Tuesday, December 16, 2008





So then in what else is new, "news". The name of a Bernie Madoff is grabbing the headlines. But look deeper and you find that the whole Wall Street, wealth creation, get rich at all cost, get richer than everybody else, screw the worker culture of greed is the same., and has been on going since Mr. Reagan corrupted the investment system, OK, he allowed it to be corrupted because he did not understand what his handlers sold him on.

If we are now naming names of the crooks, then why not list the boards of directors of the NYSE, the top twenty employees of the treasury department, the Board of AIG, Lehman Brothers, and a hundred top corporations, all the day traders, the options traders, and the international bankers, who created wealth.

If you are old enough and remember it started out with hostile takeovers of companies and laying off workers, you could borrow money on the cheap and buy a company , fire the workers and call it increasing productivity, and then sell the company back to the public.

Then came the globalization, the NAFTA, and the workers lost their jobs and in manufacturing. But we had a new class of the "rich" that could could hire the laid off workers to cut grass, and make five dollar cups of coffee. And of course you could go to build houses for the people who had no money.

The whole system is, and has been nothing but a fraud, from an average worker who believes that after eight hours of showing up at a job, any job, he deserves the ultimate in rest, big screen TV, cable, airconditioning and a twelve pack of beer and kids who feed and clothe and educate themsleves, to the B school graduate who thinks that he is the GOD's gift to mankind in more ways than he can count, to a whole society that believes that they deserve more than they have because they are born in AMERICA and hardships ar for the other people who happen to be not so lucky.

I have argued for years that we are on the wrong path, our expectations are way out of touch with reality. We consume more than our fair share.

As millions more lose their jobs, and join the ranks of the home less, the poor and hungry we need to name names, name the process by which we got here, I have a suggestion. Since we are so anamored of calling old things by new names like "barristas", and "human resouces", and "facilities engineers", I ahve a new name for the situation we are in , it should be called a
"Paradigm Shit", yeah that s right.

Sunday, December 14, 2008





No. First of all it is a punishment to those who remained sensible and stayed within their budget. People who bought over priced homes also caused the price inflation and kept reasonable people out of better homes. Now we will reward these at the expense of the ones who stayed within their budgets and means, and are still making payments and have been making payments.

Two, in the markets where the foreclosures are the highest, the jobs are also disappearing fast, there is no guarantee that the people who are refinanced will be able to keep up the new payments.

Three, if and when the prices may go up, these people will be rewarded with price appreciation, while the tax payers are shouldering the burden of bailing them out, they should not be allowed to gain ANY benefits from price appreciation, it should all be payed to the treasury.

It will be best to bring the jobs back permanently, that is in manufacturing, free trade and globalization have failed, and damage the country immensely, The foolishness must be stopped.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Comments on food



Global warming, lack of food, polution of land and waters are all being caused by over population and the need for “some” to use way too much of the limited resuorces of the earth at the expense of the others.
It is time that we decided who gets to continue populating the earth and who must be taken out of the gene pool. Humanity can not advance and become more evolved if we allow people of the lower intelligence levels to out breed the smart ones.
Far as eating animals, who will we eat when we run out of those, may be we will be hunting each other down for a meal.We have already fished the seas dry. We must make smart and logical choices NOW.
Paying females for not having kids willbe a good start.




It is not a surprise, not to me, for years I have foretold of the collapse of this economy of ours, of the world economy. I have told you step by step, what was wrong with the picture, where the money was coming from, where it was going and how the system was doomed.

I also told you how the lack of morals, values and ethics was contributing to eventual failure. Our economy has been based on the idea that everyone is buying, always buying and always spending money. Money was created by the Federal Reserve, we could have as much as we wanted.

That system failed, as you have seen. So where to next?

Looking back, the buying to run the economy, buying to bring prosperity, buying with money you don't have system failed. What is the next shoe to drop.

Remember when I told you , at the start of this series, that the computer you are reading this on may be the last computer you will ever own. The next shoe to drop will be this web based economy, the Internet age is about to go under. "Face book", "YouTube", "Google", "Yahoo", whatever, these websites are based on the income from advertising, on selling you stuff. As the economy is tanking and no one has money to buy anything these sites generate no revenue. They can no longer be free, they have to become subscription services. Meaning you have to pay to be on face book or have a g-mail address., or you poor schmuck, you have to get a real life in the "rt".
Oh you don't know how to live in the "rt".

So here it is how it goes, as you become poorer, the access to the web becomes more costly, as you need more access to the web the web becomes more inaccessible. No more free lunches. Once again , the whole model of living on the web becomes out of reach of the average person, web that was supposed to create equality and openness will kill the equality and openness.
At the same time, businesses that are providing free information content, TV channels, news papers and the news organizations, are losing money in advertising, they will also find it difficult to make money on the web and start to charge for access to their websites.

The other business model of late, volume merchendising, big box stores, where little profit on each sale make up for a larger profit on fewer sales will also fail as the sales go down and people have less money to spend. this will cause the Wal-Marts, Sam's club like businesses to increase prices, just when people have less money. It will take a while, like the slow death, people will sell assests, take money from their retirement funds, sell their insurance polices, second homes, rental properties, etc to pay for day to day expenses till there is nothing more left to sell.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008






"""""""“Today, we need a dialogue of the Ummah within itself. It is because sedition, ignorance and fanaticism are threatening the hopes of Muslims. The terrorism that threatens the entire world is attributed to Muslims alone because of the acts of a few extremists who represent none but themselves. Though they put on the guise of Islam, the religion has nothing to do with them. This is what makes the dialogue of the Ummah with itself imperative for achieving a unified stand, elimination of the causes of their disputes, strengthening their moderate middle path, and to stamp out extremism,” King Abdullah told his guests.

The guests included Sudanese President Omar Bashir, Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas, Chechen President Ramadan Kadirov and Secretary-General of the Muslim World League Abdullah Al-Turki.

“During the last Haj season, I spoke to you about the significance of interfaith dialogue. The Kingdom organized the Makkah conference for Muslim scholars and thinkers to discuss the idea of dialogue, and was welcomed by them... It was followed by the Madrid conference in which representatives of various religions and cultures endorsed the outcome of the Makkah conference. The high level meeting of the United Nations’ General Assembly on the interfaith dialogue, in which prominent international personalities participated, upheld the concept of dialogue,” King Abdullah said.

“The Kingdom with this program aims to uphold the glory of Islam and service to humanity,” the king added. King Abdullah left Mina yesterday evening and later arrived in Jeddah."""""""


How are we talking about an open dialogue here? Where in an Islamic country is there a freedom of thought and the freedom of press. Whose ideas are we willing to accept? Look at Iraq, look at Palestine it self, and can we say Egypt? Pakistan, and how about Saudi Arabia her self.

An open dialogue implies that anyone can have an opinion without the fear of oppression. As things stand, I can say something here from the safety of my home in the United States, but with the knowledge that my opinion in matters Islamic or political can subject me to sanctions by an Islamic government, or even a fatwa of death by some mullah or imam in an Islamic country or even a local mosque locally.

Ironically this call for an open dialogue comes from the leader of the most conservative country, not only in Islam, but in the world.




I am not a pessimist, I have stated this before. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Today we have experts predicting doom, I have been predicting doom, and explaining its roots in the destruction of society. What made us, or makes us humans in the first place.

We went for the riches, money became the most important thing in out lives. Money it self would not have been so bad, but we decided that we did not need any boundaries, no morals, no ethical, no religious, not even family cohesion, money became the only God.

Go back in this blog, ( there are copies of my blog entries from Salon.com, and articles I submitted to the local papers over the past ten years, to CNN, and to the USA Today).

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we were pursuing happiness and became lost. Divorce is for the rich only, middle class loses all in a divorce, no one wanted to listen. HIV, genital herpes, cervical cancers, nothing would scare us away from a romp. We had money, we were rich, we had three million millionaires did we not.

I have been predicting a depression for ten years, asking people to reduce spending, not to take large risks, large loans. I even went thru hell, with my wife, trying to stay in the same house for the last twenty three years, I could have bought a larger house. The depression was only deferred because of the dot.com spending , and then later with the spending after 9/11 and the two wars we created. Only now it will be longer and deeper, have we not been asking for a longer and deeper for a few years, now we are about to find out what a longer and deeper really means.

I don't wish bad on anyone, but with no morals, no family, and no savings to fall back on , the catastrophe facing our nation , and the people world wide could be biblical in scope. But look at the positive side, the population will be reduced, food consumption decline, no more threat of global warming, we won't be driving cars anymore, reduced consumption will lead to cleaning up of the environment, we won't need more refineries, and power plants. No more deforestation, and threats of off shore drilling or in the ANWAR( have you even heard anyone talking about drilling lately?).

May be I am too optimistic.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

HAJJ 2008


HAJJ 2008

Alhamadulillah, now Hajj is comfortable and safe, today as opposed to fourteen hundred years ago , we have five star hotels, air-conditioned tents, snack bars, cell phone towers, "crowd control?" Police and the National Guard to make sure we all do as we are told. Saai in air conditioned walk ways, and jamarat from four levels.

People in AL Haram need to be protected from each other? We buy souvenirs, and other stuff to smuggle back to our home countries, and bribe the customs officials to let us through. It makes the trip worthwhile to get some shopping and sight seeing. What experience, and what sacrifice?

What great lessons learned? ask me!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Also see my comment above

This blog here is a proof that owning a computer or having access to the inter net, does not make one smarter or more educated.

Personally, I do not believe that Sonya is a REAL person but some jack ass, commenting here to agitate but then see how many of you (us) have fallen in to her trap. What should have been an enlightened discussion of the problems at hand has easily disintegrated in to a shouting match among the neighbors of any slum like street. Whether India is a second world country or better than any other country has nothing to with the fact that she was attacked, neither it has been proven that the attack was supported by the government or the general public of Pakistan. As I mentioned before, and was subsequently restated by Ms Rice, any conflict between Pakistan and India has a real possibility of turning in to a nuclear conflict. Cooler heads must prevail. The agitators and the ignorant must not be allowed to hijack, no pun intended, the discourse. If you are a proud Pakistani, or a proud Indian, bless you. You have serious problems in your own country. Focus your energies on the problems at hand in your home town, in your own home country. Blogging on here does not make life better in your country or change the facts of your country as you know them.

If your god wants to fix the problems or wants to favor one over the other let him do it on his own, surely he does not need your help, he is a BIG BOY now, you know.




So who do we want to help really? There are many talking about how banks can not be allowed to fail, or the insurance companies or auto companies. So far it is estimated that already the government has spent or taken on debts to the tune of seven trillion dollars, that is 7,000,000,000,000. So where is that money, and where did it go?

The old adage is that the money always goes to the top, have we not heard, time and again, that if some one took all the money and distributed it all equally, soon some Will be richer than the others, and the rich will again be getting richer. Then why are we talking about a tax cut for the rich , but we are against helping the poor. The money spent, borrowed, distributed so far has not shown up in the economy and on the main street is because what the government has done is to buy off the worthless papers from the ultra rich and hedge funds, and they in turn are not loaning it out again to the people with poor or no credit at all.

As the government anticipates another bailout, or a stimulus package, we should realize that that money will also end up with the rich, or overseas, if the marginal tax rates are not also increased, may be even to the seventy and ninety percent range so that the money can be recycled through the economy again and again. If not then the money will evaporate fast and the resulting benefits to the economy will be short lived.

I am not for giving money to the poor, I am not for giving money to idiots for making more idiots, I am for abortions, forced or coerced, I am for paying stupid people money for NOT having children. As long as we give money away we can tie strings to it, higher taxes for the rich and social responsibility for the poor,( it is hopeless to expect the rich to be socially responsible too)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008




It is not something I have not discussed before, we are doomed, at least the life and the life style as we know it today. We failed to see how the economic crisis was developing. Even those who saw it coming did not foresee the whole picture, and the consequence and causes there off remained unexplained. I tried bit no one wanted to listen to the bad news.

When I stated that the computer in front of you may be last one you will ever own, it is not hyperbole. It is the fact that you are just not aware off, not yet.

Washington’s efforts at reforming, stabilizing, boosting the economy may work in the short run yet, but they are doomed. The fact remains as the population keeps increasing, fewer and fewer people are needed to perform the actual “work”. That is the problem today with the social security and Medicare already. It is not that we only have two workers to support each retiree, it is that more workers are not needed to perform any gainful “functions” and thus have reasonable income to base the tax on.

You can see the problem, if you can relate one to the other, in the auto industry. As the leaders of the three auto makers are in Washington again, hats in hand, their problem is not that they flew in on private jets, (the whole idea is a created distraction form the real problems) the problem is that they need fewer workers ( read automation and technology) and pay them less now , and to make less in profits, ( TO COMPETE IN THE GLOBAL MARKET), and thus the contributions to support the retiree’s pensions and health care have fallen. It is the same problem in social security, fewer workers, lower wages, and more beneficiaries. At the same time, it would be funny, were it not so ironic that the congress and the senate are accusing the auto makers of mismanagement and poor planning, is it not the kettle calling the pot black!

Their are others on the right, who want to blame the unions for all that is wrong with the American industry, auto or other wise. For one I would like to have a look in the congressional parking grages and see how many are driving small electric cars or Austin Coopers. And two I would ask them as to how much they had predicted the rise of health care costs and how much they had tried to control these or the housing costs or the education inflation. Was not Bush pushing for a social security monies to be invested in stocks? How well did any of us plan for the future, indvidually or as a nation. Of course the auto business is in the dumps, but not all of it on its own. It wonders me to hear those with perfect health benefits provided by some one else to be talking about the health care costs of the auto workers. Do we not live in a society where we want eighty year olds to be treated for cancer at a cost of millions so they can live a few months longer? Do we not want to keep those in permanent vegitative state to "live" for ever on machines? Why not advocater mercy killings. Why not shoot a few wokers a day after their shift is over, we could even have lottery, (may be Neal Boortz will agree). Or we could pay more for workers, even the useless ones, or we could vote to control population growth.

Blame it all on the advances in health care and advances in computers and robotics. What makes you live longer, and even supposedly healthier is what is killing you !

Sunday, November 30, 2008




The problem of terrorism is not going to end, so long as there is real or perceived in justice in the world. Fundamentalist Islamic education, media and indoctrination does not cause terrorism, but it is certainly at the root cause of world wide terror. Before the world can do anything about the Islamic terrorism, it must unite against those who are speaking out against terror to the world, on the face of it, but behind the scenes are the universal sponsors of the fundamentalist and radical ideology of Islam and promoters of the Sharia.

Secondly the unbridled capitalism is also causing hardships for masses, capitalism needs reformed and economic justice for masses must be true around the world, not just for the upper middle classes of the whites.

Problem between India and Pakistan (over Kashmir) is no more solvable than the ever lasting problem of Palestine, between the Arabs and the Jews (and Christians). Even If India were to be able to prove that the attacks were carried out by Pakistani elements, India can not retaliate militarily, without of course leaving herself open to a nuclear retaliation by Pakistan. The United States can only give lip service to problem, sending FBI, the Interpol or anyone else to find out who the culprits might be, big deal! Then What? United States is wanted Musharraf removed, wanted to bring democracy to Pakistan, now we have no one there we can hold responsible. Zardari's pronouncements to the contrary not withstanding, an Indian attack on Pakistan will cause a nuclear conflict, WE ALL KNOW THAT!

It is about time for the US (and the Indian)foreign policy to grow up, to face up to the truth, to the reality, that to support democracy and freedom and justice in Islamic lands, to reduce the threat of terrorism, they must break their ties to Islamic regimes that are promoting fundamentalism and sharia laws, within their borders and without. To do otherwise gives credence to the conspiracy theorists that the US benefits from both the terror and the so called war on terror.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008




So it may be that you don't give much credence to my misanthropic musings, still all that I say here is not bunk. Human nature has not followed the human technical advances, the society and the individuals are still bound by our primitive instincts. As you see in the current upheavals in the world wide markets, the human greed has ruled the human mind. Is it not ironic that when Moses returned from Mt Sinai he found his people worshiping a golden calf, and three thousand or so years later, the Wall Street has a symbol of the same golden calf , now grown in to a bull.

I have said it again and again that the cause of corruption of Wall Street has been the deficit spending, of course along with lower taxes, day trading, lower taxes on capital gains etc. Now combine that with lobbying, campaign financing, political contributions, political campaigning etc, it is not hard to see how the "government money" corrupts the system it is supposed to protect.

Ancient religions were formed to protect society from common "sins". To save the family, and to keep the social order. Simple boundaries, no lying, cheating, stealing, covetousness and fornication. Today we call the lying cheating and stealing, "investments, business proposals, and financial instruments". And greed and covetousness are business savvy and innovation. With all the money being given away to save the economy will you be surprised if there are no new "innovations"?

Corruption breeds corruption, as more money is thrown at the system, more and more people will try to get as much of it as they can get, and not just the bankers. It will soon trickle down to your local governments as money comes down the pipe to states counties and the cities and towns. Government officials giving contracts to their buddies and relatives, or out right embezzling. The cops and the courts needing money will abuse the citizenry and so on, it is not a prophecy, it happens in every third world country. Human nature has not kept up with the advancing financial markets.

Monday, November 24, 2008




May be that I am too harsh, but the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Had it not been so I believe many more would have listen to me and followed my advice, or at least given consideration to my word. But people today, as always, do not wish to here the truth, especially if and when you are warning them of the impending doom.

Here is some good news and some bad news, the problem is that the bad news is really, really awful and depressing, as the bad news is the real truth.

The president elect announced that his fiscal policy will create two and a half million new jobs by the end of 2010. That is all the good news, now for the truth or as we call it the bad news, at the current rate of half a million jobs lost per month we would have lost nine million jobs by the start of 2010, and that on top of a hundred thousand jobs a month that are already not being created currently. Can you say an unemployment rate of forty percent or more?

How do I arrive at the forty percent figure, when at the depth of the great depression the unemployment rate was only twenty five percent they say.

First you must realize that back the economy needed many more people to function. Most work was physical and labor intensive, to day we don't need many workers to perform jobs, in factories and in offices or the fields. Even as the government creates more jobs in whatever manner, it is hard to imagine that this job creation will of itself create more jobs and thus have an exponential effect. Since more and more jobs are lost in services and in sales the government can not recreate these jobs. It is hard to imagine that people who will be placed in these "new jobs" will automatically go out and spend everything like we have been doing for thirty years, or that they will be w willing to have their lawns mowed, or pay someone to do their house cleaning and such. Thus the jobless rate will keep going up and up.

Secondly, during the depression era women were not among the unemployed, now with sixty percent of the women working and their jobs being mainly in services and sales, and the jobs in services and sales declining, women will suffer the most from the declining job numbers.

This may be a good time to search this blog for items on "slavery" "slaves" and "legalizing prostitution"

Thursday, November 20, 2008




May be it is too harsh to say that it is just like betting on a man dying as to when he will be dead, but it is at least in the same moral realm of stealing a dead man's wallet.

What I am talking about is the stock market. Like I have said before it is no longer a place to "Invest" in companies and their future, no, since deregulation and Mr. Reagan, it is advertised as such, and has become a place to make a quick buck and to see how you can scam monies from others.

For the past thirty years, the government money, "deficit spending" has been channeled to the rich thru stock market. However you slice it, my theory is the only right. As the government spends money and does not collect taxes, the money flows thru the economy ending up with the richest. Now the scam was as to how to get that money in "your" pockets. Since the money has to be spent somehow, corporations end up getting their hands on it, and with lower taxes, the richest get to keep most of what they make. So how you can get the most, is thru the stock trading, day trading, options, and then margins. As more and more money was needed the leverage.

Stupidity is contagious. Back in June and July when I was complaining that the economy is not designed for a four dollar a gallon gas, many had called me out. At that time I had proposed, among other things, an increase in margin requirements on oil trades, and an increase in the capital gains tax of up to ninety percent on short term trades of investments held for less than twelve months.

No matter what the bail out plans proposed and implemented by the governments, the economy can not improve unless the stock market i s brought under control, we can not allow the vultures to scam the country. The stock market should be brought back to the real function of the "MARKET" to buy and invest in company shares of your choice, not a casino to make a quick buck, if not then the country is doomed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008




I am not a pessimist, I have said this before. The propensity of the human mind to deny the truth is unlimited, also called faith, hope and having a positive out look or some other garbage. And why not, In "1984" the government invents a new language, a "Double Speak", today we have new names and titles permeating the language. Wall street bail out, to put money in banks that don't have any, is being called "Troubled Asset Rescue Plan", how do the assets get in trouble? Do the go out and jump in front of Mack trucks? Become suicidal?
What is a freaking barissta? And hydrating ones self? And was not a "serial monogamy" the name for prostitution? What the hell is a "serial monogamy"?

No wonder we as humanity are on pathway to destruction.

Today is my son's birthday, he is 11, what world is this that I have brought him in to. As the congress discusses the bailout of the auto companies, the auto companies are bailing out on their retirees, with the economic down turn and the companies failing the health and pension plans of millions are in jeopardy, will health care industry failure be the next shoe that drops, because more and more people lose health care insurance? How about the insurance company collapse because people who can not afford to pay mortgages and buy cars can not [pay the premiums or don't need to pay insurance premiums?

Like I said in the article below, " A Cruel Analogy", the whole house of cards collapses, like the Twin Towers, no central support.

How long will or can the government keep putting money down the rat hole.

And then what? Hunger and starvation is already on the rise, here as well as around the globe.
With millions of acres, chicken farms, cattle ranches, processing plants etc owned by large corporations, and the corporation having no incentive to grow , raise food due to lack of buying power of the average citizen, we could see massive starvation , or the taking over of food production by the governments.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am surprised that “On Point” decided to take my comments (in reference to retirement) off their site yesterday. All I was trying to say was that the population is to large for the world to sustain, and to provide for all the ammenities of modern life, given all the complications of the same. The situation with the Nebraska law is in the same vain. Too many people are having kids that they are not ready to care for and can not afford. The corporation, the employer, can not, in this global market, provide a living wage let alone health care for the average worker. Thus at each step the government has to step in, food stamps, medicaid are steps towards socialism. If you listen to the right wing commentaries, they want the worker to pay for his or her own retirement and health care while the wages are lowered, the left wants to let everyone do what ever they want to, blow their money , buy garbage, make babies without having any consequnces. The both policies are doomed, or they will doom us all. Is that too much to say out loud? Can “On Point” handle the truth?

Sunday, November 16, 2008




I have not been away, not been busy, I did not want to say what I have been thinking, then again I have been saying it for years, have I not?

The G20 summit is over, the elections are over, the government is on the ball, on the case, and soon the problem with the economy will be over too, right?

It a new paradigm they say, a new horizon, a new humanity, right! And who am I but a poet, a dreamer, a philosopher, who has limited touch with reality, yet I dare harken to the masses, ye the end is near.

Ever walk thru the great pyramids? Or the Stonehenge, looked at the pyramids of the South America? Twenty years ago I started to worry, one day someone will be walking through the Manhattan, looking at the ruins of sky scrapers and wondering, what were these people doing, thinking, I did not know it will be in my own lifetime.

Can you understand that the computer that you are reading this on may be the last computer you will ever own? The car that you drive will be your last car. I know it is really real hard to imagine this, but twenty years ago it was hard to imagine that we will have computers in our homes, and we will have homes bigger we will ever need or that our thirteen year old daughters will be sexually active and know about oral sex and anal sex be going to rainbow parties,and require birth control and "Gardasil". Goodness, isn't progress something!

Yes, progress IS something, and hope is something, and may be Jesus will show up just in time.

Barring a return of Jesus, what are the odds that the "problem" we have can be and will be resolved?

We live in a world where are just too many people, smart people, and dumb people and stupid people, so what are the chances that you, "YOU" are needed to keep the human gene pool alive and thriving. Let me break it to you , you are a nobody, you are nothing, you are not needed, no matter your looks, your degrees, your job status, you are excess garbage. Yeah it sucks, I know!

Over the world, millions of jobs are being lost as we speak,( as you read this). So once again you must disabuse your self of the idea that the "rich" create jobs. If that were true then we should have jobs a plenty, so where are they?

And if tax cuts increase tax revenues then why are countries/ governments broke all over the world.

So what did G20 summit resolve? anything? No, not a damn thing, the circus was only to appease the average person , by making him/her think that there was something being done.

Where are all the rich , creating jobs and passing their money around??? The truth is that the ones who became rich in the recent "economy" are trying to save their own behinds. Which means that they are trying to protect the "money"- it is called capital preservation- they made in their favorite scam of late, be it hedge funds, real estate flipping, commodities, whatever, and they are not going to blow that money if that preservation can be accomplished.

The monies ( although imaginary) that are being committed to resurrect the fallen economy are not enough, since the collapse the real estate values are sinking, stocks, bonds and commodities are all losing value, businesses world wide are going under, the net losses in paper values may be down by somewhere between fifty to a hundred trillion dollars, then what is few trillion of salvage money that is being committed?

As I explained in, " Braking the Banks",


the money was being created out of thin air, just for the asking, then that money was being leveraged forty to a hundred times, the newer and newer scams called "financial products" were being created in all corners of the world. Now everyone knows that the fix is in, all they bought and sold was nothing but a wet dream, now everyone knows that everyone else is a crook also, so how can there be any honor among the thieves, thus the reason why the credit markets are frozen.

Can the markets thaw? Do we once again believe that the Chinese or the Saudis will like us to have a higher standard of living than their own people? Should the Europeans finance our way of life while they break down their own social and safety networks. Did the Saudis not lose their ass already in likes of CITI bank? and Disney? And the Japanese in our real estate.

Read the, "A NEW WORLD ORDER 2003"


Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So you did not vote for Obama, and I kept my word too, i did not vote for him either. But he will be the next president, mine and yours, and that means a lot.

We elect presidents to represent us, and in that we tell the world who we are through that person, his face becomes the face of the United States, his persona becomes the persona of United States. We also see ourselves through that person and his persona, we feel bad when presidents get sick, or die, even years after leaving the office, we celebrate their triumphs and their failures too become our own personal loss.

Of course, the next president will hear from me, that goes without saying. I am anti authority, and suspicious of any and all claims made by such persons. You can look in this blog about Obama's message of change and read my entry, "We are all Shrecks now", and you can also read my article on too many promises from both camps,titled, "It Can't Happen Here".

MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE, just as in using her adaptation of the lipstick on a pig adage, Sarah Palin did not see the irony that she was herself being used as a lipstick on the pig of John McCain campaign, the pig of a GOP, we forget that Obama is not a black American, not an African American as we call them these days, Obama is a son of a foreign student who happened to be black and from the continent of Africa, yes Palin, Africa is not a country. Still his election speaks volumes about the United States, yet we must get past the appearances and look deeper.

What Is is IS, Clinton asked famously, so what does it mean to say i never heard, as in Obama's claim that he never heard Reverend Wright make anti American pronouncements? Did he mean that those sermons never meant anything to him or that he did not pay any attention to them, did not take them to heart? I never heard can mean many things.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." The words or MLK were never so true, if Obama was elected on the basis of his character and not on the basis of his color. But what does it say for the average person in the Untied States today where character is rendered meaningless, where Princess Di and Paris Hilton are idolized by millions, where "Sex in the City" and the "Desperate Housewives" define the moral standards. Where greed is not only good but it is God. Where black children and white children are raised up to be thugs and sluts and lazy.

Some may celebrate that we have the first black American as president, another question should be that, WHY? Why did the White Establishment let Obama be elected?
Not only Obama beat Hillary Clinton, she with her resume and credentials and sixteen plus years of experience and organization, why did Hillary lose. And as Cliff May redcorded in his editorial, "John McCain did not win the Republican primary- he did not defeat Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson et al. Rather each of those campaigns imploded or eroded- and McCain was the last man left standing."

So what did happen? Could it possibly be related to the economic mess the country is in. Could it be that the people like Giuliani and Romney and Thompson et al realize that the country was headed for the economic abyss and thought that they did not want to do anything with it? Could it be that the establishment saw that with the coming total collapse of the economy we will have chaos unrest and increase in crime and saw best to let Obama handle it? Could it be that they saw that best way to handle the upcoming problems will be totalitarian and socialist type government?
Is there a message?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008




If Obama is the next president, the credit will go to one man and one man only, that is the current president of the United States, George W. Bush.

There is no other possible method or a reason where by Obama could have won the presidency, but for the two losing wars, an economy on the life support, and pandering to the religious right.

Thus it also follows that everyone who voted for Bush the first time and then again the second time, without regards to the failure of Bush, also deserves credit for the Obama win.

Monday, November 03, 2008



Hope is the expectation of a desirable result in face of odds and the evidence to the contrary.

The voters for Obama and McCain must “believe” that their candidate will make a difference that will be to their own personal benefit, regardless of the current economic situation and the reality of the country being broke already.

No one from the followers of either side wants to believe that they must now make personal sacrifices, not only in financial sense, but also in limits in their so called personal expectations and choices.

For instance the social costs of divorce, teen pregnancy, health care, child raising, crime, justice, gay rights, disappearing morality all have costs that can be translated in to dollars.

Free trade may get us more stuff, but it is also the cause of lower wages, lack of health care provided to workers, lack of full time permanent employment and more.

The excess spending on the military where billions nay trillions of dollars are wasted and stolen and misspent, (yes I know this personally).

The United States today is becoming more and more like a third world country. Is there a Plan?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008




There is an invasion of mice in the Eastern India and Western Bangladesh. Lack of food is forcing mice in to the homes of people where the attack the residents. Army has been called to get rid of the pests.

It is funny, that mice are acting like people now, reproducing even in the face of a severe shortage of food, eating up the reserves. I wonder if they are liberals or conservatives, since both camps believe that “EVERYONE” has the right to reproduce, whether they can support the brood or not.

Just like a certain segment of our society already does it from instinct, I believe all politician, and the other do gooders should be required to wear their pants off their buttocks, if you have your head stuck up down there lowering the pants off your behind will let you get more air to your brains and thus allow you to think better.

Why are there some people even today thinking that anyone can fix the mess we are in.
How can anyone still believe that we live in a free society, a democracy no less, when we are a short few months, may be a couple of years away from a totalitarian regime. May be God will send us a prophet, right? RIGHT! The joke is on you, God gave you a free will and you abused the crap out of it. Since you thought that free will only means to fuck each other.

A vast majority, eighty percent, of the humanity is totally useless, ( look up, A New World Order 2003, below), it is net waste of resources, water air and food, and does not contribute to the advancement of human cause.

Our current economic model, based on consumption, is self defeating, we must consume more and more to keep the economy going. But who pays for this consumption, and how? When no one (the rich and the industrialists) wants to spend "their money" (as in paying higher taxes or giving benefits to the workers) but to have some one else spend theirs, for their benefit. The government is then forced to borrow and spend to keep up the facade of prosparity. The situation is same whether it is the United States or Pakistan or Haiti. In the long run, however, the government becomes broke and corrupt, politicians lie and make fake promises while they are bought up by the ones that control the real riches of the land, unlike the government that is left powerless, the government that did not want to collect enough taxes from the rich is now left at the mercy of the same powerful.

The reality is that we have been a socialist country for a very long time. As I have shown, time and time again, it is not the rich creating jobs for the benefit of the people, it has been the government borrowing and printing up money to give to the people in different forms, from welfare to the defence budgets that has created the so called wealth. In the end however, the government ends up in debt to the "rich" and the public ends up obligated to the "moneyed" for the "federal obligations".
And what we have is and "illusion of prosperity", buying big houses and cars and IPods and Iphones, all of them financed by the government in some manner.This is the ultimate socialism, also called slavery.

To be continued

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Some people have yet to see the light i think, first her we have the problem of the economy in a downward spiral, credit (individual)disappearing, itself causing job losses which are leading to defaults and tightening of credit, loss of retail that is leading to job losses and so on, so where the retail will be in a year or two, no one really knows, will the big box store even be needed anymore? and who will go there to shop? since they depend solely on mass sales, not small per item sales.
Two and this is the biggy, a consumer economy, where will the money come from, any jobs if they survive will not pay enough cause of the surplus of labor available world wide, but no one is going to pay you to just go shopping, even uncle sam who has supported the consumer economy with large budget deficits is a broke uncle.
A consumer economy is dead, the technology that was created to help us has also rendered us useless and worthless, whether the right that does not want you to get an abortion and just procreate, or that left that assumes that every ignorant, lame brained moron has a right to make babies are both wrong. The sooner we start stopping people from making useless little kids that will only become a burden on the environment and natural resources. First step is to be to stop paying people for making children and next to pay them for NOT having any kids

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The first question we have to ask is, that where do the Chinese get the money that they are loaning us?
And here is the straight answer, from the American consumer buying Chinese products. And why do Americans buy Chinese products, because the labor is cheap in China, even though it reduces the need for the American labor pool and depresses wages in the States. As the wages are depressed the tax revenues are reduced and American government has to create deficts, as tthe government spends the consumers get the money to buy Chinese goods, which are also "more profitable" to sell for the corporations. The corporations with extra profits buy the politicians to get reductions in their tax rates and the capital gains taxes and reduce employee wages and benefits to "keep compatative". As the cycle goes on America becomes a third world country with a lot of debt and no way to pay for it. I wonder whether the Reaganomics has name for it.

Monday, October 20, 2008



A year ago in Pakistan, I had an opportunity to discuss this thing called liquidity, with a gentle man named Asif Beg. And I predicted this current crisis, of course him being a man of finance, he thought of me a fool.

As long as the rich do not pay taxes, and governments are forced print money to support themselves problems of poverty, unemployment, hunger etc. can not be resolved.

The rich do not create jobs to support the poor. rich create jobs to steal money from the government, at time through the poor, when a government prints money to stay in power. In the long run chaos is inevitable. It is evident in Pakistan today as it is evident here in the United States, with unrest and hyper inflation to follow.

Friday, October 17, 2008


May be John McCain should be trying to take the job away from Joe the Plumber, since it seems that he thinks that Joe the Plumber could be making the income of more than what the senator is paid.

At this point it seems that everyone is confused. The income of a business is not taxed as a whole only the NET PROFITS are taxed, after all the expenses of the business are taken out including utilites, local taxes, empolyees pay, health benefits, vhicles, parts, depriciation of buldings and equipment what have you, be it a corporation, sole propritership or an S-corpration, only then whatever is left for the owner is taxable. A Business could have a million dollars in sales but the owner may not even make a hundred thousand doallrs in income.

Both McCain and Neal Boortz and the other right wing mouth pieces are trying to scare people. To bad Obama himself could not explain it in the debate.


Dear Luke I hear you , the problem with both McCain and Obama is that they are both politicians and as such they are both habitual liars. What is needed in this country is a moral outrage against the system of greed and corruption, but there we have the problem. Our culture by design and by choice is against morals and standards, it is builtt on indidual greed and individual moral corruption. How can you stand up and ask the politician to have something of what you yourself do not have. We live culture where everyone of us wants more and more and more, more of money, more of sexual partners, more car than we need or can afford etc etc. Anyone that was "awake" knew that people were making hundred million salaries and multi hundred million bonuses, all we wanted was our own share of the pie, thats all. You know me, for how many many years I have raged against this corruption, against the greed and fiscal mismangement. But even today people are not convinced or want to know what trouble we are in. Who is warning us of the up coming doom and the great upheavals, none, because they know we don't want to hear it, and they know we don't want them to tell us the truth, we the people want mommy and daddy to tell us that all will be ok, so we can go back to sleep, we are so immmature. I would love for McCain to stand up and say it, he is the model of courage right? He could tell us the truth, right? But no, McCain KNOWS he has earned the presidency because we the people have made him believe that he is super human, in that he is no different than may be Britteny Spears. He is not "THE MAN". He is just as bad as one of those "Mortgage Backed Securites" or "Debt Obligations" that got the banks into trouble. Did we not believe that Bush was the right person? Did we not trust him? Did he not have an MBA and knew business? We don't need a hero for president who is already too good. We need a human we can hold responsible, we need a human who can be blamed for his faults, we need someone who can tell the truth, as such neither McCain or Obama qualify. I am voting for Bob Barr, atleast when i leave the voting booth I will have a clear conscience that I voted for America first. You, however, can write in my name, atleast I can tell when the diaper stinks, and am not affraid to say it, that is already more qualification that the other two idiots put together.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Picture paints a thousand words
truth this picture doesn't speak
dare I then lift the veil
dare I take another peek
Life is all shades of gray
waters green, white or blue
your smile bright as today
sell your soul and you change the hue
Where is that soul free
curious children come of age
forget this life doesn't own any future
look for comfort in the words of a sage
What you give up, and what you gain
perceptions, they don't mean a lot
think this life off itself is a chain
say you are happy,when you say are not
Are you lucky when in chains?
free up your soul with rage
drink to those lonely and the free
smile,when you burn down the stage

Friday, October 10, 2008


This is being republished since it is still valid
Last update on 02/07/2007

There is one simple rule of economics; the only way to get rich is to take someone else’s money. Surprised? Just look at all the hedge funds, the advisers, the analysts on the Wall Street, all in the business of taking money away from someone else. What is it that these people do that generates wealth? Nothing, all they do is to figure out a way to take away someone else’s money, “legally”.The only way, actually, to generate wealth is to add value to something, to create or improve something by adding labor to it. It could be something like taking an ore out of a mine, where it was worthless, or machining a part or even navigating a ship across the ocean with some merchandise on it for sale. But what it is not, is to be betting as to what commodity should sell at what price in the future, for instance, or where the stock market will be at a given point. As such, labor of the physical kind is the only thing that adds real value to an item, be it the growing of a crop, the harvesting of the same or making of widgets.How then can one ever become wealthy?

Well if you happen to have enough capital, you start a business, a venture, where you try to pay the least amount of money to the people who actually generate wealth through their labor, and that is called working. Since labor is a perishable commodity, the working person must use it in exchange for something of a “monetary value” as quickly as he or she can. If the labor is abundant, the value of labor decreases, just like any other commodity, thus the person is forced to sell it as quickly as he or she can, for whatever value one can receive for it. In a global economy, where all the workers of the world are forced to compete against each other the value of work (wages) will decrease rapidly, thus the employer will force the worker to work for the fewest beans thereby keeping most of the value added to the product. This is called Capitalism. And by the way, capital is not generated by a FED printing unlimited amounts of money, capital is generated by a people earning more than they are spending and putting the extra money aside, which is called “savings” I had to explain this because some of the readers may be Americans who are not familiar with such ancient terms.In today’s consumer based economy we are encouraged to spend, spend, spend, and so we do.

Many a worker or a family is living on a tight budget. Of course one needs a car to get around, going to work, we need a house or an apartment, and we need health insurance, water, electricity, cable, cell phone, home phone etc. With the wages generally being lower than what it takes to supply what one needs, we require a second income, in most cases, just to make the ends meet so we need to have a “relationship” to be able just to survive, really. Thus one must fall in “love” out of necessity, which does not say much for the quality of one’s selection, or for the commitment to and the duration of such a relationship.Poverty is the state where a person or a family can not fulfill their needs, it may be real or imagined (imagined, when needs are created and assumed, but are not necessary for survival). In the land of plenty and consumption society, where you are reminded twenty four – seven what the others have that you do not have, the imagined poverty destroys many a home, a family and a relationship.This the situation, a catch-22 if you will, in 1980 while we were still talking about the ERA (equal rights amendment) in this country, I proposed that including females in the labor force causes inflation, and at the same time reduces the wages of workers. Now I admit, I do not have a “Nobel” in economics, and this is basic economics, if there are two people working in a house hold, they have (supposedly) more disposable income so they buy more goods and the price of goods goes up, with me so far? Now then when there are more people available to work, the price of labor goes down (wages are reduced), so over a long period of time a household is no better off with two people working than it was with only one wage earner. Now I am not suggesting, not by a long shot, that a woman’s place blah, blah, blah.

But that may be only the more efficient worker in the house should work, while the other can take care of the house and family. I hope when they are grown, my daughters can buy their own husbands, happy?What I am suggesting is that more people should be taken out from the labor pool so the wages can rise.
There is a big joke being played upon the poor world wide, that we the Anglos, the white, the rich, the first worlders are interested in reducing poverty. No we are not, not really, remember for every high rise going up in a given country, for every factory being built to provide jobs, for every road every bridge, there are and there must be hundreds, thousands may be that must starve, and that is the grim reality of the world that we live in. The joke is that we will spend fifteen billion dollars, in sub-Saharan Africa, over ten years, to reduce poverty, and the punch line is that the United States alone borrows two billion dollars a day to keep her economy going. If we did not use this money to buy un necessary garbage made by the slave labor in countries like China and Vietnam, that money could be used to develop the infra structure in those countries, or their labor could be paid a living wage, or they could loan or grant the money to a poorer nation. Do you see what I am saying?

What is truly needed, right now, is that the world population be reduced, but the world leaders are afraid to speak the truth to their people to save their own hides. there are the political reasons, cultural reasons and the religious reasons. How can you tell your people that if they won’t stop reproducing they will all die. That each individual country, each individual race, each individual people will out run their resources. The world will be so over crowded and so over polluted that the planet will be unable to support any form of life. As I mentioned previously in " The New World Order, 2003", we can not provide the power, the housing, the transportation , etc, for everyone living on earth now without running out of resources in a short order, then why we continue the charade, why are people not being told that in the long run we will (most of us will any how) be living like the worst off of the sub Saharan Africa.

Increasing the population just so that you increase the number of consumers is dumb. Time and again it can be shown that as the population of a country increases, so does the disparity in the wealth of the rich and the poor. As the poor need to compete for work, the cost of labor goes down and the profit of the rich goes up. No wonder the US is working to legalize millions of illegal aliens to keep the wages of the workers down, at the same time increasing the number of the consumers. Strangely enough, the Muslim prophet Mohammed said that if one is too poor to support a family than one should not marry, guess how that one is working out, even in the so called Islamic countries like Bangladesh.

Is it not strange that the Democratic President Bill Clinton signed off on the NAFTA, that was promoted by Ronald Reagan, and now President Bush and Ted Kennedy want to legalize the illegal immigrants. Is it a conspiracy to screw the poor or are our leaders so damn stupid that they can’t smell dodo even as they have it stuck on their noses. Are we so close to the end of the world now that we don’t need to care? Or as the public WE are so ignorant that we don’t know when we are being screwed. When the illegals marched in the streets there should have been larger counter protests by the Americans, but we are too busy being entertained to death.

Let me back up here for a bit, one would say why am I complaining while the economy is booming, the stock market is up, inflation under control, yada, yada, yada.

Well there are two points to consider first, if housing is considered as and investment for the later years, or at least to put your kids through college, then why are so many people spending the equity in their homes for current expenses, to buy a new TV or something, or just to keep up with the Joneses? Two, if your credit card company increases your credit line, do you become richer? Actually most Americans today are working for “The Man“, to pay the taxes, or to pay the interest on their college loans, on credit card loans, to the mortgage companies. The great big lie is that seventy percent of the Americans own their own homes, when in truth they are renting their homes from the mortgage company. Both the Democrats and the Republicans lie about the economy, because they want the stupid consumer to keep spending the money they will never have, till one morning the are told they now they are officially slaves.
“T’s the ultimate freedom, when you chose to be a slave,” (M.N.R.).

The second point about all this prosperity is that it is based on the deficit spending by the government. The lie that is told is that when government cuts taxes the revenues go up. But no one ever mentions that the revenues go up because of the deficit itself, as the government spending cycles through the economy, obviously the employment and the corporate profits go up, when the employment goes up the social security taxes go up, and guess what is off set by the surplus in the social security tax collection, the deficit. And again as the corporate profits go up the tax collections go up , so the so called reduction in the deficit, or increase in the revenue is just so much smoke and mirrors, and why doesn’t some one explain it to the people? Because it is easier to keep the idiots happy and it gets the politicians re-elected by the stupid electorate.

The lie has been told again and again, so many times that even Bush himself may not know the difference, many Republicans surely do not, and the moneyed advisors don’t want you to know the facts, but here it is the truth about the Bush tax cut. While they are fighting in congress whether to make the Bush tax cut permanent or not, the truth is that the tax cut really does favor the rich and the ultra rich. The average Joe, making a hundred thousand or less was given a fifteen hundred dollar a child tax credit, not a real tax cut, and as the tax cut for the rich is about to be made permanent, the child tax credit will disappear and the taxes for the middle and lower income people will go up, this is called compassionate conservatism.

We see the stock market going up, the Dow making new highs, but is it for real? If you had bought the thirty stocks in the Dow twenty years ago in nineteen eighty six, and had never changed anything, you would be sitting at a net loss today, because the GM, Ford, Delta, ATT, Sears, all have lost money, big time. The only reason the Dow seems to be up is because they keep changing the stocks that make up the Dow thirty are changed as the companies go broke and are replaced by newer names. So if you buy the shares today.
And what does the “value” of company like Google or Yahoo or e-bay, U-tube has to do with reality? These company don’t make anything, and don’t add value to anything, they don’t even own anything that anyone would need, or provide a needed service, ok, e-bay does that. But for the others are nothing more than a HOPE that someone will click thru and ad to buy something.

But to buy something, you need money you do not need for something else that is a necessity, nothing like that is sold on Yahoo, or Google, no milk, no bread, so you must be someone that has extra money. One way to have extra money is to not to have kids, and not to get married, do you see my point?

One of the cruelest ways to make you a slave is to get you in debt. And here is how the scheme works. Starting at home where parents are more apt to go to work to buy whatever is new on the market for their kids, to fulfill their demands, our children get in the habit of not waiting to buy something or waiting for something, saving for something to own. We teach our children that when you want something you jut pull out a credit card. As I have mentioned before, most of us today are living beyond our means. An average person has to go into debt just to meet these so called needs. Not everyone needs a new car, for instance before the old one is paid off. But most people do exactly that and never get out the cycle of having a car payment. In the last thirty years, the car financing has gone from average three year loans to now seven year loans, and we keep making the payments without realizing that so long as the consumers are willing to make these payments, the car prices will keep rising. And that is just the tip of it. Does every one really need a cable bill? A cell phone? Do you know that these payments are for life? We have not learnt to say no, ever! Not in sex and in buying more cheap stuff.

How many do you know that buy more than they can afford? Christmas coming, get a new Visa card, vacation, we can put the on the card also, or take out a home equity line of credit. And yet everyone knows that our wages are not keeping up with the cost of living and we go around scratching our collective behinds wondering what is going wrong and end up getting divorced, (which actually ends up costing more money and lowers our standard of living.

But lets say for example that you never had these problems growing up and the only thing you needed was a small loan for college. Now they have you again, you start out from college already deep in debt, and unless you are extremely lucky you will always be in debt for the rest of your life. And don’t you dare stop spending the money you don’t have, our economy depends on it. It depends on you to be stupid and stay in debt for the rest of your life, so you never get to accumulate wealth, ( capital).

The money that we spend today will yet have to be made by our grand children and great grand children. In the mean time we have a federal reserve system that keeps creating money from nothing, just like the Germans did during the world war two, but we are too stupid to know what happened to the German economy as a result, let me give you a hint, after the war, in Germany, one could get laid for a pack of cigarettes. What is up with our bible thumping president, what was the biblical parable of the seven fat cows followed by the seven skinny cows.

We are being sold in slavery and we don’t care. If not why is it that people making a hundred thousand a year or more cannot seem to afford all that they want, is it not a definition of slavery that your needs are never met? A vast majority of the people making hundreds of thousands of dollars as in debt up to their eyebrows, and even if you make a million or two a year you have not yet “ARRIVED”, it takes much more. Say how you would feel when if had just figured out that you had made your first million dollars last year and then to wake up to find out that Beckham just got a five year two hundred and fifty million dollar contract? I guess you will go out and work harder to make more, so you can keep up , but the only way to make more is to figure out a way as to how to beat some one out of what THEY have. Be it your workers or your clients. But since we are living in a COMPATATIVE environment so only one you can really put the screws to is your workers.
The other problem with today’s consumer culture is that there is so much stuff to buy, you need a new plasma TV, and a black berry, your kids need the new X-box, and I-pod, the latest fashions and cars and the Ivy League education, whatever, and soon as you have built that forty-five hundred square foot Mc Mansion on the golf course, your brother in law builds one of fifteen thousand square foot in that new exclusive sub division.

So here you are, you need more money, nay (screw the holy books), you have the obligation to screw the poor to keep up. Kindness, mercy, justice and fairness are just clich├ęs that we must pay lip service to. As I mentioned in “The New World Order” in 2003, this attitude is destroying families, the traditions the cultures and the environment, and not just theirs ,but that of our own also.

Under president Reagan we had something called social security reform, the Medicare tax was imposed on all the salaried income, or income from a privately owned business, and the basic social security tax was increased slightly and the taxable amount was also increased. Remember I have said many times that I voted for Mr. Reagan the first time and then I became against him because he was a damned liar, or too stupid to know the impact of the polices he was he was being paid to promote. Mr. Reagan sold out the working class, riled people against the poor, broke his promise to balance the budget, screwed the workers by promising that NAFTA will increase the wages of the workers in foreign countries and improve their standard of living , that the foreign countries will also be bound by clean environment standards, etc. As we now know it was all , every bit of it a bunch of lies. What he did do was that he started to spend the social security reserves, ( the excess amount paid into social security for the future benefits), also this amount spent was not included in the current account deficit, so we the workers were screwed twice. It is still beyond the understanding of the average American that thinks that Reagan was the greatest president or a great president, the screwing that the American citizens received by the Reagan administration was the only thing royal about him.

Today as the boomers are approaching the retirement age not many still realize that there is no money there for their benefits to be paid. What they don’t tell you is that we NEED the illegal Mexican here to contribute to the social security fund to keep it somewhat solvent, or at least on a more secure footing, with more people paying into the social security fund.

That is a two edged sword. One that at a later time we will have to pay these people the benefits also, two that since the current “ doing great economy” and the high employment is dependent on deficit spending and borrowing from the foreign nations and peoples, we keep digging the hole deeper and deeper.
How long can we keep printing, or creating this imaginary money? Who do we owe this money to? Besides the future generations. At the start of 2006, I sent an e-mail to Senator Richard Shelby, R-Ala, I had asked him that, where this money that we spend in deficit ends up at, as of today, 23 January 2007, I still have received no satisfactory reply so I will tell you what I think. First of all most of the money the government borrows comes from the social security surplus, it is your money and it is my money the government can decide not to pay us back any or cause inflation to rise and reduce our benefits, secondly the money comes from the FOREIGNERS who buy the US treasury debt and US currency, so each and every day we keep selling the US to others, literally.

Thirdly the money comes from the Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned company, your future and mine is sold to private bankers, while you sit there watching Desperate Housewives, it is your future, it is your country that desperately needs tending to.

Are we being sold in to slavery? I for one have thought so for the last twenty-five years it is time for the rest of the country to wake up before there is no rest of the country left.

So then where does this money go to? Of course any one knows that the money always will go to the top. It is said time and again, that if all the money was divided in a group, soon it will end up in a few hands. That being true, and the fact the much of the money that the federal government spends, by printing new, or borrowing will also end up in the hands of the rich and the super rich, unless it goes to the foreign countries and the people that we borrowed it from in the first place.

We know, for example, when the government spent billions of dollars after Katrina, people spent that money to buy tools and generators made in China, lumber from Canada and labor from Mexico and Central America, so we can assume that some of that money that the government is borrowing is going directly over seas. Then there is money spent in this country, it as we said before rises to the top and thus ends up with the super rich, am I right so far? By the way the government is “spending” over three hundred billion a year in interest payments. The gap between the poor and the rich increases.

A couple of years ago we had some examples of this gap, where the people spent two and three million dollars on a birthday party. But the most egregious example of this problem was when some one paid sixteen million dollars for a nude of a living actress. And what was that crap about the “Beanie Babies” for Eight thousand dollars? and the singing raisins? Some people do have money to burn, and why not? it is really worthless.

Are we then a third world country, where some have everything and more and the rest have nothing. May be not yet, but we are getting there, fast!

The theory says that the few rich do not cause inflation in an economy, because they are not competing for the same stuff as the rest of the people. But are they, or not. In general they don’t live in the same places, don’t buy the same type and quality of food stuffs, don’t even go to the same doctors and lawyers. But if we take a closer look then they take away the best health care making it out of reach of the rest, because they can afford to pay a premium over whatever the rest will pay. Same with housing, if they get the best and the choicest lots, and homes and whatever, which by definition is a limited quality and quantity they make the prices of real estate unaffordable for the rest. How can you buy a lot for ten thousand dollars in a community where some one else is willing to pay ten times as much, thus the rich can acquire the most desirable location and property causing the rest to pay more than we can afford or to move elsewhere.

One of the biggest problems I have with the rich is that they can afford to out price the average person out of the education market, though there are always some scholarships and grants and loans available for the poor and the average kid, the rich have always a leg up because they go to the best prep schools and can afford private tutoring for a leg up on the entrance exams etc.

I also realize that some people are poor or average because of their own lack of motivation, initiative, and work ethic, some don’t know any better and can not do better than what they are stuck with and will not. But it is not fair to say also that the playing field is level for all.

So where is that trickle down theory, Ronald Reagan was either very stupid, or was bought off buy the real money. And we fell for him, boy were we ever so stupid also.

A lot of people still give the grand example of the lady with food stamps who came to the store in her Cadillac, and I know we have all seen her, but have you ever noticed the poor, the ones buying day old bread, and shopping at the bent can store or lining up at the food banks, no we do not see them, because we don’t go to THOSE places, we have no idea how, in a society where people making a hundred thousand a year have budget problems, people are expected to live on a three hundred a month from social security. While the people who steal the retirement funds from their company employees are given twenty million dollar bonuses.

In this land of plenty, we have shows about the lifestyles of the “Rich and Famous” but no shows about the life styles of the “Starving and the Malnourished“.


Well one thing for sure, the gas is getting cheaper. The bad news is that as the gas prices get lower, all the new energy projects will bite the dust. From oil shale in Canada to Boone Pickens' "hot air" the wind energy project will become worthless, the unemployment in oil industry will rise and the real estate markets in Texas will follow suite. Here is the good news, the Russians will go broke, Putin and Chavez will shut up, and the real estates in Dubai, the future home of Mr Bush will be cheaper. The soverign funds of gulf countries will sell their shares and real estate holdings in the US and Europe on the cheap, back to us.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008



It ain't happening

Why is the FED and others unable to stop the stocks from sliding or open up the credits lines? With all the money being thrown out in to the debt abyss, you would think that we would have been able to stop the spiral.

The reason here is simple, the money being supplied to the banks, the credit lines take over of banks and whatever is unable to stop the drain and stabilize the stock markets is simple. This money has already been spent, by the banks that made bad loans already and now can only fill in the holes in their portfolios. The loans have already been made and the monies spent and lost, and the consumers who are not worthy of loaning money to are still unqualified as they were two weeks ago.

Why now, all the money being created now has already been spent and already been lost so it won't help, the six trillion dollars in liquidity on the sides? where is it?

And they( governments) may be able to throw money in to a fire pit, but how do you buy trust, everyone knows now that everyone else is a crook like himself, and what was sophisticated scheme of yesterday was just another swindle, much like an e mail from Nigeria, but with a real return address.

And lastly, what idiot would now want to loan money to fools that can not keep a budget to buy I-pods or flat screen tvs, much less large homes.

As oil is now crashing the wealth of the rich Arab Sovereign funds is disappearing faster than the Gennie of the oil lamp, and the Texas, Alaska and the Canadian oil projects are soon to go up in smoke with their respective economies.

Monday, October 06, 2008




There is a small fish tank in the bedroom of my daughter, it has only one gold fish. The fish swims around, and around and around. Sometimes I ask my daughter, what if the fish thinks the the tank is the whole universe?

In my poem " Shooting Star", is a verse,
" everyone alone
in their own space and time,
I would'a called you again,
If I had another dime."

That "everyone alone in their own space and time now seems prophetic.

Does the fish think that the bowl is the whole universe? Probably, well if you consider how our leaders and more specifically the financial wizards of the Wall Street have acted over the last few years. If you consider how ignorantly have the people of the FED have behaved.

Even now, the latest morons of the financial circles, Hank Paulson and Ben Bernake and the guy with the MBA, whatever his name is, think that they are alone in the universe and they are on controls and they know how to fix it.

It really goes back to what I have told you all along, that "life is a game of connect the dots, if you don't connect all the dots, and don't connect the in the right order, you will miss the whole picture".

By the time this is all over, we will be back to the real savings, real interest rates, real down payments and real credit. So how long will it take? Well, ten years or may be twenty, we have to learn to live in reality, oh that is if there will be any free societies left standing.

Why I say that, well the amounts of debts involved requires that either the federal governments, the world over, turn over all the earnings and taxes to private individuals, to pay off the cumulative debts, or alternately confiscate all private property.Other than that what are the choices?

Is it not what I have been warning you about for years?

"and I would'a called you again"
but is there anyone listening?

Bush' world, his universe, is the fish bowl called "banking". It was never more true the axiom, " you dance with the one who brung you", we have the bankers to solve the problem that the bankers created. Oh the insanity!

And it is still not enough, we fail to understand that the problem has been created by having too much of that "imaginary money", the virtual money of the unending reservoir of "God's Head" called the FED.

Like that fish in the fish bowl, Hank Paulson, Ben Berneke, Bush etal, have a limited knowledge of the universe. For them the universe starts and ends in banking, thus the problem of banking can be resolved by more banking gimmicks, if the problem is credit, then we need more credit to loosen up the credit. Yeah right!

Are we there yet? We just were black mailed into taking on another $850,000,000,000
that is eight hundred fifty billion dollars of debt for nothing, no reason, and it does not help the economy or the credit situation or makes us depression proof, or does it?

With the so called credit crisis, on which we have decided to blame everything is not the disease, the cancer has been growing since Reagan started the ball rolling, deficit spending with lower taxes, low interest rates (to keep the interest on the federal borrowing low)was and has been the malaise.

So here is word for Mr. Bush and Mr. Paulson, at the end of the movie, "Finding Nemo" as the fish escape from the dentists aquarium and make it the ocean, only to find themselve in plastic bags and wondering, "now what!", so some days life just sucks.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008




Ok, let's say the bail out goes thru, but it is once again imaginary money, that will come from no where, and the markets stabilize. Now the banks must make loans, if they make loans at the old standards the money is once again wasted, inflation rises as there is a sudden boom in the economy, and the dollars falls,commodities rise, poor people around the globe face certain starvation and we are back at square one. If the banks take the money but dole it out at new stricter standards and higher interest rates, there is no expansion in the economy, the rising interest rates boost the American Federal deficits( interest payments on eleven trillion is a lot of money so spending must be cut), the economy contracts and the poor around the world face massive lay offs and starvation.

Good Luck


Dear Mr. President

Honorable Madam Speaker
Honorable Senators John McCain
Barrack Obama, Jack Reid

There are leaders, and then there are leaders, Idi Amin was one, so was Hitler and Joseph Stalin was one also. But the great leaders are those who have their people follow them through thick and thin, willing to make sacrifices for the greater good of the nation. The great leaders are not afraid to tell the truth when needed and not willing to compromise their honor even when they may risk their own positions. Lincoln believed slavery was wrong and fought a civil war that cost the nation six hundred thousand lives. Crusades were fought by the people who believed they were right and thought of themselves as defenders of truth. Today it is hard to find a leader that is willing to speak the truth and thus compromise his or her own position of power.

In the bible we are told the story of Moses, (I am a non –believer myself)., that when Moses returned from the mountain he saw his people worshiping calf made of gold. To me this parable has always meant two things, the gold represents the worldly riches, and the calf in the story is the same as the Bull on the Wall Street, once again representing the worldly riches and wealth.

Now may be this is stretching it too far, but we come to decide whether we should pass bail out bill or not we should consider what effect will it have on our future, really the near future. Can we really go on supporting our own and the global boom and “prosperity” with the borrowed (printed or created) dollars? How long before we will have to sell our children in to slavery to pay off these debts. Would we need start smothering our kids and euthanizing our elderly because we could not pay for them? Will we start a new CCC, only this time called the “Caloric Conservation Camps” to save the cost of food to pay off our debts? Will we have to call upon patriotic citizen to transition out early?

There is also a story of a man called Jesus who gave his life to save the world, and the story of his disciple who sold him out for thirty pieces of silver,. And me, I just wonder

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Why is the United States congress and the president so desperately trying to give away the country to the bankers? Do we not know that there is six trillion dollars in cash on the sidelines, held by the same entities that we are trying to bail out?

The reason that the scam is working because the American populace is brain dead to say the least, they don't know the facts and they don't know any better, the stupid [people are being told that the sky will fall if the bankers are not bribed with another seven hundred billion dollars of American tax payers money, that businesses will not be able to meet the payrolls and other stupid crap.

The fact is that there is money, only that you have to have a solid business plan and solid credit, I have personally borrowed fifty thousand dollars within last six months, and bought two vehicles in last two months.

On the other hand we are past due for a recession and a recession is needed to wake people up to the reality of capitalism, to ups and downs of the markets, the more we manage to have one the worse it will be when it arrives.

The rich are not worried about your welfare and mine. This a scam, now they are talking about credit markets freezing up and a need for anew cycle of tax cuts, show me what the last three tax cuts have accomplished. All we have done is to move the industries over seas and opened more McDonalds and Star Bucks, worth less jobs where you can spend the money uncle Sam has borrowed on your behalf, may be more malls, more oppertunities for you to get deeper in debt.

America is about to be reamed again, why Mr Bush, why Nancy Pelosi, why are we turning The USA in to another Bengla Desh run by the money, for the money, with politicians and their honors for sale.

Friday, September 26, 2008




Who says that Mr. Bush is the only highly functioning moron in Washington DC. ( Paul Bagala did). But apparently there is no shortage of highly functioning idiots in this nation of ours.

First take the investors on the Wall Street, all those highly functioning idiots have been making money for years , so they got so cocky they started to buy pure horse manure in the hope of making money. Well have we not all seen the movies where some crook is paid off in sacks of news paper clippings? But now we have the US Government stepping in to buy up these. And who comes out at the head of the line to put the money of the United States in the hands of the Wall Street in exchange for the proverbial horse manure but those highly functioning idiots of the other party the Democrats.

If the goal of a con game is to urge or to trick someone in to doing something really stupid, this con is working like a charm. Eight years of Wall Street greed and fiscal mismanagement of the Bush administration and who is ready to sell her virginity to save them but the Democrat Party, what a deal. I knew selling ones virginity was about to become the new vogue but did not know that the Democrat party would be the next in line to carry on the new tradition.

I believe that Obama and Reed and Pelosi mean well, they claim they don’t want to see the people getting hurt. But the reality is that the fix is already in, bail out or not the economy will suffer, with the increase of seven hundred billion dollars in the deficit, the dollar will fall, the interest rates will still go up, real estate values will still fall as the air will still be going out of the housing bubble and the securities that the government will be receiving will decline further in value. Housing will remain slow for a while still, so spending this seven hundred billion will only do harm to the United States. Keep the money for the day when it really hits the fan as it still will.

There are solutions for the fix we are in, not easy not nice and not palatable but we have created the mess and we must clean it up, raise taxes, increase capital gains taxes with the only offset allowed for investment in factories and creating of jobs in the United States. Encourage and support public transportation. Reduce spending , mostly in section eight housing payments and payments for children on welfare, people should not be making babies to get the benefits reduce Medicaid. There is yet more on my blog.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I f you go to my blog And look up in the archives for July 2006, then scroll down the page to econ102 at the page, you will see what wrote and what Mr. Scowcroft said here,

Mr. Bush used the excuse the of 9/11 to push through the tax cuts and print money and set us up for the economic destruction. That the American public has been complicit in the economic demise of the country, that much is true, but the crooks on the wall street have been have been pushing the white house and the congress for more and more loot, wall street became a den of thieves, and free for all among the thieves, crooks and swindlers is what has been referred to as the new investment vehicles. Hank Paulson, the senate the president and the congress have all been party to the crime, and now they want us to them the even more money to fix the problem.

The McCain Dance

Where was Mr. McCain for the last twenty two years? Like I said before , this crisis at this time seems more like created for the political theater, and Now McCain is on stage, trying to look important and a player, Yes he is a player, he has been playing this political game too long, get to Mississipi and discuss the problem in front of the people, not in Wahington cutting deals in some back room with the bankers, let's get this show on the road!

Bail out

The bail out plan is the moral equal to cop stealing money from a dying victim's hand, a victim that he himself had shot. For years now I have blogged and written to the president etc about the economy and the morally failed policy of keeping the conomic boom going by deficit spending. The FBI should voice analyse the tapes of Hank Paulson' testamony in his previous appearences for lying and deception. If the bankers bet on bad laons, let them take the loss, investing on wall street is a gamble, should the government and the Americans insure bad bets? What are the consequnces of the two trillion dollar deficit for the year, we are going to have a reccession any way if we approve this kind of spending. The dollar will fall and commodidties will go up , inflation will rise and the intrest rates will go sky high, the end result ending up the same, a reccession, I say don't bail out the wall street thug. We need to bail out form the bail out

Tuesday, September 23, 2008




Remember 9/11, how the towers came down, they it was the pancake effect, one floor falling on top of the other and the lower floor unable to bear the weight gave in also and so on, the whole thing crashed.

It all goes back to the question I asked Senator Richard Shelby, that “when the US government borrows money to function, in whose pockets that money ends up at“? of course the question is rhetorical since I at least already know the answer. It is still a good question, it made it on the evening news of my local station.

For Senator Shelby, and all others who may care, today I will give you the answer, but first, the United States government does not borrow the money form her self, NO!. The treasury issues debt obligations that are bought by other banks and financial institutions and foreign countries and institutions, then these are sold to the federal reserve, then federal reserve issues money against the debt, in other words, we owe the money to the federal reserve which is a private bank, in some instances the debt obligations may be held by the foreigners themselves.!!!!

The United States, or any other government is there to collect taxes for its operations, even at the threat and or use of force it must collect enough revenues to pay for the day to day operations and even may have reserves for unforeseen incidences. Since Reagan days, and “the deficits don’t matter” we have borrowed and borrowed and borrowed some more for a lifestyle that was not sustainable. All the while this “money”, “ the future tax revenues from the US population” have been used to support the global economic boom, hoarding of “wealth” by individuals and “bankers” who have devised more and more ingenious scams “financial instruments” to steal money from the government and each other.

Today as the pyramid scheme is collapsing, under the burden of its own crap load, the congress, the senate and the president are running out to shore up the system that is already doomed. A seven hundred billion dollar planned bailout will only the bring back the sharks out of hiding, again. Obviously there is a bottom to the housing market collapse, and there is “liquidity” since there is six trillion dollars (remember the United States deficit?) sitting on the sidelines.

As I have said before, no one creates a job to provide a living for another, jobs that are needed Will be created, houses that are needed will be built, houses that will be built Will be of reasonable size and price, to live in not to be used as a ATM card. Cars will be built for transportation and not as symbols of sexual expression. And we will have to stop eating our babies!

But then again, a people hooked on the “reality shows” may find it too much to “get real”.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Who is responsible in america

For the past five years or more, I have been writing to my senator, Richard Shelby, and the president, and blogging about the financial mess we call markets. For the governement , for senator Shelby or Hank Pualson and other to claim they did not know what the mess they were creating is to say that the believe that the americans are totally stupid. But who in this country IS responsible? No one knew about nine-eleven either and no one got fired. Now the same, we have been screwed and no one is responsible? But as a nation what can you say when we can not now even say that a mother shjould have taken better care raising her daughter who got pregnant at a young age. Liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, we are only used to making excuses after each screw up. This mess will take years to fix, middle class and the poor will suffer, taxes will have to be raised or services reduced to reward the multi millionaires and billionaires for gaming the system and screwing over the public in general, O the times tha we live in. And one more thing, the conservative radio , lead by the Scum in cheif, Neal Boortz is still saying that the problem was caused only because the democrats in congress wanted banks to loan money to the poor to buy homes. America, how stupid can you get.