Tuesday, July 11, 2006


(written 04/22/2001)

who am i , i asked the question
i asked anyone that seemed to know
no answer , not even a blank stare
no help at all it seems for those who seek the truth

cast upon the waves of time
lost and weary , my soul searches for ever
for direction, for a compass, for my shining star
storm clouds , blind me, and the lightining
i cannot see

false promises, false prophets and false hope
am i a child of god, or god himself
that needs appeasing
or to be lulled to sleep, fear me not, o'god
for tonight your universe is safe in my hands

safe to lie, to cheat, steal
to rob, to kill, to rape to plunder
babies dying of sickness in their mothers arms
or murdered by the butchers in the name of god
but tomorrow your slave shall rise up

meek shall inherit the earth
to burn the books that lie,
to expose these prophets of doom
to proclaim there are no gods
rejoice, you can stop the killings



*PerdU* said...

please don't blame religion, it is the people!
think about thus
how are Hitler and Mother Teresa from the same religion?!!!
how are BinLadin and Salahuddin Ayyubi from the same religion?!
they all r,, but all have far from similar personalities.. it is the people to blame and not the books. God has given people minds to think, and to differenciate between right and wrong, these books only point u in the right direction. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH says (in my own translation) 'the right path is obvious, and so is the wrong path' when people were asking him too many questions of what was right or wrong..
meaning that God had blessed us with minds, we should use them. having said that, we must never neglect the one who gave us these preciouse minds..
i agree 100% that people should not be 'puppits' and i am telling u, it is against my religion! the first verse from the QORA'AN demanded that Muhammad PBUH should read! what do u think that tells u?
ok i have spoken alot here. if my blog wasn't just a personal one, i would write an entry on this topic. thank u for visiting my blog. i hope some of what i said makes sense...

Tom said...

Your poem was good. I see a spark of searching still in your heart. The philosophies of men are corrupt. And they do believe, even rely upon a blind God to not see through them. Just because I corrupt the words of God or try to bend his works to my evil intentions, does not negate God's hand.
Einstein saw the hand of God in the Universe. Entrophy eats all, from the wool carpet to the planet Jupiter. The Universe is subject to chaos. Einstein saw higher power had to wind the clock or everything would 1) collapse or 2) never have sprung from chaos to begin with.
Thus the question, Is God dead or does he sleep? Is it just man who ignores all in his own pride and greed. The natural man is no damn good. And yet there is a spark of divinity in there sometimes somewhere. It could be hard to uncover in Hitler, it could be easier to see in Mother Teresa.
God is trying to recover his fallen children. What father would not give his heart and soul to save the children he loves. You reject the good parent and they still love you. You kick against injustice and blame God for man's failings. He sends prophets to teach. They are rejected by men, killed by fanatics, misqouted by corrupt men and slandered by you, does that make God's word wrong.

In the end, you sees God's works through your hearts eyes, not some mullah's teachings. You hear God's words in your soul, not through some preacher's rants. You find God's words written in your heart, not on tablets of stone which chisel can 'correct' or destroy.

Be at peace God lives, he loves you and will touch you. Have faith, listen . Man requires blind obedience, God has never required that. You pray God answers. One on one. Shift through the crap and find God.He's out there waiting for you. More importantly, He believes in you, even when you doubt Him.