Thursday, May 08, 2014

United We Stand

United We Stand?

Most Americans are a proud people. But actually I could have used any nation and any flag to represent the title statement, short and sweet. But in reality it is a meaningless phrase, it does not represent the reality of humanity.
Americans, as most people of the world, anywhere in the world are deeply divided lot, factionalism reigns supreme. Our leaders laud the unity of the country when in reality they can barely talk to each other, can not get along and holding back the country fro the true progress needed to advance the country.
We are torn along the political lines, policy lines, social lines, and yes I will say it, along the religious and ethnic lines. Our so called leaders might as well be Nigerians or Ukrainians, they are using these divides only to promote and project their own political power and agendas to the real detriment of the country at large.

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