Saturday, May 03, 2014

The Eternal Sunshine, page 2

The Eternal Sunshine of a "Thoughtless Mind" page 2

It is not just that our leaders, our politicians, bankers and industrialists can not recall the political and financial policy failures of the past, it seems that at all levels of humanity the standard practice is, to get out of hole, dig deeper. 

How can we blame these, they are from among us, like us, may be bit more money or connections, but still. If they borrow money to reduce the deficit then who among us does not do the same in their home. 

BTW why does John Boehnor always has that look of a third wife that did not have a turn last night, I know what I am talking about.

We should have a "jackass" or "Ridiculous" show for politicians too.
Oh well, I was talking of people in general, just like our politicians we make bad alliances too. Look at Iraq, Panama and others, we loved them one day and hate them the next, then you know how much a divorce costs these days. 

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