Friday, June 30, 2006

amending the constitution

June 27, 2006

amending the constitution

Dear Mr. President George W. Bush

Mr. Vice President Richard Cheney
Mr. Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist
Mr. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert


A few minutes please of your all so most expensive time, I understand how busy you are taking care of the nations business and working on the important challenges, the major problems facing our country, what with the war on terror and the burgeoning budget deficits, the trade imbalances the open and unguarded borders, and the rise in poverty and the run away costs of health care and the education. Not to mention the rising interest rates and any and all the worth while factory jobs going over seas while the low level jobs are being taken by illegal immigrants. My own compassionate heart bleeds, conservatively.

I am ever so grateful that you find it worthy of your time and attention to push for a constitutional amendment against the desecration of the flag, ( made in China though it may be, and by slave labor???). When I immigrated to the United States, one of the main draws for me was that the U.S citizens could openly oppose and criticize the government without fear of reprecutions, that burning of a flag was nothing but a mere symbol of a disagreement with the government and the constitution itself guaranteed the right of this expression. Do we really need a constitutional amendment to protect the constitution from its own self? Or then how about a constitution burning amendment? a bill of rights burning amendment, a bible, ( koran, torah) burning amendment? Am I close? I spent over twenty years in the military uniform of this country. The reason my eyes still well up and I hold my head up proud, at the raising of a flag is not because some idiot may decide to burn a flag representation one day, but that I did my time to protect his right to do so, in protest.

And what about the constitutional amendment to protect the marriage? and from whom? it not the gay people who have undermined and other wise destroyed the institution of marriage. And not just Mr. Clinton either, how about brother Neil, and speaker Gingrich or Rudi Gulliani or Dick Morris or even Rush Limbaugh. I have yet to be approached by those who are promoting gay marriage to go ahead and marry another guy, don't think any of you know any one like that either. Marriage as practiced today is an economic arrangement, the military roles are full of privates and Captains who marry for the extra money or for social symbol, then why not allow the gays to be married so they can get social security and health care benefits, there is no prohibition in the bible against gay marriage.

If we are for real, and serious about passing an amendment to defend marriage then here is one that we must consider. As I am sure you all know from your studies that the bible does condemn the practice of masturbation. What we need now is a constitutional amendment to ban this practice. How many marriages suffer because the man is having cyber sex or looking at porn and after wards is not ready to fulfill his manly duties in the bedroom, or a lady bored at home masturbates and is not willing to give the man his due of her nightly services, this more than even the money problems is detrimental to a marriage. We now have golden opportunity to prove that we are people (men) of our word.

There is a precedent, about ten years ago the brave legislature of my home state of Alabama passed a law banning the possession and i assume there by the use of sex toys, so the leap forward is not that great. The law has been upheld by the supreme court of the United States. It is time that we really take a stand for defense of marriage and pass a constitutional amendment barring the practice of masturbation.