Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Great Malala Saga

A few days ago I had posted a link here

A post about a new theory about Malala. A friend had asked me for a comment,  and I posted the story here for others to comment. I explained what I thought of the story but not too clearly, here are my comments.

Not everything in my life happens only to please my sensibilities. I have made many easy and simple choices because it is difficult to have peace of mind otherwise.

Man is supposed be valiant, honorable even, yet history is full of examples where people bowed to the powers that be, some mere humans became god like, even Gods, and men accepted, the lords and the masters raped their wives and daughters and "men" knelt before them, took their word as the word of "god".

Not all stories are true, not all fiction is just that, mere fiction. 

I know it is hard to judge what I am saying, it is on purpose, I want you think. Is it not what this page is about?

This story comes on the heels of the rejection of Malala for the Nobel Peace prize, could it be that "they" did not want everyone digging deeper in to the story? But forget that.

Think. Years ago I learnt," life is a game of connect the dots, if you don't connect all the dots, and in the right order, you will never get the picture.

I lived in Mardan, at the gates of Afghanistan and Swat valley, from July 1965 to January 1967. I was 13, I could walk around town with a rifle, sit in a tea shop till 1 a.m., smoke hashish, ( if I wanted to), the whore house was  across the Hotie river. It was free area, no Taliban there. Hindus lived there so did some Christians. So what happened.

After the Soviet invasion, we the US and GB created the Taliban, yes we did, with support of the oil money, they being afraid that a Soviet win will endanger their fiefdoms. We could spend a time here arguing the reasons why we created the Taliban, but all that is important in this story is that we did and so we are a party to the mess they create. 

How many kids have been killed, no names, no mourning, no holidays and no visits with Obama in the Oval office. And not just by the Taliban either, right? 

Malala is a great kid, I wish her the best, the same as I would do for my daughters. Malala is also a pawn in the propaganda wars between the Taliban and the West, what story is true? Who knows, we are used to believing only that what pleases us, if not then it just a conspiracy theory. 

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