Thursday, July 06, 2006


06 July 2006SLAVERY
It is a basic economic fact that in a market where labor is plentiful, the wages will drop. So it follows that when we live in a global market and this market has a glut of workers, pretend as we may the wages and thus the standard of living of the working class must fall. And what is service economy anyway. Service by definition does not produce anything and does not add value to anything, be it making of a burger or advice from a banker. You could always make a burger your self , go to a fast food restaurant and pay three dollars or go to a fancy bistro and pay eight dollars, it is still a burger, and the same advice you get from a banker could be gleaned from a magazine or researched on the net. As we are finding out that the certain office duties or banking functions can be performed anywhere in the world, thus no chance for one to improve their lot in life by extra hard work or education. As we watch we are being sold into slavery without being aware of it , YET.


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