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Life 2004

The following were posted at Slate.com in 2004


Americans, both on the left and the right are together in condemning the Islamo-fascist regimes, such as the one of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Or the similar but to a lesser degree the Saudi and the Iranian regimes.It is no doubt that the religious regimes of all colors have a dismal record of protecting individual rights, and personal freedoms. As it was under the Taliban in Afghanistan, under the Ayatollahs of Iran and the Mutawas of Saudi Arabia, the in-human treatment of not just the common criminals, but also of the average citizens of these countries continues.

In the course of history we have seen time and again, the shamans and the seers and the preachers that have either usurped the political powers of the state, or have cozied up to the monied and the powerful and the tyrants of all stripes, prostituting themselves to the powerful until they themselves became in control.

Power corrupts, and the religious in power do not have a commendable record, no matter what religion they happen to profess. From taking of the virgins and the treasures, to abuse of the widows and orphans and the divorcees to even the institution of human sacrifice have all been within the realm of religious powers.

We too have a record, look back at the inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the Scarlett letters and the approval of slavery and lynchings. Dare we now turn our backs on the history, and with open eyes claim that it is different now. That George Bush and his cronies on the religious right intend to bring about only what is good for this country. Or is it that Mr, Bush is prostituting the presidency of the Untied States for the voting block of the right, and the or is it the prostitutes of the right are conniving to take to take over as the Real American Taliban.

( My humble apologize to John Walker Lindh, for stealing away his title) (M.N.R)


SEER 04/06/2004

In the history of the mankind, the seers , the prophets and the visionaries have been a most unliked, if not despised group of people. The party pooppers, always warning of the bad consequences of the things, fore-tellers of doom and despair, no one ever wants to hear the bad news.
Thank God(?). I am none of these. And anyway I don't have a pulpit, or even a web site to scare the beegeebees out of anyone that would happen to hear me. My audience is mostly my acquaintances from business and work. Only once in a while I have posted a thing or two on the Slate.com website, or have succeeded in getting a letter to the editor published in the local news paper.

So it goes, that prior to the Iraqi invasion I was telling whoever would listen , that Iraq was the last place president Bush should go into. But while Bill O'Rilley was running of at the mouth about controlling the Iraqi oil to pay for the war, I was begging anyone who would listen that it would be a disaster for the US and for the Iraqis for us to meddle in the affairs of that country. We may have just set the ground work for an Islamic Rawanda.

But does anyone care? In his briefing to the United Nations prior to the war, Collin Powell provided the pictures of mobile labs and a recording of a conversation between two Iraqi Commanders. Those of you that paid attention to me, at work, in my e -mail and on the Slate.com web site would have read me saying that the conversation was a fake, a fabrication, because of the dialect and manner of speech was inconsistent with normal Iraqi manner of speech.

Did I not also mention that Condelleza Rice was out of her league, a specialist in the Soviet Affairs. May be President Bush chose her because he was unaware that the Soviet Union did not exist in 2001.

The religious right wingers are ready to continue in their war in the middle east, not for the cause of freedom or democracy, but the underlying desire to rid the middle east of the Muslims so the second coming can happen. They have not made a secret of their desires. And anyone that has been listening to them knows that some believe that the borders of Israel, the promised land stretch to the Euphrates River. May be the American public did not know this, but many in the Islamic lands are well aware of the ambitions of the do gooders of the current American Government.



SEERS2 04/07/2004

So what is the policy of this administration. Recently in Texas a mother , who killed her own two boys and injured a third, was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Her defense was that the God had ordered her to kill her children. May be that Mr Bush really does believe that the Armageddon is at hand and that in invading Iraq he is only doing Gods work. May be that God HAS decided to let the United States in general and Mr Bush himself in particular play out HIS hand. After all waiting for six thousand years on the predicted end of times, the Almighty must be tired of holding HIS own cards. At least it so appears from the economic policy of this administration. We have a booming economy(?). But does the credit for the booming economy not lie in the fact that we are spending madly, borrowing monies from from the social security funds and the foreigners, using borrowed money to give large tax cuts to the people that don't need any help. But you see it all makes sense if you don't believe there is really a tomorrow, that the world will come to an end pretty soon and you will be raptured, then the borrowed monies never have to be paid back, the people will never have to depend on the social security. And lying about a few WMDS to invade Iraq and killing a few thousand innocent Iraqi can be justified. At least God will understand. And in the mean time if your prediction of end of times does not come true just in case, you will have made a load of money and will have a few rich friends in the right places.(M.N.R)

SEERS3 04/08/2004

Lately there has been a campaign of "Do not elect Nader", or that if Bush is re- elected the country will go to hell indeed. We will not know what Kerry will do as president, unless and until he is elected. I don't care what side of the fence you are on. Bonnie Erbe, recently wrote an op-ed piece that we should re-elect Bush since all the chickens are about to come home to roost. What with the economy facing a disaster due to tax cuts and the cost of the war. I would say also that yes, lets re-elect Bush and let him face the consequences of his mistakes, the depression and the unemployment and all. ( the true unemployment in the United States actually runs about 25 % if you count all the people now involved with the "war on terrorism", the transport security administration, the security guards, the activated guards and the reserves. Add to that the drug dealers, manufacturers, the prisoners, the jailers, the lawyers, the judges the police and you get the real and the total picture.

But while we are busy watching the American Idol, the Sex in the City, or a reality show where people are paid to make out with strangers for money (prostitution?), we apparently don't mind the slow screw we receive from our government in the form of of looted treasury, and and lost rights in the name of the patriots act.

The scariest part of it all is if we re-elct TIFC (W), he will be nominating or appointing anywhere from 5 to 7 supreme court justices. And with such a biased and unbalanced supreme court the democracy and the future of this country is in jeopardy. Remember the same bunch who always said, Clinton is not my president, i did not vote for him, is the same group that is hell bent on subverting democracy, and taking us all back to the dark ages. (M.N.R)


SEERS4 04/09/2004

Please allow me to digress from my usual comments about the economy and religion. Were you really impressed or totally unimpressed by the Dr. Rice's testimony to the 9-11 commission.

Here again the public is about to get a snow job. The truth requires answering some real tough questions. Here is a deal, if you know some one on the 9-11 commission or know how to get a hold of them have them ask these questions.

a./ how did an untrained pilot fly a jumbo jet from 7 -8 miles out or more to side of the pentagon, maintaining a very low altitude and without actual visual reference for a long time and made a perfect touch down in the parking lot a hundred yards away or less

b./ how did another untrained pilot make a perfect 180 and came back around, with a thirty degree bank, and 450 knots to hit the second tower

c./ why are we not turning Saddam over to the world court and let them try him in an open court for the whole world to know the truths

d./ in the first WTC bombing, with a truck bomb four stories below ground there were 1300 injuries, with two aircraft blowing up inside the two towers there were less than a thousand injured, How many people really die? How many injured? Why only a thousand?

e./ why did we need B-1 bombers and F-117s in Afghanistan

f./ within hours of the attack we knew all about these guys, how about their friends, relatives, roommates, supporters, and other accessories, Where are they? anyone?

g./ why was NORAD not alerted? why did pentagon not activate its own organic air defences? why was no national emergency declared? why did Mr. Rumsfeld not leave the pentagon even after it was know that there were aircraft heading for the D.C. area

Just a few questions that I would like an answer to (M.N.R)


SEERS5 0-4/10/2004

The Newest American Colony (or how not to bring democracy to the Arab lands)

If you have any doubts left please come back to your senses. What you think are the chances, of a government favorable to the United States, being elected in Iraq. What democratically elected government in Iraq will allow us to keep our bases on the Iraqi soil. My estimate is that if things don't improve drastically, within the week, all of the CPA will resign enmass. And Paul Bremer, or whoever replaces him in Baghdad will be the next Iraqi governor. Of course we will have to declare Marshall law and kill a few thousand more Iraqis to prove to them that we are there to liberate them.

May be we do not have any idea of the psychology of these people. Of course we have profilers in the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and the other dozen or so intelligence services. But we have either failed in finding out how these people think or we keep ignoring the Arab mind set. If you were to look at my letter about the war, I had warned that these people will think of us as occupiers and come after us and try to kill us.

I guess the new Bush doctrine is to bring democracy to far away lands at all costs, no matter what. But somehow we keep failing to explain to these Iraqis that the death of their fellow Iraqis and the destruction of their towns is for their on benefit. Look how many jobs for the undertakers we have created in their country.

Too bad that the leader of the greatest nation on earth cannot read and is no student of history. While the media in our country were showing the mass graves of Iraqis murdered by the Saddam regime, neither the media or the government of the United States bothered explaining to the public that a vast vast majority of those people in those graves were there as a result of the uprising prompted by our own government. May be the Iraqis should trust us to have only their welfare in our hearts. They would gleefully accept to sacrifice a few hundred thousand more of their relatives and countrymen to the whimsy of the UNCLE SAM. (M.N.R)


Bush news 04/13/2004

Well! you have to give the man some credit. Mr. president has tried to put a brave face on the fiasco in Iraq once again. O.K. so it is the Iraqi thugs that are attacking everyone in Iraq and we are between a rock and a hard place. Mr explainer refused to explain to us that we are actually up the proverbial creek there. We cannot effectively go after or defend ourselves against the insurgents in Iraq ( it sounds like Viet Nam to me, but Mr President would not know that because he did not go there and has not studied history) because any over whelming force will repulse the Iraqi public and turn them against us.

I must say that he did amuse me, and i did smile, give the man some credit, he is still sticking to his WMD guns and that is his story and he is sticking to it. " we may still find WMDs". I wish I too had some of his tea. I love the way we keep saying that he had WMDs and he used them. Why keep reminding the public that the WMDs he used against the Kurds and the Iranians were provided by "US".

And did you not appreciate the man's sense of humor when he totally ignored the subject of the contract security personnel. So whats the big deal if four of them were killed burnt and mutilated and a few more have been captured and god knows what is being done to them, so why blow there cover and expose the covert operations that are being carried out by a bunch of mercenaries, thats what they get paid for don't they. Thank you Mr president, thank you, by god it is still a free country.

We are forever talking about the Islamofacsits, that are trying to takeover the government houses in the Middle-East. From Tunisia to Indonasia, there are factions in Islamic coutries that want to take over the country and impose Islamic laws. We in the United States called these the Mullahs the radical and sometimes even the terrorists. (M.N.R)


SEERS6 04/11/2004

We are forever talking about the Islamofacsits, that are trying to takeover the government houses in the Middle-East. From Tunisia to Indonasia, there are factions in Islamic countries that want to take over the country and impose Islamic laws. We in the United States called these the Mullahs the radical and sometimes even the terrorists.

But we forget that our government's policy is also to support a certain six thousand year old document and doctrine. While over some period of time, the Europeans have become more secular, with our policy of supporting what it says in "the Bible" as a truth, and to enforce its edicts as the divine law, the word of the Bible has become a self fulfilling prophecy. The religious conflicts of the Middle-East are being fought the world over, for the prince of peace to return.

Does the white house believe that the rest of the worlds muslim populations will sit on their hand while the innocent civilians in Iraq are being massacared in the name of justice? Prior to the invasion I had mentioned that we may go in as the liberators, but the Iraqis will think of us as the occupiers and attack us. Is there no advisor at the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, that may have also seen this coming?

Lives and businesses of the American citizens are in danger now the world over. Is that safety or security? I had also mentioned that there are 1.2 Billion people around the world that call themselves Muslim. Even if we only got one tenth of one percent of these got angry enough to do something dirty, we would never find out who these people are where they are and what they may be capable and willing to do to hurt the United States. I hope that prior to taking the actions that they took, it was one of the points that they did consider. Screw the AL- Qauida, we have real problems now. (M.N.R)


SEERS7 04/15/2004

As if there ever were any doubt Mr Bush is no visionary, and I'll dare say he may yet be blind. We had eight years of Reagan and his christian crusade, but he at least defeated the Russians.
So, let me say here that either Mr Bush has taken leave of his senses totally or he needs to leave the side of Mr Rove.

I combine here my proposition that Mr Bush is, to put it mildly naive, with a question that is the favorite of " My War Hero" Bill O'Rilley, ( as subsequently posed by the president himself in his news conference) who will Osama want to be the next president. And hands down, as Mr Bush himself stepped forward yesterday and declared that USA stands by Sharon and his aim of annexing parts of the West Bank, Mr Bush becomes the favorite of Islamic terrorists, for the next president.

And why not, any other person with enough sense would know that this plays right in the hands of the enemies of the United States, who have been telling their people that the US is not interested in the rights of the Palestinians, but in protecting and expanding the State of Israel. Right now with our forces occupying and fighting the Arab Insurgency in Iraq, what Iraqi leader can tell his people that the United States is there to protect there rights and freedoms? How will it play in the hands of those that are attacking and killing our soldiers. We may wish to help the Israelis keep the Palestinains under control, but at what price ? As you saw yourself, even Osama knows an opportunity when he sees one, Wish Mr bush were at least half that politically savvy. (M.N.R)


SEERS8 04/20/2004

I missed a chance to write the past few days, and if you are a new reader I hope you go back and read a few of the previous posts also. I had mentioned that Bush did not seem to care about the future consequences of his actions, I think it a was in the part two. Lo and behold Mr Bush confirmed my statement saying in his interview, " in the future we will all be dead", Is that what we expect from the leader of the greatest nation ever on earth, the most powerful man on earth, to be so callous ( I could use a better and a choice word here) that he is totally given to the idea of the destruction of our planet in a very near future.

Once again, where are we headed. A disaster looms ahead and like the rats in the story of the Pied Piper we are about to happily jump in the river. The current administration and its spokes persons are no less apt at parsing words than Clinton's famous " I have never had sex" is that not equivalent to now Bush"s statement, "I have no war plans on my desk". Yes Mr president you had no war plans on your desk, and you din not have sex with that woman, true, you screwed the whole damn country.

more later (M.N.R)


SEERS9 05/03/2004

A few days ago I had mentioned that soon it would not be safe for us Americans to travel in the Islamic lands, because of our actions in Fallujah, far as the civilian casualties were concerned.
Then came the bombshell of the prison pictures and the humiliation of the Iraqi prisoners. Need I tell you that those people would have understood torture, even of the innocent, but the humiliation is not that of "just a few prisoners" it will taken by the Arabs as the humiliation of all their people. And no matter how Bill O' Rilley spins it in his no spin zone, it was not a few untrained young reservists. Sorry Bill, stop BSing you are already over your head. (more wisdom from Bill, " we will control the oil", "the gasoline prices will go below a dollar", "we should bomb Fallujah to dirt") Was the war also fought by some untrained young hoodlums from the reserves? Are those who gave their lives in the deserts of the Iraq were also some untrained young hoodlums of the reserves.

A few of the real red blooded Americans want to bomb everyone, that does not agree with us, to the smithereens. The list includes now the Iraqis the Saudis, the French, the Germans and a few hundred other nations and countries. Ever wonder why some foreign officials have called Bush stupid, ignorant, misguided among other titles. May be we should choose more carefully who we put in the front office next time. It is small world after all, and we need the population to get along more than to try to kill maim and conquer. If not what is the difference between our foreign policy and that of the Taliban.

( did you know that Mr Bush's new most favorite song is " I started a joke" my the BeeGees) (M.N.R)



Let' give the complete title, "Fox news, fair and balanced". Will someone please tell me how a net work that says that the liberal media ( their words) are biased to the left and they are here to emphsise the counter point ( thus by definition biased to the right) can be allowed to even trade mark the phrase.

I would hate call my my fellow citizens generally stupid but there must be a few with their heads stuck in the sand ,or at least the Fox News thinks it is so, or they would find it insulting what Bill O'Rielly and Sean Hannity put in front of them as unbiased and true. Before i go there, let me state that I think that lady lawyer on the Bill O'Rielly radio show must be hurting for money, or no self respecting human being will put up with the crap, or may be she is like that lady detective in the movie "Oxygen", if you don't know what I am saying you need to check out the movie, or the other movie called " Secretary".

Bill says he has been in the war, ( on a British frigate during the Falklands i guess). But what crap Sean produced today would have insulted anyone's intelligence, even that of Rummie. After the disclosure of there being over thirty investigations of the prisoner abuse, many still on going, and a few cases of murder, Mr Hannity stated well there were some seven some odd people and they have all been taken care of, and the Iraqis should b e thankful for what we are doing for them. Well by the same token if a fireman puts a fire out in your house he should have the right to sleep with your mother/ wife/ sister/ daughter, Right??????? Thankyou Mr Hannity, the Arabs around the world now understand your point of view, thankyou.

Or should the morons like these should be told to tone down their crap, it is ok to preach crap to your followers who probably cannot read and have no friends so they can listen to you all day and never know any better, but there are other people, intelligent people who listen just for such BS.
Shame on Ted Koppel to even waste his time on that show and not calling Hannity on for what he is , an over paid, over blown clown. (M.N.R)


SEERS10 05/07/2004

My condolences really, to the secretary of state, GEN Collin Powell. How long can you sell your dignity, and still retain any kind of self-respect. I bet right now he is lying awake in his bed, wondering if he could have made more money by exposing his boss for what he is had he done it before the invasion. How does a person go around the globe, facing people that know you to be a spineless liar. How much money in speaking fees, and how many seats on boards of directors equal ones honor.

How long do you wish to continue the charade Mr. Secretary. Where is the honor of a four star general. Your boss let you down, your fellow cabinet memebers have proven out to be a bunch of liars. And the king is naked, do you have enough honor to admit you were a dope. Do you continue to go around the globe, promoting lies. Do you feel no shame that if you are not lying out there yourself, you are the bottom of the food chain, not even trusted by your boss, your president, your commander-in-cheif.

I will stop here now and wait to see if you can soon find your spine (M.N.R)


SEERS11 05/08/2004

Now we have seen our secretary of defense admit to the congress and the world public, that he did not think our commander-in chief was mature enough or responsible enough to be told of a situation that would cause our country almost irreparable damage in her standing in the eyes of the world. I also see that none in our officer and general officer corps has the guts to stand up for the right, have enough honor, to put his promotion, career, retirement and or the opportunity to be employed by a contractor after retirement in jeopardy, to speak the truth, or resign.

I know most of our journalist will not ask the president to come out and speak the truth, that he knew of and approved the policy of sexual abuse and degradation of the Iraqis. That the Mossad already uses such techniques against the Arabs, and we have learnt well, next time we will make sure no cameras are taken in the prisons.

But where are my christian brethren. Where are the moral beacons of freedom and democracy today. Why is that moral midget Jerry Falwell not asking for the heads of a few commanders for causing, approving and or ignoring the homosexual rapes. Is his God not offended, outraged? Why is Judge Moore not condemning the Republican administration. Where are the REAL Christians of this country that fall all over the each other and themselves sucking up to Bush and Cheney. I would love to have a talk show journalist like Russert or the Fox News, or a Christian leader, or even Newt, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Asa Hutchinson and Pat Robertson find out and explain that on what moral and christian grounds this administration can or should be supported. And how, what we are doing and have done in Iraq and Afghanistan ( sexual abuse and homosexual rapes) is just much much better than a president getting a blow job, and makes our president more deserving of our confidence and vote (M.N.R)



Why do these people still think that Arabs in general and the Iraqis in particular are stupid. Still today there are people on the right pushing the line that lil ole George did not know earlier of the torture in the Iraqi prisons. And that he is loyal to his cadre. It is a tradition in the military, and i guess it also applies to the civilian sector also, that if an organization is in trouble anywhere that the boss must be informed immediately. Politics aside, who in this world can believe that after the briefing by the ICRC on the prison abuses, none of the three, Rumsfeld, Powell or Condi thought it prudent to advise the president. Do we have such incompetent people running the affairs of this country???? And what cost loyalty? does Mr Bush not think that he was not well served by these people, Is Mr Bush really that stupid?

And then to try to make light of the situation, why has the right chosen to belittle the damage caused to our national security by these morons, be it seven people enlisted or ten thousand atrocities committed, or if just one woman was raped. It is still an incident that must be taken seriously. The terrorist already were telling their people that the Americans have no regard for the Arab or Muslim life. we are only helping them prove their point.

To say that it was only a few bad apples out of control with no limits sounds like a white wash. Though I hate to jump to conclusions, the situation as we already know was not isolated to Al-Gharib, and seems to have been a matter of policy. We only spin it at the risk to our own credibility. The Arabs and the Muslims don't consider American civilians as anything other than the CIA agents, we should warn our people going over there if caught over there they will be treated as the CIA agents and as such the enemy.

Those who spend their days listening to ( and thus getting their opinions issued by) the talk radio and the FOX news are bound to get tunnel vision of the situation, And the problem with tunnel vision is that you are suseptable to being blind sided, ask Mr Bush. (M.N.R)


A GAY MARRIAGE 04/29/2004
Dear Mr President

(and other prophets pious people and do gooders)

I am sincerely touched by your emotional speaches and even portrayed genuine desires to save the sacred institute of marriage. Ofcourse we agree that even if not considered holy or biblical, marriage has been a sacred institute in all civilaized and semi-civilized cultures. And that marriage has always been considered a contract between one man and one woman, with few exceptions. In most cultures, and our own laws have provided protections for the same. Now we have our gay population also desiring to be married as equals to the straights. The soulution is simple and i hope you will agree.

We do not really need a constitutional amendment to keep gays from being married. As it is there is not much value left in a marriage. Previously the cultures, socities and religions provided for sanctions against those who would break their vows. I hope you will agree that we need to go back to the same protections. We should codify pre-marital and extra marital sex as at least a misdemeanor punishable by a six month jail sentence and a five hundred dollar fine, and adultery and fornication should be considered a felony with a minimum five thousand dollar fine and a year in jail, Thus showing our serious desire that breaking these vows is a serious offense. I know no preacher, Imam, priest or a Rabbi that will disagree. Let's be truly honest with ourselves, our faith, and the public and push this honest and fair proposal. Then we will see how many gays still want to get married. Or we may just not have to ammend the constitution.

I know i can count on your full support of this honest and fair defense of the holy vows of matrimony. (M.N.R)




My heart felt thanks to all that took the time to read " what's wrong with the right". It yet confirms my belief that the democracy is not dead yet in America, that there are people on both the left and the right that care about our country and want the democracy , the constitution and the bill of rights to survive intact.

But let me propose to you this, what if neither Bush nor Kerry really want to be elected. First look at who is running the country today and does democracy really exist in the USA.

If Clinton was elected by a minority, then we must admit that Bush was "elected" by even a smaller minority. He fails to answer to the public, all persons in his "court" are always hand picked. reporters and their questions are pre-screened for his "news conferences". Is that what we expect of the leader of the greatest country ever.

President Bush, over his political career has collected over half a billion dollars in contributions, even though he says or may think the media and the Hollywood liberals are out to get him, ( o.k. he does not but his cronies say), but is there any doubt the media and the Hollywood are financed by the corporations. Thus it follows that if Bush really wanted to set a moral tone for the country he would have told the corporations to tone down the sexual garbage in the ads and the TV programming.

The reason I say that both candidates may really want to loose the upcoming election is that they both know whoever gets elected will have to confront the massive problems with Iraq, the inflation, the budget deficits, the terrorists and more.

And to be sure, god is not coming down soon enough to fix this mess or to take the blame for our own SH**. (M.N.R)


I consider myself pretty conservative on the social issues. My two teenage daughters are told, and made to dress a bit modestly, i.e. no belly buttons or panties showing, and no two piece bathing suits, even though both take swimming and karate, and the older is also in JROTC.

But seems to me that by default, the right has taken a cult mentality where the leader can do no wrong. What has George Bush done right lately? Be Honest! He has taken us into a war we can not win. He lied to us or was stupid enough to not to know when he was being lied to. He fell for the WMD charade, the nuclear purchase charade, he did not know what our military was doing in our prison camps, and can not see what his PATRIOTS ACT does to the civil rights and the liberties.

Is this nation now so far gone that we are supposed to turn a blind eye when the king is naked. Where is the out rage> This time it is not a bunch of dope smoking hippies that are against the war, but it is a bunch of dogooders wanting death and destruction on the people of the world in the name of the Lord and peace. And don't tell me that the support of the war from the right is only based upon facts, and the known dangers.

Why are we not holding Mr Bush responsible for the budget screw ups and the deficits, for the health care mess, for the jobs being created that pay no benefits, and more than anything else for a screwed up war we are in.
Or is it that right only consists of the people who sent money to Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert and Pat Robertson and Falwell and their ilk. We have no brains, we can not ask our president to tell the drug companies to quit pushing Viagra day and night. That he should make the oil companies pay windfall profits taxes, ( for while the working people have to pay thru the nose at the pump, his and Cheney's buddies are getting filthy rich)



Had I been an enterprising kind, I would have made T-shirt with the likeness of George Bush on one side, and that of the Judge Roy Moore on the other, with a caption proclaiming "HE" has returned. Not as a prognostication as to the results of the 2004 elections, ( I leave that to the experts like Pat Robertson). But proclaiming the return of the lord himself, I guess. That because while no one really knows when the lord will return, ( last I checked he was arguing with the father, recalling his treatment during his last journey here abouts, he asserted that he did not care if the mankind as whole decided to assign it's self to go to hell).

But funny thoughts aside, when our fore- fathers decided to mention in the constitution that the congress shall pass no law to establish a religion, they must have also thought that the individual states shall similarly also not establish a state religion. Looking around my state of Alabama, and I am sure in many other states around in the neighborhood, there are legislators that keep trying to sneak in different clauses into law to do just the same. I don't mind them pandering in the name of the lord if they visit various churches, but in the public arena they should keep their faith to themselves. Our state, as well as the country contains people of all differing beliefs. When these prostitutes ( sorry I mean politicians) go about professing and proclaiming their beliefs ad-nausiam, non-believers like myself have an uneasy feeling - like what if I ever have to deal with this person or go to court where a real christian is the judge-. almost like being punched in the gut, or like having to talk to a christian Osama.

What is worse is that we have people running for the justice of the supreme court of Alabama going about saying Roy Moore loves me or something like I slept with Roy Moore, or Roy Moore is my secret step daddy. Jean Brown, Pam Baschab and someone i can never remember the name of, I think Jerry Stokes come to mind.

Last I remember, Roy Moore got off easy, he should have been tried for incompetence,lack of judicial temperament, dereliction of duty, and perjuring himself in the court of public opinion when he ran for a state office to do a certian job while he had no intention of full-filing the obligations of his office, (or something like that I am no lawyer, sorry). And I will not even talk about the christian people crying in front of, and kneeling and prostrating themselves in front of a 5300 pound rock. (M.N.R)


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