Tuesday, January 15, 2008



Are you impressed by the Bush desire to achieve peace in the Middle East? The Annapolis summit? The showing up of he men in silken robes and business suits and then the Bush trip to the Middle East to bring the sides closer together. If you are, then you are a moron , go to the back of the class.

First now, Mr. Bush is NOT in the middle east today to promote peace, to lobby for the cooperation of the oil regimes, he is there pushing arms sales and to secure oil contracts, and not in the least to assure he still gets a cut of the oil money pie after he leaves the office, any doubts? Look who is Bob Dole working for, who is Bill Clinton lobbying for, who is investing in the CITI. And isn’t Giuliani working security for the same Arabs that he did not want the money from for his city? By the way the guy who invested in the CITI Bank is none other than the guy who’s check Giuliani refused, the prince Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz.

Second, while the terrorism pays, we need to pay lip service to fighting the terrorists. Like I said after 9/11, the attacks on the World Trade Center, that the attacks saved the economy from going in to a recession. Now we have millions of jobs, literally, depending on the “Homeland Security”. So the Bush trip , in a round about way helps increase the fear of terrorism, by making the terrorists act up and talk stupid. And talking junk about the fear of Tehran at least keeps the ignorant Americans believing that the pres is on the ball.

We need the terrorist to save our economy form going into a free fall. It gives us the excuse for the runaway spending, running up the deficits, while we export the real jobs and the American dollars overseas and sell the Americans into the same slavery as the working classes in the third world countries. When the United States government becomes as poor as the government of any other third world country the people will be easier to control, or kill.

But going back to the peace in the Middle East, the Palestinian problem. How can there be peace in an thing when God is involved. God is anti peace and anti accommodation, NO?

Israel itself was created by God’s orders, because everyone, including the Muslims, if they decide truly to read what is said in Koran, must agree that God gave the land in Palestine to the Jews, now they may not like it but that is what Koran says. Then why is it that the Arabs and the Muslims find it so hard to make peace? The reason is that many Arab regimes have told their people that they are working towards “liberation” of Palestine. Five times a day, the prayers in the mosques all over the middle east are followed by the prayer “oh God, grant the Islam and the Muslims the victory”. Are these the people we claim to be our partners in peace? And is Bush himself sincere? As a self proclaimed fundamentalist Christian, he must believe that the land of the Judea and Samaria belongs to the Jews, and he must not do anything against the God’s will. So how can we pretend to be working towards a peace, what a farce.

Because it is no bigger a farce than the pursuit of democracy in the Arab lands, we are forever supporting the oppressive regimes over there , regimes that will not grant the basic human rights to their people, forget the Saudi Arabia, where in the middle east is any glimmer of a democratic society? Bush did mention the word in his news briefing in Dubai, but why not “Mr. only super power in the world” say anything to the Saudi’s or even Hosni Mubbarak about it? Ok why not anything about the human rights?

It is because the whole talk about democracy, the talk of peace in the middle east is all a farce, and George Bush knows it.

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