Friday, February 02, 2007


Why does man think that there is a reason? Bob L. asked me about my beliefs. Do I believe in God, well what can I say, if there is a God, such as the one mentioned in the Koran, and the Bible and the Torah. If there is a "God" that created the heaven and the earth we don't have a clue as to why he created man. Despite the explanations of the "prophets" I doubt if the prophets themselves had a clue.
Why for instance there must be a reason for the existence of man. We wonder, and we wonder because "we can think", and we can reason, thus we think that their must be a reason for our own existence also. Also if there IS a reason for our existence, then we are important. But can you explain why there are galaxies by the billions, in space, that are going around and going away and being established and being torn down, surely they are much more massive than any of us, and much more powerful in the amount of the gravity they create, the mass that they hold, the energy they generate,has anyone ever thought of why they exist? Why there is a Jupiter or a Mars? Exactly. Man is not thinking about any of it, man is so self loving, so self absorbed that he can only think of himself in all the cosmos.
And if there is no reason at all for this all, then what? why? No one wants to believe that we don't want to live for ever, that we die and then we are dirt, we want to believe that we will live on, didn't the ancient Egyptians prepare themselves for an after life? What the monotheism offered of a life in the here after was not a new concept man already "KNEW" that life continues, man had always been scared of dying.
Gods also have always walked the Earth, Buddha was a God Man, so was Krishna, and Rama and probably others we have never heard of. There are suicide bombers that go out to kill innocents thinking that is what God would want them to do. There are those who "Believe" that going to Iraq and getting caught in a crossfire is what God wants them to do through the most recent disciple "the President".
We don't believe that what we do on this Earth is futile. No matter the riches we have or earn, the degrees, the children we still die, right?
Much as I think, and I write and talk to others, I for one am most assured that I do not make any difference, and I am willing to live with it.

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Delsy said...

well... i guess its just natural to be afraid of something u don't know... in certain way it makes u feel safe... wether u believe in god or not, its personal.. but people always need to believe there's something stronger and superior than them.. something that gives them "protection"...