Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let's talk real money, 2

Let's talk real money, 2

If you are poor, middle class or even upper middle class, I have a question. 
Our government is in debt, government spending is out of control, and you and I and everyone else owes a part of this debt, equally! Government has spent money on student loans, housing and also welfare, but as we know the money is spent.  We here our leaders complain about the national debt, complain about social spending, defense spending and all the rest, but the question is, where is YOUR money? Why are yo not rich? When you complain about spending why not ask where is my money and who has it!
Ask Obama sure, but he has only been in the office five years, ask your senator, ask your congress person, Obama is a creation of Wall Street, he is a sell out, but what about the Republicans, in the last 33 years the country has had a republican president for 20, ask all politicians, don't blame the other guy and sleep. 

Since the close if Vietnam the country has run deficits, every single year, every year larger than the last. Clinton's surplus was a sham and I have shown that, it was partially created by using social security deposits as income and partially because the fed was printing money to create the internet bubble, we the poor and the middle class paid for it dearly!

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