Tuesday, January 09, 2007

thinking muslims

the man has landed on the moon and returned, we have in vitro fertilisations adn the surgery done on a fetus in the womb. and the muslims are still fighting over the properiety of interst rates and the sightings or non sightings of the moon. sheia and sunnis killing eachother and others to get in line for heavens, countries lead by the illiterate or the illiterate mullhas used by the governments to keep the populace in control, the educated and the middle classes using religion to ssupress the poor to keep and keep the poor in their place. whose god was it that said "READ", whose god was it that said that he thaught the man "by the PEN" i wonder what god will think of his people who would spend a billion dollars on killing some animals when their brothers are suffering hunger and homelessness after the twin disasters of a tsunami and an earth quake?? do you ever wonder also?are muslims allowed to think??

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