Friday, May 09, 2014

The Whole World Is My (third world) Country

The Whole World Is My (Third World) Country!

This is sad. I am told that (sometimes) my writings can be depressing, you are too kind, don't worry though, I will only commit suicide when I am declared terminally ill. Many people I know have Already killed themselves while they are still living.  

Earlier today I posted about John Kerry saying that "it is not Islam but poverty that is giving rise to terrorism, we'll Kerry, welcome to my world. 
It has been long acknowledged that poverty gives rise to radicalism. I have noted that Russian revolution, the French Revolution and the Arab spring all had basis in income disparity and ( relative) poverty. The breakdown of the Mexican society, the Syrian instability exploited by outsiders, all have similar upbringing. Actually what is keeping peace in many places, even like China, is social spending and spending on infrastructure, to keep the masses busy.
Around the world, the third world countries have somethings in common, the poverty, the disparity between the rich and poor, corruption, power of big money ( corrupting influence of rich on country's policies).
The rich buy politicians, the politicians manipulate the policies to suit the rich, the rich pay off the politicians, the police and even the military to stay in power. You see where I am going with this?
But I will speak to this point later, not tonight.

There are two things happening in "broad day light" and in your face that you have failed to see. 
World wide the poor are getting poorer, the wages are being lowered and the countries, states and towns are begging industries to come to "their place" and they will gladly screw their poor and cater to the whims of big money. Chinese are moving factories to Vietnam and USA corporations are moving production from "high wage" Columbia to Bangladesh, isn't globalism just peachy, screw our American  brothers, please.
It is funny, no it is NOT damn funny, idiots. New York  and Texas ( and all the rest ) vying to see who can bend over more and take it deeper.
Read here for even more.

That's not even all, the rich have declared that they own you and they don't have to pay any taxes either, tax us and we will take our money and go some where else, and the cities, the states and the countries are wiling to kiss their asses too, so how different are we from say Nigeria or Pakistan any way?
More to follow! 

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