of inflation. Excuse Me!, have you been to the super market or the service station lately? In the pat eighteen months, price of bread is up 30cents per loaf, milk , up 40 cents, cigarettes, up $1.00 per pack, gasoline up 60%. ( we may want to discuss the merits of the $256 Billion tax on the working class in form of the tobacco settlement, and the increase in bank fees, and the use of the debit card for payments and the hidden costs to the consumer also).

4. Economies of scale are still working to the benefit of the consumer. Then why is it that after every bank, oil company, phone company , airline etc. Mega merger we are still paying for their cost of acquisitions instead of reaping the benefits of their cost savings, if not only that these things cost excess amounts of money and more is pocketed by the company boards, CEO's, financing companies and the major investors while the consumers and the lil fry investors are left holding the bag, mean while thousands of loyal workers lose their jobs.

First and foremost is the problem of over capacity, yes, no reason why the global economy can not feed, cloth, provide health care and other basic needs of the 6 billion people of the world. But that would mean that the industrialists and the capitalists forgo the profit motive in the short run and start to pay living wages to the workers where ever on the globe they live. For too long we have exploited the workers in poor countries for cheaper merchandise and it cost American and European jobs in turn. Now that our people are hooked on cheaper goods they are to find out that they don't have a job so they can't even buy the cheaper stuff. We must pay better wages overseas so that those workers can also buy the things that we make.

We must stop keeping the corrupt regimes propped up and supported, so that we can have cheap labor and even cheaper raw materials, with our intelligence and military supports. Corrupt and suppressive regimes fail , sooner or later, and we are left with egg on our faces. Remember, Panama, El-Salvador, the Philippines, Iran, and should I go on. Also can you imagine what would happen to the coca leaf crop in the central American countries if coffee were to go to ten or fifteen dollars a pound. You may think we will be paying too much for coffee, but the savings in life and limb in this country, not to mention cost savings in police protection, courts, and jails and drug rehab and counseling will be immeasurable too.

We must require that over trading partners play fair, provide for human rights, universal education and healthcare so they will also be able to buy the goods that we produce in this country. Remember 99.99999% of the Chinese still can't buy an American vehicle. Our economists have been talking about a potential market of a billion consumers, the question is consumers of what?

Lets get real folks, the party is over ,the computers are replacing humans faster than the humans can create more service jobs , at least at the moment, only way out of the current mess is to have a market to export to, and only way to have that market is to create it anew. No other tricks will work. Eighteen months ago if you were laid off you became an independent consultant. Now there are too many independent consultants out of work. Like I have always said, when everyone is out selling apples , then there is no one buying/ (whatever that means.)

Sunday, July 02, 2006




Wasted again
I am wasting away

whiling away the hours
and the days
for a whisper
for a wink
while I await
while you are away

and wishing
waning wistfully
and writhing woefully

in my wanton wanting
to be with you
when if ever in your whimsy
will you ever come back to me