Friday, June 28, 2013

America's Hypocrisy Problem

The title should be "America's hypocrisy problem".

How is it that we blame China and Russia and the rest fir human rights abuses and spying on their people, when not only we have deals with both and we borrow money from China while turning our back on their human rights problems. 

And all that while standing in the great bastion of freedom " the middle east and may I dare say Israel?
How about our own human rights abuses? Do we not see, everyday, the evidence of police brutality, the mess that our jails and the court system is? How about the supreme court knocking down the voting rights act, have we no shame.

May I remind you of our treatment if Bradley Manning, Aafia Siddiqui and the Guantanamo?

Yes the other countries spy on their populations, they lack freedom of the press, lack human rights, so what makes us any different, what makes us superior? 

We accuse China and Russia and Ecuador of helping an " anti state criminal",  may be someone should also explain how the Chinese dissident Chen  Guangcheng end 
up in the US embassy, smells awful fishy too.

May be if we forget Judith Miller and Lynne Stewart, but then how can Kerry ever forget, " don't tase me bro",  oh yeah, Americans have a short and selective memory only.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Of Snake Handlers

Of Snake Handlers

O. K. So call me dumb. For the past two years and more, I have complained that Assad is being set up, by the US, Israel and the Gulf States, this just more proof. 
What is in it for the US? We know that the "Al Qaeda",( if such an entity truly exists) , has two main goals, 1/ the destruction of the US and Israel, and 2/ the destruction of the lordships of the Gulf monarchies to establish an Islamic Caliphate. So what the hell are we doing supporting the same Islamist bastards for a temporary gain. 

If there is anything we should have learnt from out recent history, from our loss of credibility in the world, from us losing our ass in Iraq, from our failure, after 12 years in Afghanistan, from our shameful loss of face, from our own shameless lies about BenGhazi, oh it was consulate, oh it was an embassy, it was neither, and now we ARE making deals with the "terrorists" in Qatar.
No one can accuse the US of hypocrisy, it takes brains and clear thinking to be a hypocrite without being caught, so US is just a plain old liar, without guilt, shame or remorse, or may be just may be our our leaders are so dumb and clueless, or so pig headed they can not see the light. 
Like snakes, stabbing at anything that moves, failing and missing but attacking everything, all are enemies, everyone is our enemy, especially all freedom loving Americans are the enemies of the United States.
But going back to the support of the "freedom fighters" in Syria, have we not been down that road before? Did we not invent the "Taliban" and the "Al Qaeda" to fight the Soviets? 
What did that get us? 9/11 and a never ending war on terror. Today again, they are our eternal enemies, 
bent on our destruction, they are our "new best friends", like a dildo,
I assume. 
Once again, most of the US citizenry is asleep at the wheel of the democracy wagon, a rickety wagon it is indeed, too busy being entertained to care,  too busy paying credit card bills to make a living too, busy thumping our chest and saluting the flag of a free country that no longer exists, how about THAT uncle Si.
What did we learn from Bradley Manning? From Edward Snowdon? There are no secrets in the world today, our CIA renditions were exposed too!
There is lesson we could learn here, from the old colonial powers, or just may be the " snake handlers" of Tennessee, snake handlers often get snake bit.