Monday, July 10, 2006

cheap morality



Once again our good for nothing politicians are riding the high morality horses. Instead of addressing the poverty and the low wages, instead of addressing the out o wedlock child births and the spread of STDs, these do gooders (ones who banned the marital aids) are out to ban the gay marriage.

But why? What is a marriage in today's society anyways? In the state of Alabama or in the United States, are there any sanctions to keep any one from breaking the so called vows of marriage? Are there any sanctions against pre-marital or extra-marital sex? Has anyone been jailed for having an affair? Was Newt Gingrich having an affair with his secretary? Was Rudi Gulliani trying to get the courts to throw out his wife from the Gracie Mansion so he could move his girl friend in? Where are you my friends of the right that hold these and others like these in the highest esteem.

Marriage today is only good for getting some benefits from your employer or the tax breaks from the government for that person that you are sleeping with. So what's the Big Deal?

According to my local paper sex in high school is par for the course. And how many in the legislature themselves have never had sex outside marriage, a show of hands please! I dare you! In our society at large, when do our preachers ever banish a girl-friend, boy-friend , or a couple that are so called fiancees (for life?) from their pews. A preacher was actually beat up for saying that the deceased was a sinner and a fornicator.

Let's be for real! gay marriage , or for that matter the marital aids are not the biggest issues in our state or our country. Our problem is that the teens and even the pre teens are having "consensual" sex. Parents are allowing fourteen and fifteen year old ( also much younger and older) to go out on "dates". Our daughters are coming to schools in out fits that would have made a street walker blush, just a few short years ago. Our preachers and the politicians are quiet, while a few get obscenely rich at the expanse of a many that can barely make a living, Half the employees of the Wal-Mart qualify for food stamps and have no health benefits. The minimum wage is not enough for a single person to survive. Our twenty, thirty, forty, fifty and sixty somethings can't keep their pants and panties on in the presence of the opposite sex.

What would Jesus do? Last i checked, He stood up for the rights of the poor, and told a crowd that he who has not sinned to cast the first stone. Unless we are ready to enact and enforce sanctions against those that break their vows of marriage instead of elevating them to higher offices and kiss their behind and tell them they (are presidential material), and those having sex outside wedlock, let the queers have their paper too. If not, then then the ones trying to pass a constitutional amendment, or any other law to keep gays from getting married are the real fags.

Do I hear an AMEN from your pulpit!


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