Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a real solution to get us out of Iraq

It is no secret that I was against the war, I was against us going to Iraq. I pleaded that our invasion of Iraq will cause more Muslims to become our enemies, that the Iraqis will consider us as invaders and come after us (The Dothan Eagle), I warned that there will be a major civil war among the Iraqis(Slate.com) and I said that the UN and the Arabs will not let us take the Iraqi oil to pay for the war, and I also said that the Patriot act will sap away our civil liberties,( O’Rielly factor , radio). And here we are today up to our butts in alligators with no way out of the swamp.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to the president as to how we could solve the insurgency problem in Iraq, by arresting the leadership( for a time) and running the country ourselves, of course that will involve a major ( not the twenty thousand the president is asking) commitment of the troops to the point that the Iraqi thugs are convinced that we mean business in disarming their rag tag bunches of bullies with AK-47s.

Iraq is NOT, and will not be our only problem in the Middle East, so long as there is oil there that we need. Do we not realize that we are being black mailed by the same idiots in Italian suits who sell us oil. They know that they have us over the proverbial barrel. We need their oil and then we need the money they are earning from us by selling that oil back as investment in our economy. So we go on supporting the murderers and torturers, we are being fooled. No Muslim leader today wants a real democracy in his country. They don't want to spend the money on the poor when they can spend it on buy villas in the French Rivera, to go shopping in London, visiting pre teen hooker in Manila or buying shares in Disney.

It may not happen over night but there is a real solution, first we need to leave both Iraq and Afghanistan immediately, period. Then we go on an honest two prong assault first, we go in to a full war footing mode towards energy self sufficiency no matter the sacrifices, we increase the fuel taxes, we develop energy efficient transportation system, we improve and subsidize the public transportation we cut back on imports and increase local methods of production, thus saving energy.

Secondly, as we cut back on our energy consumption, we break all political and military relations with the middle East. We take away the money from the mid-Eastern dictators to promote terrorism, we isolate the Islamic mullahs, they cannot accuse us of to be root of their problems, do we not know that the more we have been involved with a mid -Eastern regime the more we have been accused of being the root of all their problems, If we are too close to a regime of such as the one of the Saudis, or of Hosni their populations blame us for their oppression and we lose esteem in the eyes of the rest of the world also.

We cannot impose democracy on the middle-East, we cannot wish them a happy future. And surely we cannot dictate the democracy for the Muslim lands, no matter what they smoke in Washington, DC and the Pentagon. What we can do, is to be a shinning example of "liberty and justice for all" once again, and hope that the rest of the world will want to follow our example.

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