Thursday, May 08, 2014

United We Stand? 2

United We Stand? 2.

We are enamored by our media, we love our news, we have free media, wrong!
Freedom and democracy require a free and open media as well as free and open discussion of issues of the country.

First of all it is difficult to have an open discussion and exchange of ideas in a nation where so much information is kept under wraps for reasons of "state security". We have no idea what our government is doing on our behalf and in our names.
Worse, what we call an open and free media is all owned by big corporations and billionaires, do you really think they are looking out for your interests over their owner's?
The media create ideas, implant ideas in your head and nurture these, encouraging you to believe no one else but them, your favorite channel of course. So if CNN or MSNBC make you depressed or disgusted you can turn to FOX any channel any show and soon you are raging homicidal, suicidal maniac, no depression here.
Media are used to separate the populous, to divide the country and to reinforce negative feelings towards each other. Any idea that will separate one from the other will do. And while the people fight each other, are ready to harm each other, the thieves are looting the country blind, don't you wish the Russians had it this easy?

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