Thursday, March 08, 2007

to leila

dear Leillathanks you, for stopping by and i hope you are well strangely my name is NOT Qais, even though a " the prophet" is always also a "majnoon".my message is the same, the westren culture is not a solution to our problems, nor is it the Islam of today, Sheia and Sunni both are on a path to self destrucion, and the problem isnot with a religion it is with greed (money)and powerpoor are abused in Islam as well as Christianity, Judism, Hinduism capitalism and yes in Communism, whether there be any gods or not, a hell or not, a heaven or not, we must have standards of behavior because we ARE humans, and without a code of ethics, without a standard of morals, and without fairness and equality no society can exist for long, today all of humanity is one societysincerelyyour uncle, the
3/08/2007 9:55 AM

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Danny L. McDaniel said...

You could not be more wrong. The old sky is falling scenario, if we would just be more fair and kind to each. Read a history book and you will find things haven't changed . Mankind tends to muddle through history.

Yje Sunnis and Shias love to fight each other. Yes, some peoples love to fight. They live in the 11th century and always will.