Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Hoax of a Government Shutdown

So you impressed that your favorite Republican politician is threatening to shutdown the government to repeal Obamacare, or may be you are frightened that a shut down will cause the poor to starve or even die, hopeless mother will be throwing their kids out of the windows or may be they will be jumping in front of trains not able to feed their kids.
You are sad or proud that millions will lose their jobs or the government workers will not get paid, Air force will park their planes, and the NSA will not listen to you having phone sex with that other, ( they like that you know). 

Relax, in the US a government shut down is nothing more than a method of grand standing, in other words a whole lot of bull shit. 

Anyone really think that the crock of shit we call government dies anything real for the public beside borrowing money to stick it to the public and enrich the uber rich that own the government and keep the politicians on a dog leash,  a very short dog leash. 

The idea of a government shut down actually means that no one shows up for work and no one actually gets paid, government employees and the contractors and the president and congress do not get a paycheck for the days that the government is closed. That is not going to happen so I call it a bullshit. 

For forty years we have been told about budget cuts by both parties but every year we are deeper in debt, ever wonder how? 

Every time politicians talk about cutting jobs (military or civil service) the jobs are not actually cut they only transferred to some corporation of some buddy of a politician or a defense giant wit lobbyist that buys off you congress person, may they hire ones cousin or nephew or son in law or in many cases just hire the congress person as a consultant or lobbyist. So much for honesty, so think that contractor  will not perform "work" or get paid for the days the government shuts down. 

How do I know? In the great American tradition of survivorship, I am a fellow survivor, from 1976 to 2004, I survived many a shut down, the stars did not fall out of the sky and the earth did not even shake or stop spinning. 

So what will the government shut down do or prove, not a goddamn thing, whether you be a Republican or Democrat don't be impressed by the hot air coming from Washington, more shit will follow it. 

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