Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life 2003


LIFE 2003

I wish they will stop whining once and for all, about the liberal media and its whiners. First the media in the US has been rooting for a war for months. Of course if a war happens, it will be a ratings bonanza for the net work TV. With the Dan Rather and his ilk getting free trips to the Mid East and expanded news budgets. Why else would the talking heads be talking up our military prowess every night, how our bombs are now smarter, (may be even more so than some of our commentators, cause the bombs seem to find their mark).

Have you heard about the Saddam's torture chambers? How about the torture chambers in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan and Israel? Have you heard about the democracy we shall bring to Iraq, and the pigs will fly and the above mentioned regimes will just walk away from their power, the oil billions and the whore houses? And we thought the messiah has yet to arrive. Actually the whores in power there are already clamping down on their populace worse than they ever did.

With his declaration of war on terrorism, Mr. Bush actually delegetimized the aspirations of millions of Muslims, from Palestine to the Philippines. Thus probably increasing the chances of terrorism around the world more than ever before.

It is not news that the one fifth of the population of this world that calls itself Muslim actually lacks basic human rights because of their own leadership that is made of liars, thieves and whore mongers that steal their monies and leave their countries poor. And now they are again selling out their own to save their asses. And it is also no secret that the poverty and the ignorance and lack of human rights are the basic root cause of terrorism, not Islam.

As far as he media are concerned, the right can no longer whine about the liberal media. Now that we have a conservative Geraldo Rivera, Bill O'Rilley, (the living proof that Yale is not the only place for idiots to get an Ivy League degree). A most sincere Jerry Springer of the right, Rush Limbaugh, (an out of work comedian). And a conservative Donohue, Sean Hanitty. Even the MTV jack ass is being countered by the right's own Mike Savage, you too can be stupid and on TV at the same time.

In the "no spin zone" if you are for trying to save untold number of innocent lives, you are labeled to be for Saddam. And the guy, who lost election to a dead man in his home state, has no axe to grind against the wild and woolly left. And while they try to protect us from the untold EVIL, we are busy fornicating, and having too much fun making babies, (of the Mexican and Black, and Asian and the Muslim kind).

In this new world disorder, (the war between the Saddam and the Bushies), the Bible and the Koran are being quoted and misquoted liberally. The mullahs from their minbers and the preachers from their pulpits are again forecasting the end times, and the Armageddon and the rapture, selling heavens to the believers. Forget it; it has been the end of times for the last six thousand years.

And poor me, I am probably the only person living, that has family in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kurdistan ( Iraq), U.K., Canada and the United States, and a few friends even in Germany. And you could not pay me off, like some other ex soldier, to change my mind and favor a war. Not even the one between the good and the evil.

The idea of a hell is common to all three monotheistic religions of the East, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The basic concept is that if you live an immoral and sinful life (I have no idea what that means), then you will go to hell, (A place of great fires where one will burn for ever!).

Now, if nothing else will work, the idea of burning in a fire for ever (a very long time), should keep one on the "straight and narrow."

It is also a common tenet of these religions, that if you do good deeds you will go to "paradise"
(Once again please make up your own mind what paradise is). Secondly, that only a few are ever good enough to be able to go to paradise, at least on their own.

All my life, I have lived mostly among the Christians and the Muslims, and a few Jews and others. And yet I have never heard anyone say, or heard of anyone one says that they KNOW they will go to hell when they are dead. Even Hitler did not seem to be consumed by this fear when he decided to take his own life, Timothy McVeigh did not ask for a delay in his execution for the fear of these great fires. Far as I know, Osama bin Laden is not too worried about per chance arriving at the same locale. Seems like, no one ever thinks that they will go to a real hell to be over cooked, so the idea seems to have lost its flavor.

I think many of our world leaders today have more faith in the mercy of their God, than they have a fear of His wrath.

Does any one really know their book?

According to the testaments, when God wanted to destroy the world, he did not ask Noah to burn down his village or the crops, or to throw rocks at the people, God told Noah to make a boat and escape when the floods came.

When a Pharaoh boasted of being able to grant life or impose death, God sent a gnat in his nostril to cause his death.

When God became angry at the people of the Sodom and Gomorrah, he did not ask Lot to destroy
The towns, he told Lot to escape, with his family, and then He brought His wrath upon the people for their transgressions.

How many times have we seen people, who think they are guided by the God to do his dirty work?
Be wrong and cause more suffering. Think about the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the KKK, the lynching.

Does God really talk to the people? Let’s see. How do you tell a prophet from a heretic? Most of the people that claimed to be the messengers of God have been accused of being the opposite. Was Rasputin being guided by the Holy Spirit? How about John Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church? Or Jim Jones, or Timothy McVeigh, or even Osama Bin Laden. They all claimed to have a divine connection.

Or is it that some people suffer from delusions, or at least self -hypnosis and start to believe in their nasty motives as to have been divinely inspired. How do you differentiate between a Tim McVeigh and a David Koresh and Ted Bundy and a Charles Manson?

Or do you believe that a mass murder of the innocent in the name of a God is justified, be it in Tel Aviv, or The West Bank, or Baghdad.

Or may be you should go back to your God and tell him to do his own dirty work.


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