Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So are we to worry about Islam? And the so called Muslims and their religion that is about to " take the world over". I 'ld say not. I believe that in about the next fifty years, Islam would have ceased to be a religion, and most of it's followers would have either converted or self destructed, either way Islam would no longer be a danger that it is toady to the world peace, to itself and to the planet.
In the history of the world, no society has ever survived a fifty year civil war, without the total destruction of many of its previous institutions. And what we have in Islam is not a resurrgence, it is not the re affirmation of the basic roots of the faith.
As I have said elsewhere before, life is a game of connect the dots, if you don't connect the dots completely or properly you don't see the whole picture.
More than being a religion about God, Islam told it's followers to take care of the poor and the weak, to be generous, to be kind and forgiving, to be just and equal. If you look at the Muslim societies today, these are some of the most corrupt nations in the world, rife with bribery, nepotism and theft of preperty. The political leaders try to rule for life, and steal the power, military and police forces are cowards, cruel and corrupt. If you live in an Islamic country you are at the mercy and whim of the powerful, they can steal your land, rape your women, abuse and torture you without the fear of any God or a justice system. In most Islamic countries the power is held by a very few groups or families. Look at Egypt, look at Pakistan, the countries have no justice sysem, dissidents are jailed or killed, or jailed and killed, torturing prisioners is par for the course. The rich own the police forces and the middle classes are silent and affriad to anger the powerful. They live in a state of resignition, revolting against the powerful means having to make sacrifices, departing form their comfort zones. While we complained about the rape rooms of the Iraqi dictator, raping a woman for her relatives "sins" is a "fun" way of getting even in many Islamic countries. Ofcourse fornication and sex outside marriage is a grave sin in Islam, punishable with "death by stonning" But who cares if you are doing it in the name of Islam.
Ofcourse repression brings about revolutions, but if you keep the populace illiterate and subjugated and teach them this is there lot in life because that's how God has ordained, you can keep people enslaved for a long long time. Thus so the Islamic countries suffer from ever increasing poverty and illiteracy. What has changed now is that this illiteracy is coming back to bite the rulers in their collevtive asses. While they were not lookiing, the illiterate mullahs have been preaching death and destrcution to all under their charge. Where the murder is the means to obtain any goals, and to purify the land. Murdering not just the "kafir" but to murder anyone that disagrees with them and their aims.
The situation in Iraq is a case in point. Even as here many will say that the fight is about Islam, but it is not, it is a power grab, pure and simple. Where as the Sheia now want a total control of the country's wealth and its institutions the Sunnis are affraid of what will happen to them if the Sheia succeed. Obviously the Sunnis can not be sure of a fair deal by a Sheia led regime so the insurgancy goes on, it is no longer a matter of sharing the power, for the Sunnis it is a matter of sheer survival. And the Sunnis "KNOW" what will happen to them if the Americans were to leave.
Did I not warn against invading Iraq? Did I not warn of a civil war? Did I not say we will "own" Iraq if we go in? And what about the Kurds? It's a given that if you don't have many friends you don't need to go out and make enemies. On the behest of the United States, the Kurds have agreed to send a brigade in to Baghdad, but what will happen to the Kurds when the US leaves, neither the Sunnis or the Sheia have any love lost for the Kurds, and the only point that the Sunni and the Sheia may ever agree upon will be to decimate the Kurds, keep watching.
You would say "but what does Islam has to do with any of this," and I would say nothing, and that IS my point.
If the things look bad in Iraq then you are looking at only part of the picture, you are seeing what is happening in Palistine? In Lebenon? and Afghanistan? and Pakistan next followed by Egypt. The under currents of the "Islamic" jihad, revolution, uprising, are swfit and immenent. Not because the Islam is such a uniting force, but that theives have taken over the countries for now and bleeding the local economies.
I am not a supporter of the unbriddled capitalism, and I have railed about the American philosophy of greed at any price. Just as our own country is in a decline because the capitalist a raping our economy, such is the story of these Islamic countries where a few "steal" (control) all the capital and leave the country bleeding to its demise. If you look at Pakistan or Egypt or Iraq or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia or Palestine, every where you see a few that are stealing the money and taking it out of the country or only buying more and more real estate, mainly houses instead of investing in the infrastructure or industry. This in turn leaves the general public in more poverty, increases illitracy and thus militancy. So all the regimes of the theives that we support, in turn increases the numbers of people that do not like us.
If it all sounds familiar, and it should, it is because our own country is leading in to the same types of corruption, but that is a seperate topic elsewhere in this blog.
The hypocrisies of Muslims are not unique and they are almost universal in the Islamic countries. The elite can steal,drink alcohols and have affairs while keeping a facade of piety, and even that itself would not be a problem. The problem comes in when these same crooks go around preaching the most fundamental type of Islamic doctrine, and support the same. In Arab fiefdoms of the gulf the oil rich sheiks are the most corrupt, Fahad was a gambler, he is also reported to have millions to an actress to sleep with him. Faisel almost drunk himself to death before he became to ill and then was killed by his nephew, Saud had married more than a hundered wives. The Korean and Phillpino nurses and house workers were brough in as much for a sex industry as they were fr legitimate jobs. Drinking goes on in the military and non -military circles from Pakistan to Egypt, at all levels while they all purport to support the Islamic doctrine and fundamentalism. Is hypocrisy not the same as bearing a false witness? Is not telling the truth not the same as lying? But there are few in Islamic countries that will stand up and speak up. Saying anything agaisnt the Islamic dogma is blasphmy punishable by death, so even those who dare may not dare. The irony of this type of thinking is that when the revolution comes, and it will, all those that sat back in their comfort zones and did not speak out against he injustice in their society, all those who did not speak up against the immoral traditions in their socities,( rape, honor killings, incest, child abuse, corruption, bribery, and theft of property by the elite etc.) will have their own throats slashed.

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Sadettin Ko├žak said...

This article clearly shows that you know very few about history, real politics and nothing about Islam.I think your only information source is Fox tv and USA Today.

-Limited knowledge about history and real politics because;

I can easly say that you have no idea about how civilizations grow, reach the top and decline. Also you have no idea about western civilization.No idea about middle ages,colonial ages, enlightment era,reformation on Christianity, industrial era, capitalism, imperialism. Sorry for saying this but I think you are totally ignorant about these topics.

You say that you served in the US Army.If so, how can you say, no not say, even think that there is a possibilty of a Muslim Invasion? Let me give you an example, the total Naval Forces of all Muslim Countries are smaller than Netherland's Navy. ( No need to give an example from US Navy :) ) The total budget of same countries are smaller than France.

It is impossible(Don't forget there are many nationalities and different languages and also different Islamic sub-groups) but let's imagine that these countries will unite and try to dominate the world. Do you think that it is possible with a navy smaller than Netherland and a budget smaller than France?

Sorry, but your article is completely funny.

-No knowledge about Islam because;

Islam is a religion with no institution like the church and Vatican, no Pope or no Molla, or No Imam, or no Sheikh, even no Priest.
How can a religion advising people "to take care of the poor and the weak, to be generous, to be kind and forgiving, to be just and equal" , may disappear, because there are dictators leading Muslim countries colloborating with imperialists and letting their people to be exploited by imperialists?
Do you know where these dictators( Fahad, Saud, Faisel even Saddam or Usame) have their bank accounts? Or which currency they invest on?

Sorry to say it again but your article is funny at all.

If you are really interested in what is Islam, please read the book below, it will give you an idea about Islam.

“The Qur’an says there is only one Islam. God is one. That’s it. There can be many shari’as. The relation betweeen the shari’a and religion is part of religious discourse. First they equate the shari’a with Islam and then they equate their own interpretations with the shari’a… That is the worst sin you can commit in the name of Islam — and of humanity… The Qur’an cannot be a constitution. It can only be an inspiration”

Reconstruction of Religious Life in Islam.
Author: Yasar Nuri Ozturk, ISBN:9756779241