Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Whole World Is My (Third World) Country! 2

The Whole World Is My (Third World) Country! 2
There are million important things to talk about, and there are million reasons why you should be paying attention. Yet you are busy, busy talking about BenGhazi, you are busy talking about starvation, you are busy talking about Obama's passport while your kids are making they can support.

Not to worry though, if you are a believer in any of the monotheistic faiths, your "sins" are already forgiven and soon a Messiah will come to deliver you.
But wait, what if you are not a believer or the Messiah will not come soon enough, the stuffing of humanity is weak.
I wrote about the "event horizon" that the humanity is facing. It is not science fiction and it does not have to be a conspiracy theory, but the most of humanity, the end is near, you could even see it from a Sarah Palin's house.
We have lost the battle, because we have lost our everlovin minds.

Ever see that card that one side says, " how to keep and idiot busy, look on the other side, on the "other side" the same phrase is repeated. In America today, and in the rest of the world too, billions of people are kept busy flipping the same card over and over and over.
In congress the right keeps holding hearings on Benghazi, captivating millions and the left is blaming the other side for all that may be wrong with the other side, but never mind folks, stay tuned, it will get exciting one day when our leader get something meaningful accomplished. Please, I beg you do not hold your breath, or may be I wish that you would.
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