Tuesday, December 19, 2006



Dear Mr. President
Sir, I have written you before but it seems that you did not get to see my mail, yet I hope that this missive will make it thru the controls or you will at least be briefed on it.
Dear Sir, it is no secret that I was against the war in Iraq before we invaded, in my various postings on Slate.com I argued against the invasion and told of the possible consequences of the incursion, sadly I have been proven right by the circumstances, on each and every single one of my predictions.
For instance, on April 10 of 2004, I posted that to control Iraq , we would have to declare marshal law to control the uprising, we also blew that one of course.
I understand that you are looking for new ideas on how to resolve the situation in Iraq, I have a few ideas myself and I will tell them to you in the following.
First of all we need to get away from the thinking that what’s happening in Iraq has anything, even remotely to do with Islam or for the benefit their country. The violence in Iraq is about the money, and the power.
Secondly, we must realize that these people don’t understand kindness, forgiveness and mercy. Even that itself is a proof that these people are not Islamists, and if I may say they are not even Muslims in the ways that they behave. If you study the history of Iraq, the country has proven time and again that they need someone with an “Iron Fist” or at least a very long stick to keep them on the straight and narrow.
Thus we have only two choices, and neither one of these requires an increase in the number of American soldiers in that country. The first being that as of right now, we arrest anyone that CLAIMS to be, or APPEARS to be any leader of any political faction or of any religious leanings, from any area and any denomination, NO QUESTIONS. And for a week or two close down any Masjids. Don’t worry the bastards that kill during the “holy months” and attack the Masjids they do not need to say prayers except the one before having their heads separated from their shoulders, (trust me Hajaj bin Yousef already showed us how). Then you arrest anyone in possession of any weapons, with road blocks, check points and home searches. After that the US military directly hires contractors and laborers for day to day jobs. Later a new leaderships is “selected“ by us, the current leaders being assumed to be corrupt and trouble makers must be kept incarcerated, the new local Iraqi government (appointed by us)must collect their own taxes if they want something done(of course they also have the oil money for that). Who says that we must look good or be liked by anyone, too late for that any way.
If that not be the choice of a solution for the US government then the other option is that we announce a date on which the US Army will issue an M-16 ( or an AK-47), plus ammo and a few hand grenades to anyone that asks for them. Not only we will issue such arms to anyone in country, we will also give the same to anyone that desires to come into Iraq and take up for either side, we will open border crossing along all borders only to hand them the weapons and may be a few provisions to anyone that wants to come into that country and to join either side. Trust me sir, their murdering each other should be least of our concern or a problem for us, if they want to kill each other let them have at it. If you want someone to run that operation, I will go there and work for you real cheap, and you don’t even have to give me a medal of freedom.

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