Sunday, July 09, 2006


Information first printed in news paper 2/20/2003


Night after night, and the day time too, the liberal media of this country has an on going peep show going on called entertainment. From the poor Michael Jackson interviews, to big brother, the Osborne, the Batchelor and the best thing to come out of Texas recently, by far, the Anna Nicole show. Our minds are numbed by senseless exploitation of the hapless of the society. People by the millions tune in, and like the Romans of the yore enjoy the public carnage while we try to forget, or are totally unaware of the moral and the economic demise of our nation.

Where are we headed as a democracy? While we hang on the cliches of the greatness of our country and its place in history, we constantly ignore the current trends and forget that the future of us (US) does not depend on our history alone ,but upon our actions and in actions as a people today.

A vast majority of the so called informed bunch, has never picked up a history book, or studied an economic thesis, traveled well or even listened to others with opinions contrary to their own. Our opinions are formed not on the basis of our own experience or research, but on the second hand information given to us by our so called "leaders" and the talk show hosts who must know all. The reasoning being that they must have attained their positions by their innate knowledge and experience, and thus being absolved of any responsibility to do the hard work of a democracy, the independent study and acquiring of knowledge.
Remembering that if you only listen to the people that you agree with, you only show your lack of intelligence, judgment and maturity.

Let me assure you, from someone who has been there, the greatest threat to our democracy and the economy is the ignorance of our populace, and our stubborn refusal to learn the facts.

Sincerely (M.N.R)

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