Monday, July 17, 2006

Good News

I have been told that I am too pessimistic, I am too blunt and offend people, I am not looking at the whole picture and such. So I have done a little soul searching and I am now able to see what government is planning to do for the betterment of our country.

If you read the paper or listen to the news, this is what you have read or heard recently. The borders are open and we are allowing untold numbers of illegal aliens to enter this country. That fathers are not paying child support, that the education system is on the brink, and mothers want their daughters to be more exposed in the school than the law allows an Alabama dancer in a topless bar to be. That the times are hard and the poor are getting poorer, and the people with less than high school education are making less and less. That the economy is booming and the three dollars per gallon of gas has not stopped people from driving.

So why am I a happy moran all of a sudden? Well you see, as the education is lousy and the kids in school are more interested in their current sex lives and social lives than they are in their education,"because their parents are nicer", and their parents want them to go ahead and have all the freedoms, now! We know that the chances are better than even that these kids will not grow up to live like the "Raven" or "Zack" or be the next "new Kids on the Block".

Who among us does not know of a kid that had a lot of potential and then after they became involved in "relationships" the things went down hill. Especially for the girls who become pregnant and drop our of school because their parents don't raise the grand kid, or they "fall in love" and get married early. I have a saying that goes something like this, "twenty two, two kids, two marriages, two divorces, a two bedroom trailer and a no where to go".

Luckily we live in the South where our men are conservatives and Sunday go to the meeting types- just as long as they can have their sex before marriage and a few affairs after- ( even the judges do it, and the politicians, trust me, you don't have to feel guilty). Soon after the marriage our young daughters find their husband can not pay the bills on the money he was making in our service economy and has flown the coupe leaving our young and junior high cheer leader, beauty queen, daughter to fend for herself and refusing to pay the child support from the money he needs for his weed habit.

But here is the best part, news, whatever. I have seen many of our young ladies are now dating or shacking up with these illegal aliens, at least they work hard and help pay the bills, this more than what we can say about our own boys that had all these privileges and are now too sorry to work. Every cloud has its own silver lining.

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