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Many in the world today, the people, the nations, the countries, the public, want to be like America. America, the United States of America as the country is commonly called out the Untied States is an icon of freedom and prosperity the world over. But sadly the America, that beacon of hope for the multitudes no longer exists as we knew.

It was not long ago that the American workers were the envy of the world, not just because of their productivity; but also for the standard of living that was achieved by the American worker. A vast majority of the workers were employed in the production of goods not hamburgers. The jobs of the day were in steel mills not retail stores, and burger joints and coffee shops, an average worker could aspire to buying a house and paying it off leaving it to his or her heirs. Of OWNING a car not leasing it. This was the ability to accumulate wealth, over time, a family of workers could prosper and improve their place in society over a couple of generations, joining the middle class.

People, myself included, saw the American movies, read the American magazines, and wanted to be a part of the American life, wanted a part of the good life. Today that dream has not changed, people overseas see the American movies, read the American books and magazines, and want to be like the Americans.

Look at the movies and programs coming from Korea, Japan, Bollywood or Pakistan and the countries of the Middle East. Every one is trying to be more naked, more stupid more tasteless and ignorant, just like the programs and the movies of the United States. Stupidity rules, vulgarity is the medium and the mode of the transfer of the ideas and transformation of the nations. People the world over want to be like Americans.

And why not, people, including the Americans must believe that what made this country great is that everything stops when Princess Diana is killed, or when Anna Nichole dies, true? Well see, America is a great country and everything stops when a picture of Brittany Spears shows her baring her privates is released, so if we go around baring our privates or worship druggies we could also be a great people. Makes sense! So people the world over a rushing to break down moral barriers, family nuclei, religious and societal boundaries to become great nations, like America.

Let’s see then, does it make you a better person if you bare your behind or even the front on you tube? Or having sex, or beating up on someone. Does it make for a great country to be broke? Or to mainstream every perversion? If so then today once again the United States is a great country, worthy of emulation.

Or that it was before the Federal Reserve started to blow free money up our skirts. United States was a great country when people saved and people paid taxes (even up to ninety percent) to build cities and the infra structure necessary to make it a great country. When people stood in lines for basic needs foregoing present comforts to invest in freedom and the country, to help it grow and to help it succeed. When the workers were paid a decent wage and the workers took pride in their work, in America even a shirt was sold with a guarantee of satisfaction. Wagon Train, Bonanza and Jungle Jim provided our role models, even if the reality was somewhat different in places.

There is a story common to the Bible and the old Testament and Koran, and you don’t have to be religious to get the moral of this story. It relates that when Moses came back to his nation, his people were worshiping a calf made of gold, the calf was made hollow and it made sounds when the wind blew, Moses told his people that it was a false God. Now look at the situation in the United States. We appear to be a great country, full of riches that makes noises that make people the world over shudder. But the US today is a similar hollow calf made of gold. Even as the people the world over are in envy of our riches(we appear to be rich) but this calf of gold is also made hollow due to our deficits. We have become a fiscally bankrupt country of a morally bankrupt society. And people the world over want to emulate us.

Then there is the story of the pied piper who stole the town’s kids when he was not paid. We have failed to pay the pied piper, failed to pay for what we have and what we use. Since Mr. Reagan and his promise of the balanced budget; and the deficits don’t matter; and tax cuts increase the revenue to the government, I have been screaming that we are going down the wrong road. But the country has been sold out by the ones we elected to represent us. While the others still want to think of us as successful and want to be like us, we have become like them, a tired old third world country where the rich abuse the poor and benefit from the ignorance of the masses. The vicious cycle of rich getting richer, the richer becoming more powerful by buying off the government officials, the government officials willing to abuse the poor to keep them down, the secret agencies and the police doing the dirty work of the rich by controlling the dissenters in the name of national security, the invention of powerful and dangerous enemies, what are we missing here?

In two thousand three I wrote about how “free trade” was destroying the Chinese culture and the Chinese family, it can be shown and I will show elsewhere how this free trade and the global market has destroyed our own American family and culture, it has also invaded our religion and ruined the churches. As we mindlessly follow the road to this global market we must realize that we are not going to come out glorious, it will ultimately lead to the human demise.

Do we, and our leaders not realize we are condemning our selves, the humanity to ruin? In almost all cultures there is a fable about the one who makes a bargain with the devil, or an evil spirit, or a witch to bargain his child for the worldly riches. We are that “the one”, look in the mirror.

I have told you before that all governments, everywhere, even in the oil rich countries are running in deficit, and as I have also said this before, that as the money rises to the top and the governments become indebted to individuals and corporations we become owned by the corporations and individuals. So as you read this some where in the United States or somewhere in Europe or Australia or whatever you may not realize that your government has sold you and your services, your children and their future all to may be George Soros, or Rupert Murdoch or even Prince Waleed of the Royal Saudi family.

Somehow somewhere we have been convinced that we can have all the material goods we want without consequences. I on the other hand believe in the Newton’s law of unintended consequences which states, “ to every action there is a reaction, action and reaction are equal in force and opposite in direction”, this also the law of Joseph, seven fat cows and then seven skinny cows, right? This how the today’s science meets the wisdom of the ancients.

We know that in the nature when food is scarce the animals stop breeding, in reality, we take the fish out of the oceans for our current needs, as much fish as we like, we also know that the fish in the ocean have to eat other fish to grow to feed and to breed, what we take out of the oceans is not available to other fish for food, so one day the fish in the ocean will stop breeding for there WILL be a lack of food for the fish that are left behind and these fish will stop to breed, tell me now what will be the next step of this fish?

Hopefully very soon I will talk to you about how this global prosperity is actually increasing poverty, pollution and misery, I have talked about it bfore but in deifferent places, just remember that “to every action -----”.

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8 AUG 2007


As the Gods on Mount Olympus looked down upon the mere mortals and took care of their own brood, the national bankers of the various industrialized nations are throwing dollars in the market to save their kin from the financial Armageddon. It has only delayed the day of reckoning. (This para added on the 13th of August 2007)


It was over eighteen months ago when I asked Senator Shelby as to when the federal government spends the borrowed money (budget deficits), where does all that money end up at? Well there are many ways you can word this question, many ways to define the deficits, and there are many stories the government tells us about the deficit spending, but the end results are always the same and it seems that the money also ends up in the same pockets, sooner or later.

Our government is more broke than any other government on the face of the earth, in as much as the number of dollars owed and promised to be paid back at some time in the future. There is no money in the social security fund to pay back the working poor and persons from so called lower middle class, who slaved for years for meager wages for a promise that they will be taken care of in their old age. That money has already been spent many times over, our federal government is on the hook for the under funded retirement funds, the FHA loans, the VA loans, the Medicare and the monies owed to the foreign governments and the banks, for the merchandise bought and sold in retail stores, what we call the trade deficit or current accounts deficit.

As our MBA president brags about our booming economy, if he were to be honest he would be crying real tears for how broke we are, and that the house of cards that the Republicans (with help of sell out Democrats) have built could come down any time at the whim of a foreign or domestic banker or currency trader or the Chinese or Japanese Government.

Since Mr. Senile, the President Reagan, declared that the deficits do not matter, that the tax cuts increase the government income, that the global economy is good for every body, that the workers are fools to ask for a decent living wage ( bust the unions) and can be replaced by slaves in other countries, we have been on a non-stop down hill slide, and like the children of the story of the Pied Piper, we have been a nation glee fully running along to our own national demise.

Our leaders are not giants nor geniuses, they are not gods nor angels, and as such Reagan was an old man, albeit with a sense of humor (to make up for his total lack of real knowledge), till he passed into the onset of Alzheimer’s while still in office. If we were to admit the truth ( if could have even understood) that he was not an economic genius who parroted what he was told to believe with a smile on his face. If you believe that cutting taxes actually increases the revenue to the governments coffers then to you Saudi Arabia is nothing but a thousand mile wide beach. What we forget is that under Reagan the government accumulated a trillion dollar deficit. That under Reagan the bank reserve requirements were trimmed, that under Reagan we started to “borrow” money from the social security deposits, without telling the public that it was also a part of deficit spending, that the new banking regulations under Reagan allowed banks to create money on demand, and as such money existed if you wanted it, no need for anyone to save any longer. That under Reagan the stock market truly became a gambling joint, where average person was to put away his life‘s saving.

SO WHO SHOULD PAY FOR THE SUB STANDARD MORTGAGE LOAN LOSSES? There have already been calls for the federal governments to step in bail out the mortgage and banking industry. Does anyone remember we have been here before? Does any one remember the Silverado Savings and Neal Bush, or John McCain and the Keating Five? Michael Milkin anyone? Didn’t the federal government just bail out the fools already? And who gets stuck with the bill? Not the rich mind you because they can not pay taxes, they need tax cuts right? As I explained back in 2002, the rich were given a tax cut to make up for the Fed lowering the interest rates.

Who’s money is it that the Fed is using to bail out the hedge funds and the bankers, who’ money is it that they are talking about using to keep the homeowners from bankruptcy? - Hey Mr. President, where are those seventy percent of the Americans that own their own homes.- Does the Fed grow money? Do the American people have money saved so that it can be loaned? The Fed, and the Federal bankers of the industrialized nations, as usual, can snatch money out of the thin air. (not in the third world countries though, where it is considered inflationary)

As I have discussed before, all money today is imaginary, and yet the major business of the people in business and banking is how to steal the most of it through financial gimmicks, and ripping off of the workers, (who are, by the way stupid enough, to let it happen). In a “free” economy people are free to chose what they want to pay for a product. We have an economy already based on that rule, “ to buy things that we do not need, with the money that we do not have, loaned to us by the people who are hoping we will not pay them back”, because when you do not pay back your loan you are nothing, because you are no longer going to work to make money for THEM.

When we talk about the monetary policy today, we are not talking about the real world, we are talking about consumption, consumption and consumption, which when extended to the real world only means that a percentage of the people, will be allowed to corner the resources and let the rest suffer. People who become a part of the machine called the corporation. We are no longer living in a free world, or a free society, we are consumers who work to earn so we can spend all we make, and more, selling our children into slavery, or worse, setting up the world for a decimation of population groups.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, I state the facts about what I see, so I am not saying that there IS a conspiracy per se, what I AM saying is if the things don’t change, and if we don’t change the way we are doing certain things, this is what the consequences will be.

So here is how the scam is working. But first let me tell you that the consumption causes pollution, it is destroying the environment and depleting the natural resources, it hurts a lot of people for the benefit of a few. The cost of one single apartment in a luxury condominium can provide clean and safe drinking water for thousands in India, or Bangladesh or in some African village.

We live in a world where the average American high school kid can not make change for a dollar, or balance a check book then how is he supposed to know who the global economy is working.

Let me give you an example, the Fed discount rate cut may have helped the banks and hedge funds and other “lending institutions” but how is it going to effect your personal life, right? This is actually what is happening, when the interest rates are kept low by federal reserve no one can (or is willing to) save any money. How is that? you say. See the first thing is that the government is telling us lies about inflation, since Mr. Reagan had the inflation rate calculations changed. Even though the cost of housing, transportation (price of a car or truck and gasoline, oil, tires etc) medical care and college education have been going up by seven to twelve percent a year for the last twenty years, the government keeps stating an inflation rate of two to three percent. Now it used to be that if you put money in the bank the bank paid you four to six percent interest on your money. Then the bank would lend that money to a home buyer, a car buyer or a business man for their needs, and make one or two percent on that money you had in your account.

With the real inflation going up and the interest rate being paid by the bank being so low (because the Fed keeps creating cheap( I.e. free money), how would one save money for a down payment on a car or a house? Well now you need not save any money because they gave us zero down home and zero down car loans, ( another advantage for the bank is that you are borrowing more money and will pay more interest) why not borrow money from the fed at two percent and charge you eleven percent for your car and pocket he difference , and in the mean time you the stupid idiot (the “consumer”) are working for the bank now.

An idiot(“consumer”) you are when you go and buy things on a credit card, since most people do not pay off the balance at the end of the month, and carry a balance for years on their cards, they end up paying three or four times the cost of the item, be it a three dollar T-shirt or a three thousand dollar plasma TV.

And how does it benefit the nation of ours when the manufacturing is being off shored, and the major industries left in this country are Wal-marts and Burger Kings. The answer Senator Shelby to my question“ when the government spends borrowed money, where does that money end up?” is , it ends up in the hands of the Chinese, it ends up in the hands of the bankers.

Similarly, when the federal reserve steps in to bail out the mortgage companies and the hedge funds, it causes inflation in the housing sector. In a country where the median income is about forty five thousand, and the median house price is about one hundred forty thousand, we could all use a lower house price.

Whatever it is called, the unrestricted increase in money supply has had some strange and unintended consequences. First and foremost has been the myth propagated by our leaders, that the tax cuts increase the tax revenues. As the government spends more and more money outside the legal budget passed by the congress, this money is not included in the deficit, but it is taxed at certain levels and therefore there is a corresponding increase in the tax income. Secondly as the amount of money in circulation is increased every year there is more money to be taxed meaning that more taxes are colleted, all of this has nothing at all to do with the benefit of a tax cut, if the taxes are cut while the money in circulation is kept constant, the taxes revenues will decrease. But the lie and the lying continues.

When there is “free money” available just for the asking, the people with access to this money bid up prices for things, want to build a billion dollar high rise, no problem, and who will pay for it, someone else with a similar “access to capital will be willing to pay whatever rent you want, cost of building material and of land and labor subsequently goes up, so if you are in the market to build or buy a two thousand square foot house, you will be paying a lot more for it now. In other words, if you are poor or just working class you are screwed.

What are we getting for all this cheap money, granted we have CNAs
and McDonalds hamburger flippers now carrying gold Master Card (no kidding), and I am not being an elitist mind you, while we are buying our gasoline and hamburger meals at McDonalds with that gold card, the people in “private equity funds” and the “hedge funds” are buying up whole companies, laying off workers and moving operations overseas. What a bargain.

So who should be blamed for the real estate mess, and who should pay for it? We had a real estate bust under Mr. Reagan, so no one can say it could not be foreseen. This bubble started during the dot com boom, when people were making untold millions just for offering dog food for sale on line, and we know what happened with that boom also. But some people did make a lot of money, a lot of people did ( while many more lost their bottom lines). To these people the price was no object, it was free money, it was easy money, and they could bid up the price of anything they wanted to have, a two bedroom fixer upper in the silicon valley could fetch a million or more, so many idiots jumped in the market, along with their bankers and the brokers. No down payment, no income, no equity, better yet go into a house and draw against the speculated increase in price and live high on the hog with your line of credit. Are you looking to me for the sympathy?

Why is not Mr. Bush bragging about the seventy percent of the Americans who own their own homes now? Because the truth was and still is that a vast majority of the Americans are up to their necks in debt, and have been living beyond their means. If the Fed throws more money into this mess, or lowers the interest rates, it only delays the day of reckoning and it only makes the end worse that it would be today.

A word for Mr. Berneke, hey professor, do not be stupid again. As I have said before, “ life is a game of connect the dots, if you do not connect them all, you fail to see the whole picture. So here is that picture. When the US government borrows money ( deficit spending), or the federal reserve bank prints more money or lowers the interest rate, people have more money in their pockets. When people have more money in their pockets they spend that money, when the spend that money and buy goods, and most goods are made over seas it increases the trade deficit, when the trade deficit increases ( we don’t have anything to sell them cause we don’t make anything anymore that they want to buy) we have to pay the foreigners in American dollars, with these dollars the foreigners buy US government securities, which means that the US government is now in debt to that foreign nation (China, Japan, and the Arab oil states are examples). So Mr. Berneke and Senator Shelby, when the US government spends money in deficit, that money ends up in China, or Japan, or in the hands of the people that support terrorism.

How do we say then that the deficits do not matter? Look at the value of the dollar, or the lack there of. Only an idiot will believe that the economy is doing good because the stock market is up. Compared to the value of the dollar, the Euro, the gold, the value of stocks has fallen drastically. As the real estate has gone up ( as well as the health care costs, the cost of college education, transportation etc.) Gold is now costing three times as much as it did when Mr. Bush came in the office, the dollar is down against all the major currencies, While the Dow thirty have barely made a gain, (actually we are almost back to where we were before 9-11 in the Dow). Compared to the gold, the foreign currencies or even the over priced real estate, Dow has lost his behind.

May be that what this country really needs is a recession, may be even a depression so we can come back to the ground, and come to our senses. That we need to save some money for bad times, we need to be frugal, our daughters don’t become six hundred million dollar Paris Hiltons, no matter how many boy friends they have, and they don’t become Brittany Spears no matter how many guys they show their private parts to. That spending money is not all it is about, and that keeping up with the Joneses is not a family value we need.

So you say how do/ dare I accuse the FED ( Federal Reserve Bank) of treason and selling the United States into slavery. Once again let me refer you to the e-mail, and the question I posed to the senator Shelby, “what happens to the money that the federal government spends in deficit. First thing we need to look at the trade deficits. For the past twenty or more years we have a run an ever growing trade deficit with China and Japan and the Arabs. As the federal government keeps borrowing money (instead of collecting taxes from the people) for current expenses, that money is spent in the economy. As more and more goods are imported (since we have off shored our manufacturing) this money ends up in the coffers of the foreign governments and foreign industrialists,(the rich folks), more money the government spends the more money goes over seas. Is it not stupid then for the government to be reducing taxes and not reducing the spending , knowing that we are enriching the enemy.

By the same token when the FED keeps pumping money in to the economy, to keep the economy afloat, that money also goes to the rich and to the foreign entities, be it the communist or the terrorist. Is it too hard then to understand that the FED activity has actually hurt the United States in the worst possible ways.

If the Fed was working in favor of the United States and its people, the interest rates would be allowed to rise. So the people will save money and get something in return, people will be able to save money for their children’s education and their retirement, and for down payment on a house. People will be able to put money in a bank where it will be safe and guaranteed to supplement their retirement, not gambling with it in stocks, where the markets have lost time and again. Higher interest rate will take the speculation out of housing market, increase the value of dollar so the imports will stay cheap relatively and will reward savings not consumption. But that will favor the United States not the internationalists.

While our manufacturing is being off shored, we do have new jobs being created, in what we call a “service economy”. Mind you a service economy is a euphemism for slavery which I had defined previously as thus.

SLAVERY 9-14-2004

It is a basic economic fact that in a market where labor is plentiful, the wages will drop. So it follows that when we live in a global market and this market has a glut of workers, pretend as we may, the wages and thus the standard of living of the working class must fall. And what is service economy anyway. Service by definition does not produce anything and does not add value to anything, be it making of a burger or advice from a banker. You could always make a burger your self , go to a fast food restaurant and pay three dollars or go to a fancy bistro and pay eight dollars, it is still a burger, and the same advice you get from a banker could be gleaned from a magazine or researched on the net. As we are finding out that the certain office duties or banking functions can be performed anywhere in the world, thus no chance for one to improve their lot in life by extra hard work or education. As we watch, we are being sold into slavery without being aware of it , YET.


Basically the new jobs being created have been in the fast food (hamburger engineering? Pizza decorating?), in car cleaning (now being called detailing), yard mowing (now called lawn maintenance), house cleaning and janitorial services ( now so lovingly referred to as facilities management), baby sitting, real estate sales, in coffee mixing ( baristas) and of course in retail and how can I forget in toe nail clipping, etc, other wise nothing that adds value to anything. So what is next profession choice for the Americans, behind cleaners?
Are these not the jobs that slaves would be doing at some time in the history?

What have we lost for what we have gained, first we have lost our morals, as money has become more and more important in our lives, we are willing to do just about anything for just a little more of it, we have become greedy. A morally bankrupt people, living in a fiscally bankrupt country. Get a clue, we are not free.

The gap between the poor and the rich keeps increasing, but that s not all, we have lost our sense of security, if you think that someone making eighty thousand a year is rich, then ask some one with the net worth of a million if he can now retire comfortably. In many places a million won’t even buy you a house in a decent neighborhood, and forget about being able to pay for your children’s college.

P.S. we could still talk about this cheap money and how it is effecting the morals of our country and destroying the society, I hope it is still a wake up call to all those who still love the United States of America, and think of it as, and want it to be a free country.

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a reply to Islam, Muslims and America

as it is with all other third world countries, African countries are dying real death because of ignorance, and greed. and it works to the advantage of the rich countries, no matter how they work it, how they want to be, sub saharan countries, their populations, their economies, their governements are doomed, they will fight each other for resources,for food, water, diamonds , oil, and rare metals. and then they will die of dieseas, and good riddens too is the attitude of the developed countries, who need those.
you can read more on my blog in the article titled, "the new world order, 2003" you might learn somethings, you may also be intertested in the article " beyond a stupid God, and the immortal man"

just to prove that you are open minded

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the answer is not in statements it is in the deeds, when a kurdish girl is beaten to death an eglish girl is murderd by her uncle, when an iraqi father kills his two daughters in a cab, you need more than just to explain away these acts, deeds speak louder than words,

the fact remains that all over the islamic countries the abuse of women is pervasive, the abuse of women what ever the islam says or allows is not the question at first, the question is how it is implemented and here the muslim can not escape by talking the facts away, muslims pride in mistreating their women, even the educated and the so called enlightened ones, bause of muslim women today in all regions of the world is a fact,period. one does not need study quran, but just observe ,

second if everything wrong done by muslims is not in ISlam then where do all these morons come from and what is being done to teach the correct practice of Islam to the illiterate mases, the muslim leaders and the middle classes and their nations have failed, all they do is make excuses and go on . either what you practice is Islam or something else and if it is something else then declare these people non muslims and get them to shut up and understand too many muslims are only good for making excuses and that only because they fear to speak the truth and expose what true islam realy is

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One of the problems of the modern age is knowledge. Yes, it is knowledge, as in knowing things, like knowing about the other people.
With new communications, movies, television, the inter net and even books, and not to forget psychology, we not only think that we know and understand human behavior, we are starting to expect the others to behave in ways that we can predict, in ways that we KNOW that they should/would/could. The governments make projections based upon assumptions of how you will behave, the corporations know and want to know more about what you want, how you will behave, and we oblige. Hell there are websites claiming they can know what kind of a “soul mate” you will be happiest with. We are becoming a cookie cutter humanity, we have become a cookie cutter humanity.
I was at the airport when I saw Dr. Phil talking about ”In the mind of Chester Yates”, I am sure a lot of people watching were impressed, while I was silently screaming how can this guy know anything about someone he has never even seen face to face, but there he was, luckily for me the sound on the monitor was off.

Sadly though, the governments and the super markets are right in assuming that they can predict our behavior. In as much as with all the information available to all, our behaviors and character have become homogenized . The more we try to be individualistic; the more we become like the sheep in a flock.
Let me give you a couple of examples, the psychologists say that the young teens are developing their own personality, finding their place, blah blah, then we are told that our teens are under a lot of peer pressure, excuse me! Are they trying to become individuals or are they trying to be like the others and trying to please others, which???
Then we have the Scientologists, they will tell you that they a not a cult, and also that they are anti psychology and that psychology is a fake science, (in the interest of a full disclosure let me tell you that I have a Masters in Psychology my self, and I personally believe that many if not most psychologists, counselors, and social workers are total idiots without any ability of rational thinking or any common sense). Now then, the Scientologists lambaste the psychologists but at the same time they use pseudo psychology ( a form of Freudian analysis, one talking about his own self) to perform “clear” they use bio feed back, and programming.
What is psychology and what is pseudo psychology? The difference here is between the truth and make believe, between the reality and the excuses. Back in the eighties I came across a comic strip of “Calvin and Hobbs”, to paraphrase, it was about a bunch of kids sitting on a fallen tree trunk pretending to be on a space ship etc. except Calvin who said that we are a bunch of kids sitting on a fallen tree truck and going no where, reality bites! We are told today that making cars and televisions and bicycles and shirts is beneath us, so we call foot massaging and coffee brewing professions now, we are a services economy, it is sad.
And then the psychologists convince us, and the politicians and the educators and the anthropologists tell us that in the Untied States it takes a person twenty six years now to grow up, (and twenty more I guess to make a total ass of him or herself). Being a loser is not a sign of being mentally screwed it is a sign of being normal, it is par for the course.
We are told to follow our dreams, follow our hearts and to do what ever pleases us, never warned of the consequences or drastic effects of such crap on our own lives or the lives of the others close and far from us. Nowhere is such asinine advice is preceded by any such warnings, and the end result is the slow destruction of our society and the country. No one to say that stop letting babies make babies, it destroys lives, that you must be able to support a family, mentally physically and financially before we will allow you to date and have sex. The older we get the more moronic is our out outlook.
And why? As we are no longer required to grow and become mature, (thanks to our psychologists and our drug pushers(makers), mind you) we go through life half blind and mainly stupid. And when we finally find our selves lost at some point in life we can always pick up a self help book or watch Oprah, or lose our selves in some other mindless TV show, join a meditation group or a religion that forgives us all our failures, we have even outsourced our thinking, or may be the truth is we are no longer capable of using our brains. Sadly we are also communicating this, our disease, the world over, at the light speed. Forget that, that in the “dark ages” teenagers were able to rule the nations and lead armies, they were also able to raise and support families. WE ARE ALL AN ENIGMA.
Why I blame the psychologists, when it can also be shown that just as likely, the deficit spending by the United States government (as started under Reagan) is responsible for things from the break down of the American family to the global warming,( see “Being Like America“) and to the credit crunch (please see “Braking the Banks“). It is because as Psychologists are supposed to understand and predict human behavior, they should have been warning us about the consequences and results of our follies, but as it has occurred the goof balls have become victims of secularism and humanism and the stupid ideals of being non-judgmental that they have failed to warn us of dangers of our idiotic mannerisms.
If I am smart and knowledgeable, then I should be able to warn you and protect you from harm. Then why the psychologist not be held for this mal practice. And what mal practice am I talking about?
By definition, by DSM-IV, Narcissism and Sociopathic behaviors are diseases that need to be treated. If it is such than why is not the psychologists, the psychiatrists and social workers up in arms against the media and the corporations that promote self-aggrandizement, self satisfaction and self involvement, where does it leave the community, the family, the country. Like I have said it before, if it all about me , then me is an ass. Make-up, dieting, cars, clothes, just do your thing, just do it, leave your family for a romp, we don’t care about anyone, we are sick in the head. Narcissism is “normal behavior at infantile level” as defined by DSM-IV.
All else in our lives failing, we join religions that promise us heavens on the cheap, just believe in such and such and you are redeemed, you are saved, no matter your failings or short comings you can be delivered, just no seventy two virgins but hey what the heck, you may not be saved in the here after, but you can unload all the crap your live has been or all the crap you did to screw up your own life and the lives of others, “father” forgives, we are all saved, send a check.
The psychologists, social workers, anthropologists of today are busy finding excuses for our immoralities in our genes, or at least in findings as to how the people behaved in the stone age or such. The need state also the as man evolved from primitive societies in communities, cities nations and such, he set rules and guidelines for appropriate behavior so the society could function in peace. These were called crimes and misdemeanors, then as man invented God, these same infractions became sins . Even the ancients knew that a societies can not function without boundaries of behavior, they also knew that a society can only exist where all are committed to the common good, of the family and the society overall. What we have here, what we are doing is counter to the normal model for the development and continuation of a cohesive community. If what we are reverting to is ancient or genetic themes of the stone age then we will soon revert back to the stone age, real soon.
Knowledge in the hands of the unprepared to receive it is dangerous. We do not allow eight year olds to play with matches and knives, we do not allow fifteen year olds to drive alone, we do not allow eighteen year olds to smoke, or twenty year olds to drink, but we allow twelve year olds to have internet with web cam in their rooms, are we freaking stupid?? We allow fourteen year olds to go on dates without supervision and expect what? And why in the hell is child pornography illegal while we allow our teens and preteens to screw, are we that ignorant? If I were to come to your house, I would hope that you will not allow your fourteen year old daughter to come in front of me in her under wear, I hope you have enough sense, but you allow the same daughter to go out in even less to the beach, are you gone mad people? Why does one need porn when he can just look in your front yard and look at your daughter, or your wife or your mother or sister???

Friday, January 18, 2008


Deficit spending is by definition a fiscal stimulus, then we are already stimulating the economy beyond any rational limit. And as the consumers get their checks to spend, the money will go to China for goods and to the Arabs for oil, we are already doing that. So why not think of new paradigm, like creating manufacturing jobs in this country., or just send the checks to the Chinese directly and save the postage

Tuesday, January 15, 2008



Are you impressed by the Bush desire to achieve peace in the Middle East? The Annapolis summit? The showing up of he men in silken robes and business suits and then the Bush trip to the Middle East to bring the sides closer together. If you are, then you are a moron , go to the back of the class.

First now, Mr. Bush is NOT in the middle east today to promote peace, to lobby for the cooperation of the oil regimes, he is there pushing arms sales and to secure oil contracts, and not in the least to assure he still gets a cut of the oil money pie after he leaves the office, any doubts? Look who is Bob Dole working for, who is Bill Clinton lobbying for, who is investing in the CITI. And isn’t Giuliani working security for the same Arabs that he did not want the money from for his city? By the way the guy who invested in the CITI Bank is none other than the guy who’s check Giuliani refused, the prince Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz.

Second, while the terrorism pays, we need to pay lip service to fighting the terrorists. Like I said after 9/11, the attacks on the World Trade Center, that the attacks saved the economy from going in to a recession. Now we have millions of jobs, literally, depending on the “Homeland Security”. So the Bush trip , in a round about way helps increase the fear of terrorism, by making the terrorists act up and talk stupid. And talking junk about the fear of Tehran at least keeps the ignorant Americans believing that the pres is on the ball.

We need the terrorist to save our economy form going into a free fall. It gives us the excuse for the runaway spending, running up the deficits, while we export the real jobs and the American dollars overseas and sell the Americans into the same slavery as the working classes in the third world countries. When the United States government becomes as poor as the government of any other third world country the people will be easier to control, or kill.

But going back to the peace in the Middle East, the Palestinian problem. How can there be peace in an thing when God is involved. God is anti peace and anti accommodation, NO?

Israel itself was created by God’s orders, because everyone, including the Muslims, if they decide truly to read what is said in Koran, must agree that God gave the land in Palestine to the Jews, now they may not like it but that is what Koran says. Then why is it that the Arabs and the Muslims find it so hard to make peace? The reason is that many Arab regimes have told their people that they are working towards “liberation” of Palestine. Five times a day, the prayers in the mosques all over the middle east are followed by the prayer “oh God, grant the Islam and the Muslims the victory”. Are these the people we claim to be our partners in peace? And is Bush himself sincere? As a self proclaimed fundamentalist Christian, he must believe that the land of the Judea and Samaria belongs to the Jews, and he must not do anything against the God’s will. So how can we pretend to be working towards a peace, what a farce.

Because it is no bigger a farce than the pursuit of democracy in the Arab lands, we are forever supporting the oppressive regimes over there , regimes that will not grant the basic human rights to their people, forget the Saudi Arabia, where in the middle east is any glimmer of a democratic society? Bush did mention the word in his news briefing in Dubai, but why not “Mr. only super power in the world” say anything to the Saudi’s or even Hosni Mubbarak about it? Ok why not anything about the human rights?

It is because the whole talk about democracy, the talk of peace in the middle east is all a farce, and George Bush knows it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


We are all SHREKS now

(Before I go any further, my compliments to the band Smash Mouth for their song “All Star” other than that, I don’t know the band and don’t own any of their music). I do have three children and had he opportunity to watch the movie “Shrek” more than once.

I have not much said about the current race for the White House, I think the process is rigged and in the end Hillary will be the next president of the United States. I said that back the day after the re-election of Mr. Bush, I have said that ever since.

What is getting under my skin, however, is the word “Change”, the most over used word in the 2008 campaign. What Is change? And what will happen when it comes? Obama is for change, Hillary has been changing for thirty five years, John Edwards will change Washington heck even Mitt Romney( changed his mind on abortion) and John McCain(changed his wife then changed his mind on Jerry Falwell and Bush) and Giuliani(kept changing wives) are all for change now. I guess they are all for change since the heard Shrek advise that “Only shooting star breaks the mold”.

So, do we have a bunch of shooting stars here running for the presidency? Are they willing to die for their principles? May be they are, then the question arises what ARE their principles? I am lost. I wish there were a requirement to detail, every ten time they use the word change, that they explain what is this change they are talking about? What will be changed as a result of this “Change”. And how we will be better off with it.

Or is it the people running for the office of the president feel obligated to say the word “Change” because it seems to make them shine? As in, “You’ll never shine if you don’t glow”. Once again Shrek invades the hallowed territory of the presidential race.

Or is it the at these candidates, just like everyone else these days are looking for change as was Shrek? As in

‘Somebody once asked, could I spare some change for gas
I feel a need to get myself away from this place"
I said yep what a concept
I could use a little fuel myself
And we could all use a little CHANGE.

And how about us, ourselves, the people, we are all looking for change, but not in ourselves, in our habits, in our lives. We want the things to change, but not closer to home, we don’t want to have to save energy but want only to get cheaper gas, we don’t want to take interest in our children’s lives but we want schools to put education in our children’s heads. We want children but not the responsibility to raise them right. We want to be allowed to lead lives without standards and boundaries but want our children to know wrong from right. We don’t want to have to budget and watch our expenses, we want more money ( and so does our government). We want free sex but not the consequences, (children, divorce, alimony, child support, STDs and four sets of children with varying pedigree). We want stuff cheap from China but not the trade deficits. We want cheap illegal labor but not the open borders. We want government to provide for everything without anyone having to pay taxes. We even want to eat without gaining weight. And of course we want Washington to change while we keep re-electing the same dunces. May be it is time for a change, may be it is time for a change in Washington, may be it is time we changed our own selves. Washington will change not because Obama said so or Huckabee wanted it to, it will change when we the Americans change our own selves, or like the great wise man Shrek once said,

“Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn't make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb”