Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Hoax of a Government Shutdown

So you impressed that your favorite Republican politician is threatening to shutdown the government to repeal Obamacare, or may be you are frightened that a shut down will cause the poor to starve or even die, hopeless mother will be throwing their kids out of the windows or may be they will be jumping in front of trains not able to feed their kids.
You are sad or proud that millions will lose their jobs or the government workers will not get paid, Air force will park their planes, and the NSA will not listen to you having phone sex with that other, ( they like that you know). 

Relax, in the US a government shut down is nothing more than a method of grand standing, in other words a whole lot of bull shit. 

Anyone really think that the crock of shit we call government dies anything real for the public beside borrowing money to stick it to the public and enrich the uber rich that own the government and keep the politicians on a dog leash,  a very short dog leash. 

The idea of a government shut down actually means that no one shows up for work and no one actually gets paid, government employees and the contractors and the president and congress do not get a paycheck for the days that the government is closed. That is not going to happen so I call it a bullshit. 

For forty years we have been told about budget cuts by both parties but every year we are deeper in debt, ever wonder how? 

Every time politicians talk about cutting jobs (military or civil service) the jobs are not actually cut they only transferred to some corporation of some buddy of a politician or a defense giant wit lobbyist that buys off you congress person, may they hire ones cousin or nephew or son in law or in many cases just hire the congress person as a consultant or lobbyist. So much for honesty, so think that contractor  will not perform "work" or get paid for the days the government shuts down. 

How do I know? In the great American tradition of survivorship, I am a fellow survivor, from 1976 to 2004, I survived many a shut down, the stars did not fall out of the sky and the earth did not even shake or stop spinning. 

So what will the government shut down do or prove, not a goddamn thing, whether you be a Republican or Democrat don't be impressed by the hot air coming from Washington, more shit will follow it. 

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Thursday, September 05, 2013

What US Could Learn

What America (US) Could Learn From Islam 

Soon we will be bombing Syria, it just the matter of when and how much. And why not, there are Islamic countries that are will to pay us the expense, so fighting for freedom is a great business these days. Go and kill some people that may not like you,  may not be your friends, may not even care that you exist,  but the pay is good and it is good business, killing people for money while you are doing good and creating more business for future. 

But regardless. Going into Syria, for whatever purpose, and ulterior motives we know two things we must have learned from Iraq and Afghanistan and also from Egypt now, we are not going to stop any bloodshed only increase it, and two we are not going in to promote democracy in the Middle East no matter what BS we spew from our various orifices. 

So whatever the Nobel prize winner Obama and the antiwar Kerry are saying is lies, lies and lies. When did we become humanitarians and anti chemical weapons when we use phosphorous bombs and depleted uranium armaments? Is all about that the powerful make the rules?   Pathetic really is this grandstanding by the US on the dead bodies of the Syrians.

Muslims are fools we know, but the basis of this and all the other on going conflicts is not in Islam per se, but in the simple fact and standards of human history. First, that the powerful and the rich will never have enough power and the riches. We can see it right here at home, our presidents have become no less dictatorial, and power mad than any other two bit president or potentate of a third world country. And as more power and money is concentrated in the hands of a fee the the power their thirst for power increases. We can see it right here at the street level too when local cops kill the innocent without consequences., the grand juries and the juries afraid to convict, it is not unlike any other third world nation. Thats not all, we saw it in Bush and Cheney and we see it now in the bluster of our congresspeople, Bohenor and Pelosi come to mind. Of course I could continue with pages if not books of such examples of corruption of power but you get the  idea.

So what if McCain is bored now, he has been pushing to bomb and kill somebody somewhere for so long that now as he sees his wish come true he is moving on, he is going to watch the bombing on a big screen TV though.

As will the Nobel prize laureate Mr Obama, like that king in the Mel Blanks movie History of the world "it 
I empathize with Obama,  even though I know those that start wars don't lose much sleep  over those being killed.

Borger: Obama's irony, McCain's agony

At a personal and philosophical level, I have nothing against death, every one has to die any way. I don't want any heroic efforts to save me, I don't to live in a coma, be a paraplegic or live for years with Parkinson's or Dementia. I know we will all die, my children will to, I am sure I could kill in a fight, in a war, may be even in cold blood too, we don't know till the time comes, it is Obama's time, it dies not bother me.

Far as the middle east is concerned they are killing each other, they will keep doing it, even though US has killed many more than Saddam ever did, the killing still continues even after we brought them peace and democracy, at least we say we did not stir up the shit pot.

And the Syrians will kill each other, after we go and kill some of them for their own benefit. I really don't care they like the rest of them will keep at it for a long while.
That brings me to a question, why we even want to go there? What if the stuff starts in other places in the Arab world, and it will, you know, we know that it will. Why did we stay out of Bahrain when the Sunni government was killing the Shia  population, and what will do by helping those in AlQaeda and the Taliban that want to kill us and our "friends", are we just trying to make more money by keeping the pot stirred up. 

But then, it is always about money, the point I want us to learn. Though we are technically broke, we are so deep in debt that we will never pay it off, and that is not even the problem.
The problem you see is this. As in the Arab lands today, as in throughout the history, it always comes out about money, and funny thing about money is that, "the meek shall inherit the earth". As we brag about our riches, as to how we have created more millionaires and all, we shall not 
Forget the lessons of history, the Bolshevik revolution, the French revolution, the Arab spring, the all got there start when the poor and the oppressed became tired of the abuse by the rich. The colonies revolted against the colonialists, same reason. Islam does not make people go crazy, it is just the rally point of the people tired being oppressed and abused by the governments and the leaders. Tired of the rich usurping the wealth and the resources of the nations and the lands and the countries. One can wish that they are different, one can hope that the people will stay asleep, yet to each brutality imposed upon the masses there is a day of reckoning. In Syria, the people got tired of Assad not because he is an Alawi, or that he is from a minority, the uprising came because of theft of riches by the cronies and the brutality of those in power, all nations take notice.

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