Sunday, May 04, 2014

Thoughtless Minds, page 3

The Eternal Sunshine of a "Thoughtless Mind" page 3
Does one have to be thinking to be a hypocrite? I think it is automatic, we tend to do it so naturally that we don't even notice ourselves. I am a smoker, I have heard some horror stories about the behaviors of ex-smokers, worse than a bad mother in law they say. ( not being sexist, thank you for noticing.
We have people with great health care plans begrudging those that don't have one. Those opposing the affordable care act are the ones that scare us about death panels, but without insurance you don't even get a death panel, you just get death.
I have heard that the government can't make you buy services, yet we buy car insurance if we wish to drive shouldn't we also buy healthcare if we want to live?
Then if one gets sick the government makes the doctors and hospitals treat us, why can't the government just make the builders just build us a new home if ours gets destroyed. Don't you think that forcing the doctors and hospitals treating the uninsured is communism of the worst kind ?

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