Monday, July 10, 2006

abortion politics


abortion politics

Whenever a discussion is carried on for too long, it becomes obvious that the parties have given up on reason and rationale and are thus resorting to emotions and or hyperbole.

Such is the case with every debate involving religion and matters of faith. A faith is just that, a blind trust in what you are taught to believe in, most religions will tell you that you cannot question “GOD”. You can never question what you are being told.

For those who believe that life and death are the matters in the hands of a “God” that life begins at conception, that you get to be with the “Lord” when you die have no problem trying to thwart the plans of the Lord and defend against their own demise by any means possible, no matter how badly the Lord needs their company. From taking of the cholesterol lowering medicines, the blood pressure medicine to accepting parts of a “dead body” no measure is too great to deny the God His will.

Today we have the technology to tell us that the child your wife is carrying in her womb is not really yours, pretty soon we will be able to say, with certainty, if that child will also grow up to be a criminal, or even a Hitler, then what? Do we wait to kill him after he is born, or may be we wait until he reaches a certain age? Better yet, do we let him kill first?

How many among us, (and I don’t want to mention the names of married locals having affairs) like Newt Gingrich, Bill Dickenson, Dick Morris, Rudi Giuliani would have the moral fortitude of Jessie Jackson and let their girlfriend get pregnant and carry those babies to term, while we still live at home with our wives. Stop this non-sense stuff that it is just kids messing with kids that get knocked up.

And if it is just kids messing with kids that get pregnant “by accident” or “mistake” then what do you propose that we do? Sex education? At home? Or at school?
First tell me what did mommy or daddy teach YOU about sex? And secondly, even though we teach our kids about fire safety and gun safety, how many of us let our kids play with guns and matches, unsupervised. One thing though, I am not for teaching kids about unnatural sex acts which remain in the sole domain of the “CSI:, HBO, and MTV.

While we have kids eleven and twelve year olds having “consensual” sex with anyone they please, and college freshmen volunteering for porn movie spots, maybe a discussion of banning abortions is about as timely, useful and appropriate as seeding the Sahara desert of Oak trees.

What is the scariest part of this whole discussion is that we have people who “KNOW”. How do we forget the man named Calvin, who roasted people on slow fires when they did not agree with him, Calvin also knew. (M.N.R)

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