Monday, July 10, 2006




I lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years. There I learned what a tyranny is, how the ruling classes fool the public and usurp the power of the people to control their own live. Here in the United States we have been blessed, most us have had freedom as their birth right, democracy the only form of government they have ever known. Even as this area has recently been settled by many more military families, for most of the people from these parts the foreign travels have mostly consisted of going to Atlanta, Panama City and even in some cases the Disney world. The world beyond these parts might as well be on another planets, if not in some other solar system altogether.

his for four years.

But so here we are in the second year of the second term for Mr.( "Putin? I could fall in love with that guy, he has such beautiful eyes and I looked into them, I trust him") Bush. And while our vice president was over seas last week, this time lecturing the Russians on democracy, I wondered if he believed that the democracy is still good for the Americans as well.

Probably not, if not so, then why would the congress once again pass a tax cut for the super rich at a time when the country is at war and on the verge of bankruptcy, borrowing money from the Communists to pay for our government's daily deficit habit. Was anyone listening to Bill Bernanke when he told the congress that there is NO proof that tax cuts increase the tax intake or improve the economy, once again proving my point that both the Bush and Reagan recoveries were dependent on the deficit spending.

So should we be blaming al-Quieda and just nineteen terrorists for destroying our country bringing our country to her knees, and causing us to spend five trillion dollars in deficit and on tax give aways? Or should we thank them to provide the cover for our beloved president to sell out the country. Can you honestly believe that nine eleven could have been the cause of all this?

And now Mr. Bush is ready and willing to surrender the American sovereignty to the illegal aliens this Monday evening on prime time TV. Are we still a democracy? According to some polls, eighty percent of the citizenry is against this invasion,against us being forced to learn the language of the occupiers, against our children being forced into slave labor and being relegated to a life of crime and poverty. Should we be able to ask Mr. President, what country are you representing? Should we not ask Mr. President if we are still a democracy.


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