Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cannibalism Redefined, part 6

Cannibalism Redefined, part 6

It is understood that words have meanings, also known is the fact that words effect emotions and feelings, thus opinions.
Aldous Huxley talks about "double speak" to make this clear, change the words and you change the thinking and thus human behaviors.

Throughout history, a majority of humanity has found eternal comfort in lasting and persistent ignorance, rather than to go through the pain of learning and opening their minds.

In psychology there is a thought that if you want children to learn to speak early, clear and even be smarter then do not use "baby talk". So what when we start talking to adults in baby talk? "Veggies" is one word I refuse to use.
May be it is not intentional, but the psychologists, the clergy, the politicians and specially the media treat us like we are kids ( a bunch of fools) and we are eating it up. And we do it to ourselves too, not without help mind you. We must like being treated like fools or they would not dare.
One more thing for today. You have heard of "ADD" also called "ADHD". Now most of these kids used to be called "retarted", unable to concentrate, pay attention or stay on task. Of course you and I know that a grown up must be able to pay attention, stay on task, think.
Then we are told that people today have a short attention span, college kids fall asleep in class or are on "social media", ( in my own teaching days, I would have called it playing with one's self).
This compounds the problem, you are getting screwed but your mind is distracted, sadly it is also happening in IRL more than you think.

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Cannibalism Redefined, part 5

Cannibalism Redefined, part5

In practice cannibalism was mostly practiced when a tribe killed a person of an opposing tribe. It would follow that for starters we need tribes. But we don't live as tribes any more so it would be difficult to kill each other. But wait, we are tribes, and divides are deep as ever. Are tribes do not depend on linage, color or race, we are tribes in religion, economic philosophies, education levels, business associations, and much more, our divides as deep as any two given tribes in the past.
We have southern tribes and eastern tribes, we have free traders and communists, we have the educated vs the illiterate, left-right, you name it, all near willing to kill each other to prove our point.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cannabalism Redefined, part4

Cannabalism Redefined, part4

I am a hypocrite, may be my writings make think I am kind or generous or even forgiving, I am not.
I am 62, I have lived in four different countries, on three continents, for at least four years. I have lived in eight different societies, learnt seven distinct languages, I have been a watcher of humanity, at many different levels. This no credit to me, I was conniving enough to keep from getting hurt or thrown out or rejected.

What I know is what I learnt from osmosis, to survive, even to thrive, what I say is what I learnt about humanity and what it will take for the humanity to make it in the long run, as humanity.
Bottom line, to me all humanity is the same, all humans are the same, I am no better than anyone, not do I consider any other human better or superior to myself no matter how.
Once we reach this point, other problems of humanity can be solved equitably, judiciously and peacefully, right, true and honest information is the key.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Cannibalism Redefined, part 3

Cannibalism Redefined, part three

Of course not like we are cave people, we are sophisticated, and cannibalism is a dirty word. It implies that we kill people, to eat them.

Did I mention to you that in modern culture if we don't like something, we just change what we call it, problem solved. I have a whole article on the subject on my blog if you like, but here are a couple if examples. Torture so uncivilized that only the terrorist ( or regimes like North Korea but never ever friends) use it, we in the other hand only use "enhanced interrogation techniques",
And by god if killing innocent civilians is gets under your skin, just say "collateral damage", heck we could even use the term in a nursery rhyme, "may the odds forever be in your favor".

So that we understand clearly, killing or starving people is not as bad as cannibalism, is it?

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cannibalism redefined, part 2

Cannibalism redefined, part 2

@tombstone001: A newcomer to a big city walks in to traffic, or falls down a manhole while admiring the high rise buildings, #humans !

We are nothing if we are not enamored by the new things we have, we wouldn't know how we would survive without them, we do not see how the ones before us ever survived without.
In this we are willing to do anything, worship any god, and follow anyone that promises us continued and ever expanding universe of expanding goods, easy life, unlimited riches, noting has changed in human history. We followed Jim Jones, David Koresh and we followed Rasputin, no nothing has changed.
These things do not come without cost and we are ever willing to pay any cost, people used to sacrifice their own kids.
May be we need to redefine cannibalism. Just as I discussed that we can not define murder yet, may be similarly we can not define cannibalism also, I try here to make it clearer, or muddier.
Let's say you and I are stranded on an island, all that stands between us and death is a can of beanie weenies, just one can, that night I just find a big rock and smash your brains. Now I have not committed any cannibalism have I, think!
May be I did, I have committed cannibalism, but mind is at ease, I did not commit cannibalism
Swallow this much. Rest.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cannibalism Re Explained

Cannibalism re-explained

As it has been my effort with @CNN about the missing flight #MH370, we must ask the right questions to get the right response.
Sometimes we fail to ask these right questions only because we do not know what to ask, that because due to lack of our own knowledge. I, sometimes, try to first explain, what I am trying to explain, for a reason. We all do not always agree as to what a word or a phrase means. Why I use a term in way that you were never shown to use.
May be because I see the world a bit different than others, where everything is connected, like it or not, where the consequences of action A are exactly those of the action B even though A and B are not only not similar or may actually be totally opposites of each other.

If I haven't lost you already, hang in there, I am trying hard.

So what is (human) cannibalism and what does it have to do with free trade and open markets

While back I wrote a series I called, " I roads lead to hell", it is on my blog if you want a link. I tried to show how our policies, liberal or conservative, financial or social will always have the SAME outcome, and will be detrimental to the average person.


More to follow on this

Leave a comment, ask a friend to join

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fool Me Once, Economics 101

Fool Me Once , Economics 101

There is an adage about making the same mistake, it says one is crazy, I might say one is stupid. But we do not believe that our leaders, our finance ministers or bankers are stupid, or crazy, I believe, I know they are a bunch of thieves and crooks scamming the nations, stealing money from governments and leaving the populace broke.

We have "known austerities, and "unknown austerities" and we have "known unknown austerities", to paraphrase a minster of ( master of) thieves.

Back in the days of Jimmy Carter I happened to take accounting I&II, so I know how to balance the books, apparently we must be paying our financiers to blow smoke up our panties or they would have known how. For the umpteenth time I will explain.
I heard the inflation is low, now if you can not buy a house because housing is way up, health care costs are through the roof and higher education, forget that! So some one is either lying or is freaking ignorant as carp pile .
I have elsewhere explained how only the rich can cause inflation
Is BBC AND OTHER MEDIA STUPID? I know financial news only and already caters only to the rich then who will speak the truth to you and I?
The way I see it, the problem is not low inflation, the real problem is lower taxes that are allowing the rich to "buy" parking space near their work for more than an average person will make in their lifetime

Then the problem, the governments must borrow more and more to keep going while the rich can buy politicians to lower their taxes. This will not, can not end well.

While the social spending goes up and then cut back, lowering the standard of living for millions, the rich, the job creators are taking that money to "invest in bonds" or to gamble with in stock markets.
The job creators actually are cutting jobs ( improving productivity) the governments are forced to borrow more and spend more to keep the working poor down, and keep them quiet, sometimes it is also called social spending, or to create jobs by
Increasing infrastructure spending for the benefit of the rich, better roads and air ports.


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Saturday, April 12, 2014

When America Becomes a Christian Nation


Since # foxnews has decided to block my comments, I am posting comments of someone else here





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The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect
How our support of the Syrian "revolution" is causing higher prices at the pump


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