Sunday, November 30, 2008




The problem of terrorism is not going to end, so long as there is real or perceived in justice in the world. Fundamentalist Islamic education, media and indoctrination does not cause terrorism, but it is certainly at the root cause of world wide terror. Before the world can do anything about the Islamic terrorism, it must unite against those who are speaking out against terror to the world, on the face of it, but behind the scenes are the universal sponsors of the fundamentalist and radical ideology of Islam and promoters of the Sharia.

Secondly the unbridled capitalism is also causing hardships for masses, capitalism needs reformed and economic justice for masses must be true around the world, not just for the upper middle classes of the whites.

Problem between India and Pakistan (over Kashmir) is no more solvable than the ever lasting problem of Palestine, between the Arabs and the Jews (and Christians). Even If India were to be able to prove that the attacks were carried out by Pakistani elements, India can not retaliate militarily, without of course leaving herself open to a nuclear retaliation by Pakistan. The United States can only give lip service to problem, sending FBI, the Interpol or anyone else to find out who the culprits might be, big deal! Then What? United States is wanted Musharraf removed, wanted to bring democracy to Pakistan, now we have no one there we can hold responsible. Zardari's pronouncements to the contrary not withstanding, an Indian attack on Pakistan will cause a nuclear conflict, WE ALL KNOW THAT!

It is about time for the US (and the Indian)foreign policy to grow up, to face up to the truth, to the reality, that to support democracy and freedom and justice in Islamic lands, to reduce the threat of terrorism, they must break their ties to Islamic regimes that are promoting fundamentalism and sharia laws, within their borders and without. To do otherwise gives credence to the conspiracy theorists that the US benefits from both the terror and the so called war on terror.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008




So it may be that you don't give much credence to my misanthropic musings, still all that I say here is not bunk. Human nature has not followed the human technical advances, the society and the individuals are still bound by our primitive instincts. As you see in the current upheavals in the world wide markets, the human greed has ruled the human mind. Is it not ironic that when Moses returned from Mt Sinai he found his people worshiping a golden calf, and three thousand or so years later, the Wall Street has a symbol of the same golden calf , now grown in to a bull.

I have said it again and again that the cause of corruption of Wall Street has been the deficit spending, of course along with lower taxes, day trading, lower taxes on capital gains etc. Now combine that with lobbying, campaign financing, political contributions, political campaigning etc, it is not hard to see how the "government money" corrupts the system it is supposed to protect.

Ancient religions were formed to protect society from common "sins". To save the family, and to keep the social order. Simple boundaries, no lying, cheating, stealing, covetousness and fornication. Today we call the lying cheating and stealing, "investments, business proposals, and financial instruments". And greed and covetousness are business savvy and innovation. With all the money being given away to save the economy will you be surprised if there are no new "innovations"?

Corruption breeds corruption, as more money is thrown at the system, more and more people will try to get as much of it as they can get, and not just the bankers. It will soon trickle down to your local governments as money comes down the pipe to states counties and the cities and towns. Government officials giving contracts to their buddies and relatives, or out right embezzling. The cops and the courts needing money will abuse the citizenry and so on, it is not a prophecy, it happens in every third world country. Human nature has not kept up with the advancing financial markets.

Monday, November 24, 2008




May be that I am too harsh, but the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Had it not been so I believe many more would have listen to me and followed my advice, or at least given consideration to my word. But people today, as always, do not wish to here the truth, especially if and when you are warning them of the impending doom.

Here is some good news and some bad news, the problem is that the bad news is really, really awful and depressing, as the bad news is the real truth.

The president elect announced that his fiscal policy will create two and a half million new jobs by the end of 2010. That is all the good news, now for the truth or as we call it the bad news, at the current rate of half a million jobs lost per month we would have lost nine million jobs by the start of 2010, and that on top of a hundred thousand jobs a month that are already not being created currently. Can you say an unemployment rate of forty percent or more?

How do I arrive at the forty percent figure, when at the depth of the great depression the unemployment rate was only twenty five percent they say.

First you must realize that back the economy needed many more people to function. Most work was physical and labor intensive, to day we don't need many workers to perform jobs, in factories and in offices or the fields. Even as the government creates more jobs in whatever manner, it is hard to imagine that this job creation will of itself create more jobs and thus have an exponential effect. Since more and more jobs are lost in services and in sales the government can not recreate these jobs. It is hard to imagine that people who will be placed in these "new jobs" will automatically go out and spend everything like we have been doing for thirty years, or that they will be w willing to have their lawns mowed, or pay someone to do their house cleaning and such. Thus the jobless rate will keep going up and up.

Secondly, during the depression era women were not among the unemployed, now with sixty percent of the women working and their jobs being mainly in services and sales, and the jobs in services and sales declining, women will suffer the most from the declining job numbers.

This may be a good time to search this blog for items on "slavery" "slaves" and "legalizing prostitution"

Thursday, November 20, 2008




May be it is too harsh to say that it is just like betting on a man dying as to when he will be dead, but it is at least in the same moral realm of stealing a dead man's wallet.

What I am talking about is the stock market. Like I have said before it is no longer a place to "Invest" in companies and their future, no, since deregulation and Mr. Reagan, it is advertised as such, and has become a place to make a quick buck and to see how you can scam monies from others.

For the past thirty years, the government money, "deficit spending" has been channeled to the rich thru stock market. However you slice it, my theory is the only right. As the government spends money and does not collect taxes, the money flows thru the economy ending up with the richest. Now the scam was as to how to get that money in "your" pockets. Since the money has to be spent somehow, corporations end up getting their hands on it, and with lower taxes, the richest get to keep most of what they make. So how you can get the most, is thru the stock trading, day trading, options, and then margins. As more and more money was needed the leverage.

Stupidity is contagious. Back in June and July when I was complaining that the economy is not designed for a four dollar a gallon gas, many had called me out. At that time I had proposed, among other things, an increase in margin requirements on oil trades, and an increase in the capital gains tax of up to ninety percent on short term trades of investments held for less than twelve months.

No matter what the bail out plans proposed and implemented by the governments, the economy can not improve unless the stock market i s brought under control, we can not allow the vultures to scam the country. The stock market should be brought back to the real function of the "MARKET" to buy and invest in company shares of your choice, not a casino to make a quick buck, if not then the country is doomed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008




I am not a pessimist, I have said this before. The propensity of the human mind to deny the truth is unlimited, also called faith, hope and having a positive out look or some other garbage. And why not, In "1984" the government invents a new language, a "Double Speak", today we have new names and titles permeating the language. Wall street bail out, to put money in banks that don't have any, is being called "Troubled Asset Rescue Plan", how do the assets get in trouble? Do the go out and jump in front of Mack trucks? Become suicidal?
What is a freaking barissta? And hydrating ones self? And was not a "serial monogamy" the name for prostitution? What the hell is a "serial monogamy"?

No wonder we as humanity are on pathway to destruction.

Today is my son's birthday, he is 11, what world is this that I have brought him in to. As the congress discusses the bailout of the auto companies, the auto companies are bailing out on their retirees, with the economic down turn and the companies failing the health and pension plans of millions are in jeopardy, will health care industry failure be the next shoe that drops, because more and more people lose health care insurance? How about the insurance company collapse because people who can not afford to pay mortgages and buy cars can not [pay the premiums or don't need to pay insurance premiums?

Like I said in the article below, " A Cruel Analogy", the whole house of cards collapses, like the Twin Towers, no central support.

How long will or can the government keep putting money down the rat hole.

And then what? Hunger and starvation is already on the rise, here as well as around the globe.
With millions of acres, chicken farms, cattle ranches, processing plants etc owned by large corporations, and the corporation having no incentive to grow , raise food due to lack of buying power of the average citizen, we could see massive starvation , or the taking over of food production by the governments.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am surprised that “On Point” decided to take my comments (in reference to retirement) off their site yesterday. All I was trying to say was that the population is to large for the world to sustain, and to provide for all the ammenities of modern life, given all the complications of the same. The situation with the Nebraska law is in the same vain. Too many people are having kids that they are not ready to care for and can not afford. The corporation, the employer, can not, in this global market, provide a living wage let alone health care for the average worker. Thus at each step the government has to step in, food stamps, medicaid are steps towards socialism. If you listen to the right wing commentaries, they want the worker to pay for his or her own retirement and health care while the wages are lowered, the left wants to let everyone do what ever they want to, blow their money , buy garbage, make babies without having any consequnces. The both policies are doomed, or they will doom us all. Is that too much to say out loud? Can “On Point” handle the truth?

Sunday, November 16, 2008




I have not been away, not been busy, I did not want to say what I have been thinking, then again I have been saying it for years, have I not?

The G20 summit is over, the elections are over, the government is on the ball, on the case, and soon the problem with the economy will be over too, right?

It a new paradigm they say, a new horizon, a new humanity, right! And who am I but a poet, a dreamer, a philosopher, who has limited touch with reality, yet I dare harken to the masses, ye the end is near.

Ever walk thru the great pyramids? Or the Stonehenge, looked at the pyramids of the South America? Twenty years ago I started to worry, one day someone will be walking through the Manhattan, looking at the ruins of sky scrapers and wondering, what were these people doing, thinking, I did not know it will be in my own lifetime.

Can you understand that the computer that you are reading this on may be the last computer you will ever own? The car that you drive will be your last car. I know it is really real hard to imagine this, but twenty years ago it was hard to imagine that we will have computers in our homes, and we will have homes bigger we will ever need or that our thirteen year old daughters will be sexually active and know about oral sex and anal sex be going to rainbow parties,and require birth control and "Gardasil". Goodness, isn't progress something!

Yes, progress IS something, and hope is something, and may be Jesus will show up just in time.

Barring a return of Jesus, what are the odds that the "problem" we have can be and will be resolved?

We live in a world where are just too many people, smart people, and dumb people and stupid people, so what are the chances that you, "YOU" are needed to keep the human gene pool alive and thriving. Let me break it to you , you are a nobody, you are nothing, you are not needed, no matter your looks, your degrees, your job status, you are excess garbage. Yeah it sucks, I know!

Over the world, millions of jobs are being lost as we speak,( as you read this). So once again you must disabuse your self of the idea that the "rich" create jobs. If that were true then we should have jobs a plenty, so where are they?

And if tax cuts increase tax revenues then why are countries/ governments broke all over the world.

So what did G20 summit resolve? anything? No, not a damn thing, the circus was only to appease the average person , by making him/her think that there was something being done.

Where are all the rich , creating jobs and passing their money around??? The truth is that the ones who became rich in the recent "economy" are trying to save their own behinds. Which means that they are trying to protect the "money"- it is called capital preservation- they made in their favorite scam of late, be it hedge funds, real estate flipping, commodities, whatever, and they are not going to blow that money if that preservation can be accomplished.

The monies ( although imaginary) that are being committed to resurrect the fallen economy are not enough, since the collapse the real estate values are sinking, stocks, bonds and commodities are all losing value, businesses world wide are going under, the net losses in paper values may be down by somewhere between fifty to a hundred trillion dollars, then what is few trillion of salvage money that is being committed?

As I explained in, " Braking the Banks",

the money was being created out of thin air, just for the asking, then that money was being leveraged forty to a hundred times, the newer and newer scams called "financial products" were being created in all corners of the world. Now everyone knows that the fix is in, all they bought and sold was nothing but a wet dream, now everyone knows that everyone else is a crook also, so how can there be any honor among the thieves, thus the reason why the credit markets are frozen.

Can the markets thaw? Do we once again believe that the Chinese or the Saudis will like us to have a higher standard of living than their own people? Should the Europeans finance our way of life while they break down their own social and safety networks. Did the Saudis not lose their ass already in likes of CITI bank? and Disney? And the Japanese in our real estate.

Read the, "A NEW WORLD ORDER 2003"

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So you did not vote for Obama, and I kept my word too, i did not vote for him either. But he will be the next president, mine and yours, and that means a lot.

We elect presidents to represent us, and in that we tell the world who we are through that person, his face becomes the face of the United States, his persona becomes the persona of United States. We also see ourselves through that person and his persona, we feel bad when presidents get sick, or die, even years after leaving the office, we celebrate their triumphs and their failures too become our own personal loss.

Of course, the next president will hear from me, that goes without saying. I am anti authority, and suspicious of any and all claims made by such persons. You can look in this blog about Obama's message of change and read my entry, "We are all Shrecks now", and you can also read my article on too many promises from both camps,titled, "It Can't Happen Here".

MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE, just as in using her adaptation of the lipstick on a pig adage, Sarah Palin did not see the irony that she was herself being used as a lipstick on the pig of John McCain campaign, the pig of a GOP, we forget that Obama is not a black American, not an African American as we call them these days, Obama is a son of a foreign student who happened to be black and from the continent of Africa, yes Palin, Africa is not a country. Still his election speaks volumes about the United States, yet we must get past the appearances and look deeper.

What Is is IS, Clinton asked famously, so what does it mean to say i never heard, as in Obama's claim that he never heard Reverend Wright make anti American pronouncements? Did he mean that those sermons never meant anything to him or that he did not pay any attention to them, did not take them to heart? I never heard can mean many things.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." The words or MLK were never so true, if Obama was elected on the basis of his character and not on the basis of his color. But what does it say for the average person in the Untied States today where character is rendered meaningless, where Princess Di and Paris Hilton are idolized by millions, where "Sex in the City" and the "Desperate Housewives" define the moral standards. Where greed is not only good but it is God. Where black children and white children are raised up to be thugs and sluts and lazy.

Some may celebrate that we have the first black American as president, another question should be that, WHY? Why did the White Establishment let Obama be elected?
Not only Obama beat Hillary Clinton, she with her resume and credentials and sixteen plus years of experience and organization, why did Hillary lose. And as Cliff May redcorded in his editorial, "John McCain did not win the Republican primary- he did not defeat Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson et al. Rather each of those campaigns imploded or eroded- and McCain was the last man left standing."

So what did happen? Could it possibly be related to the economic mess the country is in. Could it be that the people like Giuliani and Romney and Thompson et al realize that the country was headed for the economic abyss and thought that they did not want to do anything with it? Could it be that the establishment saw that with the coming total collapse of the economy we will have chaos unrest and increase in crime and saw best to let Obama handle it? Could it be that they saw that best way to handle the upcoming problems will be totalitarian and socialist type government?
Is there a message?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008




If Obama is the next president, the credit will go to one man and one man only, that is the current president of the United States, George W. Bush.

There is no other possible method or a reason where by Obama could have won the presidency, but for the two losing wars, an economy on the life support, and pandering to the religious right.

Thus it also follows that everyone who voted for Bush the first time and then again the second time, without regards to the failure of Bush, also deserves credit for the Obama win.

Monday, November 03, 2008



Hope is the expectation of a desirable result in face of odds and the evidence to the contrary.

The voters for Obama and McCain must “believe” that their candidate will make a difference that will be to their own personal benefit, regardless of the current economic situation and the reality of the country being broke already.

No one from the followers of either side wants to believe that they must now make personal sacrifices, not only in financial sense, but also in limits in their so called personal expectations and choices.

For instance the social costs of divorce, teen pregnancy, health care, child raising, crime, justice, gay rights, disappearing morality all have costs that can be translated in to dollars.

Free trade may get us more stuff, but it is also the cause of lower wages, lack of health care provided to workers, lack of full time permanent employment and more.

The excess spending on the military where billions nay trillions of dollars are wasted and stolen and misspent, (yes I know this personally).

The United States today is becoming more and more like a third world country. Is there a Plan?