Friday, July 07, 2006



once again
a life ends without begining
shades of hate and pain and dispair
souls wandering to the edges of hell
looking for faith,
looking for a purpose
for the life without a meaning
full of hope once,
but none left to use
used up all and none to spare
promises broken,
promises unkept

a constant reminder
of the days when we were invincible
and the love was squandered
on the cheap.
to fill our empty arms.
now empty beds, full of empty dreams
empty days, follow our empty nights
empty lives, hollow selves

wanting always to be worshiped
we were the head of class
wanting to be adored
it was our birth right
willing to take all
with nothing to give
so convinced of our infalablity
we were ever so proud
or were sold on the commercialism of the society ,
we could have it all

where are you now, where am i
on this road to hell
did we not have the world
we had it all, only to loose
for the want of evermore
oh, for the days of my youth
so giddy, and full of promise
promise of a life for evermore
a life that ended, before we were dead

it was only yesterday


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