Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Eternal Sunshine

The Eternal Sunshine of a "Thoughtless Mind" page 4

 @neiltyson: Our Common Sense is not derived from what's true in Nature but from what our senses perceive to be true in Nature.

Serendipity or dumb luck, many times when I write or talk about some things, I have no problem to find supporting and contemporary examples. 

As it was with this local strike. Governor Bentley came here, ten miles down the road to talk about " high paying jobs", ironically or just stupidly he did not come by to support the strike, so much for good paying jobs. My story continues after you please read the warning below, it is important. Just so you know what I am about to say  may in fact not be true.

You may call me a hypocrite, I have already admitted that I am, you know me as a conservative, as a gun toting, constitution quoting anti big government type, you know me. But then I had my reasons, as a human, to support the strike and the workers rights, and that makes me a communist.

Bentley reminded me of an experience, once, it may also apply to those in strike as people, like myself, that grew up in sixties or seventies. Read Warning! 

Bentley talked about high paying jobs, Bentley is a moral and upstanding person, Bentley is conservative too, like me.

Back many years ago I got a date late one night, we went to my place, she told me she was married, she did not want the lights on, next morning she had to leave early before her husband was up so she could be ready for the service.

We may go on strike for higher pay or better benefits,  we may may tell lies about high paying jobs that we are creating, 
 Somethings never change.
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